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Character Build: The Horseman War

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  • January 5, 2018


    And when he opened the second seal, I heard the second beast say, 'Come and see.' And there went out another horse that was red: and power was given to him that sat thereon to take peace from the earth, and that they should kill each other: and there was given unto him a great sword.

       Revelation 6:3-4

    "For countless centuries I was trapped in the depths of Hell where Lucifer had me in chains and a demon tortured me day and night with each time was a different torture. I thought to myself 'Why? Why is this done to me? Am I not a Horseman and do they not know who I am? What of my brothers; do they suffer as I do? Is this God's will?' One night I asked the demon who tortured me, 'Why do you do this? Do you not know who I am?' He laughed a gruff, wicked laugh and replied 'Of course I do my lord. You are War, the Horseman who will bring about chaos in the world.' I was shocked that he knew me, then furious that he was doing this to me 'Why then!?!? Why do   ' he interrupted 'Why do I torture you day after day and night after night? Because you are in chains, and I am bored.' My heart filled with rage and I tried to break free of the chains, but I couldn't.

    The torture continued, and each time I screamed in agony . . . and then one day it stopped. The torturer did not come and I was left alone for three days. 'Perhaps he's been killed by another demon' I thought to myself 'Or maybe it's time and I'm going to be released from these chains.' I looked up and saw Lucifer walking towards me, he was dragging the torturer behind him and he threw him to the ground. Lucifer glared up at me then down at the torture tools and spat on them. He waved his hands and new tools appeared in his hands as he grinned a yellow toothed grin and stabbed the tools into my chest. Oh dear God! The pain was the worst pain I had ever felt! He turned and walked away, the torturer scrambled to his feet and pulled the tools out of my chest. 'Wha   what was that?' I asked. The torturer replied 'Lucifer is furious . . . Jesus just peraded through Hell and claimed victory over death and Lucifer . . . He set a few million innocents free from Hell when He rose from the dead today.' I smiled but that quickly faded when I realized that I was still here. The torturer must've heard my thoughts 'What? Did you really expect that you'd be freed as well? You are a Horseman War!'

    He took one of the tools into his hands and studdied intently and then a tooth filled grin crossed his face as he slowly turned back towards me. 'Do you know what these do War?' he inquired, 'No' I replied. He tossed one in the air and caught it in his other hand, 'These tools my dear Horseman, they torture not only the body, but the soul as well. You, like your brothers, have souls as you are Nephilim spawned from Lucifer and Lilith!' He slowly strided towards me gripping one of the tools in his almost skeleton hand 'This dear War . . . is REALLY going to hurt' he said with a cheshire grin. He dug the tool's spike into my side and the pain was excruciating and I headbutted him making him fall down. He got back up and backhanded me, 'You do NOT do that to me! You worthless piece of trash!'

    For millenia I was tortured, my soul and body suffering unimaginable amounts of pain and damage. I tried day and night to break free of thos infernal chains but I just couldn't. My rage continued to build up and all I could think about was what I was going to do to this little freak. He came up to me one night, clutching one of the tools in his right hand, bearing that terrible grin. 'Hello War' he said 'Ready for todays lesson?' I bowed my head and braced myself for what was coming next. He strided over towards me and put the blade to my face and then I heard it . . . the Second Seal was broken. He gocked at me and took a step back 'What?' he asked 'What are you smiling about?' I looked up at him and I could feel my rage burning through my eyes and he saw it. I gripped ahold of the chains and they melted in my grasp.

    He stumbbled backwards and fell to the ground 'No! Please War, don't do it! I   I was only doing what Lucifer told me to do!' I rose and walked over to him, I picked up the blade that he had dropped and he scrambled to his feet and tried to run, I lunged at him and gripped him by the throat! He squirmed and tried to pry my hand from his throat, 'WAR! I BEG OF YOU! DON'T DO IT!' I threw him onto a table and stabbed 4 of the bladed tools into him, one in each wrist and one in each ankle. His screams echoed throughout all of Hell as I proceeded to carve into him with several different tools, even scraping out three of his four eyes with one of the tools! Soon he stopped begging me to stop and began pleading for me to kill him. I used one of the tools to cut his tongue out and I raised the knife high in the air, and he closed his eyes and an expression of relief came over his face. I brought the blade down and he screamed! 'I will not kill you demon, after everything you've done to me I'll leave you pinned here.' I had not killed him no, but I did make sure that if he did manage to get free his . . . happy parts would not go with him!

    I began to walk out of Hell when I appeared in Heaven, God was there and He said to me 'War, your little brother, Pestilence, has already gone. I explained to him, as I will explain to you, the Horsemen are to suffer as mortals and you must find your vessel and bring war into the land. When you broke free your power surged through the world and a Civil War broke out in Skyrim, go and you will find your vessel at a farm. Now go.'

    I appeared at the top of a hill and when I looked down I saw my vessel, he was indeed at a farm like God had said, but he wasn't harvesting wheat nor was he collecting chicken eggs, he was fighting a giant! I got to him as fast as I could and entered him. I could feel the cold of the steel in my hands as I delivered the final blow, running the blade through the giant's heart. A woman then approached me and we conversed. I joined their group and my vessel became a werewolf. I will now go and bring chaos to this world. Let the fires of war rain down upon this world!"



    Race- Orc Werewolf

    Stats- 2 Health, 2 Stamina, 1 Magica

    Stone- War used the Warrior stone to better understand the fighting of this new world. He currently uses the Atronach Stone to help him resist his enemies' magic.


    Major Skills:

    "Like me, my blade is full of rage and bloodlust!"

    Two-Handed- War uses his skills of combat to cut down his enemies in quick succession.

    "Those who think they can harm me are quite wrong . . . and they will not live to see the light of day again!"

    Blocking- War uses his skills to maneuver around enemies and to block incoming attacks.

    "I am a walking tank even without armor, but walking onto a battlefield naked will only make them laugh . . . my armor will strike terror into them!"

    Heavy Armor- War knows how to wear his armor properly, however he does not wear it because he needs to he wears it for intimidation.

    "I will take peace from the world. Brother against brother, spouse against spouse . . . all will die at eachother's hands!"

    Illusion- Although War is more than capable of killing his enemies himself he chooses to sow the seeds of conflict and betrayal in the hearts and minds of his enemies and then revels in the carnage that's left behind!

    "My bloodlust has increased since my vessel drank the blood of the beast Aela . . . the hearts of mortals will fuel my rage and power!"

    Lycanthropy- Although the Horseman is immune to diseases, his vessel is not. War made his vessel drink the blood of the werewolf Aela so that he could use it's savage ferocity to better sow chaos into the land of Skyrim.


    Minor Skills:

    "I'll have to create and strengthen my armor if I'm going to intimidate even the strongest of foes."

    Smithing- Although War has little need of his armor he chooses to wear it to intimidate his enemies. He crafts it in the fires of the Skyforge and tempers and sharpens them at the legendary Lunar Forge!

    "A few enchantments wil aid me in the destruction of the world."

    Enchanting- War himself is great in his own right, but his vessel requires protection. One of the best ways is for War to enchant the armor that his Vessel wears.

    "Let the fires of war burn all!"

    Destruction- War uses his rage to set fire to all that stands in his way.

    "Locked doors will not protect them from the Horseman of war!"

    Lockpicking- The thing about war . . . is it can seep into your home and hearts!

    "My forked tongue will allow me to sow the seed of war within mortal hearts without the use of magic."

    Speech- War is able to convince others into doing his will, get his way, and to cause conflict within the lives of his enemies.

    "I despise sneaking, however it seems to be the only way I can fully enjoy a battle without having to fight them myself."

    Sneak- War appalls sneaking around and only sneaks when he knows he can start a fight between friends.



    Two-Handed: Barbarian 5/5, Deep Wounds 3/3, Great Critical Charge, Devastating Blow, Warmaster (and all the other perks required to get them).

    Blocking: Shield Wall 5/5, Disarming Bash, Quick Reflexes (and all the other perks required to get them).

    Heavy Armor: All of them (matching set is only needed to get Reflect Blows).

    Illusion: All of them.

    Lycanthropy: Bestial Strength 5/5, Totem of the Moon, and Savage feeding (and all the other perks required to get them).

    Smithing: Steel, Orcish, Arcane Blacksmith, and Dragon (and all the other perks required to get them).

    Enchanting: Enchanter 5/5, Insightful Enchanter, Corpus Enchanter, and Extra Effect.

    Destruction: Novice Destruction, Master Destruction, Impact, and Intense Flames (and all the other perks required to get them).

    Lockpicking: Novice Locks, Master Locks, and Unbreakable (and all the other perks required to get them).

    Speech: Haggling 5/5, Intimidation, and Merchant (and all the other perks required to get them).

    Sneak: Stealth 5/5 and Muffled Movement.



    The Helm of War

    "My helmet . . . forged of dragonbone and imbude with an ounce of my own power and rageful will . . . with it I will bring war and carnage to all of Tamriel!"

    The Helm of War is one of the most dangerous artifacts of the Horsemen as it contains an ounce of War's own will and power, and only he can wear it without consequence. It strengthens him and allows him to cause more destruction and sow more seeds of war. As for others who may try to wear it, it grants them unimaginable destructive and manipulative abilities . . . however it causes them to go insane and their life force to slowly disappear until their souls are shattered and later consumed by War's oldest brother Death.

    (enchant with Fortify Destruction+Fortify Illusion)


    The Armor of Bloodlust

    "This armor is designed to inflict pain on me! Hooks inside the armor dig into my flesh while rings pierced through my muscles and bones scrape and tear! 'Why did I make it do this' you ask? Simple. It reminds me of all the times I was tortured in Hell, and those memories fuel my rage and in turn makes me stronger!"

    Being trapped in Hell for millenia took it's toll on War. He was tortured day and night non-stop but through that pain he found strength. The Armor is thicker than usual due to the torturous contraptions built into it, and the pain that it inflicts on War enrages him which in turn allows him to manifest his rage in the form of Hell Fire! 

    (enchant with Fortify Heavy Armor+Fortify Destruction)


    Boots of the Warpath

    "I retrieved these boots off the corpse of Skjor at Gallows Rock; they were crafted in Hell Fire (sniff) I can still smell the demonic energies on it. The so called 'Skyforge' is somehow connected to the pits of Hell . . . these boots may be useful but I'll have to awaken it's power with a fresh human soul."
    War wears a pair of boots that he retrieved from the corpse of Skjor. Each piece possessed a small ounce of Hell Fire but the boots were the most potent. War took these for his own and brought them to an Enchanting Table where he fed the boots a fresh human soul and awakened it's full power. When wearing these boots War becomes immune to some fire and is able to recover quickly.

    (enchant with Stamina Regen+Fire Resistance)


    Gauntlets of Rage

    "As I approached the 'Skyforge' I could smell it (sniffs) the fresh scent of Hell Fire and steel! I asked Eorlund what he had recently crafted and when he showed me I couldn't believe it. He had created a pair of Rage Gauntlets! I could smell the untapped ferocity that lay within them and knew exactly how to awaken them. I inquired as to how much and I found that I had enough gold for it. I bought the gauntlents without hesitation and proceeded to the nearest Enchanting Table where I fed them a fresh human soul and tapped into the raw rage that laid within!"

    When War found these gauntlets he knew exactly what they were and how to unlock their power. The eldest of the four, Death, taught his brothers how to capture souls should they have to, and War uses this ability to strengthen, or in this case awaken, the power of his armor such as the gauntlets. When worn, these gauntlets grant War powerful protection and unyielding ferocity! His swings are powerful and his tight grip on the handle of his sword causes power to go through the blade, strengthening and sharpening it!

    (enchant with Fortify Two-Handed+Fortify Heavy armor)


    The Heart of War

    "A flawless ruby, a gold ingot, a human soul, and the flames of Hell!"

    When War crafted this amulet he was filled with rage from the scent of the Hell Fire that originates at the Skyforge. The Heart of War was crafted in a fit of rage and pride, and it grants War protection and heals him when he needs it. As for others who wear this amulet, it inflicts unimaginable rage, crippling depression, and unbearable pain.

    (enchant with Fortify Heavy Armor+Health Regen)


    The Ring of War

    "A bit of gold, Hell Fires, a heart of rage, and a mind of pure vengence . . . these are the things that forged my ring!"

    Just like The Heart of War, this ring was crafted in a fit of rage and pride. This ring protects it's master by increasing his health and healing him should he be injured. When other wear it however, the ring does the exact opposite. The ring begins to corrupt the wearer and slowly drains their life force until they die and the ring returns to it's master.

    (enchant with Fortify Health+Healing Regen)


    The Blade of War

    "I heard rumors of one of Balgruuf's children turning dark. The way that it sounded . . . 'No' I thought 'it can't be.' I asked Balgruuf about it and he said that his youngest child won't even look at him. He doesn't know what's wrong with him and he asked me to speak to him. When I approached the child I could hear it, his words dripped with the venom of hate and deceit, and I knew where it came from. The child sent me to a door in the basement and there I could hear it, I could hear my sword crying out for me! I attempted to open it and I heard her, Mephala, a fallen Arch Angel! It seemed that Mephala had taken my sword for her own when I was sent to Hell and she believed that she could use it for good; HA! My sword is just like me, it has a powerful will of it's own and is able to sow the seed of war within anyone who weilds it! Mephala thought herself too powerful and good to fall to it's power . . . well look at where she is now! She lead me on the correct path and I was able to retrieve my sword, and the moment my hand was close to the hilt the blade jumped into my hands and I could feel it's joy! It seems that it took much to turn the great Mephala and now I must feed it's bloodlust. Mephal believe the blade is hers, in truth it never was and she'll learn that when I drive it through her heart!"

    The Ebony Blade, or The Blade of War, is a powerful Horseman artifact as it has a will that's as ruthless as it's master! It was able to corrupt Mephala and when she was cast out of heaven she believed that the sword was her only friend as she could hear it's words of comfort (only mere deceit). After the blade was discovered it was locked away and warded and Mephala had spent countless centuries trying to reacquire it and was about to make one last attempt as she possessed a young nord girl. She later thought that the boy could do her bidding but that all changed when she was appointed to Houscarl of a 'Dragonborn.' War was able to hide his true identity from the Fallen Angel and he proceeded to slaughter his 'allies' and 'friends' and after he completed the restoration of his blade Mephala spoke and was pleased but even more so when he asked her (or Lydia) to join him on an adventure. War took her to Labyrinthian where he then drove the blade through her heart saying "Oh Mephala. Did you really think that you could take The Sword of War from it's true master?" Fear filled her eyes as she realized who he truly was! He pulled the blade from her heart and licked the blood off it! He then took on the form of a wolf and devoured what was left of her heart!



    "My dear Shadowmere! I have returned my friend now lets ride and bring about the destruction of this world!"

    War was surprised when he learned that his horse, Shadowmere, was under the control of a group of assassins. He got their attention and began to build a relationship with them. He cared not for thier politics or their 'religion,' none of that mattered, all that mattered was that he rescued his steed, after that he only had to pull the right strings to make Astrid bring the Brotherhood down.


    "I will sow the seed of hatred and bloodlust into the hearts of all. And when I am done all that will remain is a pile of smoldering ashes!"





    War is set out to do just as his name implies, to bring unrelenting bloodshed into the world, to turn brother against brother, and child against parent! While mortals pose no real challenge to War, he does enjoy watching them suffer and kill each other and not everyplace has conflict . . . well not at first. With his power of manipulation, War casts powerful spells that turn people against each other in an instant! He starts with a simple fury spell on a couple of enemies, and after the fight breaks out between those two, he releases a devastating blast of mayhem that causes all within his presence to attack eachother! Some may have too strong of a will to succumb to his power and will have to be dealt with personally.

    When out an about, War usually tries to find something to entertain him. If he wanders upon a group of drunks who are having a merry time, he will not hesitate to slip into the shadows and cause them to  slaughter one another! Like his brothers, War is not enslaved to the 'right or wrong' ideals like mortals are, that being said if he can find a way to gain a person's trust he will act on it only to later betray them. When it comes to a fight, War NEVER runs away, he stands steady and strong with his sword gripped tightly, ready to taste the blood of his enemies! War is the embodiment of pure rage and all around him will either cower in his presence or kill each other. Either way, they will all die!


    Main Questline: "Death will be pleased with me if I send these angel, or 'dragon' souls to him . . . perhaps he will even grant me the knowledge of the ancient angelic texts carved into the stone walls!"

    Dark Brotherhood Questline: "My dear Shadowmere has been kept captive by these insolent assassins, I must retrieve him. They do have some potential . . . perhaps I can use them to sow the seeds of war into the land!"

    Dragonborn Questline (until you get the Bendwill shout): "I know that pathetic excuse for a nephilim, Miraak, is attempting to retake Solstheim and leave one of the circles of Hell . . . he will fail; I can feel it."

    The Whispering Door: "Mephala had my sword, now I have it . . . hear heart tasted so sweet!"

    Companions Questline: "The Companions gave me the power of Lycanthropy . . . it'd be interesting to see how a pack of werewolves kill others when under my influence!"



    "And I said, 'Let there be chaos!' and chaos there was!"

     The Chaos of War- Slow Time Shout+Mayhem+The Sword of War

    "I rode into the town and my blade tasted all of their blood!"

     The Second Rider- Firestorm+Shadowmere+The Sword of War

    "With the blood of the wolf I am an unstoppable force!"

     WARwolves- Totem of the Moon+Beast Form

  • January 5, 2018

    Man, I'm absolutely loving this one Darkness, I  ended up liking Pestilence but to be honest I'm definitely more of a fan of War. I will say, that the only flaw that I can see, is that I think it might need an image below the backstory, it's long enough that the text afterwards really kind of bloats the opening uncomfortably. Other than that, definitely an interesting build that's fairly well presented, but most importantly, just a good read. 

    So yeah, a like from me for sure Darkness.

  • January 5, 2018

    Thanks Mega. I believe that if you like War then you're gonna absolutely love Death. However I have one more Horseman to go before I get to him . . . Famine. I'm not fully certain on how that one's gonna turn out but I have a couple of ideas.

  • January 5, 2018

    Yeah, Famine seems really hard. I'd try and provide some ideas but ah, yeah mine's more focusing on the concept of Famine rather than the actual Horseman. Mostly I'd think that running a Destruction focused build would work rather well there. You know, the idea that you're bringing Frost, Fire and Wind to bring famine. Not entirely sure how that fits in with the Horseman though, could work as a conceptual thing, but other than that, just not sure. 

    Death is definitely something I'm probably going to enjoy. 

  • Member
    January 5, 2018
    Holy shit man this is amazing! the only most minuscule problem I had was the Ebony Blade’s thinness. maybe get a thicker retexture mod to make it more intimidating, but that doesn’t matter at all! Loving it +1
  • January 5, 2018

    Mega, one thing I found is that people who suffer from severe starvation have a massive decrease in their overall body temperature. So Famine's most likely going to be frost based.


    Wulfhedinn, I was going to go for a Daedric Great Sword with Fire and Absorb Health, but I ran across one problem; keeping the sword charged. Then I remembered how the Ebony Blade corrupts the weilder, so why not do what I did with Pestilence? Have the sword belong to the Horseman War and stolen by some sort of 'deity' (Mephala, a fallen Arch Angel).

  • January 5, 2018

    Mega, one thing I found is that people who suffer from severe starvation have a massive decrease in their overall body temperature. So Famine's most likely going to be frost based.

    Fair enough. Have you considered the Poison Rune (and using Frost Rune as well)? If you're taking a bit more of a Roleplaying take on a skill, then you could very easily see that as Famine infecting the land itself with Frost and Poison, or something along those lines. Though then you would have to figure out how to work in the rest of Restoration...rather easy with mods but I can't think of a logical reason for it in Vanilla.

    Hmm, just sort of tossing some ideas around there. Not sure about you but that usually helps me think. Either way, I bet it'll be a fun read :D

  • January 5, 2018

    A starved vampire would be interesting.

  • January 5, 2018

    Glad you're continuing with this series. Looks like fun to play and I'm always for a build with horsies. :D

  • August 4, 2021

    The Long-Chapper, apologies for not replying to your messages until now. I'm glad you enjoy the series, though I have some new ideas so they may change. As for a starved vampire build, I do have a couple bloodthirsty builds on here. One is the Tribunal's Shade, the other is more recent and may not show up for another day or two on Google. The recent one I am very proud of, his name is Dracul and his backstory is a combination of the original Castlevania Dracula, and the Dracula from Castlevania Lords of Shadow games. I have plenty more Builds on their way, so do keep an eye out for them. All so far will be villainous characters, with one or two exceptions as I'm going to try my hand at morally good characters.