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Character Build: The Tavári

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  • March 27, 2013

    A Tavári elf with his Familiar

    Rumors have been passing about a small band of Bosmer called Tavári recently in Skyrim. Tavári are Bosmer who are corrupted by Molag Bal and have been seen appearing as decayed and elderly, as they have aged greatly while being trapped in Oblivion.

    Usually being pacifistic and causing no trouble outisde of direct threats to their well-being, Bosmer have never been known to instigate war on other races. However, Molag Bal imprisoned a group of Bosmer in his realm Coldharbour for many years in an attempt to harvest their souls. The Bosmer, having great knowledge, resisted his attempt. Molag Bal, being impressed with this group of  Bosmer's resistance and their abilities, offered them the gift of Vampirism. The Bosmer refused as they saw vampires as a curse on the wild. Molag Bal was furious and in turn injected the Wood Elves' souls with great weakness.

    In order to remain free, Tavári have been forced to become masters of Blood Magic and have learned to manipulate the blood of their own as well as their enemies.



    -Your goal is to gain even more knowledge than you already have to somehow break free of this curse. You have become a soul harvestor and gained a knowledge of Blood Magic.
    -Your role as a Wood Elf has been corrupted. No longer do you see animals in the wild as companions. You see them as souls and life for you to harvest.
    -Kill everything you find in the wild. You need to fullfill Molag Bal's curse.
    -The bow is still your mastery.
    -You are not an assassin and you have not totally lost your pacifistic ways. In towns you are there solely to empty your pockets of wasted findings. That dagger? HA! Get some gold for it. Do not speak to anyone other than merchants or people who are there to further your interests. Most towns in Skyrim want nothing to do with your kind anyway.

    The Build

    RACE - Bosmer

    ATTRIBUTES - 3/2/0

    STANDING STONES - You will be under The Mage Stone. Your worship of Hermaeus Mora gives you incredible knowledge to gain schools of magic, which you are not familiar with. However, as your knowledge of Blood Magic starts to grow, Molag Bal begins to call you back to Coldharbour....leaving you with The Shadow Stone in later game. As a powerful Blood Elf you fade in and out of Oblivion.


    ARCHERY - You were a master then, you are a master now. However, you have enchanted your bows with the power to harvest souls and suck the life right from the enemies' veins.
    ENCHANTING - By furthering your knowledge of the arcane in order to stay free you are able to enchant yourself with protection, as well as with the dark arts required to keep yourself mortal.
    CONJURATION - If anything positive was to come of your time spent in Coldharbour, it was the power to summon the Deadra themselves into Tamriel.
    ALTERATION - You have learned to alter the blood of your enemies as well as your own. You can make enemies' blood stop moving all together as well as toughen your own into stone.


    DESTRUCTION - You have learned to manipulate your own blood. Within a moments notice you can ignite the very veins themselves, creating havoc all around you.
    RESTORATION - Your blood is your own, and with greater knowledge so is your ability to keep that blood flowing.
    LIGHT ARMOR - Plain clothing is not enough to keep you living, especially with Molag Bal on your back. You need a bit of protection.


    BECOME ETHEREAL - You are able to fade between Tamriel and Oblivion. With this comes an arsenal of abilities.
    DRAIN VITALITY - The enemy's life is your own. You have total control of their aura.
    SUMMON DURNEHVIIR - You have gained to ability to summon the ultimate creature from Oblivion. A dragon. Unleash this force on your enemies when needed.


    You don't respect the Vampires, but they do have some useful armor for you to loot from their dead(er) bodies. 

    1. ARMOR OF THE BLOOD - Royal Vampire Armor. [+125% Magicka Regen]

    2. HOOD OF KNOWLEDGE - Vampire Hood. [Foritfy Magicka + Fortify Alteration]

    3. GLOVES OF THE BLOOD ELF - Vampire Gauntlets. [Fortify Archery + Fortify Magicka]

    4. FIREFROST LEGGINGS - Thalmor Boots. [Resist Fire + Resist Frost]

    5. BLOODBIND RING - Silver Ruby Ring. [Fortify Alteration + Fortify Destruction]

    6. NECKLACE OF KNOWLEDGE - Silver Sapphire Necklace. [Foritfy Magicka + Fortify Magicka Regen]

    7. BOW OF MOLAG BAL - Daedric Bow. [Fiery Soul Trap + Absorb Health]

    Enchantments in red = primary enchantments. Enchantments in blue = enchantments added with the "Extra Effect" perk.

    Before the "Extra Effect" perk is attained, carry 2 bows actively. One enchanted with "Fiery Soul Trap" and the second enchanted with "Absorb Health".


    All Of Dawnguard (Side with the Dawnguard), The College Of Winterhold.

    All other quests are not essential to this build but can be played however you desire, However, the other faction questlines do not fit this character's motives.


    Archery and Destruction provide a large arsenal of offensive attacks. Your bow is great for singling out a specific target. You will be using the bow at range and up close. By not using melee weapons you will need to hone your aim and be sure you can dispatch enemies from afar as well as point-blank. Use your Eagle Eye and Steady Hand to put your arrows where they matter.

    The flames of Destruction magic will serve as a great alternative, and is best used when under pressure of multiple enemies. Combining AOE spells upfront to stun-lock and set enemies aflame will provide a great head start, opening you up to switch to your bow and finish them off.

    Alteration and Conjuration will also provide great buffers to put even more distance between your enemies and yourself. Familiars and Daedra will provide distraction, allowing you to comfortably fire your bow without interruption. Flesh spells should be casted before battle when you anticipate falling victim to damage and to help you from having to switch out while surrounded. Paralyze spells will create a good escape method, or serve as a great time to deal direct damage.


    Oblivion Fade (Novice) - Conjure Familiar + Become Ethereal

    The Tavári fades into Oblivion while simultaneously summoning Daedra into Tamriel to protect him. (Higher levels can replace Conjure Familiar with more advanced summons.)

    Ignite Blood (Adept)- Flame Cloak + Become Ethereal

    By igniting his own blood, the Tavári creates a whirlwind of devastation while remaining out of the plane of Tamriel in order to protect himself.

    Control Blood (Expert) - Paralyze + Drain Vitality

    You have full control of the enemy's blood.

    Blood Blast (Expert) - Become Ethereal + Dual Cast Fireball + Impact + Fire Rune

    The Tavári fades to Oblivion, then explodes into Tamriel with flames.

    (Cast this spell chain in the middle of a group. When staggered, immediately follow up the Fireball spell with a well placed Fire Rune. Lower level versions of this spell are possible. This is just the expert level.)

    Blood Ritual Of Oblivion (Master) - Mass Paralysis + Summon Durnehviiir + Flame Wall

    In the ultimate ritual, the Tavári freezes the blood of surrounding enemies and calls forth a great being from Oblivion. He then follows up with walls of flame from his hands.

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    March 27, 2013
    Love this build when I get a chance I'm playing it! I like the stone choices to. Very creative
  • Member
    March 28, 2013

    A Dawnguard Build where you side with the dawnguard and use Vampire Armor? Interesting. Just a question: Why not use Vampire Boots instead of Thalmor boots? +1!

  • Member
    March 28, 2013

    Really nice idea! +1

  • March 28, 2013

    Yes! Mostly for cosmetic reasons. The look fits the build and the Vampire hood is only attainable while sided with the Dawnguard. The vampire hood and gaunlets are hard to come by so I recommend holding on to them until able to fully enchant them. I liked the look of Thalmor boots along with this set and the slight loss of armor rating is no big deal. You aren't really chasing armor rating. Thalmor gloves look great as well if in need of gloves while holding off on enchanting the gauntlets.

  • March 29, 2013

    if you side with the vampires, you can buy all vampire armour pieces from their blacksmith, and you could always use another hood from radiant raiment in solitude. the vampire hood can be found at the hall of the vigilant. this way you can be with the volkihar and still have the awesome look.

  • March 29, 2013
    I didn't know that, as I've only ever looted these items. However siding with the vampires doesn't fit this build and is the whole reason this character is in this predicament in the first place ;)
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    March 29, 2013

    Nice build, btw just thought I'd let you know that Drain Vitality doesn't replenish the player's stats like it does for dragons, it simply damages the enemy. Disappointing I know, you might want to adjust your Control Blood special move.

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    March 29, 2013

    Fair enough :) Awesome build!

  • March 30, 2013
    Thanks. I was doing that move and failed to even notice that! I still like the effect though. You're right that is very disappointing!