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Character Build: The Sunder Mage Part 1

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    November 13, 2019



    Foreword:  Continuing on with my theme of Dragon Age Builds, I have decided to explore the classes of the Blood Mage, Force Mage with a sprinkling of the Entropy school as seen in Dragon Age 2.

    The word "Sunder" means to rend, rip, sever, divide; Basically, to tear something to pieces in a very violent manner that is not necessarily limited to the physical sense. And that is exactly what this build excels at. If rending your foes apart body and soul, effortlessly tossing them around the battlefield, and opening up gravatic maelstroms to group them all together for devastating combos all without ever drawing a weapon sounds like your cup of tea then read on as I present to you... The Sunder Mage.



    I have hit a few rough patches recently and due to several difficult events and family commitments I have had to put the story on hold for the time being. Rest assured I'll get it done as soon as I can, and will have it added into this section of the build. You can expect a thrilling and engaging story which will delve into Imperial politics, The Cyrodiilic Vampyrum Orders heriachy, lots of deceit seduction and manipulation and all the other bells and whistles you might expect from the dark temptress this build revolves around. 

    There is still much to enjoy within and I appreciate your patience. I've worked painstakingly hard at the concept around this character and it was hard to come to the decision of postponing the story. I however wanted to give you something spooky to look at this Halloween, and The Sunder Mage fitted the bill perfectly.  So, sit back relax grab some whiskey, wine or a soda and enjoy the ride dear reader.


    All of these mods are available on PC and Xbox One

    3499010482?profile=RESIZE_710xEssential Mods:

    Reccomended Mods:



    Imperial Vampire: As an Imperial Ceryse will gain several passive abilities, some of which she has melded greatly to her advantage to empower her already terrifying grasp of Blood Magic even further.

    • Discipline: In combat, nearby allies gain bonus armor and attack damage
    • Imperial Virtues: Randomly gain bonus Health, Magicka or Stamina regeneration when entering combat.
    • The Human Spirit: At levels 10/20/30, you may change your Attributes (Health +100, Stamina -50)/Resistances (Fire +50%, Poison -25%)/Skills (Restoration +20 and Conjuration - 20, Warrior skills do not matter, Speech +20 and Light Armor -20).
    • Colovian Star (Power): Unlocked by completing 20 quests around Skyrim. Ceryse can use this to regain lost magicka and stamina and fortify them by the amount restored.
    • Cult of Shadows (Vampire): Praying at a shrine will increase magicka and Stamina by 25 points, but the normal shrine effect is reversed.

    Standing Stone: The Mage - The disciplined nature of this stone make it a great choice for Ceryse. The stone boasts a trio of magic focused effects.

    • Power of the Arcane: Spells are 10% more effective. Scrolls are 20% more effective.
    • Mage's Path: Learn all Mage skills 10% faster.
    • Ultimate Power (Unlockable): After finding all 13 standing stones gain this once a day power. It will allow Ceryse to choose one of three random schools of magic. Spells are twice as effective and cost half as much for 60 seconds.

    Name: Ceryse

    Gender: Female

    Age: 427

    Religious Views: As a member of the Cyrodiilic Vampyrum Order, Ceryse worships both the Daedric Prince's Molag Bal and Clavicus Vile, as well as holding Lamae Bal in high esteem. 

    Affiliations: Cyrodiilic Vampyrum Order

    Morality/Personality: Lawful Evil. Ceryse is a calculated, manipulative socialite and provocateur. What others observe as a “warm and playful" personality is but a façade to hide her true self.Those she can’t manipulate through her allure or Illusions are met with the torturous and crushing pain of telekinetic and Blood magics.



    Attributes: 1:4:0 (Perk magicka until you reach around 220 points then focus solely on health)


    Alteration - Through the use of Alteration and ancient rituals Ceryse has learned to alter her physiolgy to better accomodate her use of Blood Magic and Telekinetic abilities.

    Perks of Note:

    • Geomancer - If wearing robes and no armor, you take 30% less damage from attacks while charging or concentrating on a spell.
    • Alteration Dual Casting - Dual casting an Alteration spell empowers it, increasing effectivness and cost. (Used for equilibrium).
    • Mage Armor - Protection Spells like Stoneflesh are up to 200% stronger if wearing only robes.

    Restoration -  Restoration can harm as well as heal. Ceryse has learned how to corrupt this noble school of magic and use it to stricken her enemies with potent curses and boil the blood within their veins.

    Perks of Note:

    • Edge Walker - Restoration spells are up to 30% more powerful if the recipient is bellow half health. The bonus increases as health decreases.
    • Chalice of Tears - If you are diseased or undead, your Restoration spells are 15% stronger and last 50% longer.
    • Restoration Dual Casting - Dual casting a Restoration spel empowers it, increasing effectivness and cost.

    Illusion - Years upon years of making mortals her play things has given Ceryse an uncanny grasp of Illusion, that is only amplified by her vampiric blood. She can easily enthral or bend the will of even the most resilient of minds.

    Perks of Note:

    • Soulcrusher - Feast upon the minds of those affected by a Fear spell or effect within the radius of imposing presence, absorbing 25 points of magicka per second.
    • Nightfall - Those affected by a Frenzy spell or effect within he radius of imposing presence are consumed by battle a hunger when there are no other enemies remainin taking 40 points of damage per second.
    • Dream Geas - Activate sleeping victims to send a "dream" that compels them to fight at your side until released or they are slain. You can only have one dream thrall at a time. Chance to fail and wake up the victim based on Illusion skill.

    Destruction - With a keen understanding of Frost and Blood Magic Ceryse can freeze the blood of her victims where they stand, or just as effortlessly rend them from the inside out, sometimes so violently they are torn asunder.

    Perks of Note:

    • Robe of the Magi - If wearing robes and no light or heavy armor, Destruction spells are 30% more powerful.
    • Elemental Specialization - (Frost) You may choose one element. Spells and effects of that element are 15% more powerful, while spells and effects of the other two elements are 15% weaker.
    • Hypothermia - Frost spells paralyze living targets below 25% health if they are not frost resistant.


    Enchanting - Ceryse has a more than capable grasp in the art of enchanting. Easily able to imbue magical effects of her desire onto gear as she pleases.

    Perks of Note:

    • Regalia - New enchantments placed upon robes, circlets, hoods and necklaces are 30% more powerful.
    • Attunement - All enchantments on equipped weapons and armor are 10% more powerful and last 10% longer.
    • Twin Enchantment - Can place two enchantments upon the same item.

    Speech Ceryse’s provocative charm and allure has granted her a very persuasive and alluring presence, not only that but she has learnt how to use the Th’um to great effect.

    Perks of Note:

    • And the Universe Listens - Shouting restores points of Health, Magicka and Stamina equal to your shout cooldown in seconds. You gain Speech experience when shouting based on your shout cooldown.
    • Force Redoubled 2/2 - 50% chance to reduce the cooldown of any shout to 3 seconds.
    • Th'um of War - Your shouts stagger nearby enemies within 25 feet, reducing armor rating by 300 points for 10 seconds and knocking enemies below 25% Health to the ground.



    Spells: (Modded and CC content are marked with a *, note that vampiric related spells and powers will be covered in the vampirism section).


    • Welling Blood* 
    • Blood Boil*
    • Close Wounds
    • Resurgence*
    • Natures Balance*


    • Flesh Spells
    • Equilibrium
    • Paralyze
    • Ocato’s Recital*
    • Spell Twine*
    • Knowledge is Power*
    • Paralysis Rune*
    • Tumble Magnet*
    • Mage Grip*
    • Malviser’s Gauntlet*


    • Frenzy
    • Fear
    • Calm
    • Compelling Whispers*
    • Blood for Blood*
    • Shared Trauma*
    • Empathic Agony*
    • Enslave the Weak*


    • Frost Rune
    • Wall of Frost
    • Whirlwind Cloak

    Conjuration: (Conjuration is neither perked or trained)

    • Soul Trap
    • Conjure Dremora Lord (Acquired from Soul Cairn merchant)
    • Conjure Wrathman


    • Unrelenting Force
    • Cyclone
    • King’s Bane*
    • Slow Time
    • Bend Will
    • become Ethereal
    • Dismay

    Special Magical Effects, Spells, Powers and Perks:

    Knowledge is Power -  This is a unique spell in that it allows any spell to be stored as a once a day power. For Ceryse this means she is able to "make a pact" to gain high level summons to use as fodder once a day.With the use of this power no time training Conjuration is needed. Both the Wrathman and Dremora Lord spell tomes can be acquired whilst in the Soul Cairn.

    Spell Twine - Spell Twine allows Ceryse to link certain effects to her spells when she casts them. Blood Boil should be linked with; Crystal: Magic Resist + 15% for 10 seconds. This will help mitigate the self inflicted damage that this spell incurrs. Equilibrium should be linked with; Rock: Weapon Damage taken - 15% for 5 seconds. This allows for safer casting reducing the chance of being felled by a stray arrow when Ceryse is low on health. Empathic Agony should be linked with Flow: Spells are 20% cheaper for 5 seconds. This makes any spells cast imediately after Empathic Agony such as Blood Boil to be cheaper to use.

    O3540584889?profile=RESIZE_710xcatos Recital - An extremely useful spell that allows 3 self cast spells to be linked and trigger when combat initates. Whirlwind Cloak, Ebonyflesh and Resurgence should all be selected as spells of choice. Being under the effect of a flesh spell not only will trigger Mage Armor but also any effects chosen from Welloc's Dormant Arcana and the Distorted Shape perk. Whirlwind Cloak will ensure enemies are kept at bay by routinely sending them reeling. Resurgence will trigger whenever Ceryse's health drops below 50% while it is active. When it triggers it will provide a surge of healing for the remainder of it's duration. Ceryse's fervent use of Equilibrium, Blood Boil and Blood Revel ensures that this effect triggers offten.

    Wellcoc's Dormant Arcana - With Welloc's Dormant Arcana linked to a Flesh Spell, Ceryse gains a significant buff to her Restoration and Destuction magic power (+10 %) and to her magicka pool (+ 50) whenever she is effected by said spell.

    Wild Shrines - There are several Wild Shrines scattered around Skyrim. Each provides Ceryse a particular buff to a school of magic. Alteration + 30% duration, Destruction + 15% Magnitude, Illusion + 15% Magnitude, Restoration + 15% Magnitude and Conjuration +30% Duration. 

    Spirit Tutors - Two Spirit Tutors roam Skyrim. When found they will each confer one blessing that will increaase the power of Ceryse's Restoration spells by 1% per 20 points of base magicka.

    Arcane Thesis - Obtaining this perk will allow Ceryse to push the power of her Blood Boil Spell even further. Obtaining a 20 % outgoing damage boost.

    Alter Self Attribute/Resistances - Ceryse is able to alter her biolgy through her understanding of Blood Magic. This will allow her to gain a 25% Boost to both Fire and Shock Resistance as well as a permenant 50 point boost to health.

    Wheel of Life - A useful abillity that allows Ceryse to be healed once every 30 seconds as long as she has not used a healing spell within those 30 seconds. Now this spell has saved my life a fair few times but it has one significant drawback you should be aware of before perking it. It very Ironicaly clasess Equilibrium as a healing spell. Which means if Ceryse has used Equilibrium in the last 30 seconds she will not be getting healed.

    Ethereal Spirit - Meditating on Feim (Become Ethereal) with Paarthurnax grants Ceryse a 25% bonus in health regeneration. The regeneration becomes particularly potent when coupled with her Fortify Health Regeneration enchantments, making it a very good option to use when she is running low on both health and magicka.

    The Human Spirit - This is arguably one of the most essential passives in this build. At levels 10, 20 and 30 Ceryse is able to select several game changing buffs. At level 10 you should choose +100 Health and - 50 Stamina. At level 20 you should choose + 50% Fire Resist and - 25% Poison Resist. At level 30 - You should choose the following, Mage Skills: Restoration + 20 Conjuration - 20, Warrior skills are Irrelevent, Thief Skills: Speech + 20 Light Armor - 20. 



    - Manifesto Cyrodiil Vampyrum Order -

    To you whom We have seen
    Stalking at night by eyes keen
    Transcendant of savages
    Sating thirst sans avarice
    Your coffers stay stuffed
    By social graces robust
    None know your nature;
    save Us
    None share your fate;
    save Us
    None welcome you as kin;
    save Us

    Below you will find all of the essential Sacrosanct perks you will need to play this build


    Wasail - Lose humanity below 25% Health in combat, draining Health, Magicka and Stamina until combat ends. Also reduces them by 10 points until you feed.

    Blood Revel -  (Power) In combat, gain 25% bonus attack damage and spell effectiveness for 120 seconds or until combat ends, but activate Wassail. (Only when not sated, unless you have King among Kine).

    Blood Cauldron - (Power)  Expend some of your Vampiric blood to replenish Health, Magicka and Stamina, becoming thirstier. (Only when sated).

    Flaywind - (Greater Power) Target person within 10 feet flees while vampire bats absorb 25 Health per second for 30 seconds. If the target dies, counts as feeding. (Only while blood starved, unless you have King among Kine).

    Vampires Seduction - (Greater Power)  Silently bewitches a person up to level 10 for 30 seconds, calming them and allowing you to feed. (Can be used in combat).

    3175630055?profile=RESIZE_710xVampiric Age: 

    King Among Kine - You no longer lose any powers when feeding. 

    Oberon's Grail: Reduces the chance to fall victim to Wassail in combat by 75%.

    Vicissitude: Hemomancy spells other than Blood Seed do 25% more damage to targets affected by Blood Seed.

    Blue Blood Quest:

    Potence - Vampiric strength grants 15% more attack damage, increased to 30% when Sated.

    Vampire Lord Form:

    Starving Artist - In mortal form, Hemomancy spells used against people absorb Health equal to 25% of their base damage (dealing that much extra damage and healing the caster for the same amount). Killing people with Hemomancy spells advances your Vampire Lord perks. 

    Make Them Beautiful - In mortal form, Hemomancy spells used against people have 25% chance to tear apart victims below 25% Health, instantly killing them.

    Blood From a Stone - Blood Magic, the Raze spell in your right hand and Hemomancy in mortal form can now damage Daedra and automatons.

    Curtain Call - Hemomancy: Briefly pacifies people affected by a different Hemomancy spell before decapitating them, killing them instantly

    White Wolf - Your Vampire's Seduction power now works on targets 15 levels higher and you may Drain people under its effect regardless of how thirsty you are. Additionally, Draining a sleeping or seduced victim advances Vampire Lord perks.

    Dragon at midnight - You gain 4 perk points to spend in your other perk trees. However, when you are Blood Starved, contact with Sunlight will instantly destroy you!

    Hemomancy Spells:

    Blood Seed: (Apprentice) Jagged bone shards grow in a living or undead target, dealing 6 magic damage for 10 seconds. (1 draining)

    Blood Brand: (Adept) Living or undead target takes 5 magic damage per second. After 10 seconds, detonates for 100 damage. (3 drainings) 

    Blood Garden: (Adept) Casts Blood Seed on all targets (AOE), inflicting 10 magic damage for 10 seconds. (6 drainings)

    Blood Scourge: (Expert) Living or undead target takes 20 magic damage for 15 seconds. On death, spreads to all nearby targets. (10 drainings)

    Blood Ankh: (Expert) Hexes the corpse of a living or undead being, causing it to levitate and explode for 200 magic damage. (15 drainings).

    Profaned Sun: (Master) Flaming star that follows the target for 20 seconds, dealing 25 magic and fire damage to living targets near it. (21 drainings)

  • December 21, 2019

    what alternate start background did you pick? vampire in secluded lair?

  • December 21, 2019
    I don’t understand why this is split into two parts
  • December 21, 2019
    I don’t understand why this is split into two parts
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    February 29, 2020

    ARandomFool said: I don’t understand why this is split into two parts

    Hey man. Glad you read over the build. It's sectioned off because I hit a type of world count limit in the editor. If i could keep it all in one nice post I would, but alas it's just how the cookie crumbled. It's no biggie though just means you gotta open an extra page.