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Hircine's Hunter

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  • December 25, 2019

    Disclaimer: This is my first build so it's likely shit :)


                              Hircine's Hunter

    Hircine's Hunter is a ruthless sport hunter that tracks down the biggest, meanest and most lethal prey, just to prove himself. With an arm as strong as a mammoth and an eye like an eagle, he could challenge Hircine himself to a fight to the death. To Hircine's Hunter, every fight is win/win, he either wins and has a new trophy, or he dies and joins his lord in the eternal hunt. 


    Race: The Hunter is a Bosmer.

    Stat Spread: 50% 50%

    Standing Stone: The Hunter of Hircine uses the Lord Stone. None of the other stones fit him very well except the Steed Stone so you could use that, but I find the defense useful.




    Hircine's Hunter was born in a small village in the heart of Valenwood, hidden within the winding, complex mass of colossal trees. His family, along with his whole village were extremly devout followers of the Green Pact. While almost every Bosmer in Valenwood follows the Green Pact, his clan, and especially his family, were fanatics. The Hunter was easily the smartest person in the village, and from a young age he had always thought the pact was pointless and could end up slowly killing them. The Hunter showed early on that he was a skilled and reliable hunter. He would go hunting everyday and never come back with nothing


                Will finish soon but it's 2am