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Character Build: The Barbarian

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    November 13, 2012


    This is my first class build, so any criticism you say won't offend me, in fact, it will motivate me for future builds. And believe me, I have tons of builds in my pocket, just not enough time. This is my main character class in Skyrim, this is the Barbarian.


    The Barbarian, walking around the town, seeking adventure...and heads!



    Swinging big weapons from child years, the barbarian is an expert at breaking limbs and chopping heads. She is big, strong, and doesn't fear anything. She is never tired, always swinging her weapon with huge amount of power and strength. She says that most of her kind come from Skyrim, but there are also some brave souls coming from Hammerfell too.



    Nord - This is the default race for a Barbarian, fitting Battle Cry racial, and good starting skills which most are for this class.

    Redguard- Combining the racial Stamina regeneration with The Lady stone will make you never run out of power attacks.


    Standing Stone:

    The Warrior - Use this Standing Stone until you get a decent skill level of your Two-Handed and the Smithing.

    The Lady - For greater Health and Stamina regeneration which gives you a slightly better survivability and more power attacks.


    Stat Distribution:

    0/3/2 in Magicka/Health/Stamina. You are fighting from close range so you will need Health and for power attacks the Stamina is essential. You don't use any kind magic so you don't need Magicka.


    A Redguard Barbarian looking to hunt some wild beasts to make herself an armor.



    Stormcloaks - The Stormcloaks are the true Barbarians in Skyrim, you must side with them because you belong there.

    Companions - This is the prime and the only faction for warriors. Also you might want to be a werewolf. 


    Major Skills:

    Two Handed - This is your main and only damage source. The weapon type is your choice, but it is recommended that you use a Battleaxe.

    Smithing - The Barbarians always make their weapons and armor, mostly from the prey they kill.

    Light Armor - For swift mobility, less weight, and increased stamina regeneration, this is the choice.

    Block- You don't use a shield to block, you use your big weapon, it is still effective. Also, your strength allows you to disarm enemies by power bashing.


    Minor Skills:

    Lycanthropy - You should always try to kill weaklings in your mortal form, but when you think you are going to die, just transform into a Werewolf and eat them all.

    Speech - Not really necessary, but everyone should respect and fear you because you are their hero. For those who don't want to listen, you can easily intimidate them, because you are strong.


    Perk Allocation: 

    Level 20 | Level 40 | Level 60


    Armor Progression, from Fur, to Dragonscale.



    You don't start the battles waiting for the enemy to come at you, you are the one who must charge at them for a critical hit. Bandits should be an easy job. Simply charge at them and just do a few power attacks and you will be the only one standing. For Bandit leaders, time their power attacks and block them. Mages might give you a bit of trouble early on. Try to avoid their projectiles as you charge at them, that is the hardest part. Never go for their summoned minions, because when you kill one, they will summon another one, plus the summoners are often less resilient than their minions. Once you get close to by charging at them, then it should be easy.



    When you are creating your character, adding scars and war paint is recommended, showing that you have been in lots of battles and lived to tell the tale. Always try to be the attention center when you walking around towns and villages. There are some people who never learn their place in the world and will often go against you, use your size and strength to advantage and Intimidate them as you speak and from then on, they will fear you. When given a quest to kill elves, always do that first than any other task, you are the prime enemy of all the elves, especially the Bosmer. Always help Nords and Redguards when they give you some tasks, and never help elves, no matter what the situation is. Always wear fur, hide, or scale armor.


    Ready for battle...



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    November 13, 2012

    Thanks, any advice that you can give me so that I can use it on further builds?

  • November 13, 2012

    I would recommend adding some game play. Also liking your own build is a big no.