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Contest Build: The Old Legate

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    January 25, 2016

    Welcome everypony, to my Minibuilds Contest Build! What I’ve brought today is a grizzled, hardened veteran of the Great War, a fusion of sword and spell play, leading a couple of followers, and looking like a badass old man, we have.....



    Race: Imperial. they gain bonuses in Heavy Armor, Block, Enchanting, and Restoration, alongside Imperial Luck, a passive racial ability allowing them to find more gold in chests.

    Standing Stone: The Warrior or the Mage to start with, then switch to the Lord.

    Stat Spread: 2/2/1 in Magicka, Health, and Stamina. Stop perking health at 250, and Magicka at 320.

    Major Skills: One-Handed, Block, Restoration, Speech

    Minor Skills: Illusion, Smithing

    Major Quests: Main Quest, Dawnguard, Dragonborn, Companions, College of Winterhold, Laid to Rest, Ancestral Worship, Destroy the Dark Brotherhood, Civil War (Imperials), Book of Love.



    Smithing-A very, very, very minor skill. This is only used to temper our sword and armor to keep us alive for as long as possible.

    Speech-What general or Legate isn’t a good orator, charasmatic, and able to get his or her men to follow them into battle? That, and getting better selling/buying prices and being able to sell anything to any merchant helps with paying for training.

    Illusion-I utilized this as an extension of speech. Using dual casted Courage Spells on your allies can boost their health, and whatnot.

    Block-Our only perked for of defense. Even with our smithed armor, Steel is still an early game armor, and a good block, even with a blade, can mean the difference between being the last one standing, or the first one dead.

    One-Handed-Our first and last form of offense. A Blades Sword has a fairly quick swing speed, even without Elemental Fury. With the Paralyze enchantment, you can keep paralyzing your foes to death.

    Restoration-Used for healing, as well as Wards. Not only can Wards block, and absorb magic with the Ward Absorb perk, but they can also boost your AR.


    The first thing you’ll want to do, is grab your sword. The basic Iron Armor you can find within Alvar’s house will get you by for now. With a Wooden Plate, hold it, and continue to run against it, and Delphine’s Wardrobe. Grab the Blades Sword, and then head to Ebonshard Mine, grab Light Armor Smithing, the skill book, and grab as much Iron Ore as possible.

    When you can, grab Steel Smithing. Make your armor, and then grab your first follower. Personally, my first follower, as always, was Faendel. Not only can he offer you training, even if we aren’t using Archery, its still useful for leveling up. Join the Companions, and, at the end, cure yourself of Lycanthropy, and then cleanse VIlkas and Farkas of their lycanthrophy.

    From there, head to Windhelm, and speak to Aventus. Take a Carriage down to Riften, and after Grelod ¨resists arrest¨, kill her. You should then destroy the Dark Brotherhood, and join up with the Imperial Legion.

    Once you start the Dawnguard DLC, have a follower with you when you meet Serana, and don’t complete the quest until you feel ready. If you do this, you have your follower, alongside Serana. Alongside this, when you have the Alduin’s Wall quest, you can have Delphine and Esbern, who can summon leveled Atronachs, with you, so your final crew is, including you, five.

    You should buff your followers with Courage Spells into battle, alongside Battle Fury when you have it, to buff their weapon swing speed, and Bardic Knowledge to buff their Stamina Regen. Charge into battle alongside them.

    Now, I played this build with Ironman Mode/Dead is Dead on. Your blocking will be your main defense. Yeah, your armor can protect you, but your blocking will keep you alive from large two handed motherbuckers, and OP dragon bites of ultimate death.

    Enchanting items, mainly with Turn Undead or Banish, which made me feel better believing I had flooded the markets with undead and Daedra slaying.

    Also, while searching for Esbern, feel free to kill as many of the people in the Ratway as possible, save the Face Sculptor, and use a wooden plate or two to glitch into the Cistern, kill everyone possible in there, and take everything from the chests, and the Thieves’s Guild Armor set, primarily the Hood.

    When it comes to dragons, let your followers hit him from range. While paralyze doesn’t work on dragons (or at least I’ve never seen it work on them), you should block bash them when they’re about to Shout at you, to stun them for a bit. At this point you should take a few swipes at them, alongside your followers. When you see they’re about to bite, block.

    With mages, the mixture of the Lord Stone, alongside the Blessing of Mara, charge at them with your squad of followers, and cut them into paralyzed ribbons.

    Tactics of the Old Legate

    Might of the Legion-Calling forth his soldiers, the Old Legate let’s out a rallying cry that even brings the heroes of Sovengarde to their aid, as he and his soldiers charge into their foes.

    (Courage Spells+Battle Fury+Bardic Knowledge+(Optional) Call of Valor)

    Imperial Discount-Utilizing his remaining charm, friendly demeanor, and his Imperial position, the Old Legate gains a slight discount at stores. (Haggling+Thieve’s Guild Hood+Allure)


    • Drink often, as the Old Legate wishes to forget the horrors and atrocities he witnessed and committed during the Great War.

    • Do not kill random civilians.

    • Rarely steal, though, if you do, don’t get caught doing so.

    • Sell any spare ore, firewood, or ingots to Imperial Quartermasters, to help the cause.


    Thanks to Lee and Relycs for the Perk and Equipment spread. As well you guys for reading, my fellow Vaulters.

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    January 25, 2016

    this is a cool StarWars build, that guy you based this on had a great background story.

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    January 25, 2016
    Nice one.

    I re-posted the equipment spread with a more green-ish and/or green/yellow-ish color (I guess you havn't seen it).
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    January 25, 2016

    Oh, thanks Relycs. I'll fix that

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    January 25, 2016

    Yeah he does, he's so cool, and I like his outfit. 

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    January 25, 2016
    THIS IS FOR RAHM!! Joking aside though, this build really does capture the essence of the character and brings him to life in a Elder Scroll-esque storyline. Also, a cookie to anyone who can tell me what game that joke is from.
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    January 25, 2016

    Hmmm, that joke seems familiar, but I give up

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    January 25, 2016

    Awesome job, Chris, nothing like a kickass Veteran to lead a group. 

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    January 25, 2016

    Who wouldn't want a hardened badass veteran of the Great War leading them? I mean, look at Ulfric and Galmar, as well as Rikka.

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    January 25, 2016