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Character Build: Sisters of Order

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  • November 3, 2012

    Sisters of Order

    In Tamriel there are groups of assassin's many have heard of, such as the Morag Tong, or the Dark Brotherhood. But there is a group few have heard of, and even fewer have lived to tell the tale. That group is known as... the Sisters of Order.

    They are an all female group of assassin's. They are not restricted by race. The Sisters are located all over Tamriel, but they keep their organization a secret in fear of what happened to the dark brotherhood when they got to well known. They live by a strict code... Do not be detected, and if you are make sure they won't be able to warn anyone. All of the sisters use magic as their weapons be it bound weapons, destruction magic, or both. They do not serve some demonic deity or work purely for coin, they kill to help the oppressed.

    With this build you are an assassin who uses bound weapons as your stealth weaponry and for combat you use destruction magic. This is a non-crafting build since you won't use physical weapons, there is no need for creating poisons and potions since you will be staying out of combat as much as possible, and you don't really need to make any enchanted gear.

    As a Sister of Order, you are trained in one of three ways to handle a job, each one of these ways are called paths. Each path has a different way to handle a target, on may focus on taking out enemies from afar with your bow, another might focus on wielding your dagger for slitting throats. Which Path will you use? Only you can decide.


    doesn't matter (I chose a high elf for the magicka bonus, Bretons work well for their bonus to conjuration)


    The Path of Fire: With this path you will have a much stronger focus on fire magic and sword combat. 

    Fire Path Perks: Level:55

    The Path of Ice: With this path you will have a much stronger focus on ice magic and knives combat.

    Ice Path Perks: Level:55

    The Path of Storms: With this path you will have a much stronger focus on lightning magic and using a bow to take enemies out quietly. 

    Storm Path Perks: Level:55


    2/1/1 or 1/2/1 if you feel like you are dying to quickly.


    Archery/one handed: these are for your stealth kills, you can use either one, I used the bow to take out enemies from a distance, but for people who were nearby I used the sword. You can also use them in combat but I wouldn't recommend it for roleplay reasons

    Sneak: For stealth

    destruction: this is for in case you get caught or if stealth is not an option, use any destruction spells you have

    conjuration: for your bound weapons

    alteration: (for flesh spells)


    Jennasa, Serana, Aela or any female follower with a high sneak skill


    Robes/armor: this is all about personal preference. If you want you can use robes, or armor. If you use armor though, you no longer need alteration since all that it was used for was 'flesh' spells


    Bound Bow, Bound Sword, and Bound dagger (DB)

    Standing stone

    Mage or Lover for early leveling, shadow for later levels


    Say you come across a group of bandits who have holed up in a ruined tower. a key thing to do is find a way to be in a position where the enemy can't see you, but you can see them. Take out your bound bow and place an arrow in a bandit who is off on his own or his farther away than the others. Continue to do this until you have a few remaining who are in the same area. Kill one member and wait for another to come towards you, when they appear use you destruction spells to quickly put them down.

    Recommended Quests

    Thieves Guild: The group needs more people to act as contacts, and the Thieves guild is best for that. They also provide us with great armor (Linwe's/Blackguard)

    Destroy the Dark Brotherhood: what better way to help people then to kill these brutal killers?

    The College of Winterhold quest line: a clever cover for your activities, plus you can train and learn new spells

    Dawnguard, dawnguard side:by joining the dawnguard you can end the menace of these blood suckers


    the order does not have any restrictions on religion other than not worshipping one of the more "cruel" Daedric Lords (Molag Bal, Boethia, Mehrunes Dagon... No). Want to be a hunter for Hircine? Go ahead. You worship the divines? go ahead. (this means the only restriction on Daedric quests are for the more evil Daedric Lords)


    These people have been plaguing the land of skyrim for too long and they need to be punished. If you have any ideas of who to add to the list let me know (I won't put on a character simply because they are annoying or rude(except one))


    this member of the thalmor has been seen in the city of markarth. He wishes to abduct a man and do gods know what simply because he might believe in a god they don't believe in. Proceed with caution, target is a well known powerful Mage and seen with a small squad of soldiers.

    Ulfric Stormcloak:

    he has started a war which has not only cost the lives of hundreds, he has also treated all non-Nords in his city as less than garbage. Join the imperial army to gain support and put an end to this war


    he has looked down on those who haven't been to the cloud district for far too long, make sure it never happens again

    Idalof Battle-Born

    He knows there is someone held captive by the thalmor and does nothing about it. He also may be involved with why the person is held captive. obtain the information from him then end his life


    • If you choose to adopt children give them daggers and training dummies so when they grow up they can join the order

    • give beggars money

    • If you choose a follower, make it a female so they can join your order

    • After you kill your target leave a flower on their corpse out of respect

  • November 3, 2012

    It's a good start but I would suggest going into more detail on your skill choices. Just a sentence or two for each one so we know why it is important for this character. You should also go into detail on how the character handles combat situations and the importance of their combat relevant skills. 

    The backstory and roleplay aspect is very interesting. Why not list possible assassination targets that are oppressing the people of Skyrim? It would make the build more unique and could act as some unique quests for this character. You may also want to mention this is a non-crafting build.

    Once you've expanded some more you will get my like but you do have a really good start here. If you still need help with your image, I'll explain how to add it if you ask.

  • November 4, 2012
    I can't add pictures on my iPad for some reason, is there a way someone could put the pictures I want in the build? Any way I edited the build.
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    November 4, 2012
    This is pretty awesome nocturnal. maybe try to add some more followers for people who haven't purchased the dlc? Just a suggestion, anyway you've got my like.
  • November 4, 2012
    @Andilar I would but they are the only followers who are stealth characters. I would say the dark brotherhood initiate but that would require joining them. (Reply button doesn't work for some reason)
  • November 4, 2012
    Thanks ArgonianFangirl, I'm flattered. The reason I didn't choose marcurio is it's a FEMALE ONLY order.
  • November 4, 2012

    Nice improvements +1

  • November 4, 2012
    Great idea. added her
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    November 4, 2012
    I'd guess brelyna or jenassa (with a staff) might work.
  • November 4, 2012
    Brelyna is gifted in magic, but not stealth