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Character Build: The Hamlet Captain

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  • June 22, 2012

    So I had been wanting to create a build based upon the "invasion" of Skyrim by the imperials and the resulting war but I could not bring myself to join either side of the war due to the fact that both sides are equally warped in their ideals, and so therefore I bring you...

                                            The Hamlet Captain

    A hamlet captain is a somewhat self proclaimed leader of a small township that wishes to remain independent during a time where every piece of land is being "conquered" by one army or another, he must be a great warrior, though not always the best fighter of the town.  But most importantly  he must know how to put the fear of god into someone or how to empower them with the strength of many.  

    The playstyle of the hamlet captain is that of a rogue more than a straight forward warrior, but also utilizes magic to manipulate the minds of both his enemies and his companions.  The hamlet captain is a mix of each playstyle, mage, warrior, and thief but the playstyle of this build is to charge forward into the fray, no skulking in the shadows for you, because that wouldn't be nearly as inspiring to your warriors.  

    The main focus of this build is the followers, and you will have many.  It is possible to have multiple followers, although only one may store your items and such.  The way to achieve this is to begin a quest where someone will follow you to achieve a goal and then not complete the quest as to have them following you until the quest goal is completed (never) through this it is possible to have many "followers" to do your bidding.  

    Race: Any race will work for this build because it is meant to be a rebel build and therefore could be a nord, imperial, or anything in between.  Although I recommend a human race (nord,imperial,breton,redguard) because of their look, more "normal" and embodying of the people.  


    The lady stone located on a small island in Lake Ilinalta which is easily reached fairly early in gameplay.  I chose the lady stone because you will not be wearing high end armor, but instead of the lord which would grant increased armor rating I opted to regenerate health and stamina faster.  


    The shout for this build is used as either a battle cry or a rallying shout, being either the Dismay shout or the Unrelenting Force shout.  Dismay would be a battle cry that cows your enemies and empowers your companions,  the unrelenting force shout is a shout that will breach a hole in the enemy line and allow your force to surge forward.

    Major skills

    One-handed, The main weapon of the captain usually a sword but can also be an ax or a mace, used in combination with a spell or by itself

    Illusion, To bring courage and strength to your companions and strike fear into any who oppose you

    Archery, it doesn't matter if you use a crossbow or a longbow, it is a commoners weapon and so you have plenty of experience

    The Hamlet Captain is not only a warrior but a mentor who can turn the meekest villager into a fierce warrior.

    Minor skills

    Speech,  More of a roleplay skill but why not get amazing prices for your local fame?

    Light armor, Light protection is all that you require and all that your town craftsman has the material to craft

    Restoration, To heal your "troops" and occasionally yourself


    The armor I recommend using for this build is a mix that I found looks best comprised entirely of easily obtainable armors, armors that a village smith who usually just "makes a decent living repairing the mill"-riverwood smith.  

    Linwe's armor set is the best option that I found for this build except for looks I usually found my self using regular clothes instead of a armor chest piece, it fits the build to use Linwe's armor because he is a threatening bandit like character that would be a threat to your village.  

    Linwe's armor is obtainable by killing Linwe who is located at Uttering Hills Cave there is a thieves guild "special job" that sends you to this location.  


    This builds roleplay aspects are fairly few but those that it has are very important.  Firstly there are really no factions to stay away from except either side of the war, but otherwise you are free to join any group you want, the college, the companions, or even the dark brotherhood or thieves guild if you are feeling dark.  

    The main aspect of roleplay for this build is to choose a small town such as riverwood and to clear the surrounding area of danger, and also to complete tasks for the villagers after all you are their hero.  

    Choose a town with many things close to it to make it more interesting and challenging, but don't choose one so large that it has its own government, if you do find that your town has a government of its own that government may not be fair and may need some persuasion to do what is right for the people.  

    This build is really the peoples champion, he fights for whatever is best for the town and no personal gain, he would particularly protect children, the elderly, and anyone who cannot protect themself.  

    Stat spread

    The stat spread for this build was very hard to decide on because it utilizes every one about equally and so I decided that I would do just that.  The stat spread for this build is 1/1/1 health/stamina/magicka, it does however have a slight twist.  As your build progresses you WILL find that you favor one aspect of its combat and so you will then modify your stat spread to suit you.

    Perk spread

    The perk spread for this build is pretty simple at a low level, I of course used a lot of roleplay for my build so I invested heavily into speech, you may not want to as I was playing on master difficulty (as usual) and it was extremely difficult to fight enemies such as vampires.  At the early levels (below fifteen) you will really want to invest into your main combat skills.  I will not be posting a perk spread for a low level build because alot of the fun of playing skyrim is the chaos of the first levels.  

    This perk spread is just an example and not to be taken in a way that if you choose the wrong perk you have to reload a save and redo it, personalize the build to fit your personality!

    Special abilities

    coming soon...

  • June 23, 2012

    That first pic looks really nice, sort of a fable II character with high rollers outfit hah .Anyway nice job man, I liked the lore of it, and the idea behind this one is nice for a playthrough.. +1.. By the way what armor set do you use? Leather?

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    June 23, 2012

    Very promising!  I love the concept.  I do wish it were possible to roleplay this a bit more easily in Skyrim... like having to actually defend a settlement from bandits/monsters and such.  This does happen in game occasionally, but it's too rare to make it a central thing.

    I guess you would play it more like a wandering justice-dealer guy, then?  Or would you declare a particular village your home and do stuff around there?  If so, what would make a good base of operations? 

    I'm really curious to see how many followers you'll get using the method you mentioned. In Oblivion I once dragged the Jamaine brothers through the entire main quest before getting them their home back.  "Yeah, yeah, guys, Weatherleah is just over this next.. um... Oblivion gate."

    I noticed in your 'race' suggestions that you listed Nords, Bretons, and Imperials as the 'humans'.  Redguards are people too!

    Finally, that pic is just... awesome.  Looks like Wayne Reynolds's work.  Any info on where it came from or what it references? 

    I am eagerly awaiting more info on this class!  Liked. 

  • June 23, 2012

    I would indeed choose one village and destroy all nearby threats and then move onto another.

    Im very sorry about redguards not being listed, particuarly because they are an excelent choice.  

    The picture is from the game magic the gathering, a card named Hamlet Captain funny no?

  • June 23, 2012

    use any that you want... excluding of course things such as glass, maybe even use elven gloves or boots.

  • June 23, 2012

    I like the use of your links Grix, links are useful to navigate to the wiki for more information and maps of course.

    This builds heavy in role play, its a shame that Skyrim doesn't offer more in terms of a 'town guard', it would be really fun and immersive to adopt a small village and then go out on patrol at night and have the radiant system throw random bandit/troll/dragon attacks at you, sleep in the barracks and practice your skills during the day, spar with folk and eat a hog-roast...

    I could play that kind of scenario forever. It would be perfect.

    +1 for the inspiration and dreamy thoughts!

    (or course nobody has yet done 'The Thane' build, 10+ hours of gameplay and changing hold guard costumes in that i bet, the cogs are spinning)

  • June 23, 2012

    I fully intend for this to be my dawnguard "good" character because well it fits... a protecter of a town learns of the dawnguard and hopes to better his small amount of training and acquire more finely crafted arms and armor

  • June 23, 2012

    Aye, he could fill that role easily with a bit of training!

    I dont know though Grixis, I wish Skyrim had more scope for the common guardsman.

    Why does the game have to steer you down the path of the dominating hero? I would love it if i could laze around in Riverwood defending from raids and kicking pickpockets asses n stuff.

    I'd love to be one of the dudes in the imperial legion patrols who just wander about and create some roadkill for the paths of Skyrim!

  • June 23, 2012

    I agree completely... I would love to become a "common" soldier and roam around protecting towns from skeevers and other dangerous creatures!

  • June 24, 2012

    Nice build (+1).  The links to the wiki are a nice touch - in case someone wants more information.  I actually role-played a similar character (personality wise - my skills were a bit different - heavy armor, less magic), clearing out the area around Riverwood.  All your builds are nice, and you may want to take an idea of Ponty's, and include links to your other builds at the bottom. 

    And I agree w/ others here - it would be nice to play a 'common' soldier - perhaps a future DLC?

    Again, good job, looking forward to seeing more from you.