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Contest Build: The Dark Supplicant

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  • July 10, 2013

    This build was born of my latest goal, to win the first ever Character Building Contest, beautifully fusing together some earlier goals of mine under the awesome umbrella of the contest's theme: The Mythic Dawn. Now that all is said and done, with this absolute Patron of Destruction I deem The Dark Supplicant laid out in front of me, I can say with the utmost confidence that I may just have accomplished all of my goals (as it would take one hell of a build to beat this!). By deconstructing the Battlemage class archetype into its two halves - Caster & Combatant - I was able to achieve the following:

    • Creating a build that can "transform" into something above and beyond the typical lycanthropic and vampiric limitations Bethesda has imposed upon us.
    • Creating a Dark Cleric playstyle befitting of one of my own personal favorite armor combinations, aesthetically speaking, that I've yet stumbled upon in this game.
    • Creating a playstyle worthy of the even-more-awesome-still Evil Commander armor combination found by Ocean Splitter, my choice for the single most badass gear combo yet seen in this game!
    • Bringing the Battlemage archetype back to its Elder Scrolls routes as a true glasscannon, an offensive powerhouse of a class with little more than summoned minions to rely on defensively, but an unparalleled ability to dispatch of foe with spell or steel before any damage is even taken.


    And so, without further ado, I present...


    The Dark Supplicant



    They thought us a thing of the past, a mere bloodstain on the well-worn pages of Tamriel's history. And I certainly do what I can to perpetuate that myth, for hubris was our downfall back then and shall not be this time around. No, gone are the days of brazenly announcing our arrival in those ridiculous robes of our forebearers. Gone are the grand spectacles of audacious assassination plots past. There will be no further displays of arrogance or overconfidence, not until I've succeeded and the whole world is ablaze. I am but a humble cleric, and the Mythic Dawn but a long-forgotten blight on the timeline of the Empire. And so we shall remain until it is too late, until Oblivion is already upon us and all are forced to kneel before the glory of Mehrunes Dagon.

    In the meanwhile, I am nothing but amused as I bear witness to the irony afoot: the arrogance of these vile creatures, these servants of the dreadful Molag Bol, will spell their demise as it once did ours. For all of their thousands of years of wisdom, one would think they'd have come to learn the same lessons we have by now, no? No matter; their fall will result in our ascension. I will assist them with their plot to blot out the sun, and I will let them remain convinced that it will bring about a new dawn of vampiric rule. I will wait in the wings, and my lips will remain sealed. They will believe me to be a mere pawn in their game, and I will allow them to.

    And then, when the world is shrouded in darkness, as they revel in the honor of those gifts Molag Bol had bestowed upon them, the doors to Oblivion shall open and chaos will ensue, and those very gifts will prove as worthless as the god who granted them. They will come to find that they were the pawns all along, and I the loyal bishop. And they will learn this as the sound of "checkmate!" echoes from my lips into the vast and gaping void from which their true king emerges to rule this world forever more.




    The Build:

    The core concept of this build is to play a Dark Cleric in the employ of the long-dormant Mythic Dawn, whose purpose as ever is to bring about the return of the Prince of Destruction. And millennia-old prophecies involving the eradication of sunlight seemed like the perfect backdrop for a Mythic Dawn infiltration plot to me; what better way to bring about a proverbial Hell-on-EarthTamriel than to leech onto the Volkihar vampire questline with your own hidden agenda? The roleplay with this build is far stronger than any other builds I've put forth, and luckily for us all, it also happens to merge beautifully with the gameplay and aesthetics of the character to boot. The main gimmick of this build is, simply put, that The Dark Supplicant's devotion to Mehrunes Dagon is rewarded with the eventual capability of direct possession and total transformation into an Evil Commander of the forces of Oblivion. And leave it to the lore to back up my gameplan, as I just so happened to stumble upon the following information regarding the former Mythic Dawn and its leader after I had already planned this path for my build (how lucky!).

    The leader of the Mythic Dawn was Mankar Camoran, whom they called "The Master"... As time went on, Camoran himself became more and more powerful; by the end of the Third Era, it was said that he dealt with Mehrunes Dagon as an equal. Whether or not this is true is speculation, but what is known is that Camoran was allowed some measure of Daedric power.

    A beautiful backdrop for roleplaying, absolutely, but no less splendid in terms of actual gameplay, for this means full-blown synergy as a Battlemage broken down into its two main offensive halves (because Elder Scrolls fans know real Battlemages don't need no stinking defense!). The time and effort put into the cast-and-kite heavy playstyle of the Dark Cleric form is rewarded with the ability to cleave enemies in half up close with the destructively-enhanced weaponry of the Evil Commander. Such transformation to and from can be achieved at will once certain gameplay criteria/roleplay rituals are met and loyalty to Mehrunes Dagon has been proven, allowing for a welcome level of variety and versatility throughout the playthrough. And most importantly, the synergy between the two forms reigns, as the casting of the former just so happens to power the enchantments of the latter's demonic cudgel, and both share in the philosophy of the best defense being a good offense, as they rely heavily on the distracting capabilities of conjured minions (and little else) to tank whatever damage is thrown their way. This kind of vulnerability enforces a combat style that is far more thrilling than your typical build's, and one which demands a more tactical and rewarding approach.


    Race: Dunmer Vampire

    • No race is better suited to embrace the hell-fires of Oblivion thematically than the Dark Elves, and their Ancestor's Wrath racial power even has a wonderful place among this build's arsenal!


    • Dark Cleric: Dawnguard Full Helm/Gauntlets, Vampire Boots/Armor (of Destruction)
    • Evil Commander: Solitude Guard Helm, Daedric Armor, Ebony Boots/Gauntets (of Conjuration)


    Stone: Ritual/Lord


    • Major: Conjuration, Destruction, Restoration, Smithing
    • Minor: Two-Handed, Illusion, Block


    • Dark Cleric: Ignite, Close Wounds, Conjure Bone/Mist/Wrathmen
    • Evil Commander: Conjure Flame Atronach, Conjure Flaming Familiar, Conjure Dremora Lord


    • Fire Breath/Dragonborn Flame, Dismay, Soul Tear, Drain Vitality, Become Ethereal

    Stats: 3/2/1

    Build: Level 40 - Click Here!




    The Dark Cleric

    Your most immediate goal right out of the gate is to obtain and power up Azhidal's Ring of Arcana (and more specifically the Ignite spell only available while wearing the ring) with the Augmented Flames perks in the Destruction tree and, eventually once enough training can be afforded, Aspect of Terror in the Illusion tree. Other fire spells can be wielded prior, but there's no looking back once this beast is unleashed; it's well-documented how devastating the spell can become, absolutely incinerating enemies with stackable damage-over-time powerful enough to warrant no need for any sort of dual-casting. Simply pelt your enemies with this spell and proceed to kite them as they rapidly melt before you in the most Mehrunes Dagon-approved manner imaginable. This also allows for Healing spells to be wielded in the off-hand in the possibility that an enemy might land a blow on you before becoming the personification of charred Skeever hide, which in turn creates perfectly balanced gameplay: wield your defense in one hand and offense in the other.

    Your next primary goal should be embarking on the Dawnguard questline and siding with the Volkihar in order to obtain a Deathhound follower and some Soul Cairn summons, as the presence of a follower and the preemptive conjuring of some undead minions before engaging in any combat scenario could spell the difference between life or death. The vulnerability of this class simply requires the distractions as its only proactive form of defense. But with the raw power of Destruction being wielded without regard for life or limb, there is also very little need for defense to begin with. Once the pillars of Destruction, Conjuration, and Restoration are in place, it's time to get the roleplay on and obtain everything necessary for transformation, which should prove to be quite the task.

    Consider it all part of your ritual for bringing about the return of the Prince of Destruction, as you must ensure you've forged and retrieved all the necessary relics to summon forth the Evil Commander of the forces of Oblivion (and by merging some necessary gameplay goals with fitting roleplay objectives, you can ensure you're ready to kick ass and take names right out of the gate when you transform). The following must be obtained in order to prove worthy of Mehrunes Dagon's favor: (1) the Champion's Cudgel (along with some ranks in the Augmented Flames/Frost/Shock perks to empower it), (2) enough Smithing prowess to forge and improve the required Legendary Daedric and Ebony gear, (3) any Solitude Guard's head on a pike (as their helm is the final badass piece of the aesthetic puzzle), (4) the Conjure Flaming Familiars Spell, Ring of Erudite and any Conjuration cost-reduction necklaces necessary to summon forth a relentless assault of Hell-Hounds, and last but not least, (5) Mehrunes' Razor (just because!). By the time the ritual is complete and the necessary gear, perks and spells are acquired (which actually should sync up pretty well with the completion of Pieces of the Past at level 20), you'll probably be itching for some in-your-face combat after all that casting, and ready to embrace the Daedric gift of sheer power from your Lord and Master as you become...




    The Evil Commander

    Go from summoning measly undead minions to commanding the forces of Oblivion itself! Go from slinging Destruction from afar to wielding it in in-your-face Warhammer form! By the time the Legendary Ebony and Daedric gear has been Smithed (also providing some slight but welcome improvement in defense), the Augmented Flames, Frost and Shock perks should be heavily-enough invested into that the Champion's Cudgel will become a weapon of mass, well, Destruction. Each of the six ranks of those perks further boosts the strength of the Chaos Damage enchantment, and the eventual acquisition of the Necromage perk will cement its dominance yet still, without even a single perk or skill increase in the Two-Handed tree (though making up for lost ground in order to reach the Sweep perk should become a primary objective once this form is unlocked, so to speak). This warhammer will lay the absolute smackdown with little regard for armor rating or resistance.

    The necklaces and armor pieces "of Eminent, Extreme & Peerless Destruction" your former self should have sought out should now be traded for those of "such and such Conjuration" for this form. Raising the measly dead might fit a cleric of the dark variety pretty damn well, but raising Hell fits this guy even better. Flame Atronachs pelt enemies with hellfire from afar and Flaming Familiars are just about the coolest thing going: when I first laid eyes on the armor combination that inspired this build, I imagined him standing at the forefront of battle, arm raised and finger pointing towards his victims in utterance of a silent command, as flaming Hellhounds rushed forth in droves, throwing themselves mercilessly at his foes in explosions of magma and death. This game totally lets that become a reality, and anyone who believes the spell to be lackluster might want to think again: these are essentially homing missiles with absurd range that can be used to soften up foes from afar before smashing their skulls in with your Cudgel of Eminent, Extreme, Peerless Skull-Raping. Oh and then there's Dremora Lords to boot (No. Explanation. Necessary.)




    The Dawn of Destruction

    The Volkihar questline is an absolute blast to play through when you adopt the mindset of not giving two shits about the vampire scum who are unwittingly joining forces with someone who just so happens to have even more devious plans up his sleeve than those bloodsuckers' own. Sure you're teaming up with them, but in the back of your mind you're simply using them, and have no qualms about lighting them or any of their undead brethren ablaze with the glory of unholy Hell-fires. Utilizing their very best relics with your own agenda is also a truly rewarding experience: it's hard not to shake your head and chuckle at Harkon & co. when they meet their demise at the hands paws of the Hell-Hounds you've bombarded them with thanks to all the extra magicka from the very Ring of Erudite with which they provided you. Sounds like the basis for some special moves too, no?



    A true Dark Cleric of Destruction can wield holy light in the unholiest of manners: Ancestor's Wrath and Stendarr's Aura can be stacked, and boosted by the Augmented Flames and Necromage perks (as well as found/purchased Fortify Destruction/Restoration potions!) to set the undead ablaze should they prove to be a hindrance to your plans. Remain untouchable as Draugr and the like melt before you.

    Become Ethereal + Stendarr's Aura + Ancestor's Wrath (boosted by Augmented Flames + Necromage)



    A true Evil Commander of the forces of Oblivion can overrun the battlefield with various flaming forms of death and destruction. The AoE damage of repeated Flaming Familiar bombardments from afar (really, really afar) can leave multiple enemies on the brink of death-by-Fire Breath by the time they enter its range, leaving yet more firey minions in their place thanks to Dragonborn Flame!

    Ring of Erudite + Flaming Familiars + Fire Breath (boosted by The Fire Within + Dragonborn Flame)



    This build is essentially all about embracing the roleplay and gameplay in equal parts, the same way its own combat style is broken down into its two synergistic halves. There are tons of neat little elements that meld together like the flesh and bones of your melted foes throughout the playthrough which will absolutely allow you to embody pure evil; Hell, even a bloodshot arrow fired into the heart of the sun can make for a truly badass manner of heralding the transformation from Mythic Dawn's premiere cleric to Mehrunes Dagon's most devastating Daedric warmonger. As such, this is pretty easily the most badass build I've made yet, and I truly hope it ends up standing tall atop the charred and rotting remains of everybody else's submissions for the first ever Character Building Contest. So may the best build win!

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    July 10, 2013

    First, that is an absolutely awesome name... and as you well know... also an M:tG card!  You have my like!

  • July 10, 2013
    Thanks, friend! The inspiration for a Cleric that "transforms" into a badass hellion came from stumbling across that card in search of artwork for a build. Then the Mythic Dawn theme came into the picture and everything just fell into place perfectly!
  • ICE
    July 10, 2013

    you put a lot of time into his with some bad ass pic good stuff +1

  • July 10, 2013
    Thanks, KhaoTiK! I did, and pretty much lucked out with the theme of this one since it was basically the final piece of the puzzle for the build I'd already put quite a bit of time and effort into.
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    July 10, 2013

    Use a pacify spell  on Sorine during the quest Destroying the Dawnguard to get Stendarr's Aura if you sided with the Volkihar, just in case anyone didn't know.

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    July 10, 2013

    Yeah, that's some very nice Kismet going on!



    (See what I did there?)

  • July 10, 2013
  • July 10, 2013
    You're not even a judge you jackass lol. :P
  • July 10, 2013
    why the derpy evil commander set?