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Character Build: The Planewalker

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  • August 25, 2017

    The main sections I see mate are the mods section and the bit of text after the Questlines. Did I miss anything? 

    Those two sections if they are new (sorry I really haven't checked this out for a bit so I don't remember everything) are quite good, I feel like the Roleplaying bit there adds a fair bit to the build, or at least making the character a little bit more obvious in the build. I would recommend getting links to the mod, just so you can show them off easier, and increase the chance of someone actually heading off to see them, and thus seeing how they'd effect your build.

    Other then that, my recommendations are pretty much still in the same vein as last time but I was wondering if we could try something. The Workshop is a group where you can post WiP's and as the Host there I'm allowed to edit content. I was thinking of a trial run, where you could post a copy of this over there and I could show you how I'd present a build and kind of explain the thought process behind my changes. It wouldn't touch the content, just the presentation. If you'd like to give it a shot, you can easily copy everything by using the source code (hust hit the button to the left of the insert video button when you're editing your build and you can just copy the source code within over to a new discussion by pasting it in the same section in the other group.) 

    EDIT: Oh, bugger, didn't realize the time but I'll have to head off for about an hour or two before I could show off the presentation style.

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    August 25, 2017

    Ok, I'll head over to the Workshop and post a copy there. I'll also put in the links to the mod pages as well.


    There are slight alterations all over the build, so I suggest reading through it again. You'll pick up some more details that I'd put in. See you on the other side, I guess. Cheers!