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Character Build: The Voodoo Priest

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    September 13, 2012

    OK i know there are many of these builds around so i decided to make my own. This was Inspired by Diablo 3. I hope you like my build.

    Voodoo Priest ( Witch Doctor )

    Do not be afraid...Death comes for all. By learning to embrace the inevitable, you will unlock secrets hidden from those too cowardly to seek the truth."

              Voodoo Priests/Mistress also known as Witch Doctors are a cult group of mages that worship the Daedric PrincesVoodoo Priest are spiritual warriors who summon dead souls and crawling creatures to do their bidding. By surrounding themselves with conjured zombies and vermin, witch doctors are free to assault their enemies with exploding skulls, acrid poison clouds, and wasting curses. Only a select few men and women among Tamriel tribes can ascend to the hallowed role of witch doctor, for they must possess both a history of battle and a talent for communing with spirits. Voodoo Priest or shamans embodies the amalgamation of life and death. Voodoo priest believe that life and death are both natural and are essential to, and as essential as, one another, with life and death being natural elements of a cycle with no intermediary break.

                Voodoo Priest combine the art of combat with the enthropic energies of death. The slightest touch of their weapon can spread disease, incite madness, and death to those unlucky enough to face them. Voodooist direct their worship towards the Deadric deities they believe that every prince is responsible for a particular aspect of life, with the dynamic and changing personalities of each Deadric Prince reflecting the many possibilities inherent to the aspects of life over which they preside. In order to navigate daily life, vodooists cultivate personal relationships with the Deadric deities through the presentation of offerings, the creation of personal altars and devotional objects, and participation in elaborate ceremonies of music, dance, and spiritual possession.

                    Voodoo Tribes are usually found in very secluded area which are unseen by foreign eyes. Witch Doctors are not usually seen in Tamriel because of their worship of the daedric princes, Mainstream religious authorities discourage this, and often mount witch-hunting expeditions to drive out Daedra worshipers from the local area. The origins of voodooism is unknown but many scholars believe that this cult was established many years ago when daedric worshipers where hunted in Cyrodill in the Second Era. These worshipers fled and formed tribes in the secluded wilds nearby to follow their beliefs. The witch Doctors are finely attuned to the Planes of Oblivion and are able to train their minds to perceive this reality through a combination of rituals and the use of selected roots and herbs found in the jungles. They call the state in which they interact with this other world the Ghost Trance. Alongside the primacy of the belief in the life force and the Daedra, the second most sacred belief of the tribes is their philosophy of self-sacrifice and non-individuality, of suppressing one's self-interest for the good of the tribe. This idea, so foreign to many in Tamriel. Witch Doctors hold many public ceremonies which are centered upon sacrifices to appease the life force that flows from their gods, who inhabit the Planes of Oblivion, into this lesser physical realm. Voodooism is seen as a cruel concept in many cultures around Tamriel do to the sacrificial ceremonies that are performed.

            These ceremonies always involve a death or a sacrifice to appease there gods sacrifices include, goats, cows, dogs and even other people. They are known to sacrifice other tribe members to manipulate their outcome in battle. They also sacrifice women to stop drought and to manipulate harvest. These Warriors are known to be cannibalistic.

    Voodoo priest live in small tribes around Tamriel secluded from the outside world. Voodoo priest are masters of conjuration surrounding themselves with hordes of mongrels, zombies, ghouls, lesser daedra, spiders and more. Many of these creatures stand beside their masters and fight until they are slain, serving as convenient targets in the meantime. Witch Doctors wield the destructive magic on nature able to manipulate the cold of the night sky to the burning power of the Sun. Witch Doctors use the power of illusion to strike fear to their opponents they are able to influence the minds of their opponents causing them to flee in fear or strike at their fellow allies in utter bewilderment. Voodoo Priest make excellent Alchemist able to make any poison or potion for any use. Those who battle witch doctors find their bodies and minds twisted, limiting their effectiveness in combat. Although some witch doctors avoid melee combat in favor of long range attacks from afar, they are also more than capable of slaying weakened foes with their own hands.

            Voodoo priest are usually characterize and seen by tattoos in their faces  Voodoo Mistresses are always seen with a hand shape tattoo in their faces this represents the hands of death as they believe that life and death are both natural. While men Witch Doctors or priest are always seen with a skull shape tattoo covering their faces. Voodoo Priest use nature as a resource they use herbs gathered from the wilds to create potent poisons and potions. They use the hide of animals as armor and clothing and use their meat as a form of nutrition, the whole animal is used and not wasted. Some high ranking Voodoo Priest were mask to show authority among the tribe.

    Race: Any 

    Stat Growth

    Magicka 5/ Health 4/ Stamina1

    (For Every 10 Levels)

    Major Skills

    Destruction: Voodoo Priest are masters of destruction able to harness the destructive power of nature and the Plains of Oblivion

    Conjuration: Witch Doctors are masters of Conjuration able to summon dead souls and crawling creatures to do their bidding.

    Illusion: Voodoo Shamans use the power of illusion to influence the minds of their opponents. 

    Alchemy: Voodoo Priest make excellent Alchemist able to make any poison or potion for any use.

    Minor Skills

    One Handed: Voodoo Priest are capable fighters with ceremonial blades, They are skilled fighters with daggers and axes.

    Light Armor: Witch Doctors are able to use light armor to mitigate damage, Light armor is light weight enough for Voodoo priest to perform agile moves.( Only use Hide, Fur, and Forsworn )

    Sneak: Voodoo Priest are Stealthy warriors able to sneak pass an opponent in battle and remain unseen.

    Other Skills

    (You Can Swap any of the following Skills with any of the Minor Skill sets)

    Archery: Witch Doctors are master huntsman able to hunt down any creature used in their ritual ceremonies.

    Pickpocket: Voodoo Priest are able to plant poisons onto their victims.

    My Lvl 25 Perk Spread

    (Remember That The Perk Spread May Differ Depending Skills Chosen)

    Archery:Overdraw 3/5, Eagle Eye, Critical Shot 1/3, Steady Hand 1/3, One Handed:Armsman 3/5, Light Armor: Agile Defender 2/5, Sneak:Stealth 3/5, Illusion:Novice Illusion, Animage, Kindred Mage, Conjuration: Summoner 1/2, Necromancy, Novice Conjuration, Apprentice Conjuration, Destruction:Novice  Destruction, Apprentice Destruction, Adept Destruction.


    Animal Allegiance: Voodoo Priest are able to use illusion to manipulate the minds of simple creatures to fight in their defense.

    Aura Whisper: Witch Doctors are able to use their spiritual powers to revealing the life forces of any and all.

    Dismay: Voodoo Priest can strike fear to any enemy.

    Drain Vitality: Voodoo Priest are able to use clouds of poison to weaken and drain the life force of their enemies.

    Elemental Fury: Voodoo Shamans are able to call upon their fallen tribe members to allow for faster weapon strikes.

    Fire Breath: Witch doctors are able Inhale air and exhale flammable fumes to ignite their enemies.

    Frost Breath: Able to use the power of the cold to damage and freeze their enemies.

    Ice Form: The Witch Doctor is able to absorb the heat energy of the living to freezes an opponent solid.

    Kyne's Peace:  Voodoo Priest are able to calm the mind of any savage beast.  

    Marked Of Death: Able to use acid clouds to wither away your enemies.

    Slow Time: Witch Doctors are able call upon their fallen elders to slow time for a short period.

    Storm Call: Voodoo Priest are able to call upon the spirits of nature to manipulate the weather.

    Whirlwind Sprint: Voodoo Shamans are able to use the spiritual energy to speed up their movements.

    Unrelenting Force: The Witch Doctor is able to focus their Spiritual energy into a force to push aside anything - or anyone - who stands in their path.

    Throw Voice: Witch Doctors are able to throw their voices to cause confusion.

    Standing Stone

    The Mage: Only good for early skill leveling.

    The Shadow: This stone is excellent for more of a stealth build giving you the ability to become invisible once a day.

    The Lover:  Use this stone for leveling up skills.

    The Lord: This Stone is used for more of a defensive build granting +50pt of armor and 25% magic Resistance.

    The Serpent: This Stone could be used for any build, Giving you the ability to paralyze and poison your foes.


    Equipment: Only use Hide, Fur, and Forsworn

    Weapons: Only use Daggers, Axes, and Staff Preferably Forsworn weapons.

    Roleplay:Join the College of Winterhold as you are their to practice your magic skills also Join The Dark Brotherhood as you are curious about this cult who provides death to all. Do not by a house and try to remain around the wilderness as you find the simplicity in life more appealing. Try to collect the Skull of Corruption, The Gaulder Amulet, Necromancer Amulet, and the Ring of Namira as these artifacts will make your journey across Skyrim much easier. You must also do all the Daedric quest as you are a follower and worshiper of the Daedric Princes. Collect all Dragon Priest mask as elder Voodoo shamans were mask to show authority among the tribe.

    Battle Tactics: I always give the player the option of switching their minor skills with any of the other skills i have listed giving the player a bit of customization. Basic idea is to use magic as your main offense use destruction magic to harm opponents, Illusion to manipulate their actions, and Conjuration to revive the dead or summon allies. Use Archery and One Handed combat for physical damage. You can use a archery build and focus on long range combat use one handed combat if enemies get to close. You a stealth build remain hidden and plant poisons with the pickpocket skill to harm your foes.

    Special Moves

    IconFirebomb.png Firebomb: The Witch Doctor lobs a burning skull filled with combustibles at his enemies, which explodes violently when it breaks upon them. Use Slow Time for more accurate aiming use the  Aspect Of Terror, Augment Flames, and Intense Flames perks to increase damage output and giving the added bonus of Fire damage causing targets to flee if their health is low

    Fireball + Slow Time

    IconLocustSwarm.png Locust Swarm: The Witch Doctor sends a swarm of burning locusts to literally devour the flesh of his enemies and cause fear. First Cast Fire Storm to burn your enemies and cast Hysteria to make creatures and flee. Use Aspect Of Terror, Augment Flames, and Intense Flames perks to increase damage output and increasing the power of your fear spell.

    Fire Storm + Hysteria

    IconSummonZombieDog.png Burning Dogs: Voodoo Priest summons Zombie Dogs that have good foot speed and are fearless, These dogs burst into flames, burning nearby enemies. First cast Hysteria to make opponents flee and than cast Flaming Familiar to cast a flamed beast that runs towards enemies and explodes, somewhat acting as a homing grenade. Use the Summoner and Twin Souls giving you the ability to summon two familiars and giving you the ability to summon at a greater distance.

    Flaming Familiar + Hysteria

    IconAcidCloud.png Acid Storm: The Voodoo Shaman creates a rain of acid over a small radius, dealing poison damage, plus poison damage to anything in the vicinity of the resulting toxic puddle weakening the opponent and making them more vulnerable to weapon strikes. First use the Marked of Death Shout to Weaken the foes armor and than strike with a poisoned weapon causing more damage.

    Marked Of Death + Poisoned Weapon

    IconMassConfusion.png Mass Confusion: The Witch Doctor gets into the mind of his enemies, making it hard to differentiate between friend and foe. First cast Mayhem making creatures and people attack anyone nearby including each other and use Invisibility to remain unseen and unharmed. use the Rage, Animage,  and Kindred Mage perk making the mayhem spells more potent.

    Mayhem + Invisibility

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    September 14, 2012

    Great build!

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    September 16, 2012
    I like to give the player the option I just list the stons that could be used. I give my build and I give the player the option to change a few things to make the experience a bit diff for each player that's why I also give the other skills that you can swap for any of the minor skills. For exampl in my build I use archery instead of sneak and I use the serpent stone while my friend uses a bit of a diff build and uses the pickpocket and sneak combo so he uses the the shadow. sorry I should have made that clear in my build.
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    January 27, 2013

    Favorite Witch Doctor build, just found this and starting it now :)

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    January 28, 2013

    think about making this my first dragonborn DLC caracter

  • February 7, 2013

    Everything is here! It's just the builds format that spoils it a little...

    Very heavy text at the top followed by long lists, loads of builds are like this and it's definitely the reason they don't get attention. Someone opening this is greeted by the dodgy title and then the heavy text and they move on without reading...

    When it comes to the skills you have this...

    "One Handed: Voodoo Priest are capable fighters with ceremonial blades, They are skilled fighters with daggers and axes."

    The skill followed by a very brief explanation. It doesn't work, you either go into lots of detail (think Vix's recent build) or just leave it as 'One Handed'.

  • April 3, 2013
    That priestess has the rinegan
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    July 1, 2013
    Found out I started a playthrough of this build a while ago :D. I will be starting over though. I love the backstory; Really shows the work you put into this build. Might I suggest siding WITH the Forsworn, because I think this character fits right in with them.
  • July 1, 2013

    I like it. The picture at the top, I must admit, really grabbed my attention. Did you draw that yourself? If so, please take me on as your apprentice, because it looks really well done. 

    Also, where did you get those icons for your special skills?