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Character Build Event: Two in Two

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  • March 14, 2017

    Welcome to team Varg'Ette's second Character Building Event.   Prepare yourselves for something... different. 

    As you can see, the hype is smaller. Much smaller. That doesn't mean it's less awesome though. If you are familiar with how Varg'Ette runs events, you know there will be a twisty twist. But this time, like how the Thalmor are obsessed with the number 8, this time, Varg'Ette is obsessed with the number two, as we are an entity comprised of two.  Two skills, two weeks, too much fun under the twin moons. We'll give more details down below in the rules section.  

    The Hype trains starts and stops in this thread. Here is your hub for all things relating to the Character Building Event and Varg'Ette will be all over this thread like a Khajiits on moon sugar (yes, that's racist), like Thalmor on a Talos worshipper, like Nords on mead.  As with all things CB, we gotta play by rules. Knowing rules means we can later learn to bend them to make beautiful art and have a lot of fun. See this as a sort of test frun, see, I said frun, not just run but a fun run, a frun. A test frun for future events and future other things. I am being deliberately vague, but something will be coming in December and you, my little Powygles, need to be ready for it. 



    1.  First, take the time to read through these resources on Character Building. This will help you get started. Also, check out other builds. 

    Skyrim Character Building

    Character Building Resources

    Guide to Character Building

    Character Build Template


    2.  A build submitted for this event  must not contain more than two – read it again, slowly with me  twooooooo, that’s it—perked skills. Period. No more, not one, not three, not four, but two, only two.  And a level cap of 25 with a minimum level of 20, so no level 1 Khajiit running around in his skivies punching Alduin to death. We've all done that.  EDIT: Vampire Lord and Lycanthropy are alright 'cause the two of us forgot about those skill trees and whoops. When it's our bad, you benefit. So, yes, this is a mini build event. There are two ways you can go about doing this. See, more two. 


    Option A. Simply perk two skills, but feel free to use others for leveling, though bear in mind the level 25 cap. This allows you the flexibility of gameplay, but at the same time you are restricted in your perked skills. Say, you have a build that perks Snek and Arch'ry, but if you use this method, you can also sell stuff, lockpick and wear armor or use magicks. You can use whatever other skills you want, but you can only perk two of the skills you use. 




    Option B. Only perk and level two skills. This provides some real challenges in gameplay as you must pick your two skills wisely and simply accept that you cannot do some things in the game and face other restrictions. Say, you decide on your old fall backs, and perk snek and arch'ry, well, now things get interesting. Ooooooo, locked chest, uh no, can't open that. Ooooooo, Steel Gauntlets of extreme arch'ry. Oh, if I wears that, my heavy armor goes up. Ohhhhhh, bound bow! YES, Daedric weapon at level 1 please. No, no, no, I need conjuration to casts its.  I need monies, lemme sell mah stuff. What do you mean selling stuffs levels levels speech?  If you're a skillbook reader, better now know what book you're reading! The occasional quest-related skill point increase is alright, but limit those to no more than six. This will account for the occasional speech check for quests, those "whoops I shouldn't have read that" moments, and the occasional skill point rewards for random reward quests like Shalidor's Insights and one set of the bard's college special quests.  

    Otherwise, there are no other restrictions and feel free to come up with some out there builds. This is an exercise in creativity and again, thinking outside the typical Character Building box. I tell you, I did some preliminary work testing out this concept to make sure it was going to work as an event and let me tell you. I. had. a. blast.  And I think you will too, regardless of which option you choose. 


    3. You have from midnight Eastern Standard Time on the 17th of March to 11:59pm EST on the 31st March to post your build in the CB group.  Also, be sure to link your completed build to this thread and we'll add it as a showcase for all the completed builds.   Yes, that's it, two weeks. It is enough time. A day of dedicated play can actually get you to quite a high level depending on what skills you choose. You can posts builds any time during the course of the Events. Pacing is everything here. A week to playtest, a week to build. Down and Dirty. 

    4. We'd love to see new builders, so don’t be shy. It is sometimes scary, however, to take that first leap, therefore, use of the Workshop, hosted by Dragonborn1721, is highly recommended and we encourage free and open dialogue about your build. The Ette of Varg’Ette’s stuff's going up there. She loves yacking on about builds. She never really finishes them in time for the events to finish, but she doesn't care. Think of her like your cheer-leader in this building adventure, whereas Varg' actually gets builds done.  You can also come cry about your build here. We will give you sloady hugs and stuff. 


    5. All builds are to be labeled. Instead of using the standard "Character Build:" prefix, use "Event Build:"and be sure to tag your build with the tag "Event:2in2" and "Rank:Event Bloodworks" to be considered eligible for the event. If you need help with tags do not hesitate to ask.  


    6. No prizes or badges for this event. I know, I know. Everybody's sad, but don't let that stop you. Participation is key and just because you won't receive anything for this particular event doesn't mean that this event won't count towards something later in the year. This is the first event of 2017, there will be quite few more events over the course of the year, culminating with the Event in December, which may borrow themes from past events.  

    7. Current workshop builds. If a build currently in the Workshop meets the criteria of the Event, it can be used for the Event, you only need to change its designation in the workshop to indicate that it is now an event. However, a build already posted in CB cannot be reused. You must post a new build. Might as well finish your build.



    We will be keeping this section updated regularly to feature both a builder’s WiP, if they chose to post one, and their final build once it’s posted in CB. Support, encourage, and cheer on our victims, dammit, I keep saying that, uh, participants.


    Completed Builds

    John LeBlanc - Event Build: The Ash'Abah Outcast

    Peppo o'Paccio - Event Build: The Valenwood Vampire

    Doc PGB - Event Build: The Night Usher

    Nightshade - Event Build: The Plagued Archer

    Light of Aether - Event Build: The Almighty Argonian King

    Mottyskills - Event Build: The Worm Fang

    Chris - Event Build: The Novitiate Hero

    Vargr - Event Build: The Reckless Waif

    Shinjin - Event Build: Mara's Might

    Plunders-the-Mountains - Event Build: The Bow-Knight of Auri'el

    TexasC4 - Event Build: The Immortal Ninja

    Phil - Event Build: The Banshee of the Reach

    Lissette Long-Chapper - Event Build: The Agents of Oegnithr

    Prince of Cheese! - Event Build: The Sun and Moon Patruu



    Dragonborn1721 - WiP The Manipulator (Withdrawn)

    Golden Fool - WiP The Enchanter 

    Mercurias - WiP The Voice of the Mountain


  • Member
    March 14, 2017

    Cool idea! I could see myself putting together a Mini-Build. Let me see if I can come up with something worthy of these hallowed building grounds :)

  • March 14, 2017

    Mottyskills said:

    Cool idea! I could see myself putting together a Mini-Build. Let me see if I can come up with something worthy of these hallowed building grounds :)

    I'm sure you will come up with something great. :D

  • Member
    March 14, 2017

    Hmm, might be a reason to shelf Fallout for a minute or three.  Let me ponder.

  • Member
    March 14, 2017

    I have half an idea for this invovling conjuration (of the ordinator variety), maybe bending the rules for option B to use equilibrium which according to UESP only gives 0.01 experience per second, and another as of yet undecided skill.

  • Member
    March 14, 2017
    Sign me up! I've got a build tat fits the requirements like a glove
  • March 14, 2017

    I  have a rather interesting build that I want to work on for the next two weeks. I'll be following the additional challenge (obviously :P) and creating a build that only uses Restoration and Illusion. Time to get my gloves on and get this build out there :D

  • Member
    March 14, 2017
    Hmm. Count me in. I have a fun project that could be scaled down. I will try Option B.
  • Member
    March 15, 2017
    Sign me up for option A.
  • Member
    March 15, 2017

    Golden Fool said:

    I have half an idea for this invovling conjuration (of the ordinator variety), maybe bending the rules for option B to use equilibrium which according to UESP only gives 0.01 experience per second, and another as of yet undecided skill.

    Scratch that, I have 3/4s of another idea which will involve enchanting and speech.