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Character Build: Hircine's Huntsman

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    January 4, 2017

    I do like finding when my job has already been done, especially when it comes in such a lovely looking pacakage as this :) Dual Wielding, Archery, and Slooty Armour... what's not to like?

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    August 13, 2017

    Art links fixed.

  • February 10, 2018

    I also use mods such as ordinator perk overhaul and such, any suggestions on perks to use with ordinator as well as mod suggestions?

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    February 10, 2018

    MattL1222 said:

    I also use mods such as ordinator perk overhaul and such, any suggestions on perks to use with ordinator as well as mod suggestions?

    Honestly I haven't even looked at Ordinator so I wouldn't even guess at any changes.  Sorry.

  • February 10, 2018

    I've got a bit more experience with Ordinator so I might be able to help out a bit there Matt. Because the build is kind of focused so heavily around using the Bow in Combat (and the dagger being essentially a back-up, back-up) I'd probably consider the more close range perks to be a bit more useful rather than perks like Long Shot, just because it gives you more opportunities to use them. Actually, what I'd personally do is drop One-Handed from the build (because Ordinator gives more boosts to staggering/close ranged Archery) and changing the perk spread to something like this.

    Archery - Archery Mastery 2/2, Clean Kill, Wingstrike 2/2, Long Shot 2/3, Crippling Shot, Pinning Shot, Beak and Talon, Quickshot and Hailstorm (12 Perks).

    The set up here basically makes it kind of easy to fight enemies if they're within about 50 meters but you're still going to be dealing a fair amount of damage to enemies that are further out with Long Shot. Makes combat automatically rather fluid with just the Bow, and when your getting things like Beak and Talon, Pinning Shot and Wingstrike off, your character's going to have a much easier time-fighting.

    Light Armor - Light Armor Mastery 2/2, Light Armor Fit, Initiative 1/2, Windrunner and Keen Senses* (6 perks) 

    Pretty simple set up, but really there's no need to boost your AR massively with Light Armour perks, so I kind of focused more on speed/stamina boosts without going too crazy. Windrunner gives a 10% Movement Speed boost which is useful, Keen Senses isn't required but it lets you ignore wearing a helmet (which I love) so I thought I'd recommend it just in case. 

    Speech - Speech Mastery 2/2, Bribery, And the Universe Listens, Windborne, Force Redoubled, Hurricane Force and Thu'um of War (8 Perks)

    First two are basically just Vanilla perks (though Speech Mastery improves Persuasion/Intimidation as well) but taking the Shout Perks is just something I thought would go really well with the idea.

    Smithing - Smithing Mastery 2/2, Meric Smithing 1/2 (Elven), Expert Smithing 1/2 (Hard Steel), Exotic Smithing (Glass) and Planar Smithing 1/2 (Dragon). (6 Perks)

    You could perk Smithing more to make it more useful. Taking the Advanced Workbench set of perks and Heart of Creation would definitely boost the character, hell you could pretty much take everything other than the Autocannon perks and it'd boost this character, but those are additional perks. This would let you at the very least create the Dragon level armor (I think...the description of Planar Smithing weirdly says Dragonbone only but it should work for both).

    Alchemy - Alchemy Mastery 2/2, Physician, Stimulants, Crimson Haze, Maenad, Witchmaster and Chymical Wedding (8 Perks)

    I haven't personally run an Ordinator Alchemy character yet, but these are definitely some of the more useful perks this character would make use of. They're all kind of designed to give you additional boosts alongside whatever beneficial potions you drink which can kind of make you pretty powerful once you're getting the effects stacked together. Could also take Poison based perks because that's what Ragin focused on with the Vanilla Perks, and it'd work just as well (possibly better). 

    After these, you've got 9 perks left that can go into One-Handed, Sneak and either Alchemy or Smithing as much as you want. These 40 would make you a character that more or less fits Ragin's build, with a few tweaks because Ordinator has more options, but generally speaking, this'd work and after that, the final 9 can be anything else within the trees. 

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    February 11, 2018

    Thanks for the feedback for him DB.  I think I looked at Ordinator once but I've never actually used it.

  • February 11, 2018

    Thank you DB, I greatly appreciate this :D

  • February 12, 2018

    Not a problem :)