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Character Build: Temple Guardian: Tiger

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    September 7, 2019

    Abandoned by the death of her parents and left at the doorstep of Bao Gu orphanage, she had to quickly learrn how to defend herself from bulles. After that, Shifu found her and taught her Kung Fu, specifically tiger style.  Now all grown up, she defends China from danger with the help of the other four. This warrior that I am speaking of is none other than master Tigress from the Kung Fu Panda movies. On a side note, she is my favorite character, not only of the furious five, but of any character in the trilogy.

    On the 31st day of sun's height, a man in a grey hood and cloak left a little bundle in a basket on the honorhall orphanage's doorstep, inside the bundle was a tiny orange kitten. The doorbell rang. A woman, who looked like she was about sixty, answered the door and saw the basket with the kitten inside it, looked around as if to find out who it belonged to, but when no one showed up claiming it, she took it inside. She put the basket on the table that stood five feet from the door and went into the main room and started making a makeshift nursery for the baby, for the time being until someone came forward to claim the baby.

    The baby cub was treated by the other children as a time bomb that could detonate if they touched it, even the old woman didn't dare offend the child in any way for fear of what she might do. As the years came and went to cub remained shunned by the caretaker and the other orphans. One day, however, there was a knock on the door, "Children stay right there, I'll see who it is." She turned to the children, and her voice took on an air of loathing, "Wipe those happy smiles off your faces, no one is going to adopt a bunch of misbehaving kids." The woman, naned Grelod the Kind, although that is kind of a misnomer because she was never kind to the little brats as she hated every last one of them. She turned away from the children, even tigress who she hated and feared most of all, and proceeded down the hall to the door; when she opened it, she saw a man clad in a gray hood and grey robes with a bluish shirt underneath.

    "Greetings," Said the man, beaming at her, "I do hope you remember me?" He looked questioningly at her. The old lady thought a minute, "oh, yes I remember you," She lied, "Angeir wasn't it?" The man nodded, impressed that she remember that much given her advanced age. She motioned him in and took his hood and robe and hung it on a hook near the door. "So, you must be thirsty after traveling all the way from?" She creased her already wrinkled forehead, "Where are you from exactly?" She asked.

    The man pointed to a point far east of Riften, "I am from High Hrothgar, high atop the Throat of the World, I have come here to fetch miss Tigress," He scratched his head in confusion, "Where is she?" Grelod walked with Angeir into the main chamber. Six year old Tigress was playing in a side room all by herself. 

    Angeir went into the room after Grelod, it was then he spotted Tigress. "Ah, Tigress, there you are, I haven't seen you since you were this small", he emphasized the point by bending down and putting his hand on one foot of air. He drew himself back up to his full height. "Now tigress, ready to leave?" She looked at him questioningly, "Leave? Where are we going?" Angeir sat on the bed and put Tigress on his knee, "Tigress, I told Grelod that if anything were to happen to you; you needed to defend yourself, but you have been cowering in terror of other people's harsh words and cruel physical attacks." 

    Tigress asked Angeir how he knew this;  He just said one hears a great many things on the tallest peak of Skyrim. Tigress lowered her head in shame, "Master Angeir, I want to train hard so I can defend myself from emotional and physical attacks on my psyche. 

    Angeir nodded and they both stood up and walked out of that depressing orphanage and onwards to High Hrothgar.


    Name: Tigress

    Race: Ka'po'tun

    Weapons: she does not use any swords, axes or daggers because she does not believe in them. She uses her fists along with the monk gloves that amplifies her unarmed damage by ten percent, and her voice. Her fists are as strong as a bamboo tree and her voice is as sharp as a poisoned dagger.

    Apparel: Imperial Tunic (white with red symbols)

    Spells: Flames, Firebolt, Fire Rune, Fire Wall, Flame Cloak, Fire Storm, Incendiary Flow, Howling Blast, Cyclonic Rift, Dragon Flesh

    Shouts: Whirlwind Sprint, Dragon Aspect, Drain Vitality, Disarm, Fire Breath, Call Dragon, Become Ethereal, Cyclone, Storm Call, Slow Time

    Major Skills: Light Armor, Alteration

    Minor Skills: Destruction, Enchanting 

    Aurora - Standing Stones of Skyrim - All of Skyrim's standing stones are reworked in interesting ways

    Byzantine Imperials - Chainmail and Scale Armor - this mod adds asian looking apparel to Skyrim

    Library of Paarthurnax SSE - this mod adds a large player home to the throat of the world, accessible only after you have met Paarthurnax

    Ordinator - Completely reworks the vanilla Skyrim perk system, opening up numerous possiblities for roleplaying character builds

    Magefist - this mod adds unarmed damage that is increased by the level of mage armor you have attained

    Improved Companions - Quest Tweaks - this mods allows you to back out of becoming a werewolf plus other changes to the companions

    Races of Nirn - Ka'po'tun SE - this mods the tiger dragons of Akvir, the ka'po'tun to the world of Skyrim

    Tigress' home, near her Master's temple

    Inigo - adds a unique and truly impressive companion to Skyrim with over 7,000 unique lines of dialogue. He sings songs and comments on many quests and makes a great counselor.

    High Hrothgar, a monastery high atop the throat of the world and Tigress' trainiing grounds

     Alteration - Tigress knows how to upgrade her fists so they do more damage

     Destruction - Angeir taught Tigress how to attack rapidly using the elements of fire and wind

     Light Armor - The master taught Tigress how to protect herself and also how to use her fists wisely

    Tigress watching her master become enlightened in the way of the voice




    Against common enemies, Tigress uses her innate flame magic to subdue them. Then, she uses her disarm shout to carry the weapon away on an unfriendly wind and then she dispatches them with unarmed attacks from the Ordinator mod empowered by the Magefist mod. She shows them no mercy because she channels her hatred of people mocking her into her attacks.

    Against dragons and dragonpriests, she utilizes the power of wind to blow them away, if that does not work, she utilizes her Dragonrend shout for dragons and her empowered fists from the Magefist mod for dragonpriests. The mod enables her to do the same amount of flesh spell damage with her fists and the damage stacks up to three times.

    Against mages and bosses (Alduin, Miraak and Durnehviir) she uses Dragonrend (for Durnehviir), for everyone else, she utilizes her fist attack perks from the light armor tree of the Ordinator mod and also uses the Magefist mod paired with the words of the voice she learned from her master, Angeir of the greybeards.

    Master Angeir, Tigress' teacher 

    After Tigress gets out of training with Angeir, she must finish The Main Quest before she goes to Whiterun to join the companions and starts practing with her new found unarmed prowess and newly sharped voice. After she completes this, she must go to Solitude to join the Imperials to further gain skill with her fists and gain favor with her master. After she completes this, she goes to Wint in order to undertake The College of Winterhold questline to embolden her magical affinity as well as strengthen her magical attacks. After this she goes to Riften to join the Dawnguard in an attempt to right a few wrongs done by a formewr student of Angeir. Lastly, she must venture to Solstheim to teach a likewise fallen student, Miraak a.k.a the true Dragonborn that one does not cross Angeir and live.

    Miraak, Angeir's former student, has proceeded down a dark path and has forsaken the way of the voice  

    Companions - this guild gives her a good opportunity to practice using her unarmed attacks, spells and voice

    Dawnguard - Tigress must prove her stalwartnessto her master by descending into the realm of the dead and killing the Volkihar vampires as well as the dragon Durnehviir, who has forsaken the way of the voice

    Dragonborn - the tigher must prove her loyalty to the greybeards by destroying their former student in honorable combat

    Main Quest - she undartakes the journey to enlightenment, her master also teaches her to use her voice and fists for good

    Imperials - she joins this as a way to further develop her unarmed skill and embolden her voice

    College of Winterhold - Tigress joins this guild to augment her unarmed attacks with equally deadly magic attacks 

    The greybeards' master and grandmaster of Tigress

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