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The Paths of a Paladin

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    November 13, 2012

    You asked, and I delivered! Here's some extra paths for my Paladin build, some from me and the Character Building community! Feel free to suggest and discuss in the comments!

    If I really like your idea I'll build on it further and put in a full section up here complete with screenshot! Otherwise I'll have a link to the comment for each suggestion.

    Each path should have an equipment set, a stat spread, a new skill (and potentially skill swap), a perk spread, how the content specific to their path affects how you can play, and maybe a special move specific to that path. People who have played a Cleric in D&D will be familiar with this kind of thing.

    Making your own:When making your own path, there's a few things you should stick to. You should at least champion some kind of just cause or set of beliefs, consider this something that the common citizen would approve of. Fighting undead, rooting out bandits, slaying dragons, spreading the influence of a good or neutral patron, meaning many Daedric Lords are out of the question. Stealing for Nocturnal, enthralling random citizens for the glory of Molag Bal, just running around killing people because Mehrunes Dagon is into that sort of thing - not something a Paladin would do. As I said in the original build a Paladin shouldn't intentionally commit evil/chaotic acts (murdering innocents, doing stuff for personal gain rather than the greater good, etc).

    You should then think up a bonus skill to complement the existing skillset of the Paladin (see link up top), and perhaps swap out a skill in favor of something that goes well with the bonus skill. Within reason of course - we aren't seeking to completely change the playstyle with something stupid like Illusion and Sneak but complement the existing playstyle in some way, like the Warrior of Shor using Two-Handed to improve his ability to fight large numbers of enemies and do more damage. Perhaps include a gear set/stat spread as well. And make sure your race, skills and beliefs align with your patron! If you think you have a really good idea, PM it to me (make sure you mention what you want to add me for in your friend request).

    Table of Contents

    1. Champion of Auri-El
    2. Warrior of Shor
    3. Avenger of Magrus
    4. Exorcist of Ebonarm
    5. Justicar of Julianos
    6. Ordinator of Diagna
    7. Guardian of the North
    8. Knight of Kyne
    9. Histborn Liberator
    10. Twilight Defender
    11. Exemplar of Trinimac
    12. Apostle of Mara
    13. Hand of the All-Maker


    Champion of Auri-El

    Idea by Hunter & Ponty

    The Champion of Auri-El seeks to spread his influence once more. The sovereign of the Snow Elves has been all but forgotten by the masses of Tamriel - while one of his other aspects, Akatosh, is still worshipped widely. While the Champion may not be one of the Snow Elves themselves, they encountered the Chantry of Auri-El in their travels, and have grown ever more devout since then. The Champion seeks to be like the Snow Elves of old, adopting their armor and using Auri-El's favoured weapons. They are much more mobile than a typical Paladin, and have a larger emphasis on ranged combat.

    *This path heavily utlises Dawnguard content. I wouldn't recommend it if you don't have Dawnguard.

    Recommended Race: Bosmer. Using bows is a major part of this path, and we substitute Heavy Armor for light - Bosmer recieve boosts to both of these.

    Stats: 1 Magicka | 3 Health | 3 Stamina. The Champion of Auri-El relies more on weapons than magic. With high mobility, they don't need to heal as often and can forgo protection spells at times. Increased stamina allows them to make full use of their light armor.

    Perk Spread: Level 20 | Level 40 | Level 60

    Bonus Skill: Archery. A Champion of Auri-El is skilled in Auriel's Bow, a very powerful artifact. They have a larger focus on ranged combat than a Hero of the Divines.

    Skill Swap: Swap Heavy Armor for Light Armor. Shields aren't affected by armor perks so Auriel's Shield is fine to use.

    Equipment: Custom Enchanted Ancient Falmer Armor, Auriel's Bow, Auriel's Shield, Dawnbreaker, Elven Sword, Elven Bow (Auriel's Bow uses lots of charge), Custom enchanted circlet/hood of choice, Sunhallowed Arrows (these are free! Don't forget to get them!), Custom Enchanted Jewelry. This takes you up the Light armor side of Smithing up to just Elven Smithing.

    Gameplay: The rapid rate of fire on Auriel's Bow makes it a fearsome weapon, and is utterly deadly on undead. Sunhallowed arrows allow the Champion to deal with large groups, either with the AoE damage indoors or the sunbeam storm outside. You should try and land as many hits as possible with your bow before you get into melee, where you should use your mobility to your advantage. Don't forget that the Auriel's Shield bash ability can knockdown whole groups of enemies, giving you room to make a quick retreat with your bow.

    A Champion of Auri-El prepares to use the Sunbeam Strike ability of the Sunhallowed Arrows

    Warrior of Shor

    Idea by Ponty

    The Warrior of Shor is a fearsome combatant that holds strength at arms and valor above all else. He uses his abilities to combat evil and injustice throughout Skyrim, in hopes that someday he will join the Nord heroes in the Hall of Valor in Sovngarde. The Warrior is accustomed to taking on large numbers of enemies at a time, and handles much better than other Paladins in such battles. The Dawnguard relics offer him considerable abilities, and his skill in two-handed weaponry allows him to hit much harder than your typical fighter.

    *The way I envision this path uses Dawnguard content, though it is possible to do without.

    Recommended Race: Nord. It fits better with the lore I made for this path, and you get boosts to many of your used skills.

    Stats: 1 Magicka | 4 Health | 3 Stamina. The Warrior of Shor gets much of what little Magicka he needs from enchantments, instead focusing his advancement on physical prowess. As a heavy weapon user with little ranged capability high health and stamina are very useful.

    Perk Spread: Level 20 | Level 40 | Level 60

    Bonus Skill: Two-Handed. The Warrior's training lets him use many more weapon types, focusing on the Warhammer. The Dawnguard Rune Hammer provides amazing group fighting abilities with its enchantment and the Sweep perk. Two-Handed also gives the Warrior more reach and damage than a 1-handed weapon.

    Equipment: Custom Enchanted Steel Plate, Mage's Circlet, Dawnguard Rune Axe, Dawnguard Rune Hammer, Dawnguard Rune Shield, Custom Enchanted Jewelry. This takes you up the Light armor side of Smithing up to Advanced Armors.

    Gameplay: The Warrior is an elite melee combatant, but has no ranged attacks. In melee, choose your weapon carefully - the Warhammer is effective against larger groups but the axe and shield will be far better 1 on 1 when fighting a boss. The shield also has an area of effect damage aura when blocking so don't forget to use that. When fighting mages and archers, try and close the gap as quickly as possible with Whirlwind Sprint, and then sprint up to them. Once you have Block Runner you can just run at them with your shield raised and avoid the worst of their damage. Something important to note is that the Dawnguard Rune weapons use no charges, so they can be used on any enemy! The Axe also keeps track of how many undead you kill with it, which I think is really cool.

    The Warrior of Shor does battle with a powerful Necromancer

    Avenger of Magrus

    Ideas by Sanctus, Deadman, Varus, and Ponty

    *Note I'm going to be making up some of my own lore here. If any lore buffs have any suggestions here go right ahead.

    Usually in the Khajiit tribes of Elsewyr, those born under the rare alignment of Nirn's two moons, Masser and Secunda known as Manes, are made into leaders and given respect by other Khajiit. But some smaller tribes, however, see the light of one moon shining from behind the black silhouette of the other as a different sign. The Khajiit in these tribes born as the Mane, and occasionally exceptional members of other subraces, are inducted into the service of Magrus, the Guardian of Light in the Khajiit pantheon. These warriors, known as Avengers of Magrus, are trained in use of two-weapon fighting and medium armor, as well as the spells of protection, light and healing granted to them by Magrus. The natural ability to remain unseen and unheard of the Khajiit are also refined, making the Avenger ideal for hunting down evil wherever they might be hiding.

    Race: Khajiit. Crucial for roleplay (obivously).

    Stats: 1 Magicka | 2 Health | 2 Stamina. The Avenger relies on an all-out offense as well as restoration spells to stay alive.

    Perk Spread: Level 20 | Level 40 | Level 60

    Bonus Skill:Sneak. The Khajiit's natural stealth make the Avengers skilled sneaks, allowing them to position for an ideal ambush, size up their opponents and devise a strategy before striking, or deliver a devastating first strike.

    Skill Drop:Block. The Avenger dual-wields, so Block is unnecessary. The heavy investment in Sneak means we can't really take another skill (not that one would really fit into the playstyle anyhow).

    Equipment:Custom Enchanted Dawnguard Heavy Set, Mage's Circlet, The Gauldur Amulet, Dawnbreaker, Dawnguard War Axe (Unenchanted), Blades Sword. This takes you up the Light Armor side to Advanced Armors.

    Gameplay:The Avenger relies on opening combat on his terms from a position of strength, wether that be a sneak attack, charge, or Whirlwind Sprint from the shadows, and not letting up until his opponents are dead. He fights with a sword in his main hand, wether that be Dawnbreaker against the undead or a weapon more in the style of his people, the Blades Sword, and uses a Dawnguard War Axe in his offhand. This remains unenchanted to use Elemental Fury. I understand this isn't ideal but the Dawnguard War Axe looks so damn cool with a sword in the main hand. Always try and deliver sneak attacks with the axe - the higher base damage really adds up once you get the Backstab perk.

    You rely entirely on Shouts for ranged combat, which isn't entirely unreasonable - when Shouting near Khajiit NPCs, they will often exclaim "the Voice of the Mane!" - but you should close the gap as quickly as possible on ranged combatants while taking minimum damage. Don't forget to buff up with Flesh spells and Stendarr's Aura, and keep in mind you can quickly switch out your axe for a healing spell to regain Stamina with respite and continue the onslaught. Elemental fury is a key part of this build - with the Blessing of Talos it can almost be an 'always on' ability.

    An Avenger of Magrus destroys this vampire with Magrus' Light and a devastating flurry of blows


    Exorcist of Ebonarm

    Idea by Vix

    Reymon Ebonarm, The Black Knight, or simply Ebonarm, is the God of War and protector of all warriors. Ebonarm is an enemy of all the Daedric Lords except for Sheogorath, and is allied with no-one. His temples and shrines are scattered throughout Hammerfell and the Iliac Bay region. An Exorcist of Ebonarm is a warrior without peer and one of Ebonarm's followers. An Exorcist wears a distinctive suit of Ebony plate, and wields two different weapons - an Ebony sword against humanoid enemies and a magical blade against Daedra and the undead. This spirit blade can be conjured by the Exorcist, and along with his spells, can be used to banish Daedra back to the depths of Oblivion or send undead foes fleeing in terror.

    Race:Breton or Redguard. I recommend Breton for the significant Conjuration boost.

    Stats: 1 Magicka | 3 Health | 2 Stamina. The Exorcist uses Magicka primarily for Bound Sword and occasionally Banish spells - other than that he's more focused on martial talent.

    Perk Spread: Level 20Level 40 | Level 60

    Bonus Skill: Conjuration. As the saying goes, 'know thy enemy'; the Exorcist uses the school of Conjuration to banish Daedra with spells and conjured blades. NO Atronachs or Necromancy here.

    Equipment: Custom Enchanted Ebony Armor, Boots, Gauntlets, and Shield, Ebony Sword, Mage's Circlet, Custom Necklace and Ring. This takes us up the Heavy side of Smithing to Ebony.

    Gameplay: The first thing to do in combat is to choose your weapon - if you're up against undead, conjurers or offensive opponents, summon a Bound Sword. When you've got the Oblivion Binding perk (50 Conjuration), every strike will turn an undead enemy or instantly banish a conjured one. In addition, it's great against defensive opponents since you can repeatedly break their block with a power attack - bound weapons are weightless, meaning you can power attack more while still retaining the hitting power of a basic Daedric weapon. Otherwise, pull out your Ebony sword and kick some ass!

    An Exorcist of Ebonarm banishes a Flame Atronach with a single stroke of his weapon


    Justicar of Julianos

    Ideas by Ponty and James Gregory

    Julianos, the Divine of Wisdom and Logic, is revered by many magic users and scholars throughout Tamriel. It is no surprise then that some battlemages are among his faithful, to which he grants his power of the cleansing flame. The Justicar of Julianos is a holy Battlemage in the service of said divine who uses gifts of magic and wisdom, in addition to his already impressive abilities, to pass judgement on the wicked and unholy throughout Tamriel. Sacrificing some defensive capabilities by avoiding use of a shield for a more in depth understanding of magic and better training in heavy armor, the Justicar is to be feared at both long range and in melee combat.

    Race: Imperial. They're pretty much the ideal race for this path, with bonuses to Restoration, Destruction, Enchanting, Heavy Armor, and One-Handed.

    Stats: 2 Magicka | 3 Health | 1 Stamina. The Justicar is reliant on Destruction spells to soften enemies up and can use Restoration spells to restore Stamina once the Respite perk is acquired.

    Perk Spread: Level 20Level 40 | Level 60

    Bonus Skill: Destruction. The Justicar uses this magic school to become a very versatile combatant, skilled in both ranged and melee.

    Skill Drop: Block. Given the Justicar fights with a spell and sword, he doesn't use a shield at all.

    Equipment: Custom Enchanted Ebony Armor, Gauntlets and Boots, Apprentice Hood, Custom Enchanted Ring, Amulet of Julianos, Dawnbreaker, Ebony Sword. This takes us up the Heavy side of Smithing to Ebony.

    Gameplay: Open up combat with a barrage of spellfire from range, severely weakening opponents before engaging them in close combat. Choose your weapon wisely - Dawnbreaker for undead opponents and the Ebony sword for others. When in melee don't forget to use melee buffs like Flesh spells and Flame Cloak. Flame Cloak doesn't appear to do much damage at first but it can really stack up. Don't forget you have area spells like Fireball to take care of groups of foes, or if you need a break, the Voice of the Emperor power. Keep in mind you're largely relying on Restoration for your Stamina - which you'll probably need a bit of since your sword is your only form of stagger. Remember to dodge about in melee combat with the Conditioning perk, and avoid magical attacks with Wards. Something that really suits this guy is to put away your spell when doing a killmove on a downed opponent, you reverse your weapon and plunge it into their back while they're crawling around on the ground, super badass.

    The Justicar of Julianos passes judgement on this evil Master Vampire


    Ordinator of Diagna

    Idea by Deadman

    The Order of Diagna is one of the more famous knightly orders in Hammerfell. They are followers Diagna, the Lord of the Sideways Blade. The order was once the most recognized of the Ansei, who were the most masterful of the Swordsingers. The Order of Diagna are the ones responsible for the Siege of Orsinium, but have faded into obscurity since, their lord becoming a local spirit in the Dragontail Mountains. The Ordinators follow the traditional Swordsinger philosophy of honor through battle and protecting the weak. Redguards have an innate hatred for magic, daedra and the undead, and concentrate their studies more towards various potions and poisons than magical prowess. Many Ordinators travel through Skyrim on their Walkabout, a rite of initiation of sorts where they wander the country side righting wrongs, defeating monsters, performing quests in the name of virtue.

    Race: Redguard. Critical for roleplay and they get some nice skill boosts.

    Stats: 1 Magicka | 3 Health | 2 Stamina. The Ordinator isn't very reliant on magic.

    Perk Spread: Level 20Level 40 | Level 60

    Bonus Skill: Alchemy. The Redguard are skilled in guerrilla warfare, and study use of potions and poisons rather than magic.

    Equipment: Custom Enchanted Banded Iron Armor, Iron Boots, Iron Gauntlets, Alik'r Hood, Jewelry, Scimitar, Banded Iron Shield

    Gameplay: The first thing you might be wondering is how to make Banded Iron gear even any useful. I recommend you exploit smithing increases (Fortify Smithing gear/potions, Fortify Restoration glitch, that sort of thing) as much as you like - it's mostly for the look after all - to get it to an acceptable level (you want to be at about 450 armor rating by level 40). Make sure you use your alchemy to achieve this - restoration/enchanting/smithing potions will come in handy. In combat the Ordinator uses poisons to gain an upper hand - ranging from your basic damage health to weakness poisons to set up Shouts/make enchantments more useful, or even drop a paralysis to get a real advantage. As the Ordinator uses less Restoration than other Paladins he can also use buffing potions such as Fortify Heavy Armor, Fortify One-Handed and Fortify Restoration along with healing potions. Even though the focus is on poisons you can still make some pretty potent potions.

    An extremely effective tactic is to use Slow Time, Adrenaline Rush, and combo different poisons together - weakness to poison, ravage health, lingering damage health, damage health - this can be utterly devastating as you're unleashing a hail of poisoned power attacks all while time is slowed around you.

    The Ordinator of Diagna dispatches a bandit with ease


    Guardian of the North

    Ideas by NobodyBeast and Ponty

    The Guardian of the North is the embodiment of the old Nord values, and defends Skyrim from the evils that assail it - bandits, dragons, elves and, regrettably, the Imperials are amongst his enemies. He fights in a common Nord style - the war axe and shield - and can use restorative and defensive magic. In addition, he has a potent ranged arsenal, harnessing the power of the Voice as well as the destructive energies of the freezing north. While he is not associated with a single patron, he worships primarily Talos and Kyne, two typical Nord deities.

    Race: Nord. Their skill boosts line up with the skillset quite well and they're pretty much critical for roleplay.

    Stats: 1 Magicka | 3 Health | 1 Stamina. While he is using a magic skill as a bonus skill it doesn't need a heavy magicka investment.

    Perk Spread: Level 20Level 40 | Level 60

    Bonus Skill: Destruction. The Guardian can channel the power of the frozen north to devastate his foes with frost magic.

    Equipment: Custom Enchanted Dragonbone Armor, Boots, Gauntlets, Shield, and War Axe, Stormcloak Officer Helmet (the bear helm), The Gauldur Amulet, Custom Enchanted Ring

    Gameplay: Opening combat with frost magic can be devastating against most enemies, particularly if you have a suitable Nord follower along with you to shoot them as they approach. Once enemies are in range throw on a frost cloak (if you can cast it) and a flesh spell (if needed) and pull out your war axe. If you're fighting multiple opponents don't forget to try and get the axe bleed on all of them. Use a pretty standard axe/shield/heal routine here, and don't forget to use shouts! Grab the Blessing of Talos to give some more 'basic' shouts like Unrelenting Force and Whirlwind Sprint very short cooldowns, and use Frost breath - a underrated shout in my opinion - to slow enemies to half speed for over 5 seconds.

    The Guardian of the North battles a fearsome Dragon near Windhelm


    Knight of Kyne

    Idea by Deadman

    Kynareth, one of the Divines, is the goddess of the heavens, rains and nature, as well as the patron to travelers and sailors. To the Nords she is known as Kyne, who gave mortals the gift of the Thu'um to defeat the dragons. The Knight of Kyne is a fearsome warrior who fights for Kynareth, as well as the greater good. He is a defender of nature and justice who can command the power of the storm using Destruction magic. He also possesses a mastery of the Thu'um, and can use it to calm of rally wild beasts. He possesses two of Kynareth's artifacts, the Lord's Mail and the Boots of the Crusader.

    Race: It's really up to you. Kynareth is worshipped in some form or another by most races, though the Imperials have ideal skill boosts.

    Stats: 2 Magicka | 3 Health | 1 Stamina. The Knight of Kyne uses costly lightning magic from a distance, and can use healing spells to restore Stamina once .

    Perk Spread: Level 20Level 40 | Level 60

    Bonus Skill: Destruction. The Knight of Kyne can command the power of Kyne's storms.

    Equipment: Blades Armor enchanted with Resist Poison (Lord's Mail), Steel Plate boots enchanted with Fortify Stamina (Boots of the Crusader), Custom Enchanted Jewelry, Circlet and Gauntlets, Unenchanted Skyforge Steel Waraxe, Custom Enchanted Blades Shield. This takes us up the Light Armor side to Advanced Armors.

    Gameplay: Opening combat with Lightning magic is effective against almost every enemy in the game, and Chain Lightning is a sure way to thin out groups. Something to keep in mind is while lightning is hitscan (hits where you're pointing) it does have limited range. In melee, switch to your weapon+shield (go with Lightning Cloak if you like) and throw on Elemental Fury to decimate foes in seconds. With the Disintegrate perk, any enemy in range of your cloak that drops below 15% health is instantly destroyed - very powerful stuff. Don't forget to use the Animal Allegiance or Storm Call shouts for a huge boost in outdoor areas. Something cool to keep in mind for roleplay is the Voice of the Sky perk - if you read every tablet on the way up to High Hrothgar you get a buff for 8h real time that prevents animals from attacking you!

    The Knight of Kyne decimates these bandits with a powerful storm and his animal allies


    Histborn Liberator

    Idea by Ponty

    The Argonian race as a whole deeply respect, or even worship the Hist - an ancient race of sentient tree native to Tamriel. It is prized for its sap, that can be used to make armor, or its properties as a kind of drug. But for many argonians it has a more spiritual significance - they believe that when they die, their souls return to the Hist to be reincarnated as new Argonians. One small tribe of Argonians is home to a great Argonian warrior - the Liberator - a title which is passed down through the ages. Argonians can communicate with the Hist through physical contact, and the tree informs the tribe when the current Liberator dies. The next child the be born is supposedly the reincarnation of the Liberator, and is raised as a fearsome warrior, proficient magic user, and in the typical Argonian art of alchemy. When they come of age, they communicate with the Hist and receive the memories of their predecessor, and set out on their journey to aid Argonians and other downtrodden folks throughout Tamriel.

    Race: Argonian. Absolutely critical for roleplay.

    Stats: 1 Magicka | 3 Health | 1 Stamina. The Liberator needs alot of health to take advantage of health regeneration.

    Perk Spread: Level 20Level 40 | Level 60

    Bonus Skill: Alchemy. An Argonian's upbringing and environment naturally makes them skilled alchemists, and the Liberator specializes in Potions.

    Equipment: Custom Enchanted Orcish Armor, Boots, Gauntlets and Shield, Apprentice Hood, Forsworn War Axe, Custom Enchanted Jewelry. Use Regenerate Health enchantments where possible. This takes us up the Heavy Armor side of Smithing to Orcish Smithing.

    Gameplay: Open combat with a strike from a poison appropriate to the situation, typically being lingering damage health or damage Magicka regeneration. If you've got the stock, down a buff potion such as fortify one-handed as well. In a long fight, it's a good idea to drink a Fortify Health Regeneration pot at the start - the long duration is a real plus, and coupled with your Histskin ability can make you pretty much invincible! The Histborn doesn't have as much of a focus on Restoration, though it's still useful to restore health and stamina without wasting a ton of potions. In group fighting, you use an axe, so coupled with a Lingering Damage Health poison, you can quickly wear down multiple opponents at a time. Don't forget to make use of the Poison Rune spell on occasion, if you have it.

    The Histborn Liberator lands a telling blow on this Falmer on his quest to rescue Deerkeethus


    Twilight Defender

    Idea by Deadman

    The Twilight Defender is a follower of the Daedric Prince Azura. Azura, also known as Azurah, Queen of Dawn and Dusk, Mother of the Rose, and Queen of the Night Sky, controls the sphere or dusk and dawn, and the magic in-between realm of twilight. The Twilight Defender uses the power granted by Azura to protect and aid the inhabitants of Tamriel - primarily the Dunmer, the most devout of her followers - by combating evil wherever it is found. The Defender is skilled in use of heavy Dwarven armor, created by the Dunmer's cousins, blades, as well as healing and protective magic. In addition, powers granted by Azura allow the Defender to phase both himself and enemies between twilight, allowing for a combat style unmatched throughout Tamriel.

    Race: Azura's more prominent followers are the Dunmer and Khajiit, however the Dunmer's natural abilities lend much more to this path.

    Stats: 1 Magicka | 3 Health | 2 Stamina. The Defender relies on enchantments and shouts more than actual spells.

    Perks: Level 20Level 40 | Level 60

    Bonus Skill: None. The Twilight Defender instead focuses studying the other Paladin skills in-depth.

    Equipment: Custom Enchanted Dwarven Armor, Boots, Gauntlets, Dawn (Dwarven Sword with Flame enchant), Dusk (Dwarven Sword with Frost enchant), Custom Enchanted Copper Sapphire Circlet and Jewelry, Aetherial Shield. This takes us up the Heavy Armor side to just Dwarven smithing.

    Gameplay: As you might have guessed, a large part of the Twilight Defender's playstyle is based on the Aetherial Shield and Become Ethereal. I won't go over the standard Paladin playstyle here (you can read that in the actual build), I'll just mention the new stuff the Defender brings to the table. Firstly, Become Ethereal. You can use it to 'dodge' attacks - the level 1 version has a very short cooldown, regain Magicka and Stamina in safety, damage enemies constantly with your Dunmer racial, or close the gap on other foes without taking damage. One of the more interesting uses I found was that once you get the Shield Charge perk, you can knock enemies away while remaining in an ethereal state - very useful in large battles to scatter enemies. Which brings us to the Aetherial shield. This one is a bit of a game changer - you now have to use the shieldbash quite differently. Now it makes enemies invincible for around 6 seconds, and makes them flee - meaning they have to run back up to you again anyway. It's a great way to get a short respite to heal up, or to single out an enemy in a small group by bashing all his friends away.

    The Twilight Defender charges through this group of bandits in ethereal form, before landing a devastating blow on their leader


    Exemplar of Trinimac

    Ideas by Deadpool and Ponty

    Trinimac. Strong warrior-god of the early Aldmer. A name long forgotten by many of Tamriel's inhabitants after he was believed to have been corrupted into the Daedric Prince Malacath. But the Exemplar still remembers the old Trinimac. He seeks to spread knowledge of Trinimac in Skyrim and draw the orcs from their blind hatred of other races induced by Malacath. He achieves his quest primarily through deeds - by become a respected and feared warrior. Using a combination of traditional orcish equipment, Trinimac's blessing, and unmatched fighting skill, he is able to slaughter all manner of beasts, monsters and men. Striking terror into his opponents before crushing them beneath an all-out offense is the favored strategy of the Exemplar, and it is devastatingly effective.

    Race: Orc. Trinimac is closely related to Malacath and so are his followers.

    Stats: 1 Magicka | 2 Health | 1 Stamina. The Exemplar uses costly Fear spells and uses no shield.

    Perks: Level 20Level 40 | Level 60

    Bonus Skill: Illusion. The Exemplar strikes terror into the hearts of his foes.

    Skill Drop: Block. The Exemplar favors a heavier investment in magic skills and an all out offense.

    Equipment: Custom Enchanted Orcish Helmet, Gauntlets, Boots and Mace (while the mace is a low base damage weapon the gap will close as you reach higher smithing levels) ,  Custom Enchanted Dawnguard Heavy Armor (the darker one), Custom Enchanted Jewelry. This takes us up the Heavy Armor side to Orcish Smithing.

    Gameplay: Open combat with some Illusion magic/Dismay shout to cause weaker foes to run in terror, cast your armor spell, equip healing in your left hand and charge in. Don't let up with your mace strikes - keep performing power attacks between regular strikes to keep damage and stagger up. When your Stamina is low simply heal it back up with Respite. Against Illusion-immune enemies skip the first step, or in the case of undead you can still turn them. Don't forget to use your racial power when fighting tough enemies like high-level dragons and dungeon bosses, it is devastatingly effective at all levels!

    The Exemplar of Trinimac chases down a group of cowardly bandits as they flee in terror


    Apostle of Mara

    Ideas by Deadpool and Ponty

    Mara, one of the Divines, is the goddess of love and compassion. She blesses those who help her followers throughout Tamriel, and the Apostle is no different. Intolerant only of those who show intolerance, hating only those who hate, the Apostle wanders Skyrim aiding the peoples of the land, Mara's followers in particular. A skilled fighter and healer, the Apostle prefers to journey with others so that they can aid each other during their travels. The Apostle is able to inspire courage in the hearts of men, and calm the emotions of others - critical skills the Apostle uses to combat evil.

    Race: Any. Mara is revered in some form in almost all races of Tamriel. I chose Breton for the skill boosts however.

    Stats: 2 Magicka | 3 Health | 1 Stamina. A major part of the Apostle is supporting her follower.

    Perks:  Level 20Level 40 | Level 60

    Bonus Skill: Illusion. The Apostle can calm or rally those around her.

    Equipment: Custom Enchanted Steel Plate Armor, Boots and Gauntlets, Custom Enchanted Elven Shield (shields aren't affected by armor perks), Diadem of the Savant (Counts towards matching set perks for both light and heavy), Amulet of Mara, Custom Enchanted Ring, Sword of choice (I went for Skyforge Steel). This takes us up the Light Armor side to Advanced Armors.

    Gameplay: First, buff your follower with your Courage spell of choice and calm some of your enemies (assuming they're low enough level and not undead/daedra/constructs). Make sure you support your follower - block arrows/magic for them, distract enemies attacking them from behind, stagger their

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    December 30, 2012

    y an axe for the knight of kyne? Good job on all of them ponty! I am still wondering how any more skills could be incorporated. 

     Nice to seeba beast race paladin, many people would turn down say an argonian. What about orc paladin

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    December 30, 2012

    Kyne is primarily a Nordic deity, and the war-axe seems to be a fairly prominent Nord weapon!

    As for the Orc paladin neither me nor anyone else has managed to work out a path suited to orcs that is both unique in gameplay aspects and still fits in the Paladin mold, not to mention the Paladin 'code' - Malacath seems to pretty much just hate anyone who isn't an orc!

  • December 30, 2012
    Could the Mara paladin be an imperial, we don't have them as a paladin yet.
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    December 30, 2012

    *cough* Hero of the Divines *cough* Justicar of Julianos *cough*

  • December 30, 2012
    Oops I'm sorry, turns out the justicar of julianos is an imperial... Why do I keep skipping over that as if it doesn't exist?
  • December 30, 2012
    I thought the hero of the defines was a Breton or Nord... Oops
  • December 30, 2012
    I'm wondering, is it possible to have a high elf paladin? They don't seem the type to have paladins in their race
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    December 30, 2012

    No idea, I can't see how with a screenshot that good