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I need ART! for the Archives

  • January 9, 2018

    I've been browsing through the group for awhile, seeing if there's anything that crucially needs to be fixed, and really everything's pretty much fine the way it is, honestly, it's fine but I'd prefer it to be damn good. The Archives is where I wanted to start, and purely because of how much I've loved the previous iterations of the Lore Archives, and the current set-up and just...GAH I love it, so I'm taking some ideas from there, some of my own, some from the site in general and I'm just going to redesign the Archives.

    Now, rather than do it myself. Partially because it'd suck a fair bit more than what others could do, and partially because this is more fun, I've decided to throw out a call for anyone interested in making some banners for the Character Building Archives, maybe one for the Help Desk and Build Recommendations as well...haven't decided there.  So what I'd like to do, is create a set of matching, small banners (about half the height of the ones in the Lore Archives, though the width can be just about anything from a bit smaller to the full 900 pixels) for each of the following tags. I have no rules on the design, no restrictions and no ideas that I can share, all I can share is the request.

    Playstyle Tags

    Race Tags

    SE Rank Tags

    Modern Masters 

    Previous Events

    Hall of Fame

    Classic Tags


    Help Desk (Optional)

    Build Recommendations (Optional)

    General Build Discussion (Optional)

    What to do?

    So if you think you've got what it takes, the time to spare and a pretty decent idea of what to create, then just send me a message with the pictures linked (you can either post them off-site on something like Pinterest and then just share the URL's, or create a private album to post them in) and if there's something that really catches my eye, then I'll talk to you about it, and add them to the Archives.