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Character Build: The Tonal Magister

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    September 11, 2012


    The Tonal Magister



    Lore: The Tonal Magisters of House Telvanni.

                  The Tonal Magisters are a newfound group of House Telvanni, one of the Six Great Houses of Morrowind. They are extremly powerful mages that specialise in using deadly Lightning attacks and impenetrable Alteration flesh spells all of which are augmented by their armor suits of Dwemer origin. They also prefer to keep near them at all times at least one self-constructed Animunculi.

    "The banner of a lost but never forgotten civilisation."



                  "My name is Fedris Maryon and i am a member of House Telvanni. All my life i have been studying at Tel Fyr's Corpursarium the Dwemer and their marvelous creations under the tutorship of Yagrum Bagarn, the last of the Dwemer. Fascinating! Over the years i have learned so much about Animunculi, Dwemer warfare, science and history, but i am most proud to be one of the few still able to speak Dwemeris. Now, my studies are coming to an end. House Telvanni has instructed my mentor to send me to Solstheim at Tel Mithryn. Here i shall learn from the notorious Master Wizard-Lord Neloth the art of staves enchanting, thus ending my studies on dwemer weapons and battle tactics and being granted the title as first Tonal Magister of House Telvanni. I am most honored! The journey will be long but most rewarding. I plan on making a slight detour to Skyrim before i arrive at my destination. I would be most pleased to catch up with some old friends and colleagues of mine and why not, help with their researches. I have heard Sorine Jurard is still tinkering with dwemer weapons prototypes. Such a clever girl! I'll also pay a visit to Arniel Gane at the College of Winterhold and while there, check on my rebellious niece, Brelina. Calcelmo from Markarth will undoubtly contact me by courier once he finds out of my whereabouts. There are two more i have not heard from in a very long time.... Septimus Signus, who last i've heard travelled to the northern glaciars in search for some lost, powerful dwemer artifact, and Katria. She was searching for the Aetherium Forge but then vanished, a long time ago. I am most worried....."



    Battle Tactics

    "An astonishing piece of Dwemer technology."

                  Basically a Spellblocker. Staves, Shields, Lightning Attacks and Animunculi "pets". We all know dwemer used magically powered machines to fight. The best examples are ballistas, centurions and so on. Aside from that, during my research, i found that dwemer are often depicted as wielding a shield and a staff. Therefore, the Tonal Magister prefers using staves for average attacks, keeping his magicka pool untouched and ready for the use of powerful spells like Lightning Storm and Dragonhide. For defence, a shield is used which makes Spellbreaker the obvious choice, flesh spells and healing spells. Don't forget that Spellbreaker's effectiveness can be improved with the Ward Absorb, Arcane Blacksmith and Elemental Protection Perks.


    Stats distribution: 2 Magicka / 2 Health / 1 Stamina.

    Level 25 Sample: link.

    Level 50 Sample: link.


    "The Tonal Magister carefully studies the Dwemer legacy."


    Other Informations:

    Race: Dunmer.

    Stone: The Mage Stone -> The Steed Stone ( ideal for carrying all those Dwemer trinkets and running in heavy armor with a low stamina ).


    Tier 1: The Dwemer Scholar.
    Requires: Dwarven Gauntlets (Fortify Magicka/Block), Boots (Fortify Stamina) and Shield (Fortify Block/Resist Magic), Expert Robes of Destruction, Gold and Emerald Circlet (Fortify Magicka) and Staff of Jyrik Gauldurson.

    Tier Two: The Tonal Architect.
    Requires: Dwarven Gauntlets (Fortify Magicka/Block), Boots (Fortify Stamina) and Helmet (Fortify Magicka), Spellbreaker, Telvanni Robes and Chain Lightning Staff / Aetherium Staff.

    Tier Three: Kagrenac's Numidium.
    Requires: Dwarven Gauntlets ( Fortify Magicka and Block ), Boots ( Fortify Stamina + Stamina Regen ), Armor ( Fortify Alteration + Destruction / Fortify Health + Stamina ) and Shield ( Fortify Magic + Block/Health ), Visage of Mzund and Thunderbolt Staff / Aetherium Staff.

    "From the left to the right, the three armor tiers: The Dwemer Scholar , The Tonal Architect and Kagrenac's Numidium."


    Role-Playing friendly quests

                  Dawnguard( help Sorine ), Dragonborn ( help Neloth ), The College of Winterhold ( help Brelina ), Arniel's Endeavor, The Book of Love and The Lost Expedition ( help Calcelmo ), Discerning the Transmundane ( help Septimus Signus ), The Aetherium Wars/Lost to the Ages ( help Katria; a copy of the book can be found in Fort Dawnguard beside the Arcane Enchanter ),Unfathomable Depths ( Ancient Knowledge Effect ) , The Only Cure, The Cursed Tribe and The Black Books ( Companion's Insight is very useful). I also highly advise completing The Black Star for staves charging.

    Ruins to explore and study

    Alftand , Aetherium Forge , Arkngthamz

    Avanchnzel , Blackreach , Bthardamz

    Deep Folk Crossing , Irkngthand , Kagrenzel

    Mzinchaleft , Mzulft , Nchuand-Zel

    Raldbthar , Reachwind Eyrie , Ruins of Rkund

    Ruins of Bthalft , Tower of Mzark , Shimmermist Grotto

    Sightless Pit , Kagrumez , Fahlbtharz , Nchardak


    Companions and Animunculi

    Vorstag - He is the best choice for early game because he has some knowledge about Dwemer Ruins. He will often comment about dwemer traps and Animunculi. He can be hired from Markarth for a 500 golds fee. Make sure to fully equip him with Dwarven Armor, Shield, Sword and Crossbow with exploding bolts.

    Brelina / Talvas Fathryon - Only for role-playing reasons plus they look really well in the Tier One and Two armor Combos.

    Steadfast Dwarven Spider / Sphere - can be found in Kagrumez and if killed, will respawn after a few days.

    Aetherium Staff Animuculi Summonings - They are the main reason why i chose the staff. You can basically have your own "Dwemer Task Force" at any time: one follower, one summoning.

    Arniel's Shade - Another cool summoning because of role-playing reasons and his seemingly damage immunity.

                                    "The Tonal Magister and his faithful companion, ready to engage battle!"


    Other Things to do

                  Acquire Vlindrel Hall in Markarth and build your own house in the Pale since it's most close to Morrowind. Use these to expose all discovered Dwemer artifacts: Keening, Volendrung and so on.


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    September 11, 2012

    I made a few assumptions when making this build:

       -Yagrum Bagarn is still immortal and still lives in Tel Fyr.

       -Somehow, Yagrum Bagarn acquired Wraithguard and Sunder  after the Nerevarine defeated Dagoth Ur.

    Anyway, have fun playing it Morrowind fans !

  • September 11, 2012
    Intresting idea, I'm willing to give this a try (though I might not be able to get keening). +1
  • September 11, 2012
    This build is very detailed, good job. But the special powers are... bland. +1 for me, though.
  • September 11, 2012

    just wow...

    i love this build +1

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    September 11, 2012

    love this build great job was planning in a machinist type build and u did it great job 

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    September 12, 2012

    yes, it's one of those limitations that makes a character special :D

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    September 12, 2012

    Keening is bugged unless a pc user puts in console command. Only way anyone on a console can use it's enchantments is by enchanting items which reduce destruction costs by 100%.

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    September 12, 2012

    " Keening may also disappear right after completion of the quest making it unavailable. If this occurs try running downstairs to the room directly under where Arniel was standing. Often the dagger falls through the floor after the quest is completed, but can be picked up on the 1st floor (Confirmed on PS3 Version and 360 Version). " It works on pc too, tested myself.

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    September 12, 2012

    Actually, right now i have in mind a falmer build :-?. Haven't seen much of these here. A rival build to the technomancer:-?.