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Character Build: The Berserker

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  • June 3, 2012

    This is a character I designed to maximize damage output with the use of Alchemy. The thought came to me today when I was trying to design a Nord character by looking at Norse legends (Vikings). I will explain the alchemy part below.


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    The Berserker

    I have done research on the real life Berserkers of Ancient Scandinavia, and one thing I didn’t know before was that it is theorized that they used drugged food to get into their trance-like frenzy. This got me thinking on a build; what if you were to create a traditional Berserker with light armour but added alchemy as a school for your “Drugged food”? I had never used alchemy, but I realised you can greatly increase your damage output with it, and also you’re health, stamina and the regen rate for both. This is what I created.


    Recommended: Nord, Orc For their Skill allocation, but the Orc has a racial ability that fits in with the Berserker.

    Possible: Redguard and Imperial if you duel wield, Khajiit for some flavour.


    For the vigorous and Healthy warrior, Health, Stamina and Magicka increase at a rate of 50%, 50% ,0% Respectively.

    Or if you're intent on losing all your Nord street cred and taking some magic skills, 50%, 40%, 10%, as if any one cares what you do.



    ……..The berserkers were famous for going into battle wearing nothing but animal skins…………..

    For a Berserker Look Start of with Hide armor and Iron weaponry. Then, when it get's to the Leather stage (Within like three levels) Get some forsworn armor, which matches Leather in Defence.

    Once you get to the Elven armor stage (Ugh), get yourself some nice Stormcloak officer armor, and either  Skyforge steel weaponry or Elven weaponry for irony when you cut their legs off.

    Once you get to the Advanced armor stage, you can get Steel Scale armor and Either your previous weapon/s, some glass weaponry if you're lucky or some Orcish weaponry.

    Finally, cash in all of those dragon scales and Bones you've been hording and make (Or buy) full Dragon scale armor for the ultimate animal skin, and the Dragon Bone weapons for the most powerful Armory in all of Tamriel.

    Vital skills

    Two/one handed: The traditional Berserker seen above carries two handed weapons, but do not underestimate the fear a powerful warrior in animal skins wielding two hand axes can bring. If one handed is used, it is recommended you duel-wield. However, with duel wield you have to Power attack with one hand in order to charge.


    Light armour: Armour?! That’s just more obstacles between me and the weakling I’m about to crush! We Berserkers wear animal skins to merely frighten the puny crustaceans that call themselves our enemies!

     - Remember: The ultimate “animal skin” is Dragon scale armour, and will make you a fearsome foe indeed.


    Alchemy: We use anything the foremothers taught us about to enter the ultimate battle trance. You should always have “Increase weapon damage” Potions on hand to really pack a punch; this is your “Rage state” that makes us Berserkers famous. Don’t forget to use poisons to weaken mages and potions to dull their elemental attacks.

     -……..It is theorized that the drug Scandinavian Berserkers used to enter the rage state was Fly amentia………..  

    In Skyrim, this is an ingredient that increases two handed attacks. Coincidence?


    Possible skills

    Archery: If you’re a weakling that fears seeing enemies up close, then use an increase archery potion to give you the edge.

    Sneak: While no Berserker would admit it, this is quite a useful skill that allows you to get close up to enemies so they can’t keep their distance from your axe.

    Enchanting: Gives increases damage output, but not very Berserker of you.

    Smithing: I would recommend this, as you can increase your weapons damage the higher your level is. Try to keep your armour choice to Hide, leather, scale and dragon scale. If you wear Elven or Glass, the other Berserkers might mistake you for a model and hit on you.

    Restoration: With Alchemy, this is useless other than to save potions between fights. Don’t bother putting perks into this tree.

    Alteration: Use oak flesh to give you a little more armour, but again don’t put perks into it.

    Heavy armour: If you take this, take it instead of light armour, but get the steed stone so you aren’t slowed down.

     Block: Only if you have a two handed weapon, because duel wielders can't block.


    Big fucking deal


    You are Dovahkiin

    This makes you an even more fearsome warrior. There are many shouts that can give the Berserker the upper hand, such as;

     Unrelenting force: At lower levels staggers foes for a few seconds; at higher levels damages enemies while throwing them around, allowing the berserker to beat them into a pulp while they lie their helpless

     Slow time: At low levels you can survey the battle field and make strategies, at higher levels you can run around at high speed, smashing everyone into the ground

     Any fire or Ice blasts: Be creative with mixing shouts and weakness poisons.

     Elemental fury: Enchants your weapon, allowing you to strike with great speed.

     Plus many more…….



    …….Berserkers were often compared to werewolves in there ability to enter an animalistic rage state……….

    HA! Compared to a werewolf? I AM a werewolf! Wolf form can be used when even the Berserkers rage isn’t enough; Make sure you heal yourself before becoming the wolf. When the Berserkers enter wolf form, they are considered a true werewolf, and have never been recorded losing a battle.


    Or wasting time on moody teenagers



    Original Factions: All the greatest warriors became a Companion, and Berserkers are the greatest warriors yet. However, if you don’t care about fame or who you kill, the Dark Brotherhood doesn’t actually require you to be sneaky, as most will attack you first upon telling them that you are there to kill them.

    Civil War: The Berserkers will most likely side with the Stormcloaks because of their immeasurable rage at the Empire for almost being executed rather than having a warrior’s death.

    Dawnguard: The Dawnguard are warriors worthy of respect. If you join them, you gain access to many powerful weapons and will be among equals worthy of fighting by your side. The Dawnguard also offer mighty beasts that you can run wild with, destroying all who appose you. You can alternatively join the Vampire lords. They respect power, and will therefore respect you, although you will have to trade your pact with Hircine in return for a pact with Molag bal. You will be able to fight worthy foes, the Dawnguard, and will have beasts of darkness to run wild with. Vampire lord form offers quite a few advantages, such as poisoned claws, bite finishing moves and the night powers (Leave blood magic to the pansy mages; you want your enemies to die from your claws). Whether joining the Dawnguard or Volkihar, you will be safe in the knowledge that your companion, Serana, is more like an Underworld vampire rather than a sparkly fairy, thus worthy of fighting at your side.

    Pictured: if Tinkerbell went within 50 ft of the Volkihar Berserker.

    You should avoid too much contact with Hermaeus Mora, as his desire for knowledge at the expense of strength is completely alien to you. Do what you can to fight with the local nords to stop Miirak. Even though they don't worship mighty Talos, they are mighty warriors and Hunters, and deserve the right to fight. Also help the local dark elves. Many among them are mighty warriors, and respect among warriors goes beyond racial boundries.


    Play style

    Meet the enemy, and size them up.When you "consume your drugs" I mean use potions that give you the Buffs you need.

    Is it a bandit? Consume your drugs, enter the rage and attack.

    Is it a Dragon? Identify the element of their shout, consume you drugs and attack.

    A Warlock? Identify the element they specialize in, consume your drugs and attack. Poison your weapon with weaken destruction/conjuration/magicka/magicka regeneration etc

    A beast? Consume your drugs and attack. Then take it's pelt to make some leather, and make some new armor.

    Using the appropriate poisons will quicken the enemies death, so find out what poisons work in what situations

    You should also keep a lot of healing/stamina potions on you at all times. This is especially true when you decide the battle is too rough and want to become a werewolf. When Entering the wolf, make sure to sprint away from enemies, heal health and stamina, become the wolf  and then destroy them.

    Important perks

    For both One handed and Two handed

    Get every thing in the Weapon type you use, and it is recommended that you use only one specialization (Axe, mace/hammer or sword but not all of them). This allows you to put some perks in some other trees like alchemy. You should always be perking up your damage output

    For Alchemy

    All of them, again. Try to start putting perks into this later after both smithing and Fighting as it only becomes necessary at later and more difficult levels.


    Only the left hand side, unless you took Heavy Armor instead of Light Armor

    Armor (Light or heavy)

    With the lack of defense, you want complete one of these trees so that you don't get overwhelmed by archers.

    More on Alchemy

    Here are the potions I think are the most important: Fortify one/two handed attack, Fortify Stamina, Fortify Health, Fortify Stamina Regeneration, Fortify Health regeneration and resist magicka/element potions if necessary. 

    At early levels you won't have the patients to find the important ingredients, so refer to this link too easily find the reagents you need.

    Or copy and paste this URL: 

    And always remember.............







  • June 3, 2012

    I've been thinking about making this build for some time - but real life and my own procrastination interferred

    Aye, I do believe that most of the berserkers imbibed.  I suspect the primary drug was red amantia added to mead (instead of in food, since naseau soon follows consumption).     So  I agree with your 'alchemy' decision. 

    I also like how you mentioned to avoid certain skills  ("Enchanting... not very berserker of you").  Personally I wouldn't use any mage skills at all - including alteration spells; else you may get "mistaken for a model".

     +1, of course.

  • June 3, 2012

    lol yea I only put it there because it was a possible addition to the build; I wouldn't make a berserker do magic either.

  • June 4, 2012
    Great build, i didn't knew the Norse Berserkers really used "special" food. Learned somerhing new today (: But it really is a great build, the use of potions really make the fight interesting. Also if you choose to become a werewolf. TAKE LIGHT ARMOR! Agile Defender increases the armor in werewolf mode, but you don't have that effect with Heavy Armor... So that's really somebody else his choice.. +1. From me :3
  • June 4, 2012

    FYI:  If you really mean +1, then you should also click the 'like' button.  It is the method that the hosts use for the builds to gain rank.

  • June 4, 2012

    The best drug for a melee warrior is.... food. Vegetable soup will make every strike a power attack; a good old venison stew will do that plus recover your health 1 point p/s; hooker stew will add some more health. Don't do drugs - eat healthy food. Berserker, just say no!

  • June 5, 2012

    lol Without the drugs, there is no Berserker

  • June 5, 2012


  • June 5, 2012

    Now all you need is a horker named Walrus, a polar bear named Oslo, a Moose named Moose, and a Swedish blood transfusion. +1

  • June 10, 2012

    I made this kind of class awhile back that I called the Dragonslayer.  It didn't really have any magic or alchemy, but it's damage output was still extraordinary.  +1 From me for the history lesson though :)