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Event Build: The Grey Prince

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  • March 31, 2014

    For the Resurrection Event I decided to create a build based off of a tragic character from Oblivion, an Orcish Fighter, the Grand Champion of the Arena that is eventually felled by the Hero of Kvatch. With this build I wanted to turn the character that all Oblivion players know and love into a bloodthirsty vampire who kills for glory. 

    200 gods forsaken years since I last fought in the Arena, 200 years since an enemy last fell to my blade. Now, now it's different. Magic empowers my blade and magic helps me hunt.

    I am a vampire I no longer deny it. My powers grow during the night and come to a standstill during the day. But the bandits and beasts of the wild are not true opponents, they may fight but they cannot challenge me. I have fought enemies that are considered strong by others and killed them as easy as a new guard would a wolf or bandit. Today is the start of my journey I search for worthy combatants those that will start my new arena whether they're dead or alive. Some will hate me for this and others shall shun me purely for my vampiric nature but I shall not hide my true self from anyone who I meet. They will accept or die for I am pain and I am death. Those who accept shall worship me and I will be their God the others are simply animals to hunt.

    Race: Male Orc (Vampire stage 4)

    The animals see either the Vampire or the Orc they don't see the true power of a combination of the two a feral beast of war with the powers of an elite vampire warrior, my body is unbeatable, of that I am sure.

    Birthstone: None

    "I have all the power I need in my blood, why empower myself with Nordic blessings which cannot stand against even the presence of my might."

    Shouts: Clear Skies, Dismay, Dragonrend, Storm Call, Fire Breath and Unrelenting Force.

    My shouts are designed for power and Fear. Now when most people think of fear they think of enemies running from me because of pure magic but that isn't all I mean. I can force even the mighty dragons to fall to the ground with the power of my voice. I have control over even the weather itself and I've seen the weaker animals fall to their knees when the storms I create destroy their allies.

    Powers: Berserker Rage, Bones of the Earth, Secret of Strength, Mora's Boon, Lovers Insight, Seeker of Might and Dragonborn Fire.

    One Handed: I fight with one sword not an axe, not a mace and I don't use two swords. I have mastered the art of precise hits even when in a full on battle able to target nerves, arteries and even paralyze an enemy by hitting them just right.

    Block: I am no fool even the strongest warrior needs a shield to avoid direct damage, and of course smashing heads in is always fun.

    Heavy Armour: I never really needed my armour as much as my sword and shield so trained with and without it. I have however mastered my movement so that my enemy always hits a strong point in my armour which can stop even the strongest hit

    Conjuration: I have mastered over the years every single application of Necromancy, however I cannot manage it purely using Magic. I must use bone or flesh to reanimate a life-form. 

    Smithing: I admit I'm not the best smith but I can make some decent steel and fix up my armour when need be.

    Illusion: I dabbled a little in some of the more avoidance based Illusion magics but preferred using Frenzy magic in open combat to ensure that my enemies die much quicker. I hunted down for rituals based around Frenzy magic but never found anything substantial. Instead I focused on Taunts and Human Sacrifices to pull my enemy into a rage that lasts for as long as I need.

    "I've always liked the simplicity of steel. Easy to find, easy to buy and easy to fix up. Of course it will only do for so long until something better comes along. Other than my weapons armour and ritual items I never really feel like I need anything else, even gold is mostly useless because of how little I actually go into towns.

    In Battle Agronak is a complete Beast even at high levels but that’s not what made him interesting to play.

    The thing that made me interested in him in Oblivion is that he hated that he was half-vampire. This of course brought a whole new level of depth to his character, He’s not just a power-hungry Vampire in fact he’s the complete opposite.

    That’s why I had so much fun twisting him into an agent of chaos and death.

    Other then the Arena this was the most satisfying part of the character for me just because of the amount of thought that had to go into playing as him. Sneaking into a village, killing a person is fun and all but Agronak doesn’t feed on them nor does he kill one person. No he kills everyone (except Children and Essentials) and to take it to the next level he kills them with common house-hold weapons.


    The two most important parts of the build are Conjuration and rebuilding the Arena.

    I'll start with Conjuration. It's used not in battle but when you've fought a powerful enemy such as a Draugr Deathlord. You start with a ritual due to the lack of magical talent which involves the bone, heart or flesh of a human body, you place the item onto the corpse and use Dead Thrall to reanimate it.

    The Arena is obviously not in Skyrim in any real way. So I searched for hours to find the right spot to create my own mini Arena. After hours I stumbled across Cragslane Cavern. You bring the reanimated Draugr Deathlord here and enrage it. This forces the Draugr to attack you simulating a real Arena battle.

    As a vampire you don't feed but you do kill as if you needed to. Killing people In their own homes with weapons found in there is a great way to have a little fun as what amounts to a rabid killed. Never go into the large cities and towns and always try to keep a bounty up so that you'll get attacked on sight.

    Another fun little bit was to let one person live and Roleplay as if he was the Vampire who killed everyone much like a fun quest in Oblivion which involved a hunt of treasure.

    Combat can be broken up into four fields. Magic, Melee, Ranged and Groups. Against groups sow some chaos with Fury/Fear, then charge in with your sword and finish the remaining enemies. Against warriors, magic users and archers just block their attacks and finish them off with a combination of Shouts, Sword and Shield.

    The first set of tactics/moves are for the Arena only, they combine to create the basics of the Arena and are specially designed to function there. The second set are general combat moves.

    A Worthy Foe:"My enemies lie around me as alive as my sword, I bind their souls and I bind their wills and I claim their power as mine." (Dead Thrall and Bones)

    Let the Battle Begin: "I have brought this foe before me and I have prepared the Arena for his coming. Let is see if they can stand against me a second time". (Worthy Foe + *Fury Spell*.)


    Fear the Power: "Why fight when the power of my voice is more powerful then any sword. Enemies will flee after the very skies open up to smite every last one of them.(Storm Call and Fear Spells)

    Steel Barricade: "I am untouchable in this state, the power of my blood with the ancient power given to me by the power in Solthseim. My power in this state is to such a degree that I hit as hard as if my body was made of pure steel."(Bones of the Earth, Secret of Strength and Berserker Rage)

    One Down, One to Go: "My enemies rush towards me but they can't stand against the power of my mighty Shouts, I rout the first with steel and fire and the second flees in fear. (Frenzy Spell, Fire Breath and Fear spell.)

    "Few enemies are powerful enough to fight multiple times but these are some of those who could have beaten me if the battle had gone differently."

    Orchendor: "With his powerful teleportation and magic he actually presented a challenge to me in the ruins I fought him in. Let's see how he fights in an arena shall we."

    Malkoran: "He was a difficult enough fight with his powerful magic but when I thought I killed him a ghost pops out and surprises me actually hitting me quite hard, I won't be surprised again however so let the challenge begin."

    Chief Yamaz: "A true coward who needed to be killed to help the tribe, he was actually a decent fight when encountered in close-combat."

    Wyndellius: "He wasn't the strongest Warrior of the Best Mage but he pissed me off so here he is dying multiple times in new and fun ways,"

    Storm-cloak Quest-line: The Stormcloak questline is partially done for our equipment (The General's Armour) but also because General Tullius and the Imperial Legion are strong enemies to fight. 

    Main Quests: Other than completing it for Dragon Souls and Shouts, the Main Quest is done in order to fight some of the mightiest foes around. Dragons are fairly powerful enemies that put up a good fight.

    The Break of Dawn (around level 40): Honestly this is done purely to get access to Malkoran for the Arena. He is considered a Worthy Foe but this quest must be started in order to unlock him. The reasoning for this quest is that Meridia will actually seek you out, it differs from other quests that way and it provides a perfect reason to finish the quest.

    The Only Cure (around level 40): Pretty much the same reason as The Break of Dawn with the same justification. We fight Orchendor in the final arena and he is an enemy with a unique ability so he's perfect for the Arena.

    The Cursed Tribe: This is the same end result but a different reasoning to the other Daedric Quests. The Grey Prince is still an Orc so even with his vampiric nature he has a connection to the tribes. Chief Yamaz is a coward but a strong warrior, he's a worthy foe but one that disgusts The Grey Prince.

    Siege on the Dragon Cult: Yet again we have a powerful enemy, but here the focus is on retrieving the word for Storm Call. It's an extremely powerful shout that does a lot of good for this character. 

    Dragonborn: Miraak is our ultimate enemy, it's a shame Hermaeus Mora is an ass and disintegrates his body for us. He'd make a fine foe. Even without being able to resurrect him, Miraak is a powerful enemy who you can at least fight once.

    Final Thoughts:

    So that's the Grey Prince. This is my personal favorite build to play and actually made it into the Hall of Fame through the Vampire Category. At the moment it's been updated twice, the latest revamp is actually the original build simply backed up with Cooltext and better images (In my opinion). Please drop a comment and a like down if you enjoyed the build and if you want to see more of my work then just check out the Dragonborn1721 tag below.

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    March 31, 2014

    Defiantly an interesting build. Gotta love the Grey Prince!