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Event Build: The Creature From the Black Marsh

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    October 15, 2019

    There are way too many builds based on Universal’s wolfman and dracula but sadly no builds about Gilman so I thought I’d make a build that focused on the creature from the black lagoon movie, which I feel is often left out when it comes to classic Universal Studios collection of classic monsters. I decided to do an Argonian because that race is similar to the creature Gilman from the movie. They both have lungs as well as gills, have standard resistances and they can both regenerate health and wounds faster than mere humans and elves.

    My people, the Saxhleel in our native tongue of Jel, are commonly ostrasized just because we live in a land claimed ‘inhospitable’ by other species. We are also captured to have others study us or kill us for the riches in our land that those 'dry skins' beiieve they have a right to. 

    One brave expedition led by Imperial army captain Cyronius Claevius. ventured into the 'swamp' as they call it and wasted no time in cutting down the savages that they saw before them because they would not be 'civilized' to the way they think instead of learning how to adapt to our ways which the call primitive. 

    All around me, my people were being dragged out of the marshes and stuffed into tiny vacuum-packed containers to be brought back to Skyrim to be studied. Forcefully dragged from their own habit by these monsters to be imprisoned in blocks of steel and stone. I shudder to think what monstrous experiments those fiendds are putting my kinsfolk through

    I was lucky enough to escape, deep into the waters where the Wamasu often make their home. I hid there until the human ivading the region grew tired and left with the stolen treasures. I stayed beneath the murky waters for two minutes more unti I was sure they had left.

    I broke the surface of the water, which was running down my scaly skin, and emmited a frog like vocalization that my people use to communicate, I felt disheartened when I heard no reply. My eyes were then set on a site of wanton destruction. My homeland was burned down,, the hist trees chopped down and the waters I have come to know as home were all but dried up.

    I became so enraged that I came out of the water on my hands and knees looking to all the world like an iguana looking for bugs to eat. My hands and feet stopped being webbed and because humaniod claws with black finger nails and my face ceased to be fish-like and morphed into a lizard-like one. 

    My tail was the last thing to protrude from the murky water, like my body, feet and hands, it too became more lizard-like. When my body fully emerged from the murky pond,I utter a low growl and proceeded to go to Skyrim and tear those men and merr apart for stealing my family and friend from Blacck Marsh.

    My home, a swamp deep within Argonia, I chose this particular swamp because it is secluded from the constanly invading forces of men and mer, or so I thought.


    Name: Gilman

    Race: Argonian

    Stats: 0:2:3

    Standing Stone: The Serpent

    Apparel: dragonscale armor (full set enchanted with regenerate health and resist magicka) 

    Weapons: none, I prefer to fight hand to hand rather than to fight with a weapon

    Spells: Close Wounds, Healing, Dragonskin

    Powers: Hiistskin

    Shouts: Dismay, Drain Vitality, Dragon Aspect, Poison Breath

    Major Skills: Light Armor, Smithing, Restoration

    Minor Skills: Sneak, Enchanting

    Gilman can magically enhance his skin for numerous purposes. The creature can shed his old skin to grow a skin that is harder for swords and arrows to penetrate. The swamp thing can regenerate health faster than all men and mer. Living in black marsh, the creature learned to smith the hardest of skins. The creature is really sensitive to light so he stays in the shadows as much as possible

    Aurora: Standing Stones of Skyrim - this mod reworks the standing stones of skyrim to something more useful.

    Ordinator: Perks of Skyrim - reworks Skyrim's perk trees to make roleplaying more fun.

    Inigo - adds a unique and truly impressive companion to Skyrim with over 7,000 unique lines of dialogue. He sings songs and comments on many quests and makes a great counselor.

    Argonian Hearthfires - this mod adds a dwelling under the swamp that I can call home in Skyrim

    Keema the Young Female Warrior - The Creature is feircely protective of his mate, he will defend her until death

    My friends and familly are captured by the imperials legion, I must slay them save my kinfolk.

    Iron Fist - Increases unarmed damage by 5/15/25% of your current Stamina

    Sweeping Wind - Unarmed power attacks do 25% more damage

    Windrunner - Move 10% faster in combat if wearing all Light Armor

    Wardancer - Your agility enables you to strike more effectively

    Spelldancer - Wardancer also improves elemental (fire, frost and shock) spells and effects by the same amount

    Breaking Waves - Unarmed attacks have a greater of a critical strike that deals critical damage equal to 40% of your current Stamina. If you are affected by Wardancer, every hit is a critical strike

    Dodge Roll - Performing a silent roll makes you ethereal, causing all incoming attacks and spells to miss

    Shadow Warrior - Entering sneak mode in combat grants invisibilty, briefly leaving combat and forcing distant opponents to search for you. This effect has an 8 second cooldown 


    Against dragons, I must use dragonrend to bring them crashing to the ground and then my mighty claws will rend their flesh broken beyond repair and hopefully slice through an artery while doing so. I can use Magefist to coat my claws in highly corrosive acids and deliver deadly blows which are amplified by my mage armor ranking.

    Against forsworn, bandits and other human scum, I use my poison spit that I gain from using the serpent stone from the Aurora mod to render my human enemies helpless so I can finish them of in any manner I chose. I can also defeat them using my magically enhanced claws as well.

    Against mages and dragonpriests, I can conjure a ward with my hand to negate any and all magic attacks, then I can spit poison in their faces, causing them to shriek in pain as their eyes start to wither away.. While they are preoccupied with the pain in their eyes, I can sneak up behind them and deliver a blow from my claws, effectively ending their life.

    Against the lloathesome Imperial army who stole my friends and family from me, I use all the tools at my disposal, poison spit, magically enchanced claws and, of course a skin as tough aa dragonscales to mow down their ranks and make them feel the pain I felt when my family, friends and homeland was taken from me.

    The Imperials will pay for desecrating my homeland

    After I escape Helgen and those damned Imperials, I go to the hammlet of Riverwood to start the Main Quest in order to gain the tools I need for my revenge. After that is completed, I make my way upstream to Windhelm where I join the Stormcloaks in order to regain my family and drive the imperial scum out of Skyrim for good. After I join the rebels, I go to Whiterun to join the companions, well without accepting the beastblood, to gain prowess with my claws. After I join this ragtag group of fighters, I go to winterhold to sharp my mind at the College of Winterhold

    The cowards are holed up in their fortress, no matter the cost, I will rescue my friends and family

    Main Quest - this quests enables me to start my journey to gain the shouts I need to save my kinfolk 

    Stormcloaks - Gilman joins these guys for two reasons: 1. to make sure the imperials never invade Blackmarsh again and 2. to rescue his tribemen and his peoples

    The Companions - Gilman has to know how to fight with his claws

    The College of Winterhold - Not only does he need to know how to fight with his hands, he also needs to sharp and keen mind to fight with and also so he can conjure the spells he needs to complete his task

    Companions: Ingio

    Construction Criticism Is Appreciated