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Character Build: The Mechanical Genius

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    June 9, 2020

    Miles "tails" Prower is my favorite character in the sonic the hedgehog games. I wanted to see how and where he would fit into the world of Skyrim. I also picked out the perfect race (mod) for him in Skyrim. This will be connected in a way with my sonic the hedgehog-like build called the blue blur. Okay, maybe not a direct sequel to that build. His shy but helpful personality, along with his brilliant mind, will, hopefully, mesh well in Skyrim as well. I also like him because I see his character in myself. I am also shy, painfully at times, but I have a brilliant mind and I also stand up for my friends.

    Miles was born in northern Elsweyr, in the city of Riverhold to fennec parents, Rosemary and Amadeus. One day, when Rosemary was walking home from a visit to the king of Anequina when she saw a courier ride up to her, his horse kicking up sand as he went. The courier dismounted, introduced himself and handed her the letter. The courier mounted his horse and left, leaving Rosemary alone with the letter, She undid the binding on the envelope, tore it open and read the letter.

    Greetings Rosemary, I hope you are well. This is headmaster Einheart of Riverhold Academy. Your son's grades are remarkable and he is doing exceptionally well in his dwemer studies class that he signed himself up for. Did you also know that we found out he has an exceptionally high IQ? We found that out after giving him the same IQ test we give all new students and Miles scored higher than any pupil at the school. The female fox sighed and smiled to herself as she pulled her horse's reins so that he halted a few feet shy of their Riverhold home. She turned back to the letter again, when she did, her brow furrowed,

    This newfound intelligence was often met with stern looks of jealousy from the other students. Two of them plus a few others, which shall remain nameless, have begun bullying Miles because of his high IQ level and unbelievable knack at constructing dwemer inevntions. I feel they are threatened and hate anyone being smarter than they are. They have taken to calling him names like 'stupid fox' and 'geek.' just because he is smarter than them. Miles says nothing but I can tell he is hurting. Can you do something about this? - Sincerely, hdmstr. Einheart. 

    She folded the letter, put it into her leather bag, dismounted her horse and walked briskly to the house, which was merely a sandstone three-room cottage. She opened the front door and was shocked when a crying fox cub embraced her legs, she absent-mindedly stroked his ffurry head. She looked at Amadeus, who was leaning against the stairs to the upper level of the house. She pulled out the letter and pointed to it asking if he knew about their son's exceptional IQ and the problems he has gotten in because of it. He shook his head. 

    She pried Miles off of her with her hands, smiling and saying "Sweety, mom and dad need to talk, can you...go upstairs for a minute?" The young fox cub did as his mother asked. Rosemary crossed the cottage to the sandy floor with a stove, fridge and small table in the corner of the floor with three chairs that served as the kitchen table and sat down in the chair against the wall that seperated the kitchen from the rest of the cottage and placed the letter, unfolded, in front of her. Amadeus took the seat opposite her.

    She slid the letter over to him, he glanced down at it and began to read, after two minutes had passed he looked up and gave her a perplexed look, "This I...I don't know what to say. On one paw I should be angry for him being bullied, but on the other paw, I am proud that Miles past the entry IQ test with flying colors." 

    He put down the letter, got up, exited the kitchen and moved to the foot of the stairs, "Miles, we have to talk, come downstairs." He yelled up the stairs at the fox cub. The little fox was worried as to what his father wanted to talk to him about. He came out of his room shaking like a leaf and slowly descend the stairs one at a time. He saw his dad standing at the bottom with a worried look on his face, he extended one finger and motioned for his son to come with him, Miles did so. They went into the kitchen and sat at the kitchen table.

    Adameus turned to his son wearing a concerneed look like a mask covering his face, "Son, We, you mom and I had no idea that you were getting bullied at school because of your score on the school entry test, why didn't you tell us?" He looked at his son. His son, however continued to look down at the floor, "I failed to tell you because I thought you would misunderstand and shun me from society because of my absurdly high IQ score." His father's stare lessened and a grin passed over his face, "Misunderstand what? That we have a genius in our home? Son this is wonderful, that is why we decided to pair you with a mentor in dwemer machinery, this letter also said you have an affinity for technology." His son looked at his ffather and brightened, "Really dad, you are sending me away? To study under a master of dwemer tech?" His father smiled doown at him, "Yes, his name is Calcelmo and, as I understand it, he, like you has an unquenchable thirs for knowledge. 

    "Miles, we are sending you there to study under him." Miles looked at his mom from across the table, "Where shall I stay once I get to Skyrim, I'll be stranded." His mom gave him a reassuring smile, "No need to worry, everything is prepared for your arrival. You will be staying in a place called Clockwork castle near Windhelm." She paused and added "He knows your grandfather who built the manor." She paused again, "however if you want, you can always build a home with your enhanced knowledge of dwemer machinery." She gestured towards the stairs. "No, go and get packed, the ship from Riverhold docks to Markarth is set to leave any minute, go and pack whatever you need for the jounrey." She smiled with kind eyes as the little fox bounded out of the kitchen and up the stairs.

    Rosemary felt a tear roll down her furry cheek. Amadeus put his arm around her and kiss her, "Don't worry my love, Miles is going to be alright. He is going to a place where his talents can be cherished." Rosemary looked at him with a warm smile, wiping the tear from her cheek, "I know they will." She said, a tad shakily.

    Calcelmo, Miles' mentor in all things dwemer

    Name: Miles

    Race: Fennec (fox race)

    Stats: 4:3:2

    Apparel: Chest of rejuvination (dwarven cuirass enchanted with fortify health regen and fortify health, Dwemer scholar's gloves (Dwarven Gauntlets enchanted with fortify archery and fortify smithing, Boots of resilience (dwarven boots enchanted with resist magic and resist disease) illusion, fortify smithing and resist magic, power armor (only to be used against really tough enemies that Miles would have no chance against)

    Weapons: enhanced dwarven crossbow (before getting the quest for this, I would reccomend using a dwarven sword enchanted with absorb magicka and absorb health and a dwarven shield or aetherial shield which causes enemies to become ethereal of fifteen seconds, this can be especially useful if you happen upon a high level or tough enemy. not useful against dragons.)

    Shouts: none

    Spells: mayhem, frenzy, rage, invisibility

    Major Skills: archery, smithing

    Minor Skills: lockpicking, heavy armor

    Non-Perked Skills: restoration, enchanting

    AHO Dwemer Airship, Miles' home away from home. This also can double as Miles' dwemeric workshop

      Archery - Calcelmo teaches Miles how to use dwarven crossbows as deadly weapons

     Enchanting - Miles' dwemer knowledge extends to enchantment, as Calcelmo taught him to enchant with powerful magics

     Heavy Armor - Miles requires some armor that deflects armor and blows as he unleashes hell on his enemies with his dwarven knowledge

       Lockpicking - Miles' knowledge of dwemer technology allows him to hack automatons to temporarily power them down

     Restoration - The fox cub can utilize healing magics if he requires it

     Smithing - Miles is quite adept at fixing any type of armor and weapon, regardless of material, but his specialties lie in drwaven armor and weapons

    Miles' most prized possesion and greatest invention the dwewmer enhanced crossbow, able to ignore fifty percent of an enemy's armor


    Fennec Fox Race SSE - this mod adds a fox race to Skyrim that closely resembles the adorable two-tailed fox from the sonic the hedgehog games, except this race only has one tail.

    Dwemer Dogs - this mod adds three metal dogs at salvia farm and five summonable metal dogs, male dwemer dog, female dwemer dog with pup and dwemer puppy, to farengar in dragonsreach. They serve as companions to the fox. You can also get a spell to summon a dwemer dog mount for you to ride. This mount screams 'A fox with high intelligence invented this'.)

    Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim - this mod reworks skyrim's perk trees so more builds, like this one, are possible

    Dwarven Power Armor - Mihail Armor and Clothing - this mods adds a power armor, shied and hammer to the game (warning: use only against powerful enemies as the armor ways a ton), you have to play through the College of Winterhold main questline to the Revealing the Unseen quest obtain this armor, sadly.

    Dwemer Collosus - Mihail Monster and Animals - this mod adds very tough enemies known as dwarven collosus to the game. These will require all of Miles' skill to defeat

    AHO - Dwemer Ship - Miles took all his knowledge of dwemer machanics he learned from Calcelmo and built himself a flying spherical ship that serves as a house as well as a workshop


    Hashire - this mod adds a fully customizable horse to Skyrim (with this mod I suggest using the dwemer armor and the halfinger hide options)

    Clockwork SSE - this mod adds a dwemer mansion that Miles' grandfather built with his own two hands, it can be Miles' new home if the player decides that the dwemer airship is not enough room for his experiments and books on dwemer lore, but, you will have to complete a rather lengthy and creepy quest first. This can also act as a secondary home if the player chooses.


    Lockdown - Lets you activate an automaton to make it cease fighting temporarily. The difficulty of the lcok is dermined by the automaton's health.

    Hotwire - this perk allows Miles to lockpick his way directly into the unit's core. It also allows the automaton to follow and fight alongside him for a short time.

    Percussive Maintenance - Automatons already under the effect of hotwire gain additional movement speed and combat prowess


    When fighting bandits, forsworn and highwaymen, Miles can either impale them with his enhanced dwemer crossbow and or his dwemer dogs to rip the poor souls limb from limb. 

    For the fight against mages, Miles will use his illusion magic to get inside their minds and sow chaos amongst them, they will be dead long before they knew what hit them. If threatened in anyway, he can also shield bash them with his aetherium shield so  he can run away while they flit between planes of esitence, not existing in this world but not entirely existing in the next world either.

    Against Giants, Frost giants, Karrstag, Dragons and dragon priests, Miles can use his enchanced dwarven crossbow for airborne dragons plus dragonrend and once they are grounded he utilizes his power armor to beat them to a pulp. He can also use Ordinator to further increase his archery damage while the crossbow does the rest. He can also utilize the Powerdown lockpicking perk to hack dwemer machinery in order to make them cease to function or he can make use of the enemy units by employing the Hotwire and Percussive Maintenance perks to have the hacked automatons follow and fight with him for a brief period of time. With frost giants and regular giants, Miles can either utilize his power armor or overwhelm them with his enhanced dwemer crossbow.

    Against dragon prients, Miles will use his power armor excusively for these hard fights or he can utilize his powerful crossbow to diminish these foes to a pile of bones in no time.

    Against enemy dwemer animunculi, He can either hack them and turn them zgainst each other or he can use his dwemer dog companion to draw their attention away from him and pepper them with various types of dwarven bolts.

    Agaisnt dwemer collosuses, Miles' toughest challenge yet, he must utilize every weapon in his dwemer artilllary to fell this mighty foe. The collosus towers over Miles so the fight will not be easy. first try to draw his fire away from you by any means necessary. If that fails, maintain a healthy distance and rain down bolts onto him with your crossbow or slash at him like mad with your dwarven sword (which by this point should be at maximum damage.) It will be an arduous process, but if you keep at it, he should go down relatively quickly.


    When Miles exits Helgen, he goes to the city of Markatth to vivsit understone keep and find his mentor. Once there he is asked to undertake The Lost Expedition for Calcelmo and as a reward, he gets into the dwemer museum. While in the museum, Miles goes up to Calcelmo's tower and starts a quest that hhas become Lost To The Ages so he can gather much needed information. Miles gets told of a vampire hunting faction that uses Ancient Technology to defeat their enemies. He can also evoke his innate dwemer knowledge to craft unique crossbow.

    Rewards for the 'lost to the ages' quest

    The Lost Expedition - the first quest Miles takes on for Calcemo is to destroy the threat from inside of the Nchand-zel excavation site

    Lost to the Ages - Miles can increase his dwemer knowledge if he chooses to undertake this quest to find an ancient forge

    Ancient TechnologyMiles finds a schematic for an enhanced dwemer crossbow amongst other schematics from a quest given by Sorine Jurard. 

    Companions: Dwemer Dog

    the dwemer dog, a fox's best friend

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