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Character Build: Thor the Reborn

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  • October 12, 2013

    (Feel free to offer suggestions so I may edit if I can. Also, I hope you can forgive any grammar mistakes or flaws in the build I have here, This is my first build, so hopefully there won't be too much wrong with it. Setting some music up for you to listen if you wish, it shouldn't start automatically. Edited some text to be up to date with Dawnguard and Dragonborn. Still working on additional details for the spells.)


    File:Mårten Eskil Winge - Tor's Fight with the Giants - Google Art Project.jpg

    "Hither there comes the son of Hlothyn,
    The bright snake gapes to heaven above;
    . . . . . . . .
    Against the serpent goes Othin's son.
    In anger smites the warder of earth,—
    Forth from their homes must all men flee;—
    Nine paces fares the son of Fjorgyn,
    And, slain by the serpent, fearless he sinks."
    — Henry Adams Bellows translation of the poem Völuspá from the Poetic Edda.

            Thor the thunder god is reborn into the world after falling bravely to a serpent of evil. Thor is Reborn by what means he is unsure, and does not remember everything. His strength has fallen, his Godhood is missing, but he has been chosen by the Divine(s) to be the Dragonborn! To have a chance to slay the evil once again that rendered him helpless in his past. He will do what he must to protect his people and all of the innocent alike.

              Race: Nord (Must be male). Thor is a Norse character from Mythology, so he must be a Nord. You may create Thor as described by Wikipedia: "Thor [---] is generally described as fierce-eyed, red-haired and red-bearded."
    (Keep in mind that I have not watched the Movie or read the comics. All of my information comes from Wikipedia. I know it may not be the most accurate but it's the best I've found so far.)

              Stat spread: / 41 Thor is a battlemage and will need to be able to tank his enemies with high health as much as he will need to use magicka for his spells. Stamina is optional, however a little for power attacks will not hurt the build.

              Standing Stones: When starting out, I would suggest to start with the Mage stone. Nords start out with a small boost to their melee while not being so great in magic. Once the magic skills have been somewhat stabilized you may want the Steed stone. Later on you will want to switch to either Atronoch, Lover, or Apprentice. Whichever of these that benefit your current condition.

              Shouts: You will for certain need Slow Time, Dragonrend, Elemental Fury, Unrelenting Force, and Whirlwind Sprint. For backstory/lore purposes you may also want Call of Valor, Disarm, and Storm Call.


    Major Skills:
              Destruction - Over all, this is the most important skill set. Once you gain Sparks in Helgen, Spam it until an enemy gets too close then use your weapon to smash them up. From there on you will want to focus all of your destruction magic on the element of Lightning. Having flames for early game usage can be handing against some of the difficult undead, however once you learn Lightning Bolt, Flames can be forgotten entirely as Lightning Bolt plays an important role in most scenarios. Also, focus on obtaining Chain Lightning and Lightning Rune. The important perks for this are 3/3 Augmented Shock, Disinegrate, Impact and Master Destruction.

              Enchanting - Enchanting will be the next important for this build. You need to be able to have a high enough enchant to get a decent shock damage weapon ready. Try to keep the armor and accesory enchants with magic resistance and destruction magicka reductions. Savos Aren's Circlet and Amulet may be beneficial if using high end magic that eat a lot of your magicka as well. But more importantly, you will need Soul Siphon once you've obtained Azura's Star combined with a weapon that has a Soul Trap enchantment for easy refills. Perks you will want are Soul Siphon, Storm Enchanter and Extra Effect.

              Heavy Armor - Nords are experts of smithing steel and prefer to wear it. Wearing any heavy armor would do really but to fit in with the backstory and lore, I would recommend only wearing Steel or Iron Armors (Ancient Nord, Steel Plate, Ect). The most important perks will be Conditioning and Tower of Strength.

              One-Handed - Unfortunately I could not find a closer equivalent to Thor's Legendary "Hammer", but some of the art I've found and the information on Wikipedia claims that his weapon was a hybrid of an Axe and Hammer instead. I would use a Dwarven waraxe or mace or both (Not at the same time). The reason for Dwarven weapons is for lore, as it was believe to be created by Dwarves. Enchant one with Shock Damage for when you need to power slash through enemies and then enchant the other with Soul Trap for Azura's Star. Use them when you have an enemy that's right near you instead of launching magic at them. The perks to aim for here is at least 2/3 Hack n Slash and Bonecrusher and finally Charging Strike.

    Minor Skills:

              Alteration - Not completely necessary but to follow mythology having some alteration would work if roleplaying. Though many of the protection perks this set offers would be essential. Focus on gaining Atronach and 3/3 Magic Resistance perks. You will not need to use Alteration skills for the most part as having the protections make the build, not having the skills.

              Restoration - Not really needed but having the Respite and Recovery perks will be essential later on in the game. If you prefer using Wards, then this is also welcomed. However, it can be extremely useful to be able to heal yourself in a hurry. I'd suggest working up to obtaining Heal Other and Close Wounds.

              Smithing - This skill will be required as you gain the necessary equipment such as the Ancient Nord Set. Though once you gain the Arcane Smithing perk you won't need to smith much more outside of enhancement of your gears or replacing weapons for better enchantments. The Dwarven Perk will also be needed as your weapons must be Dwarven for the purpose of lore. Finally, the Advanced Armors perk will allow you to smith your own Nordic Carved Armor set.

              Block - You are not required to use this but if you obtain the Shield of Ysgramor it may prove useful where magic won't. Keep it handy and reach for the Quick Reflexes perk at the least. Using a one-handed block is not recommended as you will need to use spells more often then blocking.


    Character Perk Calculator



              Armor - For roleplaying purposes you may want the Ancient Nordic Armor set and later on you will want the Nordic Carved set. Thor should look the part of an ancient diety. Honestly, Ancient Nord Armor or any other Steel/Iron based Heavy armor (Dwarven Armor is acceptable but looks odd and unfitting) with a noticable belt should be advised for in mythology he wielded the legendary powerbelt, Megingjörð, which doubled his physical strength. If you intend to follow lore on enchanting the armor, use a One-handed Fortify Enchant or anything that strengthens his "hammer" or even Fortify Heavy Armor would work. Be sure to have the Arcane smithing perk to upgrade it when enchanted which you will need to do.

              Weapon - Thor's legendary hammer, Mjölnir, in mythology was described as a mace/battleaxe hybrid which it's handle was shortened accidentally by its maker due to sabotage. It was still able to be wielded with one hand instead of two. For this reason, a dwarven mace or waraxe would fit the part nicely. I would suggest making both and rotating, having one with a soul trap enchant and the other a shock damage effect. The original power of the hammer was "able to shatter mountains", however no such weapon enchantment comes close to this so the shock damage could come from the shape of Mjölnir, which resembled a thunderbolt in a sense due to the hybrid structure.

              Gauntlets: Specifying gauntlets is usually something I could have mentioned in armor however Thor was given a legendary set of "iron gloves" called Járngreipr, which allowed him to wield the power of Mjölnir. I would stick with the above armor set of an Ancient Nord set and later on try to aim for Nordic Carved Armor set for the gloves and I would also suggest either Fortify One-Handed, Smithing, Magicka or Heavy Armor for it's enchantments.

    These three legendary items were believed to be gifted to him by his birth mother, Gríðr, whom discovered that his brother, Loki, was trying to kill him. When enchanting your Armor, Gloves and "Hammer", be certain to give them their names if roleplaying.



    Thor is reborn into the word as the Great Norse God of Storms and Thunder. He was believed to be killed by a serpent demon, perhaps a dragon of sorts. He must renew his strength and his purpose. Help him discover his role as the Dragonborn while he venture in Skyrim and proceed to rediscover the strength he once had. The choices that should be made are to be fair and honorable while still showing respect to the Nords.


              Main quest - Thor is a Norse god and the Dragonborn. He must stop the evil that threatens the peace and safety of mankind entirely. Pursue the cause and Defeat Alduin! You may want the Storm Call shout which can only be obtained near the end of the quest line so you might as well save the world while you're at it!

              The Companions - Thor is reborn with minimal skills and abilities. The Companions seem nice enough. Perhaps they will show you what you need to know to become stronger! However, you will need to finish this quest line to be able to craft the Nordic Equipment for Thor. If you choose to not cure yourself of Lycanthropy, never use it, never transform. It bears little aid to the build and is irrelevant other then having the resistance boost.

              College of Winterhold - Most of Thor's Abilities are destruction magic and highly reliant on magicka and spells. Take this to your advantage and relearn what you lost. Finish the quest line as the equipment near the end may be beneficial to Thor in the early part of the game. Mainly Aren's Equipment.

              The Black Star - While normally Thor would not associate himself with the demons known as Daedra, Azura's star is a treasure that would provide him incredible power. Pursue this task for she has foreseen it and Azura is considered the least evil of the Daedra.

              The Bard's College - (Didn't see this one coming did you?) The mythology states that Thor is mentioned in the Poetic Edda! His curiosity leads him to the Bard's College and discovers he could learn so much more about his past if he helps the College find the legendary verse.

               Dragonborn - Though you have no nordic connections to Solthsteim, after being attacked by two people who claim you are a fake dragonborn, you head to the island to find the people suffering under a hypnotic state. Save them and Defeat Miraak. Try not to side with Hermaeus Mora as best as you can.


              Destroy the Dark Brotherhood - Thor sees the Dark Brotherhood as a threat to all mortals. Keep them safe for the sake of the future and destroy the assassins. (Correct me if I am inaccurate.)

              Book of Love - Thor may wish to learn more about Mara and her beloved guidance. Doing so rewards you with 15% magic resistance which could be beneficial in harsh battles. Techically, this doesn't follow Thor in mythology however the reward may be worth it.

              Civil War - Thor is a Nord reborn into the Nordic Homeland. However, Thor is a believer of protecting mortals while still honoring the Nords. You may want to aid them in their fight for freedom against the Empire.

              Retrieving Grimsever - If you are purely roleplaying or picky about training bonuses, then you may need to consider marrying Mjoll the Lioness in Riften. Lore mythology states that Thor was married to the Golden Goddess of the Earth, Sif (but yet slept with two other women to birth his two biological sons.) Mjoll was the closest option I could find. Purely optional but she acts as a follower which may be a plus to those who use followers all the time. Hearthfire users can obtain "Lover's comfort" from sleeping in the same bed as her (But only if you have cured yourself of Lycanthropy or avoided it entirely). However, there is a known bug relating to Mjoll's quest where sometimes you never receive it. You could use a console code to fix it or force the marriage (if you know how). However I reserved a secondary option in the case scenario that Mjoll is unable to provide you with the quest, that being Jordis the Swordmaiden, your housecarl in Solitude.

              Adopting Kids - Another lore based option. Thor was believed to have one daughter, two sons and a stepson. His daughter was believed to be a Valkyrie or the start of the Valkyries. Try to adopt a girl. Then adopt a son to match lore. If you do adopt, you will only be able to adopt two of the four that roam the holds unless the parent(s) of a child(s) dies. The only real benefit from this would be the Father's bonus and the items the kids sometimes leave for you in their chest. (Hearthfire only)


    Negative Quests:

              Dark Brotherhood - This defiles Thor's efforts to keep humanity safe. Don't stoop to the level of cutthroats. Ever. Avoid starting this quest to keep to Thor's mythology.

              Thieves' Guild - Thor is a battlemage, not a thief. This will not be beneficial to Thor at all or his build. Only enter the Ratway for the mainquest.

              Other Daedric Quests - Thor died to demons before. Meridia is the only other one who is not inherently evil but she will not benefit Thor any at all. You may perform her quest if you want but keep her sword tucked in your house if you do. Avoid or desecrate other daedra if you can.

              Dawnguard - Thor has no place among vampires. Keep away from them or defy them by overthrowing them by serving as a vampire slayer.



    Thor is reborn and ready to save the people from the threat of Dragons as the Dragonborn. Here are some combos that may help you out throughout the game:

    Dreamcatcher of Souls - Azura's Star / Soul Siphon Perk / Weapon with Soul Trap enchant:

              Soul siphon will become extremely essential once you've obtained Azura's star and a weapon with Soul Trap on it, as it makes for a weapon that almost never loses it's charge. You will also need to carry a few empty Grand Soul Gems in case you need to do a lot of enchanting/re-enchanting. Also, once you obtain the Extra Effect perk you can just put both effects on one or both the mace or waraxe.

    The Calm before the Storm - Slow Time / Lightning Bolt:

    (Credit to Averywhere for a similar idea used his "Blades of Akatosh" Build) Sometimes You just need to cut the enemy or the army you're against down some with time to spare. Slow Time will slow things down but will not hinder your ability to spam Lightning Bolt strangely enough. The charging rate does not change when use during Slow time so this could prove absolutely lethal in many cases. It's also useful if you have followers as it gives you time to snipe out enemies close to them that may kill your follower.


    Furious Charging Strike - ( Dragonrend) / Elemental Fury / Charging Strike ability:

    This combo will make a rather fun mix of flying towards your enemy and any allies near you in seconds. Furthermore, a glitch that's based on sprinting should be included for maximum damage. During and after the charging strike being performed, continue to mash the attack button (which ever has your axe) and continue to hold the forward "W" key down. This causes a temporary running phase that allows you to strike continuously and combines with Elemental Fury to give an effect that matches the POW hammer from "Super Smash Brawl" thus allowing you to defeat several enemies or even an Elder Dragon in seconds. Dragonrend comes into play when faced against dragons only.
    (Unfortunately, despite the mythology and backstory there really isn't a lot of detail in the way of Gameplay. I apologize)
    [Research Source:]

  • October 12, 2013

    it's a shame you dont have the Dragonborn DLC, the wind spells like whirlwind cloak and cyclone would suit this build.