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Character Build: The Arcane Barbarian

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    February 21, 2013

    After the Oblivion Crisis, many mages throughout Tamriel sought ways to better harness the powers of Oblivion for good. They recreated an ancient Snow Elf combat style, seamlessly blending use of magic, bound weapons, and protective spells which is still seen in the Falmer today. This combat style was applied to create four new classes of fighter: the Arcane Bladesman, wielding the bound sword, the Arcane Assassin, wielding the bound dagger, the Arcane Marksman, wielding the bound bow, and the Arcane Barbarian, wielding the bound battleaxe…

    The Arcane Barbarian

    Before I go on, I'd like to give a big thank you to Teccam for these awesome screenshots; they really help make the build! You can check out the whole album here. Now then, as you guys probably know, Ponty has made the Arcane Bladesman, Marksman, and Assassin builds that use the Bound Sword, Bow, and Dagger respectively alongside flesh spells, leaving the Bound Battleaxe absent on account of the fact that he believed it wouldn’t work too well with flesh spells. So I decided to prove him wrong, and make a Bound Battleaxe build in the style of his Arcane series.

    Race: I recommend Orc. Berserker Rage is too good a power to pass up on for this build, and they also get +5 boosts to Two-Handed and Block.

    Stone: The Lord Stone is the ideal choice, primarily for the extra 50 Armor Rating, but the 25% Magic Resistance is quite nice as well.

    Stats: In the early going, go with a 1/1/0 ratio. Once you have a decent Magicka pool that will let you cast a flesh spell, summon an atronach, and conjure the Bound Battleaxe, go with 1/3/1. The Arcane Barbarian, despite being a fighter build, isn’t too stamina intensive since the Bound Battleaxe is weightless, making power attacks use less stamina, and there’s no armor to weigh him down.

    Apparel: The Alik’r Hood with Ulfric’s Clothes/Bracers/Boots provides a nice, stylish look. This obviously necessitates the completion of the Imperial side of the Civil War questline. The bracers, despite being light armor, do not interfere with Mage Armor. With self-made enchanting potions, you can also make somewhat decent enchantments. I put alteration on the hood, conjuration on the clothes, and two-handed on everything else.

    Shouts: I used Unrelenting Force for crowd control, Become Ethereal for safely closing in on distant enemies and casting Master level Alteration Spells, and Marked For Death against particularly tough foes. As such, you’ll want to do the Main Quest up to completing the Horn of Jurgen Windcaller for Unrelenting Force and the first word of Become Ethereal, and Destroy the Dark Brotherhood for the first word of Marked For Death.


    Two-Handed: The Arcane Barbarian is trained in the use of the Bound Battleaxe. Focus on getting Barbarian and the power attack perks. Note that due to a glitch, the Bound Battleaxe is unaffected by Limbsplitter.

    Block: While relying on Mage Armor for defense leaves something to be desired, complimenting it with Block helps to further soak up incoming damage. Grab Quick Reflexes, all ranks of Shield Wall, and the bash perks on the right side of the tree.

    Alteration: Extensive knowledge of Alteration grants the Arcane Barbarian the power to shield himself from physical damage, better resist magic, and eventually paralyze enemies. Try to get all the perks in this tree except for Alteration Dual Casting and, for those without the Unofficial Skyrim Patch, Atronach, due to the spell absorption glitch.

    Conjuration: In combat, the Arcane Barbarian summons both Flame Atronachs and the Bound Battleaxe. Perkwise, you should get Apprentice Conjuration and all of the Atronach and Bound Weapon perks.

    Alchemy: The Arcane Barbarian uses potions to heal himself and fortify his skills and poisons to coat his Bound Battleaxe. The primary perks you should aim for are Alchemist, Concentrated Poison, and Benefactor.

    In total, you should have 50 perks once the build is completed.

    Alchemical Concoctions

    Restore Health: As your primary means of healing, you'll want to have a bunch of potions with this effect on you at all times.

    Restore Stamina: You shouldn’t be running out of stamina that often, but it's still nice to have a backup option.

    Fortify Two-Handed/Fortify Marksman: Your damage booster, naturally. Unfortunately, there are only a few ingredients with fortify two-handed as an effect, so you can use fortify marksman as an alternative, since it actually boosts all forms of physical damage due to a glitch.

    Resist Magic: While your inherent magic resistance from your Alteration perks and the Lord Stone should be enough by endgame, you may want a little extra for tougher battles (e.g. dragons) fought earlier on in the game.

    Paralysis: This will be your only source of paralysis in the early going, though you can use the Paralyze spell as an alternative once you perk Expert Alteration.


    You might find it odd to play an Orc that uses neither physical weapons nor armor, so I came up with a backstory for that reason. Born in an Orc Stronghold, the Arcane Barbarian was trained from a young age in the art of fighting with large, two-handed weapons. However, he wanted to see more of the world, and thus joined the Imperial Legion. It was there that his ultra-aggressive fighting style earned him the nickname of “The Barbarian.” Despite Orcish stereotypes, however, he began to read books in his spare time, particularly anything to do with the arcane. He was honorably discharged from the legion a month before the Stormcloak Rebellion began. Following that, he spent some time in the Imperial City, reading and studying more, and eventually setting out for the College of Winterhold for the opportunity to formally study magic. However, he was captured with some Stormcloaks when he crossed into Skyrim, and with no way of proving his status as an ex-Legionnaire, he was sent to Helgen to be executed.


    In the early going, your magicka reserves aren’t going to be enough to let you cast a flesh spell, summon an atronach, and conjure the Bound Battleaxe all in one battle, so simply stick to casting just the flesh spell and use a standard battleaxe. Eventually, you’ll be able to conjure a Bound Battleaxe, and after that be able to summon an atronach as well. The flame atronach is our summon of choice for two reasons. First, it is an apprentice level spell, just like the Bound Battleaxe. Secondly, its attacks are ranged, which nicely complements our melee range barbarian. Something to note is that since the Bound Battleaxe is weightless and thus uses little stamina for power attacks, it's comparatively easy to stagger-lock an enemy into submission compared to other battleaxes.

    The main problem with using the Bound Battleaxe with this build is that due to its status as a two-handed weapon, it swings slowly, and you yourself move slowly midswing, hindering your ability to dodge incoming attacks. This wouldn’t be an issue if you could tank in heavy armor, but unless you use Dragonhide, Alteration’s flesh spells won’t be providing a ton of defense. Thus, the Arcane Barbarian’s strategy is to overwhelm the enemy with powerful offense before they can kill him, with only momentary pauses to block. However, the Bound Battleaxe’s damage can be lacking at higher levels, so this build does just about everything possible to keep the damage up. Aside from getting all ranks of Barbarian and Mystic Binding, this build also uses fortify Two-Handed enchantments and potions as well as debilitating poisons to keep the damage up. Using Marked For Death liberally also helps; with all three words, it decreases an opponent’s armor rating by 75 points per second. If all else fails, you can use Berserker Rage to double damage output.

    The combat itself is pretty simple. Cast your flesh spell, summon a Flame Atronach, conjure the Bound Battleaxe, use any potions, poisons, or shouts relevant to the situation, and charge in. Use power attacks liberally - the Bound Battleaxe’s weightlessness means that they cost very little stamina - and block blows as necessary. Finally, be sure to drink potions to regain Health and Stamina, since switching to a Restoration spell will cancel the Bound Battleaxe spell.

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  • February 21, 2013
    Speed and power! +1
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    February 21, 2013

    Interesting, I am working on a build that centers around the bound battleaxe as well, but it is sufficiently different. I started with almost exactly this, but it wasn't really working too well, but obviously it worked for you. +1

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    February 21, 2013

    I probably should have specified a little more in the opening paragraph: there has been no love for a build that is centered around the Bound Battleaxe. Changing that now. The Histmaster is centered around a mechanic utilizing Histskin and Equilibrium, not the Bound Battleaxe, even though it uses it.

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    February 21, 2013
    Perhaps a better choice for potion would be 'Dragontongue-flyamanita-moratapinella'. Gives you a fortify twohand with a secondary effect of stamina regen which can be great for berserking your way through a crowd; can also make a potion with regen health instead of the stamina if that is more to your liking. You can also use fortify conjuration potions to make your spells last longer (base alchemy with perks gives you 75% longer lasting conjuration spells).
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    February 21, 2013

    When I first saw this I was like 'uugh, another guy stealing half my content and making something rubbish.' I like what you've done with it though, so I'm glad I proved myself wrong! I like how you've capitalized on pressing the attack - it's what I envision bound weapon builds to be all about given the very low stamina costs - and by the sounds of things you've managed to make it work with Alchemy.

    May I ask what difficulty you tried this on?

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    February 21, 2013

    Ooh, that first one's a good potion. I'll have to add that. I find conjuration spells last long enough to not worry with Fortify Conjuration potions though.

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    February 21, 2013

    I'm glad you liked it, needless to say, your Arcane Bladesman and Marksman builds were the inspiration for this! I'm not terribly good at Skyrim, so I tried it on Adept and it worked out fairly well. The real test of this build though would be to play it on Master when the player character is at higher levels when the Bound Battleaxe's damage isn't as impressive. I'd imagine with high enough crafting skills it'd be doable though, and if not Berserker Rage is practically like lower the difficulty two notches for while it's in effect.

  • September 11, 2019

    I always wanted to see an Arcane Barbarian. The Bound Battle Axe gets no love, some would say it doesn't deserve much, but being able to work around its limitations is the mark of a good character builder! :D