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Character Build: Ysmir Cometh

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    March 5, 2016

    <--- Build Theme.

    A somewhat different approach on my Dread of the Dovah character became this, a hero who is as savage with his greatsword as he is with his voice. This character is the reincarnation of Ysmir, the Nordic aspect of Talos, he has come again at mankind's darkest hour to shine hope in the darkness of Alduin's wings...

    Far from Mundus, in Aetherius a God watches.

    He sees his people, bleeding, burning, dying.

    "No more!" he shouted, with all the authority of his divinity.

    And he was birthed unto Tamriel, as a child, born to a virgin Nord mother.

    His memories had gone, but he forever felt the tug of fate deciding his every move.

    Growing up, his battle prowess was unmatched, his strength unprecedented.

    When the strings of fate pulled him from Bruma and to his homeland, Skyrim, he soon found himself captured.

    But he could feel it within him, this was his destiny, the end was not here. 

    We're building a true warrior, a being that embodies the unforgiving wrath of Skyrim's climate. We will be achieving 100% fortify shouts using the Werewolf stacking glitch and also be using the Dungeon Backdooring glitch to get to certain shouts that would otherwise be quest-locked.

    Race: Nord (I think I'm addicted to these), the racial power for 50% resist frost helps against Frost Dragons, Cyromancers and Ice Wraiths and Battle Cry is a welcome ability until Dismay is obtained. They also get a +10 to Two-Handed, +5 to Light Armor, +5 to Speech, +5 to Block AND +5 to Smithing.

    Stats: 0/3/We aren't using any spells in this build so Magicka isn't needed, because we are using Light Armor we need a lot of health as soon as possible to make up for the lost AR and Stamina is needed for Power Attacks with our greatsword.

    Stone: The Warrior --> The Lord, the Lord Stone gives a welcome +50 AR and 25% resist magic, which helps this build survive.

    Major Skills: Two-Handed, Light Armor

    Minor Skills: Block, Smithing, Speech

    Weapon: Nordic Greatsword

    Powers: Force without Effort, Battle Cry, Companion's Insight, Dragonborn Flame.

    Shouts: Fire Breath, Frost Breath, Ice Form, Become Ethereal, Marked for Death, Dismay, Dragon Aspect, Soul Tear, Dragonrend, Storm Call, Elemental Fury, Clear Skies, Unrelenting Force, Drain Vitality, Disarm, Battle Fury, Call of Valor, Slow Time.

    Quests: Companions, Destroy the Dark Brotherhood, Dawnguard, Siege on the Dragon Cult, A Scroll for Anska, Main Quest, College of Winterhold (Up until Under Saarthal), Civil War, Dragonborn, The Final Descent, Black Book: Winds of Change, A New Source of Stalhrim, Lost Legacy.

    Two-Handed: This skill is used to wield your mighty greatsword with ultimate precision. Key Perks are Barbarian, Champion's Stance and Sweep.

    Light Armor: This skill is used to defend yourself from incoming attacks. Key Perks are Agile Defender, Matching Set and Deft Movement.

    Block: This skill is used to defend yourself slightly more in combat. Key Perks are Shield Wall and Quick Reflexes.

    Smithing: This skill is used to bring your AR as high up as possible and maximize damage with your greatsword. Key Perks are Dragon Smithing and Advanced Armors.

    Speech: This skill is used to get your way and also to sell all your unwanted goods that you have collected from plundering Nordic Ruins. Key Perks are Persuasion, Intimidation and Merchant.

    Pondering the Prophecy.

    This build will require this nifty glitch to acquire a word of Slow Time and a word of Disarm, here's Ponty's guide to it:

    Ponty's Guide to Dungeon Backdooring

    This will mean that you don't have to break the immersion of being a mighty warrior with joining dirty Thieves or becoming the Archmage of the College.

    This character will achieve 100% fortify shouts to truly resonate the divine power of Ysmir, the Man-God and Saviour of Men.

    Step 1: Become a Werewolf, this simply requires getting part way through the Companion's Questline

    Step 2: Acquire 5 amulets of Talos, these can be bought at the Radiant Raiment, Looted from Soldiers and Bandits and a few other places.

    Step 3: Acquire a follower, I chose Uthgerd the Unbroken as she is easy to get as a follower (You simply need to win a brawl with her)

    Step 4: Go to a place scarce of people except for you and your follower, this will stop people becoming hostile.

    Step 5: Give your follower 5 Amulets of Talos and equip "Beast Form"

    Step 6: Save/Quicksave

    Step 7: Simultaneously press the "Chat" and "Powers" buttons whilst facing your follower, make sure that their chat menu is open as you transform, if it is not, reload your game.

    Step 8: Wait for your Werewolf transformation to complete.

    Step 9: Click "I need you to carry some things"

    Step 10: Equip all 5 Amulets of Talos from their inventory and exit.

    You can now shout without cooldown once you transform back into your human state, these effects will be removed if you remove the Amulets of Talos.

    This was Ysmir at 40, the summit of his power.

    Combat is the heart and soul of almost every build out there, this character is an absolute monster on the battlefield, since his complete shout cooldown reduction is in play and we are wearing powerful armor imbued with even more powerful effects, most enemies won't be more than flies on the lower difficulties (One of the main reasons this was played on Master).


    Melee opponents rely on Stamina, brute force and strength in numbers to survive, the shouts that will help you most are:

    • Frost Breath - Drains Stamina
    • Ice Form - Freezes enemies and Drains Stamina
    • Unrelenting Force - Crowd Control 
    • Become Ethereal - Used to stay out of powerful attacks
    • Elemental Fury - Used to dramatically increase your DPS
    • Fire Breath (Undead Opponents) - Used to kill undead with almost no effort
    • Disarm - Used to make enemies (Falmer are particularly good targets) unable to fight efficiently.
    • Marked for Death - Used to make all enemies into absolute pushovers

    Combine these shouts with a few powerful swings from your powerful greatsword and we'll be kicking bandit ass all day.

    Mages rely (obviously) on magicka stores to kill off opponents, useful shouts here are:

    • Marked for Death - Used to make them into absolute pushovers.
    • Drain Vitality - Glitched so that it makes them unable to regenerate magicka.
    • Become Ethereal - Used to stay out of powerful attacks and to get close when far away.
    • Fire Breath (Dragon Priests) - Used to make Dragon Priests into BBQ
    • Ice Form - Freeze enemies to stop their attacks for a time.

    Mages are a pain for this character, but after getting 25% magic resistance from the Lord Stone and achieving 100% fortify shouts, you should be able to stand a chance against even the most powerful mages.

    Dragons, like mages, rely on magicka to use their shouts. But they are slightly more deadly, because they still have the close range advantage (Om nom nom nom).

    • Storm Call - Absolutely devastating, but will damage allies unless you have Companion's Insight.
    • Become Ethereal - Used to avoid Dragonfire and Bite Attacks.
    • Drain Vitality - Glitched so that they can't regenerate magicka, so they can't shout.
    • Marked for Death - Make them into pushovers.
    • Dragonrend - Obviously ripping dragons from the sky is a boon.
    • Fire Breath - Frost Dragons 
    • Frost Breath - Fire Dragons
    • Dragon Aspect - More AR, 25% Resist Frost and Fire and 25% more damage with Power Attacks.

    Obviously you'll need to kill a lot of these, you're the Dragonborn and the Saviour of Man, after all. Dragons are essentially flying reptiles, snakes are reptiles, Talos is standing on a snake, makes you think, eh? (I know the snake represents Lorkhan, but shhh).

    Giants are to be avoided at lower levels, they might be big and dumb, but they can still make you part of the Skyrim Space Program. It should also be noted that they are 33% resistant to magic. Shouts that will help you most are: 

    • Frost Breath - Used to slow them down and drain their stamina.
    • Become Ethereal - Used to avoid their HULK SMASH attacks.
    • Unrelenting Force - Send them and their mammoths flying to get some breathing room. 
    • Marked for Death - Makes them easier to kill

    Giants are nasty, but once you get to their level (32) they don't level up with you, so they won't be too hard late game, or even late twenties.

    This build should get rid of them first, since they are one of the biggest problems this build can encounter, mainly on the lower levels, although some can prove annoying when fighting them on higher levels (I'm looking at you Deathlord Archers). Useful shouts are:

    • Unrelenting Force - You appear to have missed, good sir... And be half-way across the cave.
    • Disarm - Gets rid of those bows, leaving them practically defenseless as you close in.
    • Ice Form - Freezes them, so they can't use their bow.

    You could always avoid the arrows, but what fun is that when you can literally shout them to death? 

    Now then, I intentionally didn't say which side of the war you'd be on, this is because of something I found out as you will see later.

    It's entirely your choice which side you take, since you are an Aspect of Talos, you obviously would want to preserve Talos worship, so the obvious choice would be the Stormcloaks. There is one enormous problem with this, the Thalmor are not in fact against the Stormcloaks, in fact, they want them to rebel, to cause a civil war.




    They do not believe Talos is a false God per se,, what the Thalmor want is much much more devious than that. They want to kill Talos, there are only two ways to do this, firstly is to stop everyone on Nirn worshipping him, which is almost impossible, the second way is to destroy his heart, like Auri-El did to Lorkhan after the creation of Mundus. 

    Talos' heart is not a physical object, exactly, his heart is in fact his Empire. Destroy the Empire, destroy Talos, the stronger the Stormcloaks become and the more the Empire is whittled down to nothing, when the Empire is gone, Talos is gone.

    In other words, in the long term, the Empire is better for Skyrim, but the Stormcloaks will end badly in the long run, however they will also bring a more immediate change to Skyrim.

    The choice is yours, I'm a Stormcloak at heart so I find too hard to join Tullius, so I chose Stormcloaks.




    Winds of Time: Ysmir wields his mighty blade with unmatched speed and dominates his foes. Elemental Fury + Slow Time.

    Dominate: Ysmir's Thu'um makes his enemies weak and worthless, allowing him to kill them almost without effort. Marked for Death + Drain Vitality

    Aetherial Duo: Ysmir's voice summons forth a mighty ally to assist him in battle. Call of Valor + Battle Fury + Elemental Fury.

    Death to the Dovah: Ysmir's Thu'um brings even dragons to their knees. Storm Call + Dragon Aspect + Dragonrend + Drain Vitality + Marked for Death

    Kneel: Ysmir's voice causes enemies to drop their weapons before being blown back with great strength. Disarm + Unrelenting Force.

    Perfect Storm: Ysmir's mastery of his voice allows him to express the true wrath of the Dovahkiin and the Saviour of Man. Call Dragon + Call of Valor + Dragon Aspect + Storm Call + Marked for Death + Drain Vitality

    To Sovngarde...


    This was my Ysmir Cometh build, everyone, I hope you have enjoyed, please leave your comments and criticisms in the comments below.


  • March 5, 2016

    Another damn Nord...But I like it anyway! I like the presentation and I really like your Combat section. It´s very informative on what to use against specific enemies. Good job, mate! 

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    March 5, 2016

    You've got a very nice build here, Morty. I like the presentation and the skill set, and I love how you present tactics for each enemy type.

    A couple of points of constructive criticism for you:

    • Personal preference, but I'm not a big fan of going heavy into both Smithing and Enchanting on the same character. That's a lot of grinding, and especially when combined with the 100% Fortify Shouts, it makes for a character that's so powerful he risks becoming dull. Also, trimming some of those crafting perks could cut the level down to 45 or even 40, which is a lot more attainable for playthroughs.
    • One thing you could do to take that last step for the presentation is to make a perk spread image. You don't need one for the level 25, but I think for the endgame perks, it's worth doing.
    • Considering the build requires beast form to function, I feel like you could stand to incorporate that more into the gameplay, so it doesn't feel like you just tacked it on to make the character more powerful without any real justification.
    • Please, no autoplay music. Just put the video there and let people choose if they want to listen.
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    March 5, 2016

    Cheers, Karver! As I said in the build, I think I'm addicted to Nords, whenever I tell myself "No Nords this time"  I get stuck on the Character Menu and eventually go for Nord anyway. 

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    March 5, 2016

    Awesome work Morti, you improve with each build

  • Member
    March 5, 2016

    Thank you, Teccam.

    I understand your points and honestly I didn't want to use Enchanting, but I felt like I had to buff up to Level 50, I guess its some kind of OCD.

    As for Beast Form, I did kind of tack that on for no reason other than Infinite Shouts without Alchemy (which would have been another grindy skill).

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    March 5, 2016

    It is easy to like this build, it is very thematic and therefore inspiring and the way it is presented is a joy to read. My only minor concern is External Spirit as I am not sure that power works as intended but I could easily be wrong. I tested it's efficiency with Become Ethereal and found it wasn't effective, but outside of BE I am not sure how well it works.

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    March 5, 2016

    Thats my aim, Chris! Thank you.

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    March 5, 2016

    I'm glad you like it, Phil.

    It seemed to work for me, back when I was in battle, it would work better with stronger Health Regen enchantments and the Lady Stone, sadly I couldn't get either.

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    March 5, 2016

    Maybe some other build I do in future will satisfy your Orc-love, I have intended to do one for some time and have the basic blueprint.