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Event Build: Hound Of The Hunting Grounds

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    May 18, 2015



    "My lord Hircine, I know her strength wanes with every passing of the moon and her minds turning away from you but it’s not her fault. She has only him beside her and his time draws near. Don’t do this, it’s not her fault.”

    “She is lax. Her gift is wasted with these pathetic ‘hunts’ of hers. Why should I not call the great hunt and tear the flesh from her body?”

    “My Lord, her mind is clouded by that Harbinger Kodlak and the others. All we need to do is clear the mist.”

    “What do you suggest?”

    “Release him. Send him back to her. He’ll return her to you.”

    “Indeed and maybe it will calm him down somewhat as well.”

    “I have a task for you  my Hound. I cast you back to Skyrim. Find Aela the Huntress and enforce my will upon her. Cast the others aside, they are of no use to me. Seek out my enemies and tear Alduin’s wings from his body. Let all know Hircine’s Hound is the greatest of  hunters.”

    Moments later you find yourself in a wood on the borders of Skyrim. Before you even get the chance to learn how to walk upright once more, a voice calls out from the blackness. “Here’s another one...” A crude club strikes you on the back of the head rendering you unconscious. As you black out Hircine’s voice whispers to you. “Remember your tasks, my Hound.”

    To me, this is what it means to be a true follower of Hircine. Forget power housing, forget creating the ultimate armor or the deadliest weapons. Don’t bother with the prefixed ideas of gold and greed. You have a wolf spirit deep within you. It’s time to let it out. This build is dependent upon two mods.

    The first is MOONLIGHT TALES and the second is  WEREWOLF MASTERY . To all who wish to follow the path of Hircine I warn you, this is not an easy path and the journey is a hard slog. Transformations will occur with the changing of the moons and you will be hunted. Fear not for Hircine is watching and you are no mere base prey.

    Combat will be a bitter experience, for as you grow in strength so will your enemies and your weaknesses. Silver weapons will turn deadly to you and your allies are few. The wolf however is always there and he is always hungry. Stealth is your watchword and your mastery in the bow is essential to dropping the numbers of enemies you face whilst your trusted axes can split the skulls of your foes whilst your claws tear open the chests of your prey so you may partake of their hearts to sate the hunger.

    Race: There are no keys to the Hunting Grounds of Hircine. He welcomes everyone. I however always play as an Argonian.

    Stats: 1/2/2

    Major Skills: Stealth, Archery, One-Handed

    Minor Skills: Conjuration, Light Armor, Smithing

    Standing Stone: The Lover Stone

    Shouts: Aura Whisper, Animal Allegiance, Kyne’s Peace, Whirlwind Sprint, Become Ethereal

    Follower: Aela The Huntress


    Conjuration: Familiar, Flaming Familiar

    Alteration: Detect Life, Detect Undead.

       Moonlight Tales

    For me, werewolves have always been a must ever since my first play through of the Blood Moon expansion of ES III Morrowind. Moonlight Tales is a great addition to that legacy. It opens up a considerable amount of  customization to the werewolf form itself and the way you can utilize it.

    It introduces three base werewolf models along with 6 different coloured furs. On top of that it also gives you a choice of no less than 12 different eye combinations. This in itself allows you to customize your werewolf to suite your own preference just like it’s a second character. Not only that but you can also customize your followers werewolf as well!!!.

    Beast form is no longer a ‘One day wonder’. In Moonlight Tales you can change at will every minute of the day. (Personally I can change every 30 Seconds, there’s always something to kill). Werebeasts now stalk the land along with Werewolf hunters. NPC’s dedicated to wiping any Were creature they find.

    Finally the mod comes with awesome music which changes the atmosphere drastically when you're in werewolf form. All in all, Moonlight Tales adds a massive amount of adaptability making your werewolf form a character in itself.

    Werewolf Mastery

    So if Moonlight Tales does all that then whatever could Werewolf Mastery add?

    The simple answer is... Everything else. While Moonlight Tales adds  the ability to customize your Werebeast, Werewolf Mastery allows you to change how effective the beast that lies within is. it has its own standalone perk tree which you can access once the standard perk tree is complete as well as boost various other settings. 


     What can I boost?                                                                   Level          1           2          3           4

    Armour increase   4 levels to pick from                    Vanilla,    +50,    +100,   +150 armour rating

    Magic resistance   4 levels to pick from                   Vanilla,    +10,    +30,     +50 Magic resistance

    Claw Damage       4 levels to pick from                    Vanilla,    +10,    +20,     +30 Extra claw damage

    Health and stamina boost.   4 levels to pick from     Vanilla,    +50,    +150,   +250

    Healing Rate.    Vanilla,  0.7% (Human),  1.1% ( 50% faster than Human),  1.5%  Twice as fast as human.

    You can change how LONG you stay in your Werewolf form. This added to  the fact that you can change as often as you like makes the Werewolf form  far more playable in higher levels and increased difficulty.

    To add balance you can even increase how much damage Silver Weapons will do to you.

    Weakness to silver.   Vanilla  No Weakness         small 50%     Normal 100%   High 200%.

    Personally I have all the settings on the second level except weakness to silver on High. (Bear in mind I play on medium difficulty)

    Console Players, although you can't use the two mods or even the Camping mod, there's no reason why you can't play out this build. Throughout Skyrim there are many abandoned camps which would suit the requirements perfectly. Personally I use the Burnt Down Shack near the Western Watchtower. The second difficulty to overcome is the lack of Werewolf changes. My way to deal with this is to complete the Quest Ill Met By Moonlight and keep the Ring Of Hircine for yourself.

    The downside for this is that you can't give the ring to Aela as a token of your affection. Instead burn 10 pieces of veal and three Sabre Cat furs on the Giants fire as an offering to Hircine. That's sure to get Aela's blood running hot. If you REALY want to get on her good side, Ice Wolves are a must.

    However there is an alternative way.

    I take no credit for this alternative method what so ever. Tae-Rai Made a wonderful Werewolf build called Hircine's Child. In this build she suggests that you DO NOT complete the Ill Met By Midnight quest. This will ensue random Werewolf changes throughout your time as the Hound Of Hircine.

    With regards to starting equipment, at the very start you don’t have anything so grab what you can. You’re going to be using Light Armor so don’t bother with anything heavy. Any one handed weapon will suffice initially. At the start you can easily acquire two one-handed swords.

    Keep an eye out for Fur Armor which you can gather from the bodies of your prey, along with a hunting bow and an Iron dagger. Replace the fur Armor with the Saviour’s Hide as soon as you can. Embershard Mine is a great location to arm yourself with Arrows, Fur Armor and a Hunting Bow.

    Archery: This is essential to your survival as it allows you a chance to weaken or even slay your opponents before you get overwhelmed. Take out the range attackers and spell casters first. Anyone foolish enough to close in upon you will soon learn that the claw is mightier than the sword.

    Sneak: Again a critical essence to your survival. Moving unseen is your watchword as you sneak up close to your enemies, allowing your axes and dagger to remove those who dare to try to hunt you down.

    One Handed: When not in your beast form, your axes are your claws. Their weight is sufficient to hack through bone and armor while they tear through flesh. (Also great when you’re in the wilds for chopping wood and general survival). Hircine’s tooth ( Dagger) is ideal for silencing those who stand guard and stalk the night.

    Conjuration: Hircine has sent you from the Hunting grounds and have allowed you to call upon the spirit wolves there to aid you (Familiar). One of Hircine’s favoured hounds died in a forest fire long ago but she still serves Hircine as a loyal hound and awaits your call. (Flaming Familiar).

    Alteration: Often prey creeps  in the shadows of the day and stalks in the cold air of the night to avoid their hunters but not you. Detect Life and Detect Dead don’t make the fact that they are hiding difficult, just interesting. Seek them out and slay them.

    Smithing: Having little faith in the ravenous greed of man, you’re independent of their failings. Initially you use smithing to increase the hunters bow and to make light armour from the furs of your prey. Later on you’ll be using scales and bones from a somewhat significantly bigger prey. Dragons... This will be your biggest challenge to level. Collect any skins you find.

    Alchemy:  Ingredients of certain plants will be your savior and the lack of them will be your downfall. This skill is extremely important as it is your only means of restoring health in a battle. Don’t take it lightly, you won’t survive without it especially in the early days.


    The Hound of Hircine is easy to get up and running however there are numerous challenges you will have to face. The first is that the Hound has no love for or need for money so looting corpses for treasure. Lock picking chests for that wonderfully expensive sword is out. You only loot bodies and chests for Arrows and any Alchemy ingredients which you may find useful. Keep a few gold from the bodies which you kill, you will need it for the Spell Books and the Camping Gear. However once you have the spells and Camping gear then don’t bother with Gold. You have no need of it, Skyrim is your mistress and she will provide for you.

    Once you have the beast blood you will be able to change as much as you need. (Or if you're like me as much as you want). If you encounter particularly tough enemies, release the beast within.

    Alchemy is one of the most important skills you won’t learn. Excuse me, what? Think about it, wolves eat grass don’t they? Yes they do. Why should a werewolf be any different. What a werewolf won’t do however is mix potions and dabble in Alchemy. Therefore you can only eat raw ingredients. Forget potions, you’re hands are way too unsteady after spending so long in the Hunting Grounds that you just can’t get the stoppers out of the bottles.

    Wheat: This is one of your main sources of restoring health . It’s readily available in farmsteads.





    Blue Mountain Flower: Readily available by paths, this is another great one for restoring your health. Keep a good supply of them. Seriously don’t walk past them thinking ‘Naa I’ve picked up ten already’.





    Hawk Feathers: Essential for curing diseases. Hircine won’t be happy if you turned into a Vampire before you could partake in the gift of the beast would he. Shoot down a few hawks and keep the feathers.  





    Vampire Dust: Great for giving brief Invisibility for when things go belly up or to give you that extra chance at sneaking.




    Dragons Tongue: Resist Fire. Excellent for when you’re facing fire breathing dragons and fireballs.






    Snowberries: Resist Fire. Always in plentiful supplies in the snowy regions. There is no excuse not to have any in your pack.





    Thistle Branch: Resist Frost. While not as easy to collect than Blue Mountain flowers. There’s still a      plentiful supply of them about.





    Glowing Mushroom: Resist Shock. These are mainly found deep underground. (Look for jellyfish stuck on rocks). 





    Swamp Fungal Pods: Resist Shock. Plentiful supplies of these are found near marshes and water.




    Chicken Egg: Resist Magic. Again a trip to the local farmstead is ideal for these.






    Torchbug Thorax: Restore Stamina. These can be found at night across the plains to the west of Whiterun.



    Bee: Restore Stamina. Harder to find than Torchbugs, however you can usually find a few together. Best location is near a bear cave outside Ivarstead.


    You will struggle if you try to play too long by yourself. Remember why you’re there. Find the Companions and woo Aela to your side. Take her as your mate and never leave home without her. (If two dragons attack you when you’re by yourself then you’re screwed). Complete the Companion quest chain before you do anything else. Bleaks Fall Barrow can wait.

    Archery is the key to damage limitation. Taking out from afar the spell casters and archers is essential. Fortunately Aela is a great markswoman herself. When you’re faced with one or two opponents then you can leave the range target to her and get in close with your axes. Unless you crave their flesh then a quick change is all that’s necessary.

    Feed off your dead for a quick health boost. This can save you from death even in the middle of a fight. There are numerous times when I’ve fed off a fallen foe whilst other prey have still had the audacity to attack me.

    With regards to the two Alteration spells Detect life and detect Undead, only use them in short bursts. Due to the Perk Points spent in Alteration, you will be able to use Detect Life a lot longer than Detect Undead. Personally I cast them both for just two-three seconds. Just enough to locate the areas where my targets are.

    Don’t forget your faithful hound. All  you have to do is call him to your side. If your preys sulking in the shadows then get your Flaming Familiar to seek it out. She’s always happy to play hide and seek. (As long as she’s doing the seeking). 


                          You:                                                                 Your Follower                    

                      Dragon Scale Armor                                             Dragon Scale Armor             

                      Dragon Bone Axe X2                                            Hircine’s claws (Two Daggers)

                      Dragon Bone Bow                                                 Dragon Bone Bow

                      Hircine’s Tooth. ( Dragon Bone Dagger )             Ring Of Hircine

    Well that was painfully obvious wasn’t it. However here’s the catch, nothing is enchanted. You are a werewolf sent from the Hunting Grounds by Hircine himself. What would happen to a werewolf whose soul was trapped in a Black Soul Gem? They could never go to the Hunting Grounds... Such items are a blasphemy and against the natural order of life. Which brings us to the next section…

    Note of Caution: The Dragon Scale Armor and Dragon Bone Weapons are a long way off… Do not hold your breath for them.


    As all wolves, you are a keystone to the balance of life on the plains. Don’t run around killing lots of stags and wolves. Balance is critical. Kill only what you need. Wolves in the wild won’t kill everything, they feed off the weak so the herd grows stronger.  That ensures their food source. You are no different. Kill a deer, a wolf then maybe a Sabre Cat. Don’t just wipe out the deer’s. If you do then what is there for you tomorrow? So remember, control your inner wolf.

    Once you have proven your stature and worthiness to Aela (completing the Companions quest line), you will be able to take her as your mate where upon death she will stay by your side in the Hunting Grounds. Ill Met by Moonlight is ideal for this as you can present to her the cleansed ring of Hircine as a token of your affection. That’s as close to marrying her as you will get.

    No wedding bells... Period..

    You have no love of money or greed. However there’s no need for concerns.  Skyrim is your mistress and she will supply you with all you need. Seek out a den worthy of a hunter. (Personally I use the location of Greenspring Hollow. It’s a great little overhang near a stream. Perfect view of the plains.) Don’t bother with an actual tent, really don’t. Level out the ground, set out two bedrolls and the fire. You can then add the cooking pot and a few chairs around the fire. My favourite camp mod is  Camping Kit Of The Northern Ranger.

    Once you found a location for your den stick to it. Your wolf spirit likes familiar territory. Sleeping different places every day would only upset it. (Don’t forget night time changes to your werewolf form so daytime is when you’ll sleep the most).

    Another mod which you may find useful is Live Anywhere Constructible Shacks. This mod allows you to build a few varying degree of condition shacks which make useful dens when a rocky overhang isn't available. Personally I prefer the burrow this mod provides you with.


    The Companions

    Completing the Companions quest line is mandatory for your survival. Letting it go on for longer than necessary will only hasten your death. Your own survival is linked to Aela.

    Ill Met by Moonlight

    Complete as soon as Aela is free from the final Companions quest line then present the ring to Aela.

    Dark Brotherhood

    The Dark Brotherhood are excellent fighters worthy of your time. Let the Dark brotherhood know that werewolves are not afraid of the night. You hunt the shadows in which they hide. They hide in darkness, but you see in the dark. Destroy them utterly.

    The Stormcloak Rebellion

    Don’t even think about it. Does Hircine really care what the realm of men get up to. Show both Tullius and Ufric what it really means to wage a war. They play their games acting like soldiers, noble warriors fighting for their cause. Teach both sides the meaning of fear and prey on their camps. Slaughter them in the name of Hircine.


    Seek him out and destroy him utterly. Hircine awaits the wings of his prey. ( I always side with Paarthurnax but that’s up to you. Just remember you’re a werewolf not someone’s puppet. Yes Delphine I’m looking straight at you Bit**!!!)


    I would first like to thank Tae-Rai for the inspiration of her build Hircine's Child and for her allowing me to use her build as a rough template. Thanks Tae, your work is as always simply outstanding.

    The second person I wish to thank, the one person who I cannot thank enough is Elysium. It’s an impossible task to state just how much time and effort you have given me in this build. You’ve spent hours checking and rechecking the build, giving me pointers and the odd slap across the back of the head... You’ve turned a mongrel of a runt into a wolf and for that I am so grateful.

    The third person I wish to thank is Elysium. Yes I’m mentioning her twice. Elysium, not only did you spend a ridiculous amount of time helping with my build and correcting a huge amount of errors, you also created the wonderful Perk Spread  which are far beyond what I ever could create myself. Not only have you turned this runt into a wolf but you’ve turned that wolf into a true Hound Of The Hunting Grounds.

    For that I will forever be in your debt.

    Sotek Loyal Hound Of Hircine

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    May 18, 2015

    I went ahead and cleaned up the title of your build; all you need is "Event Build:" in the title. I'll go ahead and give this a read now. 

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    May 18, 2015

    Thanks Albino

    I appreciate the help.

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    May 18, 2015

    Anytime. The build looks great! Just a small note though, as stated in the Rules and Requirements Section of the Evolution Event Discussion, "All event builds that use mods must have a section at the beginning of the presentation describing what the mod does and how it mixes with the character's gameplay" (emphasis mine). While you do have such a section, it's rather far down along the build. I think moving it in between "The Build" and "Starting Equipment" sections would be a good place for it that's close enough to the beginning.

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    May 18, 2015

    I'm going to fix it and do what you suggest however I am once again hitting the 100,000 character problem. I'll have it swapped around within 12 hours if that's ok

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    May 18, 2015

    Is my build longer than the usual or is it a common problem?

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    May 18, 2015

    Yeah, no problem. Your build is longer than the average one, so yeah, that's probably why you're running into that issue.

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    May 18, 2015
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    May 18, 2015

    Oh grief I did it. Please tell me that's in the right place.

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    May 18, 2015

    Hi Ben C

    First off please don't think I'm ignoring your advice. Personally I revel in criticism especially from those trying to help me.


    I'm right on the 100,000 character limit. I've got all the headers but I can't add any more. Even if I place a full stop it puts me over that limit. It's even putting me over the limit if I take something out.    I spent three hours just trying to move the mod section higher to conform with the event criteria.

    It's a shame because there's so much more I wanted to do. Like I said I have the headers but I just can't use them.