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    February 27, 2020

    I am thinking about making a Sonic the Hedgehog build for the workshop. I was thinking of somehow implementing his powers into Skyrim, maybe a mix of his game powers plus his 2020 sonic powers. I have been looking for a hedgehog custom race for Skyrim, but I can't find one any ideas for the powers? What vanilla or custom race should I use? I already have the idea of using dragon priest masks for the chaos emeralds to be gotten from the chaos guardian (the dragon priests.) And the golden mask will somehow turn him super. Should I also use dragon aspect or just stick to whirlwind sprint for shouts? any help will be greatly appreciated.

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    June 16, 2021

    I know it has been a long time since anyone posted here, but I recently came up with a new build idea, and am seeking input about how to improve him or her.


    I call the build the Thalmor Subjugator - yes I understand there are not any mods that let you join the Thalmor.


    The Thalmor Subjugator must be an Altmer, but either male or female is good for the build


    The main skills (those that will be improved via levelling) are





    Illusion - improve Fear spells especially





    The magic trees and Alchemy are somewhat self-explanatory, but Speech is improved so that the Subjugator can sell all equipment scavenged from defeated opponents.


    The path through the game for the Subjugator is:


    Beginning of game

    Myrwatch (if available via DLC)

    Lost Library (again, if available via DLC)

    College of Winterhold (even though the Subjugator is a Thalmor, Ancano doesn't exactly see eye-to-eye with the Thalmor - he can be killed.)

    Civil War - Imperials (he or she is a Thalmor - do you really think he or she would fight for the Nords?)

    Go on a special pilgrimage (part of the Subjugator's duties to the Thalmor) travelling throughout Skyrim and punishinon g Nords, particularly with Illusion magic.

    Main Quest




    One thing the Subjugator really relies on is his or her ability to make those who oppose the Thalmor, especially Nords tremble in fear.  He or she wants them begging to be sent to Sithis while bowing down before finally sending the Nord(s) being confronted to Sovengards.