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Event Build: Salas Valor

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  • March 31, 2014

    Greetings everyone. I've been part of the site for awhile. And while I have played many of the builds and gotten a lot of ideas on my own, I've not gotten around to posting a build of my own. So with this contest, it gave me the push I needed to do just that. Without further a due I give you...

    Salas Valor 
    PAIN...AGONY... Those were my last feelings as I sank into the cold embrace of death. I passed through to Aetherius to what ever fate awaited me. Azura appeared, blocking the way, and I was thrown back to Nirn. I appeared in a landscape that was unfamiliar to me. There was a battle going on & I knew not who was in the right. I defended myself from Legion troops to the best of my abilities and then blackness had overtaken once more. I awakened tied up in a wagon with other Nords being taken for execution.

    The Build
    Race: Dunmer. ( Really? You had to ask?)
    Stones: The Mage/The Warrior/ The Steed (Start with the mage to build your magic. When you're comfortable, switch to the warrior or the steed.)
    Major Skills: Heavy Armor, Block, Enchanting, One Handed.
    Minor Skills: Smithy, Destruction, Restoration, Alchemy.
    Armor: Enchanted Dwemer Armor.
    Weapons: Dwarf Mace , Enhanced Dwarf Crossbow.
    Shouts: Aura Whisper, Marked for Death, Storm call, Whirlwind sprint, Slow Time.
    Recommended Quests: The Companions, The Dawnguard, Civil War ( Imperial), The College of Winterhold, Azura's Quest, Dwarf Knowledge Quest, and of course, the Main Quest.

    When I started working on this, I was kinda of lost. The sites I looked him up at, didn't offer alot of info, so it then became my mission to expand on him. He is a former Hand of Almalexia, which from my understanding, was the elite of the elite, so you're going to be a bad ass no matter what. Furthering my own play through, I thought of a marine. There is no one better than you!!! Period!!!
    I was a warrior most of the game, using cloaks as a way of raising my DPS. Fireball and Runes were used as pulls and traps. When I encounter a single human enemy, he wasn't worth the mace, so I punched the hell out of him. My first German Suplex Kill cemented keeping the perk, Fist of Steel.
    Now, sometimes, it was harder to remember to throw a fireball, trap a door way or place up a cloak, when I was spotted. But then I thought of how much more intimidating it is when he sees that you see him, he holds his shield if front of him and charges you. I did use a crossbow with an exploding arrow for dragons to exploit their weakness and also as a early damage for just about everything else. 
    Now a breakdown of the build options. You'll notice I didn't go all the way with alot of them. I don't think 5/5 is really needed. You can drop it down another number if you want.

    Major Skill
    Heavy Armor- 5/5 was needed but I might be wrong. I went all the way up the left side with a perk in Iron Fist and in one German Suplex kill, it was over. This seemed a befitting addition for an Elite Warrior.
    Block-I went up the right side but you can add more to block if you wish. 
    Enchant-Because the Hands were supposed to be almost indestructible, I went all the way up the center.
    One handed-What kind of a warrior would you be if you didn't have a weapon.
    Minor Skill
    Smithing-I only went up to Dwarf but I still raised it up for leveling and improving my armor.
    Destruction-I only raised this to cut the cost for my cloak spells.
    Restoration- I raised this just for the added healing and stamina restore.
    3 Health, 2 Magicka, 1 Stamina. Do this until you have 250 magicka then switch to 3/1/2 for the rest of the game.



    Placement is key. Survey your surroundings. Size up the group & map out your plan. I found, in the beginning it was harder to do, but when you start enchanting your items, you increase your chance of survival. After you have sized up your objective, raise your shield and become a TERROR to your foes. Use the Aetherial Shield for crowd control. When facing Mages, you can either stick with the Aetherial Shield or Switch to a Magic Resist shield and then use Whirlwind Sprint to close the gap.
    In open areas, use mounted combat as much as possible. One important rule...DO NOT USE, "CALL STORM" WHEN YOU HAVE A HORSE because the LIGHTENING WILL KILL IT!!! I'm not sure if Arvak is immune to lighting. The thing to remember here is to keep moving. Use cover as much as possible to cut down on Archer damage. During my game play I started to learn Mounted Archery. This is a perfect tactic to hone or learn. I used, Slow Time, with mounted combat to clear out as many enemies as I could. After that, I kept charge attacking as much as possible, focusing on archers and mages first. They're usually the easiest to kill.

    The Roleplay 
    You are Salas Valor. High Hand of the Hand of Alamalexia. You died and for reasons unbeknownst to you, Azura has barred your passage to the after life, stripped you of all former knowledge and placed you back on Nirn. 
    I escaped from Helgen with a prisoner named, Ralof and we headed to the small town of Riverwood. While there, I picked up the trade of a Blacksmith to make extra coin. One day, while selling my wares to the Riverwood trader, I learned that a prized artifact had been stolen by bandits and taken to Bleak Fall Barrow. While exploring these ruins, I met the thief, Arvel the Swift, who had stollen the artifact. After being attacked by Arvel, I took his life & discovered he still had in his possession, The Golden Claw and a journal telling of greater treasure to be held. So I set myself to go deeper into the ruins, to see what's there. I fought many a Draugr, and was finally rewarded with a sword and a large stone slab. 
    After returning The Golden Claw to Lucan Valerius, I made my journey to Whiterun. While traveling the road, I encountered a group of warriors doing battle with a giant, for which I joined in. We dispatched the giant, then I was approached by one of the female warriors of the Companions, who invited me to join them.
    So started my path as a Whelp for The Companions. During my meeting with the Jarl of Whiterun, I informed him of Riverwood's need of protection, after which he dispatched some of his men. I learned that he had a new task for me and lead me to meet his court's wizard, Farengar, who needed my help in retrieving the Dragonstone of Bleak Fall Barrow. When he found out, I had the stone, he was overjoyed. But our encounter was cut short, when news of a Dragon attack on the Western Watch Tower, demanded our immediate attention. Myself and Irileth, along with some of the elite guards was dispatched to investigate and while there, we were attacked by a dragon. After slaying the dragon, I absorbed his soul and was then told about the ancient legend of The Dragon Born which I will later pursue.
    While rising through The Companions ranks, I encountered an Orc, recruiting for an obscured group called, The Dawnguard. As a result, my name expanded from, Harbinger of the Companions to Vampire Hunter. 
    My travels eventually lead me to Windheim where I found not only are the Dunmers a target for brutish Nords, but Jarl Ulfric Stormcloak, turns a blind eye to their mistreatment. What started out as a concern turned into a need for vengeance when I discover my wife was among those who are being threatened. The only course of action for me now, is joining the legion and putting an end to the Jarl's blind eyes. 
    After settling the war between Stormcloak and Imperial, I head to Winterhold to study at their college. During my studies, I come across a Shire to Azura where she exacts the price for my rebirth, which is the returning of her star.
    My Time...My Life...Is now...My Own... And I can now pursue this thrust...This hunger for the Dragonborn knowledge that beckons me. 
    Thus begins my journey to learn more about being the Dragonborn which leads me to the lofty steps of High Hrothgar where I made my accent to meet the Grey beards and learn the way of the Thuum. I stopped in the City of Riften to restock much needed resources, where I met a mad Argonian woman, who wanted me to take back the lexicon to where she found it. Traveling throught the ruins was no small test of my skills but the reward was a greater understanding of Dwarven armor. Finally, with all my knowledge, both old and new regained, I faced down the Black Dragon called, Anduin.


    These are used as part of the Potion of Fortify Restoration.

    Prayer of Valor includes: Potion of Fortify Health, Fortify One Handed, Restore Stamina.
    Ingredients: Bear claws, Giant toe's, Small pearl.




    Prayer of Justice includes: Potion of Fortify Magicka, Resist Magic, Fortify Barter, Fortify Block.

    Ingredients: Brairheart, Hagraven claw, Tundra cotton.
    Prayer of Hope: Potion of Regenerate Health, Regenerate Magicka, Restore Magicka.
    Ingredients: Garlic, Moon Sugar, Vampire Dust.



    Prayer of Hope: Potion of Regenerate Health, Regenerate Magicka, Restore Magicka.
    Ingredients: Garlic, Moon Sugar, Vampire Dust





    Fists of Heaven: Storm Call




    Cry Havoc: Slow Time + Fire Cloak + Weapon



    The End Thoughts
    Theses are my closing thoughts. This was the best time I had playing this character. Win or lose, I had a blast in this contest. I want to thank all the people who made builds that brought me to this site. I hope if any plays this, you have at least just as good of a time that I did. If you have your own spin on it, I would be truly interested in seeing it. Good luck to Everyone. PEACE



  • March 31, 2014

    My idea for the contest not my last build to work on

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    March 31, 2014

    I like it! This contest has also given me the push to post a build (just finishing it up now).

    I would suggest bolding and increasing the size of your headings, it'll make things look nicer.


  • March 31, 2014

    This npc was a great choice Clyde...

    I'd have honestly pushed for some enchanted bonemold if I had to try to re-create the Ordinator gear though!

    This image smells of Salas to me! Feel free to use it...

    I'd fix up that perk spread image, it really isn't very clear at the moment. Then maybe go through the build and add some bold to the headings so that each section is more distinguished. Try and stay online and keep polishing this now it's up!

    +1 for the amazing choice here!

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  • March 31, 2014

    If i had Dragonborn i would have in a heartbeat

  • March 31, 2014

    I didnt know that i do now

  • March 31, 2014

    thank you

  • March 31, 2014

    That perk spread on the shield... not a good idea. Is it really necessary for everyone to post the perk spread on an image, even when it's not very readable?

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    March 31, 2014
    I'm going to have to go back to the Imperial Library and read up on Salas... sounds fascinating! You have kind of answered a question I had for another build I'm workin on: I have only done heavy armor one other time, and I keep wrestling with whether or not to perk fists of steel. You've given me something to think about... I think I'm gonna do it now :)