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Character Build: Alice Incarnate

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    November 12, 2012

    Spoilers Ahead(Dragonborn, Hearthfire, Dawnguard)

    Guardian of the sacred magic imbued in Wonderland. You awoke one day in the country of Skyrim. Being taken to the headman, you start to remember what had happened. The Cheshire Cat had mentioned that another universe was on the verge of destruction. The Jabberwock was been resurrected by evil magics. His power has transcended worlds and imbued itself into Alduin, The World-Eater. The Jabberwock has put his power and soul as a prize for anyone whose Champion destroys Alduin. The Dollmaker has also been resurrected. He plans to take the power to not only control Wonderland, but Nirn as well. He is the Manipulator of the Infernal Train that nearly destroyed Wonderland. He is a master puppeteer, it is to be assumed that he already has control over few people in Skyrim: Harkon or Isran. Tullius or Ulfic. Even worse, does he have Miraak on his side? Entranced people on Solstheim, blood thirst vampires attacking men on the streets, Nord brothers divided by Civil War. Wonderland, and Nirn need your help, Brave Warrior. Use your Power well.


    You are an Alice incarnate. You must make your own way through this world with your Vorpal weapon in hand.


    Your Race choice is your own. Man or Mer is suggested for RP. But there are Cat's and Reptiles in Wonderland.


    Miraaks Robes+Gloves&Shoes: The Queen planned to use Miraak as the warden of her Tamrielic reign, but before she could begin his summonings, the Dollmaker took over the Standing Stones. Perhaps, the All-Maker, is the Dollmaker....


    Vorpal Blade- Chaos Damage+Soul Trap: The transfer of  your soul to Skyrim left your precious blade behind. Luckily, this gives you the power to create your own Vorpal weapon. Maybe a Dagger to silently shove into the back of your enemies? A sword or great-sword for the aspiring warrior. Hand-axe, battle-axe are also good choices. Or perhaps some sort of mace or war hammer? Your Vorpal Blade was swift and keen, but now you are in control of the shape. This is required by build. You must have a Vorpal Weapon.

    Auriel's Bow: A gift from the last Snow Elf, left from his people as a link to Auriel, an Elven God. This bow reminds you of the Gryphon, who helped you defeat the Jabberwock in Wonderland... It's hard not to miss him

    Bow of the Stag Prince: Hunting is fun! Why not get a blessing?

    Dwarven Black Bow of Fate: Steal the energies from your enemies. Ah, Hatter, your quirky words have always stuck. Too bad you're dead!


    Perk Placement Options:

    These builds are dependent upon what type of Vorpal Weapon you choose.

    One Handed:

    Two Handed:

    Both are done in the region of 55-56. You can invest points into smithing or conjuration. With the Sanguine Rose, It doesn't seem important. Except the Command and Expel Daedra Spells.


    Magic is a good back up to keep in case you become Disarmed. Wonderland had little magic to offer, but what followed you is powerful.

    Restoration is a good school to keep. Being able to Turn the dead is good in a pinch while you heal yourself. Spells: All one handed healing and turn spells as well as Undead Damage spells and Poison Rune.

    Destruction keeps you from being overrun. Blaze and Frost and Shock, OH MY! Spells: All Cloaks, Runes, and one handed spells.

    Illusion is your only tie to the Dollmaker, his years of torment haven't taught you nothing. Spells, all one handed and Fury Rune.

    Alteration is VITAL! Since this is a build with no armor, use flesh spells. Paralysis and Ash spells can become handy in a bind. Get it, Paralysis-Bind?

    Conjuration can be used to keep numbers up. Recommended spells: Atronachs, and Raise Dead.



    Staff of Magnus: The Jabberwocks Eye Staff is reconstituted in Skyrim as the staff of a god. Use it well.

    Sanguine Rose: Use this staff much like you would the Diabolical Dice, summon demons from Hell to do your bidding.

    Skull of Corruption: Use the dreams of those sleeping to bring power from the Lunar Villagers.


    Dead Time Watch: Slow Time+Power Attack.

    Fire Imp Burst: Fire Rune+Throw Voice+Ignite.

    Phantasmagoria Fury: Frost Rune+Throw Voice+Cyclone/Ice Form. (Throw Voice has a recharge of 5 at its full level)

    Executioner's Roar: Marked for Death+Skull Crusher/Bone Breaker perks.

    Lethal Looking Glass: Cloak Spell+Muffle+Invisibility while sneaking.

    Pris Loves Leeches: Paralyze+Hack and Slash/Limbsplitter perks.

    Wasp Empress Blades: Poison Rune+Throw Voice+Sprint Power attack+Bladesmen/Deep Wounds perks.

    Quests to do:

    Companions; They will train you well in preparation for your fights.

    College; Brute force is no match for a keen mind.

    Skyrim Civil War; follow your instinct to lead the Empire, or the Stormcloaks to victory

    Dark Brotherhood; hone your murderous tendencies.

    Daedric Quests to quell their dark anger.

    Dawnguard (Either side) to be given the Bow of Auri-El.

    Thieves Guild if money is important.

    Agent of Dibella (Mostly for Female Characters)

    Agent of Mara.



    You must work alone so that no one knows of your importance to Wonderland, act as if they are all against you. (Except forced followers: Serana, Delphine)

    Marriage is not needed, you should not get married, it will only make it harder to leave, or inhibit your ability to...

    Your Name must have the last name 'Liddell', you are Alice in another form (even if you play as a male)

    Keep in mind that every dragon is a spawn of the Jabberwock. Kill it with no mercy if you can.

    Do not fall ill. You are a savior, not a liability, to the world. Carry Cure-Alls.

    Get the Wabbajack. The Hatter seems to have SOME influence on this world as well.

     Explore most every place you come across, Wonderland may benefit.

    Help who you can, but be careful, some are setting out to harm those who seek to help. Spare them NO mercy.


    Now it is time to put your blade to work- Cheshire Cat.


    All images were found on Google and all rights to their respective owners.

    Thank you.

  • November 12, 2012

    Wow... This is actually surprisingly good. I really wasn't expecting it. It could use a bit of polish here and there such as adding a more detailed section on gameplay, but overall it's a really good build. +1

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    November 12, 2012

    Thank you very much, I'm a writer by trade, and a SUPER American McGee's Alice addict, and I wanted to merge to two so bad. I actually photoshop merged the two in the first picture I used.

  • November 12, 2012

    ... the vorpal blade went snicker-snack... (or did it just snicker?)

    lmao ... and it's a good build, actually... I can't believe I'm doing this, but ok, you win (+1).


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    November 12, 2012

    Thank you! There are paths to choose from, but using the Alice RP, the dagger is a must. The player may choose from Melee Combat, or Magic. Neutral means it can be used by either Melee or Magic.

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    November 12, 2012

    The Vorpal Blade is Swift and Keen and always ready for service

    Thank you!

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    November 12, 2012

    Thank you. I've had the thought for months, and the compilation of different came together in a matter of hours. I'm very proud with how it turned out. I see it getting at least 10 likes!

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    February 7, 2013
    As a fan of the book and the video games I'll try this build. +1
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    February 19, 2013

    Colors have been mostly turned black, also organized it a bit. Got seriously held up when I saw the number of magic skills as compared to melee skills. GOnna have to work on that, maybe polish the story a bit to fit with the most recent games and maybe make it a "play in this way only" build. But I'm not sure. I like the different paths that way there are more customization options, but in the same way that's not what I want. Alice uses a knife as her all around weapon in Madness Returns. The first game had Mallets, Dice that summon Fiery Demons, Homing spikes in the form of jumping Jacks, a Hobby Horse Warhammer, a Teapot Cannon, SMG type Pepper Grinder, and a myriad of other skills and items at her disposal. I want them all to be available for players, but I'm seriously considering lessening that to few options in which a person must use a Sword/Dagger as their main weapon and magic as their back up.

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    February 19, 2013