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Character Build: The Oblivion Crime Boss

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  • April 13, 2012

                                                    THE OBLIVION CRIME BOSS

                                     CLASS – RACE – GENDER – BACKSTORY - MOTIVATION

         The Oblivion Crime Boss is a criminal who has sold his/her soul to a daedric prince for power, and uses that power to build a criminal empire. He has no scruples and he’s moved only by self interest – he’s not a demon, but is as close as you can get to be one and still remain a mortal. The hunger for power can lure any race or gender, so no restrictions here. The backstory is also up to you, as it’s no great feat to find reasons for someone to covet power and riches – I have my own reasons, just like you, because that’s a motivation as old and general as walking forward. I’d recommend adopting as his daedric patron one of those:  Boethian, Molag Bal, Mephala, Mehrunes Dagon, and especially, Clavicus Vile, who usually take interest in mortal affair and are obsessed with power and subjugation. In exchange for his soul, he will receive from Oblivion power over people and demons, as well as, of course, lots and lots of gold and property. Now, that’s a bargain!


         Major skills: Power over people is represented by speech (the whole perk tree, first the right branch, then the left one),which will help you to get rich fast, while power over demons is represented by conjuration (all the left summoner branch of the tree up to twin souls, no necromancy, no dual casting, no mystic binding, and no half cost mastery), which will help you to fight and keep you alive – the other main skill is illusion (the right and the middle branch up to master of the mind and, later in the game, the half cost mastery), as it also gives power over all beings, and a lot of useful spells to help in combat and sneaking. Use whatever means you need to level up fast on these three, including instructors and game glitches, as they’re essential for the viability of this build.

         Minor skills: sneak (only left branch, only stealth 3/5)– he doesn’t have a powerful physical presence, so he has to trust his ability to strike decisively and without retaliation; one handed (only armsman 5/5 and fighting stance) - the main weapon is a dagger, and the other hand  holds an illusion or conjuration spell; light armor (only agile defender 5/5, custom fit and unhindered)– it will help him surviving some hits (since he is not really a magical build and won’t take any perks in alteration or destruction, he doesn’t need a high tax to recovery in magicka, nor the benefits in the reduction of spell cost, so he won’t use robes); lockpicking (aim for golden touch and treasure hunter); restoration (I`d go for respite and regeneration, but later in the game, recovery would be nice) – the first would help him in getting more gold faster, while the second would allow him to help his underlings in combat.

         He won’t take any crafting perk, as alchemy, smithing and enchanting are manual labors, fit only for a subordinate and beneath his dignity. He will use mainly thieves’ and brotherhood’s armor – if he needs better equipment, he will simply buy it or steal it. Glass armor begins to appear in shops and quests from level 35 on, and they’ll be easily bought if you have the money, and you will.

                                  PLAY THROUGH

         You shall always use followers, at any time, any place, under any circumstances  – in fact for him they’re just henchmen – as they’re essential to the character, to suck up to him, to be abused, to carry his burdens, to protect his life and to compensate for his lack of physical prowess. You can use housecarls, mercenaries or voluntaries, it doesn’t really matters, but give your preference to the dumb warrior type – no magic help needed. The twin soul perks will provide additional demonpower for your entourage. I’d use preferably the conjure draemora lord spell (the draemoras being bad-ass, human-like and filthy-mouthed), but sometimes an atronach can be handy. I’d use also the Sanguine Rose, the Skull of Corruption, and Summon Spectral Assassin,  to summon allies. It’s also recommended to use eventual followers when the mission allows for them. You might even want to go for the ‘Insane Crown Posse’, in which you’ll walk around with up to eight followers. Remember, a crime boss is just as good as his henchmen, so the more, the merrier! This is a good character to play with mods that allow up to 16 followers.

                                                  BLESSING / SHOUTS / STONE

         This build precludes healing in temples, as well as any blessing from Aedra Gods. You are on the dark side, pal, and it’s useless to appeal to the good powers now – just buy some cure disease potions and as much healing and magicka potions as you need – but what you may lack in Gods’ grace, you shall abound in septims – just use what you have on hand and don’t complain about the consequences of your choices. And remember: the Thieve's Guild questline will eventually allow you to receive the blessing from the daedra godess Nocturna, who is less demanding about the morals of her worshippers. No shouts for you either, that’s for heroes and you are no hero. The stone would be one of those: the lover, as it allows for a faster and balanced development of magic, combat and stealth skills; the serpent, for it allows you to stab a boss in the back and do a lot of damage while he’s paralyzed; or the lord, to improve defense.

         You should distribute your attribute points in this way: magicka, magicka, health – two levels of magicka for one level of health – and absolutely no stamina – you will have henchmen to carry the heavy stuff.


         First of all, forget about Main Quest (this character wouldn’t ever fight to save the world, in fact, he plays for the other team). The College of Winterhold and the Companions questlines are also to be avoided, as he has no use for pure knowledge, nor any sense of honor. The Civil War questline is optional, though it might be profitable to take a side in this war – you know, war is always good for business. The Thanes quests are a must, as it would add contacts, prestige, followers and properties in every county, spreading his web of connections through Skyrim. The Daedra quests are also highly recommended, especially those which reward with weapons and armors, and that of his daedric patron is mandatory for roleplaying purposes. The miscellaneous quests are up to you, but I would take every criminal quest I happened to find along the way, and also every quest to wipe bandits hideouts or kill bandit leaders - it's good to get rid of the competition. I'd also take at least the ‘Forbidden Legends’ quest for the amulet reward - this quest demands you to affiliate to College of Winterhold and take the quest ‘Under Sarthaal’. That’s useful, as you have to join the College anyway to have access to trainers and higher level spells, but you shouldn’t complete the questline with this character. You must, of course, be affiliated to Dark Brotherhood and Thieves’ Guild, and complete their whole questlines to become the boss in both organizations.


         At the end of the game you shall be the incontestable supreme boss of all Skyrim’s underworld, and every criminal shall answer to you. Also you should get the trophy for accumulating a hundred thousand septims. Those are the victory conditions for this character. So, no honor, no fame, no name in history, but lots of money, power and, especially, lots of fun.


                                              So, the stats for a Level 25 build are:

    Attributes  =  magicka = 270; health = 180; stamina = 100

                                                                      Skills –

    Conjuration: novice; sumonner 1/2 ; atromancy.

    Speech: haggling; allure; merchant,

    Illusion: novice; animage; kindred mage; hypnotic gaze; aspect of terror; quiet casting.

    Sneak: stealth 1/5; backstab; deadly aim; assassin’s blade.

    I`m supposing you have at least 50 points in each one of those skills – you`ll have to pay instructors for that.

    Light armor: agile defender 1/5; custum fit.

    One-handed: armsman 1/5; fighting stance.

    Restoration: novice; regeneration; respite.

    Lockpicking: novice; apprentice.


                                                 And the stats for a Level 50 build are:

    Attributes  =  magicka = 430; health = 270; stamina = 100

                                                                       Skills –

    Conjuration: Novice; sumonner 1/2 ; atromancy; elemental potency; twin souls.

    Speech: haggling; allure; merchant; investor; fence; bribery; persuasion.

    Illusion: novice; animage; kindred mage; hypnotic gaze; aspect of terror; quiet casting; rage; master of the mind; dual casting, apprentice; adept; expert.

    Sneak: stealth 3/5; backstab; deadly aim; assassin’s blade.

    Light armor: agile defender 3/5; custom fit.

    One-handed: armsman 3/5; fighting stance.

    Restoration: novice; regeneration; respite; recovery 2/2; apprentice; adept.

    Lockpicking: novice; apprentice; adept; golden touch; treasure hunter.

  • April 13, 2012

    This sounds like a very good build to go with some of the more followers at a time mods.

    Very nice build, I like the lore and such - Nice job Ricardo

  • April 13, 2012

    That's the idea behind the build - multitude. A loner crime boss is an unhappy crime boss. That's not a build for those who like to play solo.