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Character Build: The Kuldjargh

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    December 27, 2015

    Drizzt Do'Urden.  Of course everyone has heard of the famous drow elf and his companions.  One of the drow's friends, introduced later in that series, was a Battle-Rager named Thibbledorf Pwent.  He was a character that captured my imagination and he was written so well by Salvatore.  He became so popular that Salvatore created the Gutbuster Squad, an entire troop of Battle-Ragers; led by Pwent.  While I can't cause actual damage from armor in Skyrim, we can at least mimic the look and feel of the infamous Ragers and that's what I'll try to do in this build. 

    Little is known of orcish culture outside of the strongholds.  Even less is known about them in Skyrim.  On occasion you hear tell of "Old Orc's" wandering the mountains, seeking a noble death as they look to pass on to Malacath.  However, whispers from across the Wrothgarian Mountains tell of a small group of Orc's, so intimidating, that they are considered beyond the pale, even for their own kind.  While not criminals or murderers, they revel in the bloodshed of combat to an extreme.  Many take pleasure in bathing in the blood of their fallen foes, yet will show their tender side when crossing paths with a wounded animal or an orphaned child.  These outcasts, these Kuldjargh, are usually killed outright by their tribes but sometimes they are exiled; banished from High Rock and sent to the far reaches of Tamriel.  There, they seek death, or possibly atonement, for the bloodthirsty spirit that resides inside them.

    These Kuldjargh, or "Axe Idiots", are said to eschew any weaponry and instead rely on wearing jagged metal armor and spiked helmets and gauntlets with which to impale their enemy upon; and to savor in the blood bath that spews forth when they pummel their foes with their bare hand, into nothing more than rendered mammoth meat.  They are blatant in their disregard for any enemy, rushing headlong into combat with no pretense of stealth or technique.  It is rumored that this small troupe of misfits believes that to die will see them reborn with even more berzerker strength; and thus they fear no mortal blow. 

    Staring into the face of inevitability.


    Race: Orc (male)Stone: Warrior then Lord
    Shrine: Arkay
    Major Skills: Heavy Armor, Enchanting, Smithing
    Minor Skills: One-Handed, Restoration, Alteration, (Alchemy)
    Shouts: Slow Time, Marked for Death
    Recommended Quests: College of Winterhold (Resto Training); Main Quest (to open shouts); Companions (Heavy Armor and One-Handed training); Dawnguard
    Suggested Quests: Anything you want to do, this is a very open ended playthrough with the sole goal being to destroy anything in front of you (in a non-murderous was as Malacath wouldn't approve)
    Points: At level 25: 210/230/100; The rest of the way mostly health, adding magicka as needed for higher spells.




    Dragons?  No problem.  I'll rip his eyes out through his nose!

    This build is straight ahead mayhem.  No sneaking, no maneuvering for a better angle, just wade in and throw punches.  Now, there is a catch...we will utilize the Advanced Unarmed Combat as utilized and created in The Obliterator build by Zach.  I'm also using his YouTube video since it captures all the nuances of this combat form.  Keep in mind that all fighting in this build must be done in Third Person for the AUC to work. 

    In combat you will advance on your enemy.  Time their blows and move to avoid power attacks.  Outside of the occasional dodge you will concentrate on melee strikes using the AUC glitch.  As the AUC allows for additional blows to land during combat we will also utilize the Orc's berzerker rage to further enhance damage against boss level creatures, as well as decrease incoming damage.  Remember this is a once-per-day power and you need to sleep to regain the power.  We will also use shouts to embellish our hand to weapon combat.  Using the Slow Time shout further enhances the AUC blows that rain down upon your hapless opponent.  Using Marked for Death will have your foe leaking their very life essence all over your armor.  Don't hesitate to drop back out of range when an enemy power attacks in order to toss yourself a quick heal if needed. 

    Here's the link to Zack's video laying out the AUC.


    We will utilize Heavy Armor in the build and go up the right side of the Smithing Tree.  I was able to get Steel armor relatively early and then move into Dwarven and Orcish armor by Level 25.  Remember that unarmed combat is perked by the AR rating of the gauntlets you wear so upgrade these as often as possible.  Other armor is, as usual, just for defense.  We are not beholden to matching sets, the Kuldjargh's fanaticism towards his gear stops well short of aesthetics.  However, you will typically wear matching sets to take advantage of the maximum AR you can attain (up to the cap).  The end game is to mimic Gutbuster Gear (see below).


    Helm: Fortify Alteration (used to lessen the magic cost for mage armor, to enhance AR in the early levels).  Later levels go with Health.  Use both when you get Extra Effect.
    Armor: Fortify Health (to absorb more damage).  Healing Rate or Heavy Armor can be your second effect.
    Necklace: Fortify Health or Fortify Carry Weight (to offset armor weight in the early going)
    Gauntlets: Fortify Unarmed* and then Carry Weight or Heavy Armor for Extra Effect.
    Ring: Fortify Unarmed* and then Heavy Armor (if you need the AR) or Restoration
    Boots: Fortify Carry Weight, Fortify Resist Fire

    It will be imperative, as early as possible, to get the Gloves of the Pugilist in Riften.  These can be disenchanted and will be used heavily for the remainder of the game for the Fortify Unarmed enchantment.  Gauntlets and a ring can both be enchanted with this to boost your unarmed damage.

    *Also, as I post in the Notes section about the Restoration loop, I ONLY used these super-potions to do the two Fortify Unarmed enchants.  I did all the other enchantments listed with no potion buff to keep from getting too O.P.


    Orcs are naturally gifted blacksmiths.  For a Kuldjargh, his Gut-Buster gear is the pinnacle achievement of all his smithing prowess.  It represents his finest work, honed from years of polishing his skill at the forge, the blacksmithing craft and the time spent in the detailed minutiae of cutting, folding and sharpening the edges of every surface of his armor.  It takes practice and patience to reach the skill level required for the Kuldjargh to fashion this armor and in the end his goal is to destroy it on the corpses of his enemy so that he may sit and lose himself in the crafting of another set; and the life-cycle of the Kuldjargh continues ever onward.

    Testing the flex and feel of a fresh suit of Gut-Buster gear.


    A bandit struggles to get away from The Kuldjargh as he drags her towards the serrated edges of his armor.

    The Kuldjargh depends on his armor for his life...and his enemies death.  So it stands to reason that he would spend hours crafting the perfect armor and then getting the jagged edges set up just right for maximum mayhem to his foes anatomy.  And countless more hours spent sharpening the ridges jutting out from his every angle.  Smithing addresses this fanaticism towards his gear and honestly gives us some additional points in the build since we are not using any weapons.  You can, however, choose to forego this tree if you want to drop a crafting skill.  You can find armor, you just won't be able to improve it and it may slow you down in gaining better gauntlets (which does directly impact your unarmed damage).

    As the Kuldjargh fights in Heavy Armor and is Unarmed in combat we use the Heavy Armor tree as well as Enchanting to boost damage via the Fortify Unarmed skill and Fortify Health to absorb the blows inevitable to come in combat.  Also, the Heavy Armor tree has the Reflect Blows perk that will help simulate doing damage to your foe with your actual armor which ties back in to the actual attack method of the Battle-Ragers.

    We will need the ability to heal, typically in strong bursts, so we'll take Restoration, up to the Adept level, and also take Regeneration for the added boost to our heals.

    In the early going we boost our AR by using armor spells from the Alteration tree.  As we progress we will look for Magic Resistance to further avoid some incoming damage in combat.  You likely will not need the mage armor later in the game if/when you reach the AR cap.

    One-Handed is a very minor skill as it does not perk unarmed combat.  However, Dual Flurry does affect how fast we can attack unarmed so we want both points in that skill.  Don't forget you will have to pay to level this up as unarmed fighting does not improve this skill.  You can get to 50 using Amren in Whiterun while Athis in the Companions can get you as high as you need to go.

    Hoisting your foe into the air and introducing him intimately to the spikes on your armor.  Luxuriate in the feel of his blood dripping through the gaps in your armor seals.

    While I try to avoid three-craft builds, this one almost needs it.  Enchanting is a must if just for the Fortify Unarmed and Smithing is certainly handy although not 100% neededAlchemy* can also play a big factor for you in this build.  Healing potions are needed to offset combat damage.  Of even more importance would be the Fortify Restoration/Enchanting loop to improve your enchanting to maximize your unarmed damage.  I'll spell out these details below. *Only take Alchemy if you are playing on console or unpatched on PC to utilize the Fortify Marksman potion.  If you do this you will not need to do the Restoration Loop glitch.

    Fortify Restoration/Fortify Enchanting Loop: Use the Fortify Restoration glitch to make ever increasing potency potions for Fortify Enchanting and Fortify Restoration with the goal to improve your Fortify Unarmed enchantments.  Read about this process HERE.  


    As you probably know, going the vampire route supposedly gives you several perks and options that affect unarmed combat.  You get a buff to your base unarmed strike.  You can take Necromage for five additional buffs.  It's recommended to take Fists of Steel (in the Heavy Armor tree) AFTER you take Necromage if you can manage it. 

    If you were to go the vampire route I would consider Khajit or Argonion rather than Orc; I just feel an orc would be less inclined to follow a vampire path personally but I leave that decision up to you.  You'd lose Berzerker Rage but gain claw damage; however, you also get a "free" reset your your Berzerker Rage (as an Orc) when you use Vampire Lord form and then switch back, this resets your Rage power, giving you access as often as you want it. 

    Also, as a vampire you gain access to the Ring of the Beast which grants +20 to unarmed and can be used outside of vampire form.  This is the highest bonus you can get in the game without a glitch or the Resto Loop.  And don't forget; Necromage gives buffs to unarmed, potions (including Fortify Marksman) and the Ring of the Beast as well as your Fortify Unarmed enchantments as a vampire.  If you want truly OP, feel free to abuse all the options and you can do massive damage.  I was able, as a non-vampire, to use the Resto Loop to craft a Fortify Unarmed giving me +316 damage (x2 pieces).  Needless to say it was a one-hit extravaganza. 


    Blood and brains mist the air as you ravage his flesh with fists and metal.

    There are quite a few things that buff unarmed damage besides vampirism; however it must be noted that the Unofficial Skyrim Patch seems to fix/remove all of these.  If you are playing an unpatched game here are the items you can take advantage of in non-vampire form (note that these should still work as a vampire too):

    1. Fortify Marksman Potion: You will want to add Alchemy in to make these.  This potion improves ALL physical type damage including unarmed.  In Battle Rager lore, they would brew potions and drink them before battle to induce a battle haze allowing them a frenzied state with no fear of injury.  This would tie in to that lore.
    2. The Fortify Restoration loop noted above.  This can improve your enchanting and the power level of your Fortify Unarmed enchantment using this.

    Now for the good news.  As noted I have the Unofficial Skyrim Patch.  I did not want to go the vampire route and I could not get the Fortify Marksman potions to work.  However the Restoration Loop DOES work.  It appears that the "normal" vampire damage is in the 90-100 range, per hit, so this is what you should be shooting for with the Resto Loop.  As this does NOT factor in Fortify Marksman potions (glitch) or Dragon Aspect (noted in the Unarmed treatise I reference) I'd feel comfortable with anything below +140 damage on your ring/gauntlets (70 each) or go the full monty on ring or gauntlets and then use the other piece for a different enchant.  I was having a relatively easy time in Solstheim with +51 enchants on both ring and gauntlets.


    As noted, this build is based on the Gutbuster Brigade, led by Thibbledorf Pwent from the Forgotten Realms.  So thanks to them for creating the Pwent character that gave me the idea for this build.  I wanted to go with an unarmed build to mimic the Gutbuster's attack as close as possible (since we can't do pure armor damage).  In reading up on some information it led me to The Obliterator build by Zach.  What a great build that is and the Advanced Unarmed Combat really made this build a reality for me.  So thanks to Zach for coming up with that and for the solid video that lays out the AUC combat.  Also, thanks to Motty for the information regarding Vamp Lord and Berzerker Rage.  A good tidbit I was unaware of.  Also thanks to Dragonborn for a lot of discussion about vampirism and unarmed.  And some great reading HERE about Unarmed Combat by James that delves into great detail on buffs and improvements that I read and relied heavily upon for this build.

    I appreciate you taking the time to read through this build.  Please check out my other builds at #LeBlanc Builds

    If you would like a little more insight into the Kuldjargh I wrote a short piece for the Short Story month about the birth of a Kuldjargh.  Check it out HERE.

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    December 27, 2015

    Certainly a unique role-play take on unarmed combat. I think a lot of us at some point have suited up an unarmed build to see how far you could take it and you've covered most of the options well. As you've noted - it is a lot of crafting. That's probably the only drawback.

    I can tell you put a lot into getting screenshots that mimic the type of damage you wanted to emulate. And I like the thoughtfulness in general - using "sharp" armor types whenever possible. 

    Lastly, I wanted to credit the person and build where I learned about using VL to reset berserker rage - The Volkihar Tyrant by Raidriar.


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    December 27, 2015

    A good shield to go with this build would be the Targe of the Blooded, if only for looks and bashing

  • December 27, 2015

    The only even slightly negative thing I could say is that the Perk Spreads are a real pain to read, other than that you've got an A grade build with a really unique take on unarmed combat from a roleplay perspective if not a gameplay one.

    I have to say, the use of spiked armour is absolutely boss and I might end up playing a Darker version of this with some of the mechanics I was suggesting (Invisible Ebony Shield + Abused Reflect Blows) it really was a fascinating build to see start to finish.

    Great work and a definite +1 from me. 

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    December 28, 2015
    Agreed. Glad to see more Orc themed builds.
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    December 28, 2015

    Yeah, I wasn't thrilled with the perks.  White was the only color to show up well, maybe a bigger font.  I think I'll post in the Art group to see if I can get some help on that.  I'm limited with Paint.

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    December 28, 2015

    Sharing knowledge...the core of the Workshop.  Thanks again Motty.

    And we've discussed multi-crafting.  You know I hate them myself.  I honestly didn't use Alchemy in my playthrough.  I did have to craft potions but just used enchanted gear to buff the potions up (and the Resto Loop) but bought most of my healing potions and Cure Disease.  And you can also do away with Smithing if you would want to.  It takes away a bit of the roleplay and keeps you from attaining the better armor as early as you can with smithing but still, an option which drops it to just Enchanting for those hard core players.

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    December 28, 2015

    I had just wanted to stay away from shields completely for the build as the Battle Ragers I was basing the build on never used them.  The invisible ebony shield glitch Dragonborn referenced only works for vampires and honestly I felt that turned this into a Shield Charge/Shield Bash build which wouldn't be bad...just not what I was after.  But yes, the bleed effect would be a good factor to utilize.

  • December 28, 2015

    Do you have Microsoft Powerpoint/Word? If you do I recommend checking out Golden's tutorials (they helped me make better spreads and it's super easy).

    If not then yeah, Paint can be kind of crappy for this. Picasa 3 is free and pretty handy so you could use that 

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    December 28, 2015

    I don't.  I use Open Office since it's  I've never played around with it's powerpoint option though.  Can you message me Golden's tutorials or where to find them?  Maybe I can use that to piece together how to use OO and I'll play around with it.