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Event Build: Torradan ap Dugal

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    March 31, 2014

    The Dread Captain Returns

    The Terror of the Gold Coast... The Scourge of the Abecean Sea... The Cutthroat of Hunding Bay... twice killed... twice defeated in battle, and yet... you were not there to rest forever, your spirit, your bones... they would not be left in peace. Foolish necromancers who sought to revive you, to bring peril to an Empire weakened... they thought they could control your spirit. They brought you back, flesh and blood rejuvenated almost to full health. Giving you, your old Cutlass they began to become giddy speaking of their plans to use you to bring them power... riches... fame... and glory. They were still smiling when their heads flew off silencing their laughter. You smiled, you had returned once more... but you needed a crew, one that would sail and plunder with you... you spied something amongst the decapitated bodies.

    Books, on the arts of Necromancy. You knew that this would be the key, no longer would you have to scrounge and find men and women to serve under your banner. No... your crew would be loyal, undying, and fearless, and you would find them amongst each enemy you slaughtered. Taking the books in hand you read, learned, and over the time of a few years in that dark grotto you practiced, until the necromancers, some of whom had turned to dust in your trials, had now become the perfect, silent servants. Able to see and fight through the dark sorcery you had the beginnings of your new crew. However you needed more men, more powerful and strong men to serve as your dread crew, for that, you turned north.

    You returned to your homeland, as you knew you may find some luck in finding loyal crewman, both living and otherwise. You also needed gold and contacts, and where else but Riften would you find all that you needed and more. Taking the way through Darkwater Crossing, you were ambushed, along with several soldiers who had been traveling the same way, what crew you had gained had been slaughtered by the Imperials, but none knew the creator. Of course, being dead had its advantages, no one knew you, and no one would know... until it was too late... your death was only the beginning...

    Yet what is dead may never die... but rises again... stronger...


    Race: Nord

    Stone: Warrior/Mage then Ritual Stone

    Stat Placement: 1/2/1

    Major Skills: One Handed, Destruction, Conjuration, and Light Armor

    Minor Skills: Smithing, Block, and Archery

    Weapons: Twin Cutlasses, Flintlock Pistol (Dwemer Crossbow with Exploding Bolts), Explosives (Destruction), and Your Crew (Conjuration + Followers)

    Armor: Linwe's Hood, Linwe's Gloves, Vampire Armor and Boots

    Suggested Quests: Thieves Guild (Supplies, Gold, Contacts), Dawnguard (Contacts and Supplies), Dark Brotherhood (Contacts and Gold), Mage's Guild (Contacts and "Supplies"), and Lost to the Ages (For the Aetherial Crown for Leveling)



    The Lord Captain of the Red Sabre was never one to not take advantage in a fight, always firing the first shot, he would utilize custom designed "explosives" and "firearms" to both start the battle, and to make certain his enemies would be the first to feel his wrath. Then charging into battle like a hurricane he would slice through any and all foes while his crew would join the fray, firing their own devices or cutting a swath through the Captain's enemies. The Captain was never the last man into a battle, and never the first to leave, preferring his crew to be used as backup rather than as his main offense he was a terrifying sight to behold.

    Now it has been further compounded by his newfound understanding of Necromancy, able to raise a crew larger, more powerful, and more obedient than any average Captain he now no longer needs to worry for keeping his men in good health, nor in caring about friendly fire, his ruthlessness knew no bounds, and finding new powerful enemies he would raise them up as well to serve in his new crew of the dead. His terror and influence would spread like wildfire, the Thieves Guild supplying and funding his operations, the Dawnguard and Mage's Guild torn from their purposes to provide him and his crew with new technological advances and powers that gave him their strength, and the Dark Brotherhood helping fund, as well as provide access to ending his more hard to find foes, allowing the Dread Captain to focus mainly on the frontlines.

    There are even some who whisper that he is here to rule, to not only take Skyrim, but all of the Imperial provinces himself by storm, his crew now growing daily as more men fall to his dread crew. Some even join willingly, rather than suffer, they serve his ever growing army that now may even be poised to defeat the Thalmor themselves...


    Level 25 Perk Spread

    • One Handed: (3/5) Armsman, (1/2) Dual Flurry, Fighting Stance, (1/3) Bladesman
    • Destruction: Novice, Apprentice, (1/2) Augmented Flames
    • Conjuration: Novice, Apprentice, Necromancy
    • Light Armor: (3/5) Agile Defender, Custom Fit, Unhindered
    • Smithing: Steel and Dwarven
    • Block: None
    • Archery: (3/5) Overdraw, Eagle Eye, Power Shot






    Level 50 Perk Spread

    • One Handed: Armsman, Dual Flurry, Fighting Stance, Bladesman, Dual Savagery, Savage Strike
    • Destruction: Novice - Master, Augmented Flames, Intense Flames
    • Conjuration: Novice - Master, Necromancy,Dark Souls, Twin Souls
    • Light Armor: (4/5) Agile Defender, Custom Fit, Unhindered, Windwalker
    • Smithing: Steel and Dwarven
    • Block: (1/5) Shield Wall, Power Bash, Deadly Bash, Disarming Bash
    • Archery: (3/5) Overdraw, Eagle Eye, Power Shot, Quick Shot



    This build works both as a solo fighter and in a group. You can use the advantages of surprise and dirty combat. When soloing one can use their crossbow and bolts to start off the attack, if aimed well taking more than one man by surprise, if any reach you before you switch weapons, or if you are still at range and one manages to reach you, you can bash them hard, hurting if not disarming them in a "pistol whip". Then switching to your cutlasses you can slice through the foes, this build caring little for stealth, and all about powerful blazing attacks. Should you wish to utilize "explosives" you can switch to one cutlass and one hand using destruction to throw "firebombs" at your foes, some even running in fear of the flames as they strike.

    On the other hand, when you have a crew behind you (Two Undead Crew, and one "Volunteer") you have a force near unstoppable. Having a good living ranged backup, then having two heavy armor followers you can run into battle knowing that your crew will pick up any who are left in your path. This time, Cutlasses and "Explosives" take more precedent allowing your ranged follower to take care of raining fire upon your enemies, and your two brutes to cut a swath while you continue to move like a hurricane.

    Even when more enemies come you can raise them up either as your own personal crew or you can raise all the dead around at once to ransack a city, or destroy a fort from within with their own dead.

    It is up to the player to choose their own crew, as having Mages or Archers are good backup and having Brutes or Swordsman for others is perfectly fine, this build is meant to allow for your own choice of followers as you yourself are well enough to be on your own, and with a crew, you become a force unlike any in Nirn.


    As one who has died twice you would take care not to become too noticeable before you gain power. Try to avoid the main quest or the war before reaching near your peak.

    You are a Pirate, and therefore you plunder and steal, not like the Thieves Guild as you attack them head on, when you have a proper crew take your time to raid the northern coast, taking the riches and glory back to Riften.

    While you are a fighter and a powerful one at that, the Companions are a bunch of fool headed brutes who know nothing of Riches, Glory, or the Honor of Pirates, do not associate with these pack of wild dogs.

    You know that good Pirate is judged by the quality of his pistols and his swords. Always keep your gear maintained, up to your current level of expertise and clean.

    While you are the Scourge of the Seas, the land of Skyrim has much you can plunder, Whiterun and Markarth both are cities filled with riches and wealth and are ripe for plunder by your dread crew.

    While you may yet be an Undead Dread Captain, you understand mercy. Those who do not fight against you deserve peace... those who lay down their arms deserve mercy... the mercy of a swift execution...

    When you have the crew ready you should begin to raid and end the towns and cities of the coast and then head down the rivers making certain that all cities save for Riften fall to your men as you ready to conquer the rest of Tamriel, and perhaps Nirn as well.

    Suffer no pretenders... fellow Pirates, and those who would seek your end rather than join you must be eliminated, all will serve under the Red Flag of the Red Sabre, either in life... or in death...

    Last Thoughts

    This originally began as a simple Pirate build until I found the entry on the twice dead Pirate Captain. Taking his Lore into mind and "resurrecting" him, I believe I have created a unique, but fun way to take on a Pirate class with some, dark, and good plundering RP. I will say that some inspiration did in fact come from Cervantes of Soul Calibur whose story is also one of darkness, greed, and piracy. Taking these two characters I think I have a found a new, and interesting build for everyone to try and enjoy. If you find that the Block skill for the sake of bashing is not worth the time and effort then I suggest throwing one point into Arcane Blacksmithing for the ability to upgrade enchanted weaponry and armor and the rest of the points into Critical Charge in the One Handed tree and then the last two points into Archery so that your "pistols" are even more powerful. Or are they blunderbusses... eh who knows, it's your RP and make it what you will, but I hope you all enjoyed the read and the build. Have fun playing and RPing as always.


    Again Comments and Critiques are helpful as always, thanks for reading.


    If you have the time I ask that you please read, comment, and play my other builds as well, you can find them on my page:

  • March 31, 2014

    Very cool BuildĀ 

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    March 31, 2014

    Thanks :)

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    March 31, 2014
    Well done, another great guild. Never heard of him, was he with that Dremora pirate?
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    March 31, 2014

    Thanks so much, and he's in the Thieves Den addon for Oblivion. You fight him and his Undead Crew in Dunbarrow Cove, and you can read his journals in it as well. Don't think he was with a Dremora Pirate if I remember.

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    March 31, 2014

    I'm always a sucker for a Pirate build +1 :)

  • March 31, 2014

    I thought this one was doomed when you announced just yesterday that you kinda fancied joining in!

    This is really nice work and great presentation. Strong npc choice! It reminds me of a Sanctus build and not just because of the pirate thing...

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    March 31, 2014

    Well thank you very much, I'm glad it all worked out and turned out to be a fun and really enjoyable build to do. So I thank you for both the compliment and this event which allowed me to try something new like this.

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    March 31, 2014

    Same here, first time I got to build and play one, so thanks.

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    March 31, 2014
    Oh that guy! Huh,mi don't remember fighting him. Granted, been awhile since I played that DLC....