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Event Build: Nerevar Reborn

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    March 30, 2014

    I decided to fuse my two ideas together. Thinking back on my glory days of Morrowind (With a Breton, for those of you wondering), and Lord Nerevar. I present to you all....

    (Warning, uses content from Dawnguard and Dragonborn)

    (Fitting Theme Music)

    Nerevar Reborn

    It has been over a thousand years, since you felled Dagoth Ur. Your soul, wandering through the endless corridors of Aetherius, gained the ability of foresight. You saw that Dagoth did not die, and would mass his forces.  You sent a portion of your essence, where it became a young prisoner, who would become, your Incarnate. You watched as he slew Dagoth, Almalexia, and Vivec. You appeared to him ,and asked if he would wish to join with you, and become one once more, he accepted. You, Indoril Nerevar, lived again.

    Stat implacement: A balanced 2/2/2 in Magicka, Health, and Stamina.

    Race: This was tricky, as Mason pointed out, because  well, you guys would complain that I should use this race or that, but the one I used was:

    Dunmer: Why? You may ask, Nerevar, being a Chimer, would have been transformed along with the rest of his people had he not died. Plus, since this character is a Vampire Lord, (And a Werewolf, more on that later), the 50% fire resistance, plus a 40% necklace I found, made him immune to fire, and disease. Vampirism is the only thing I could find that emulated the immortality of Corpus.

                                 Minus the horrifying Amnesia-esque mutations.

    Stone: For the starter standing stone, you could ue either Warrior or Mage, as he uses skills governed by both stones. This build will use the Aetherial Crown, so switch your main stone to the Lord (Can’t beat 50 more armor rating and a 25% resistance to magic), the other stone should be

    The Ritual: The stone allows you to destroy any opponents by summoning whatever was around them, alongside the Hero summoned by Call of Valor, any animals with Animal Allegiance, any Summons, Followers, and their summons if possible, you got yourself an army right here

                                           Skills and Perks:


    Two Handed

    Two handed was taken because of Chrysamere

    Heavy Armor



    In the case of crafted artifacts, allows them to gain the Legendary status they deserve.


    In synch with Smithing, Enchanting allowed me to craft artifacts that I could only get if I had modded Skyrim


    The reason I used this skill was for Auriel’s Bow




    The spell types I used were Shock and Fire


     Level 55:

                                            MAJOR SKILLS:

    One-Handed: Armsman 5, Fighting Stance, Hack and  Slash 1, Dual Flurry 2- Dual Savagery, Savage Strike.

      Barbarian 5, Champion’s Stance, Deep Wounds 3, Devastating Blow, Sweep.

      Juggernaut 5, Tower of Strength, Fists of Steel-Conditioning

     Enchanter 5, Soul Squeezer, Fire Enchanter, Insightful Enchanter-Extra Effect

                        Minor Skills

    Steel-Arcane, Elven-Glass, Dwarven-Dragon

     Overdraw 5. Eagle Eye, Steady Hand 2-Quick Shot

    Novice, Dual Casting-Impact, Augmented Flame 2, Augmented Shock 2-Disintegration

    Novice, Regeneration, Respite, Recovery 2. Necromage, Avoid Death


    This character uses four combat styles:

    The Berzerker

    Utilizing a greatsword and a cloak, this was used primarily for crowd control

    The Defender

    This was used if I was fighting a single enemy or small group. Even though I didn’t perk block, it still saved my life plenty of times.

    The Blitzkreig

    Utilizing dual blades, Nerevar sliced-and-diced through his foes like a whirlwind of fire and steel. Tossing a cloak on, you deal swift death to your foes.

    The Ward

    I strapped a shield in my left hand, and a destruction spell in my right. Using the shield to either bash or block an attack, I would backpedal and fire off a spell or two

               Recommended Quests

    The Main Quest-Dragons have returned to wreak chaos on the world. You discovered your Incarnate possessed the Dragonblood.

    Dawnguard-The Volikhar Lord Harkon has returned, and seeks to pervert Auri-El’s bow, you have to halt his plan. Allows you to posses Auriel’s Shield.

    Dragonborn-Return to Solstheim, and vanquish the First Dragonborn at the Summit of Apocrypha.

    The Companions-Allows you to get the Werewolf form, and Ysgrammor’s shield.

    Destroy the Dark Brotherhood-You destroyed the Vvardenfellian branch, the Cyrodilic branch, and now you must protect the citizens of Skyrim from Sithis' servants.

    College of Winterhold-Discover the Eye of Magus, and recover the Staff of Magus

    Civil War-Aid the Empire, and help them fend off the Thalmor.

    Arniel’s Endeavor-Help a mage try and figure out what happened to the Dwemer. Allows you to obtain Keening.

    Lost to The Ages-Allows you to gain the Aetherial Crown

    Break of Dawn-Meridia has once more favored you, giving you her undead-vanquishing relic.

                    Equipment Loadout

    The Lord’s Mail:

    Ebony/Blades Armor-Enchanted with Health Regen and Magicka Regen

    Helm of Oreyn Bearclaw:

    Bonemold Helmet-Enchanted with Fortify Magicka Regen, and Fortify Destruction

    The Mana Index:

    Gold Diamond Necklace-Enchanted with Resist Magic from a generic item, and Resist Magicka from the Shield of Solitude (Yes it stacks), this trinket I RPed that it was something he found while exploring a ruin on one of the Akaviri islands.

     photo MW_MoonAndStar.jpg


    Silver Ruby Ring-Enchanted with Fortify One Handed and Magicka/Health Regen.


    Dwarven Guantlets enchanted with Fortify One-Handed and Two-Handed/

    Ten Pace Boots:

    Heavy Dawnguard boots enchanted with Fortify Stamina Regen and Carry weight.


    This was hard, as Sunder resembles a one handed version of the Dwarven warhammer. I decided on using a Dwarven mace enchanted with Frost Damage and Fiery Soul Trap.

    HopesFire and its twin TrueFlame:

    This was a tough choice, as while both are blades of Dwemer make, they have a slight curve to them. I thought to use Scimitars, which you can use, but decided on Dwarven swords.

    HopesFire-Shock Damage and Parlyze

    TrueFlame-Fire Damage and Absorb Health


    A Glass/Silver Greatsword enchanted with Banish and Turn Undead.


             Black Book Abilities:

    Episoltary Acumen-Dragonborn Force. This ability made Unrelenting Force much more useful,

    Filament and Filigree-Secret of Arcana. Even with my high magicka, this still helped.

    The Hidden Twilight (Sparkle)-Mora’s Boon. Whenever I was low on health, this was a lifesaver.

    The Sallow Regent-Seeker of Sorcery. Enchants being 10% more powerful, and spells costing 10% less may not seem be much, but every bit helps.

    The Winds of Change-Companion’s Insight. Prevents companion deaths.

    Untold Legends-Secret Servant, free storage


    Seeker of Knowledge-You are an avid reader. Stock your library. Two books I kept The War of The First Council, and Nerevar and Red Mountain

    Death to the Thalmor-The Thalmor have sullied the term Mer, while you can understand their viewpoint, you respect peoples’ beliefs, they arrest innocent men and women for practicing their faith.

    Respect of the Dead-If a follower, citizen, or worthy enemy dies, do something for them, like firing an arrow into the sky


    While I am primarily a console player, I  have seen mods that would work well with this: -the Lord’s Mail -Chrysamere

                    The Glitches:

    This build uses NoSnakes Alive's Werewolf Equip glitch, as popularized with his Master Monk build, but with a vampire lord.

    You must get to the Silver Hand quest, and must have had Serana turn you into a Vampire Lord. Once you can become a werewolf, select VL from your power’s menu. Just as you click on the font, activate the transformation. You should be  a Vampire Lord. You must ask Serana to turn you into a Vampire Lord again, to make it full. After you do, you will be able to shift between the two forms.

                Special Moves

    Storm of Azura-Praying to Azura, you blow your foes to the ground, before unleashing nature’s wrath on them.

    Cyclone+Slow Time+Ice Storm+Fireball.

    Plane Shift-You leave the current plane of reality, slowing down time, before appearing in a burst of fire.

    Slow+Become Ethereal+Fire Storm

    Shadow Step-Your body comes ghostlike, as you are wreathed in wind, and rush through your enemies.

    Invisibility+Whirlwind Cloak+Whirlwind Sprint

    Solar Wrath-Calling upon Auri-El’s aid, you surround yourself in light, and take up Meridia’s blade, wielding a spell of flame or sunlight in your hand, burning undead.

    Auriel’s Bow/Sunhallowed Arrow+Flame Cloak/Stendarr’s Aura+Dawnbreaker+Fire/Sun Spell.

    This character has been a long time in the making, one of my best yet, and is now Level 75 I believe.


    Mason-Thank you for your help and advice with the build.

    Morta-Last picture

    Readers-Thanks for reading!

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    March 30, 2014

    Fix that first pic, quick!

    I originally wanted to do Vivec and cast him in a heroic light but I am hihgly satisfied with my choice. Awesome yet difficult choice with the Nerevar (Moon and Star). I absolutely love Dunmer lore...

    #dunmermasterrace (although others are growing on me)

    Also, try to condense your build. Too many white spaces :p

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    March 30, 2014
    I made this in Google Docs
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    March 31, 2014

    I always make mine in Open Office. Never used Google Docs...

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    March 31, 2014

    Aye, Open Office is awesome.

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    March 31, 2014
    Is it downloadable and is it free?
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    March 31, 2014

    It's basically a free version of Microsoft Office. Google it.

  • March 31, 2014
    As an idea this was great you had a solid backstory that I thought was fairly creative. Your presentation of the build however wasn't that great and a lot of the pictures seemed to cut into the text a little to much. For the powers. I would think that any item listed under a special ability would be mentioned in the equipment section but you never mentioned Dawnbreaker and you never mentioned Shout cool down reduction in the build (from what I noticed anyway.) so your first ability wouldn't work the way you've described it. Sorry if I seem negative I just wanted to give you the bad bits so you can improve this and I'm in a little bit of a rush to get my build posted so I'll come back later and get the positive bits down.
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    March 31, 2014
    I had those in, but it went over the character limit
  • March 31, 2014

    Hi Chris, I fixed up your main image because it was really distorted...

    I think you should go through this and neaten it up a little more, try to refine some of the images and maybe drop the font size down a little...