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Character Build: Karogran

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  • January 5, 2014


    I have been wanting to post a build on this site since I discovered it about four months ago, I’m relatively  new to Skyrim, before finding this site I always ran typical warriors, this blog opened up a new way of gameplay for me. If there was Skyrim character building in the Olympics I’m betting this blog would hold bronze, silver and gold medals.  So I’m here to solidify my own place among the best. At first I tried to “force builds” but always ended up trashing them. It wasn’t until I just set out to play a character that uses skills and tactics I had yet to use, taking some Elder scrolls lore and adding in my own lore I discovered a character that I found to be the perfect first build to post, so without any more mind numbing babble I bring you.



    To tell his origins correctly I will have to start at the very beginning, one of the hardest parts was finding where it began. The year was 3E 249 the province was Valenwood, the Bosmeri were entering their 250th year of peace, when a dark army arose, the Camoran Usurper Haymon Camoran amassed a huge army of demons, in two years his massive army of undead, mercenaries and daedra conquered most of Valenwood, then went on to conquer most of the Western coast of Tamriel until being defeated in 3E 267. After Camoran’s “army of the dead” was defeated the top Bosmeri warriors that remained formed a council, a classified underground order, its purpose was simple, to seek out and destroy dark mages, evil necromancers, and daedra, vowing never again to allow such a huge evil army to be amassed anywhere in Tamriel. The Order was never officially named, to most but a few it never even existed.

    Only ever known as “the Order” to the few that knew of their existence, the Order was highly selective of its members, and only ever taking on new members through “pure breeding,” having the finest warriors mate with only the most highly gifted female, after a very close examination on the baby, would they decide. If accepted the young Bosmer would start their training at the age of 5, of both magical and physical combat training. Anything less than sheer perfection was not accepted.



     STANDING STONE: Mage, until conjuration hits 100 and destruction hits 60, this should occur around the same time I used trainers in destruction until the apprentice perk was obtained then let rune spells take me the rest of the way. Then switch to the lord stone, with smithing and alteration un perked the extra physical and magical defense are very welcomed.  




    WEAPON: Bound Bow, all members of the order is capable of summoning their own bow, able to walk into any surrounding and blend in as a noncombatant; this will be your only weapon (after you obtain it) for the entire build. This powerful bow has the ability to banish summoned creatures and turn raised ones (is there a better weapon for a member of the Order? I think not).                                                                                                                



    Dawnguard Light armor (black/brown): enchanted with fortify conjuration. Dawnguard light boots enchanted with fortify carry weight, (lots of potions and poisons).  Dawnguard gauntlets enchanted with fortify archery.

    Adept Hood: Increases magic by 50 points.

    Ring: Ring of recovery, Magicka regenerates 100% quicker (any magic regeneration ring until then).

    Necklace: Any necklace with fortify archery.



    ALCHEMY: The crutch of this build, it will fortify all the areas we are weak in, let us enchant and upgrade our gear without one perk being invested into smithing or enchanting, give us health and magicka regeneration without one perk in restoration, make our summons do a lot more damage with elemental weakness poisons, and make our signature weapon (only weapon) take the life away from more dark mages and monsters.


    ARCHERY: It is rumored that the Bosmer crafted the first bow, and every member of the orders bow is as much of him as his own beating heart, the Order unlike the Valenwood Rangers do not practice sneak archery, they believe in and are trained in “close quarters ranged combat”, preferring to look the enemy in the eye while he precisely drives arrows through both of them.


    CONJURATION: This is strictly used to summon elemental atronachs, familiars and the bound bow, no necromancy or dremora lord summons are permitted within the Order.  After Haymon Camoran’s dark army ravaged Valenwood (not to mention a chunk of Tamriel). The Order recognized the power of Conjuration magic and how quickly it could turn the tide of battle. Every member of the Order is highly trained in conjuration.


    LIGHT ARMOR: Speed + flexibility = strength, this is one of the top lessons of the Order, every armor no matter how shinny or bulky has a chink, a member of the Order does not.


     DESTRUCTION:This is used for cloak spells and runes only. These tactics flow together with our conjuration, archery and alchemy perfectly (will touch more on that later).


    SNEAK: Although members of the order do not practice sneak archery, there are times when recon missions are a must. The lack of any perks in sneak are compensated by our weightless armor (unhindered perk) and alchemy (fortify sneak and invisibility potions).


    ENCHANTING: This skill is still very much useful un perked, disenchanting everything you find will raise the skill quickly, topped with a fortify enchanting potion is all you need for a decent enchantment.


    SMITHING: Although not as effective un perked as enchanting with a strong enough potion it’s a welcome bonus to our defense.                 


    DRAGON SHOUTS: Karogran is always prepared for any given situation, but when deployed to investigate rumors of undead, powerful necromancers, organized vampire clans and just plain monsters roaming Skyrim, he far from expected to encounter dragons, even more so absorbing there soul. Ha this deployment might not be so boring after all, but I will get to the bottom of this. Slow time, Storm call, Unrelenting force and Become ethereal.



    ARCHERY: overdraw 5/5, eagle eye, steady hand 1/2, power shot, quick shot, bull’s-eye.


    ALCHEMY: alchemist 5/5, physician, benefactor, experimenter 3/3, snake blood, poisoner, concentrated poison, green thumb, purity.


    LIGHT ARMOR: agile defender 4/5, custom fit, unhindered, matching set, wind walker.


    CONJURATION: novice-master, mystic binding, soul stealer, oblivion binding, summoner 2/2, atromancy, elemental potency, twin souls.

     DESTRUCTION: novice-adept, rune master, augmented flames 2/2, augmented shock 2/2.




    The Order has deployed you to Skyrim, to investigate disturbing rumors and stories of great evil, they are not about to let history repeat itself, you are Karogran, one of three Captains of the Order, answerable only to Tagorn , the commander. Your Order does not exist, and if captured you do not exist. Although your life revolves around hunting and exterminating everything from dark magic practitioners to vampires to daedra, and every necromancer and undead in the middle, you are not above the murder of innocents, stealing and killing any bandit that’s in your way, there collateral damage, and there deaths are justified for your reasoning of saving the greater good.

    Through your life of training your have become hardened and your senses heightened, you never show fear or weakness because it does not exist in you, Karogran welcomes an honorable death in battle with open arms, because of this you will never retreat, only reposition and even then your reposition will never lose you ground, letting the enemy advance on your position shows weakness, something Karogran is incapable of showing, your reposition will take place behind enemy lines, confusing them and ultimately ripping them apart from the inside.





    This is my first character that I have used alchemy with, the potions and poisons I have listed are the most common I used throughout the build and the most common ingredients I came across. The majority of the Stats listed on these potions/poisons is what I made when I still only had 3/5 Alchemist perked and found fortify alchemy gear.


    POISON OF SLOW DEATH: Target moves at 50% speed for 74 seconds, causes 74 points of poison damage. River Betty, Deathbell.

      WARLOCKS END: Target is 44% weaker to shock damage for 30 seconds, causes 30 points of concentrated poison damage. Ashen Grass Pod, Giant Lichen, Skeever Tail.

     POISON OF LINGERING DAMAGE HEALTH: Causes 11 points of poison damage for 10 seconds, causes 34 points of poison damage. Imp Stool, Slaughter Fish Egg, Deathbell.

    BLACK MAMBA: Target is paralyzed for 15 seconds, causes 15 points of poison damage for 10 seconds. Imp Stool, Slaughter Fish Scales, Swamp Fungal Pod.

     MANA SHOCK:  Target is 44% weaker to shock damage, drains magicka by 44 points. Achen Grass Pod, Trama Root, Chaurus Egg.

     FORTIFY TANKING:  Increases light armor skill by 30 points, restore 92 points of health.

    POTION OF FORTIFY HEALING/MAGIC: Health regenerates 56% faster, restores 70 points of magicka. 




     HEIGHTENED SENSES: Your years of training has made you a master of war, through normanl eyes, battle can be confusing and fast paced, through your eyes it slows to a crawl.

    Slow time shout + slow laced poison arrows/ weakness to poison laced arrows + ravage health laced arrows.

     WITCHES BANE: Bring the full force of lighting to your enemies. Weakness to shock laced arrows + two storm atronach + storm call + lighting runes cast repeatedly .

       I had a lot of fun playing this through and coming up with lore. I would like to thank Jake G for tips on how to take decent pictures off of a TV screen, and helping me get the outline of the build started. Any feedback will be appreciated, even negative; it will only help me make my second build better.

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    January 5, 2014

    I just skimmed everything and it doesn't look too bad. Just change the title to Character Build: Palivan of the Order, with out the quotation. And don't forget to set up official tags. 

  • January 5, 2014
    Tags are wrong.
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    January 5, 2014

    This is a fairly solid build. I really like how you use Alchemy pretty much to replace skills. I may have missed something, but isn't it a bit too ironic to use atronachs and the bound bow because they are daedric? 

  • January 5, 2014

     I explained the reason, use and limits of conjuration in the build, this Order does not hate all mages, just the rouge mages that practice dark magic. I can add more onto that section if it will help explain the use of conjuration better.

  • January 5, 2014

    Tags are fixed (i believe), thanks for the help.

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    January 6, 2014
    For the race and rank tag capabilities the first words. That was my fault when I told you before. I hadn't noticed they weren't capatilized
  • January 6, 2014

    Ok, thanks


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    January 6, 2014

    Here it is, the Bosmer BA of legend. Got to hand it to you, it's a very solid build Pen.

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    January 6, 2014
    Just realized I typed capabilities instead of capatilized. That's what I get for replying from my phone smh. Sorry about that.