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Character Build: The Blood Matron

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    August 3, 2013

    Hello everybody, this is my first build so I hope it's up to par with the other builds on the website.

    Lamae Beolfag was a nedic virgin who was raped savagely by the daedric prince, Molag Bal, after the brutal affair he shed a lone droplet of his blood on her brow. Lamae was found and cared for by nomads until her death. while she was being cremated on her funeral pyre, she emerged as the first pure-blooded vampire and slaughtered the whole nomadic tribe while still afire. so without further adieu I present to you the blood matron. This build uses content from the DLCs.

    Name: Lamae Beolfag

    Race: female Imperial or Nord (they are the closest races to nede)

    Standing Stone: Mage stone then once you feel you have your skills to a sufficient level switch to the Lady stone

    Dragon Shouts: Dragon Aspect, Soul Tear, Fire Breath, Drain Vitality, Dismay, Become Ethereal

    Major Skills: Destruction, Illusion, Conjuration, Alchemy

    Minor Skills: Restoration, Enchanting

    Stat Spread: 7/3/0 M/H/S

    Recommended Quests: Dragon Crisis, Volkihar, Mages College, Dark Brotherhood, Miraak

    Equipment: Diadem of the savant, Vampire robes, Ring of the erudite, Amulet of bats, Vampire boots, Vampire Gauntlets, nettlebane

    Recommended Enchantments:

    Chest: fortify illusion/conjuration

    Hands: fortify alchemy/magicka

    Feet: resist fire/shock


    We all know Lamae is a vampire but I didn't want vampirism to be something needlessly tacked onto the build, this build uses almost every aspect of vampirism. The champion of the night ability boosts the power of all illusion spells by 25% which is a lifesaver since this build heavily relies on illusion magic. The necromage perk in restoration boosts all effects on undead by 1.5%, this greatly boosts the power of your spells and potions.  Also, the vampire lord ability is very useful when taking down tough enemies like dragons or giants.


    In essence, the blood matron is a glass cannon, but she doesn't need to hide in the shadows as most vampires would , she uses fear spells, fury spells, and necromantic thralls to keep enemies away from her and deal out tons of damage at the same time. Fire spells from the destruction school are used because they are the most magicka efficient type of destruction spells which leaves us with more magicka to cast other spells. Restoration is extremely useful even though it is a minor skill. Healing spells are used to heal when an unexpected enemy lands a hit on you, heal undead spells are used when your zombie's health is low, and the dragonborn DLC gives us the poison rune, the only offensive restoration spell against the living, which can be fun to play with. Wards are highly underrated, with only a novice level ward you can block a dragons breath and with the ward absorb perk you can do this almost indefinitely, they can render any mage useless against useless against you and with a few fortify restoration potions, you can make lesser ward better and more magicka efficient than greater ward. Alchemy is our main support skill, potions can be used to greatly boost the power of spells and poisons can be used to quickly finish off tough enemies. Nettlebane is used to administer poisons to your enemies, you are not a warrior or assassin, that is its only purpose.  Another thing I used to spice gameplay up was using vampire lord powers in human form, this can be found in the tips and tricks group here. These are your ideal perks.


    Lamae is a cold-hearted and sadistic killer who has a deep set hatred towards the daedric prince, Molag Bal, who raped her and turned turned her into a vampire against her will. She has no qualms about killing innocents and uses it as a release of anger for what Molag Bal did to her. After living so long, she has become very intelligent and places little value on life after seeing so many people live and die throughout the years. So in a nutshell you are only looking out for numero uno.



    Hellfire Elixir:

    ash creep cluster + glowing mushrooms + snowberries

    resist fire + fortify destruction

    The Hand of Molag Bal:

    bleeding crown + giant lichen + juniper berries

    weakness to poison + weakness to fire


    imp stool + skeever tail + scathecraw

    ravage health, damage health, lingering damage health

    Special Moves:

    The Wake of Fire:

    Requires: Become Ethereal with eternal spirit upgrade, secret of arcana, dual cast flame cloak, wall of flames, firestorm

    The great thing about this is that it can be done at any level, secret of arcana makes all spells cost no magicka for 30 seconds and become ethereal with the eternal spirit upgrade allows your health to regenerate health 25% faster while you cast powerful fire spells on your enemies.

    The Wrath of Coldharbour:

    Requires: Dragon Aspect, dual cast flame cloak, ring of the beast, vampire lord

    The beauty of this special move is its simplicity, just activate dragon aspect and dual cast flame cloak, then use vampire lord and activate supernatural reflexes then fight with the claws. With this special move you can make quick work of any enemy.

    Closing Thoughts:

    Thank you for reading! I hope you all enjoy this build as much as I have. Comment if you have any questions. Constructive criticism is greatly appreciated. Huge thanks to Zimbu for the amazing screenshots and Curse Never Dying for the great perkspread picture.

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    August 3, 2013
    I was looking up Black Books (because they're awesome) and then you posted this build... Creepy.
  • August 3, 2013

    Not bad. The build's strategy is pretty sound. You could stand to go with a perkspread pic. It would make it easier for readers to figure out how you allocated your perks. Also you should elaborate more on how you go about fighting. 

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    August 4, 2013

    Thank you for the advice, how exactly do you do a perkspread pic?

  • August 4, 2013

    Normally you just use paint or photoshop and type the perks directly over a hi res picture. I can do one for you. Just give me about an hour.

  • August 4, 2013

    Here you go. Hope you like it. I think it fits the theme of the build quite well. 

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    August 4, 2013
    Love the background on that perk spread!
  • August 4, 2013

    Also, I would suggest adding a section that elaborates more on how vampirism benefits this build. You don't want to give readers the impression that vampirism is just a tacked on, needless feature of this build. 

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    August 4, 2013

    Really good first build, +1.

    You put Enchanting as a major and minor skill, you might like to change that.

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    August 4, 2013

    Well done, Black. Strong effort, especially for a first build. Zimbu did a wonderful job with the screenshots too. I don't usually like builds that are based on a single canon individual, but in this case I think it works really well.

    The Wake of Fire special move is a good one. To be fair, there are other builds that apply the cloak spell + become ethereal combo, but it never gets old. And I don't think I've ever seen anyone use that combo with additional wall spells and the Secret of Arcana. A really cool thing about that power is that you can actually use it more than once per day. Check out Ponty's post on Black Books in the Tips & Tricks group for more info, but basically all you need to do is "read" the corresponding Black Book, Filament and Filigree, and you'll be teleported to the end of the book zone, where you can select the power again for instant reuse. So that power can be done any time you're confronted by a tough boss, rather than just once per day.

    Some CC: You could be a bit more consistent with the capitalization. e.g., why is the whole Alchemy section uncapitalized? Also, under "Perks" for Illusion in the "Major Skills" section, you don't capitalize the word "take." This is inconsistent with the "Perks" entries for all your other skills. Using a perk spread image as CND suggested would polish the presentation a bit more.

    On the topic of presentation, I think you could maybe break things up a bit more by adding an extra line before new sections, and maybe centering the section titles and headers. You might also consider centering the images to get more utility out of the rather limited space that Ning allots for text bodies.

    I'd also like to see a bit more depth in the "Gameplay" section. Specific spells and tactics used, how you incorporate the various Shouts recommended, how to set up the character early on, when to pick up vampirism and how that impacts gameplay, etc. I like to elaborate on skill choices in the Gameplay section, rather than under "Major Skills" and "Minor Skills," but that's purely a personal preference. Also, I feel like you could incorporate a bit more of the lore into the gameplay. e.g., How does Molag-Bal play into this build? Clearly there's some, erm, history, there....

    Lastly, a small typo I noticed: Under "Recommended Quests," you spelled Miraak incorrectly.