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Character Build: The Real Dragonborn

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    September 4, 2019

    The villian I am focusing on in this build is the snow leopard in Kung Fu Panda who is trained by Shifu only to be denied the dragon scroll when the time had come. I like how he fights with and he even matches the strength of a certain panda warrior. The villain I am talking about is none other than Tai Lung.


    Tai Lung was born to a wealthy family in the province of Akavir. he was trained in various types of martial arts by his master, Kai Mihn Xhu at the dragon palace. Kai taught Tai about various types of throws, jabs, kicks and guards. One day in Kung Fu training, Kai asked Tai to demonstrate the thunderclaw. The thunderfist is a technique that propels energy, or chi, through the users’ body and he or she can then expel that energy to blow the enemy off of their feet, Tai did so, but, on a dummy the stood near the entrance, the dummy got blasted of its pole and flew through the air. Kia looked pleased with the results. On his graduation day, his master was about to give his the belt of chi, a symbol of completing all types of Kung Fu. What Tai Lung failed to realize, however, was there was another student that Xhu was training on the side and he was thinking about giving the belt to him.

    At this news, Tai became infuriated and lashed out at his master, "Kai, how dare you train another Dragonborn in my place. I AM THE REAL DRAGONBORN!" He yelled. "You are letting your emotions get the better of you. You must control them in order to achieve inner peace with-" Kai's eyes went wide as Tai stood in horse stance with his body halfway between his open palms. He then performed a roundhouse kick to the space where his master would have been. Kai saw this in precognition and moved to a new position atop a nearby pole. "Tai, this is not like you, control your emotions now!" "Screw you and your rules." Tai said with a wave of his hand. His eyes narrowed as a low growl escaped his lips. "If you just gave me the belt and pronounced me dragoonborn, but no, you had to overlook me and chose a more worthy soul to be the dragonborn, is that it?." With every word Tai said, he sent jade pottery flying across the temple, where they would smashing inot pieces at the opposite wall.

    Kai shook his head, "No, it's not like that at all, I just thought-" Tai's eyes grew narrower with one eyebrow raised, "You thought what?" Kai thought thoroughly before speaking again. "Erhm...well, Miraak has something you didn't." Tai wanted answers, not a lecture. He looked at his master with eyes of hate, "WHAT DOES HE HAVE? TELL ME!" Tai spat. Kai told Tai that Miraak had a kind soul and he does not go crazy when he does not get what he desires." Kai could stand this treachery no longer, he let his anger consume him, not knowing or caring if he killed his master. 

    Minutes later, Kai regained consciouness to see the temple in ruins and his master livid. Kai sighed, "Tai, as of this moment, your training is over, you destroyed my home, have no sense of balance within your soul and-" He paused, and then scolded Tai, "You attacked you master. I told you kung fu, as with all martial arts, is to be used as defense only, never to destroy or cause harm and yet-" He did a one eighty around him with his arm extended, "You did both, I see you will never learn, so, I have no choice but to dismiss your from my service." Kai turned his back on Tai; as Tai started down the steps, he looked back and heard his master say, "Farewell my ex-student, Maybe Miraak can show greater promise than you could, it's a pity really." unseen by Tai lung, his former master cursed him with Porphoric Hemophelia to let him feel the pain his masterr felt when he destoryed his home. 

    Tai returned home and went upstairs to his room. His mom knocked on the door. She walked in, "Is everything all right?" Tai said he did not want to talk about it. Tai's mom tried again and again until Tai got so fed up that an orange flame escaped his outstrenched hand and caught his mom on fire. He looked around nervously for a way to extinguish the flames, but, by the time he found a bucket, his mom was dead. Tai cried for a long time before fleeing the room, past his dad, down the steps and out into the crisp autumn air. He booked passage to Skyrim so he could hone his skills before facing the one who Kai Mihn Xhu said was a worthier dragonborn than he was.


    Name: Tai Lung

    Race: Khajiit

    Standing Stone: Warrior

    Stats: 1:2:1 (for the first five levels, then pour all points to health)

    Apparel: Blue pants

    Weapons: fists, throwing knives

    Abilites: Vampire

    Shouts: Ice Form, Whirlwind Sprint, Become Ethereal, Dismay, Marked For Death, Drain Vitality, Dragon Aspect, Dragonrend

    Spells: Fireball, Frostbite, Wall of Frost, Frost Rune, Freeze, wall of fire, dragonflesh

    Major Skills: alteration, light armor

    Minor Skills: enchanting, destruction

    Unperked skills: two handed

     Alteration - having no armor on his chest, the real dragonborn must special armor magic

    Enchanting -  Tai learned how to enchant his throwing knives and fists to do more damage

     Light Armor - Tai's master taught him how to fight with his fists

    Destruction - Tai's master taught him that in dire circumstances, a well timed fire or frost spell can save a martial artist's life


    Aurora - Standing Stones of Skyrim - All of Skyrim's standing stones are reworked in interesting ways

    Inigo - adds a unique and truly impressive companion to Skyrim with over 7,000 unique lines of dialogue. He sings songs and comments on many quests and makes a great counselor.

    Throwing Weapons Lite SSE - The mod adds throwing weapons to Tai Lung's arsenal

    Magefist - this mod adds unarmed damage that is increased by the level of mage armor you have attained

    Way of the Monk - this mod adds some martial artist inspired clothes, weapons and spells to the gameworld

    Regen Again - Vampire Regeneration Under Sunlight - enables regeration of health, magicka and stamina under sunlight as a vampire


    Tai's former master, Kai Mihn Xhu

    Against common enemies (bandits, forsworn, highwaymen and bounty huners), Tai Lung uses Rising Viper to knock them out cold and then eliminate them use his icy touch of death. If his fails, then he has Inigo go in and finish the job for him, or with him. He uses his warrior stone ability from the Aurora mod to make himself nigh invincible and able to defeat enemies without so much as a though. He adds to his strength by regeneration, instead of losing stats with the Regen Again mod.

    Against dragons, he shouts them to the ground using dragonrend and then pummels them with his fists, which are empowered by Magefist and The Way of the Monk mods. the magefist mod increases Tai's unarmed damage by whatever his rank in the mage armor perk is. The way of the monk adds clothing, spells and weapons to assist Tai lung in knocking out his opponents.

    Against magic enemies like mages and dragonpriests, Tail Lung uses his Crouching TigerCalm Crane or Praying Mantis abilities to either confuse, really screw with or demolish his enemies. He can also employ his weapons from the Throwing Weapons mod to make the magic users' day turn sour rather quickly.

    Against the ultimate enemy, the guy who claim he is the real dragonborn, Tai must use everything he has learned to this point, meaning fists as well as the enchancements from the Magefist mod and all the special abilities he learned from the one whom he thought was his master, he will teach the imposter that he is not to be trifled with, just like his master, who woefully took on another student who is more worthy of Tia Lung.

    After Tai Lung narrowly escaped Helgen, he went to Riverwood to start the Main Quest. After that he would go to Winterhold to undertake the College of Winterhold questline to hone his magical abilities, after he does this, he goes to Whiterun to join The Companions of Jorrvaskr and do The Whispering Door quest. After this, he went to an island near Winterhold to obtain the knowledge he need by undertaking the Discerning The Transmundane quest. While in the arrea, he would also do the Black Star quest as well. He goes up to Solitude afterward to join The Imperial Legion to honor his guild, the Imperial dragon, back in Akavir. Finally, after he trained hard and battled countless foes, he would venture to the island of Soolstheim and battle the one who unjustly calls himself Dragonborn.

    Rising Viper - Tai uses his poisonous viper form to dissimate his foes drain vitality + paralyse + frostbite

    Crouching Tiger - Tai can strike really fast with his fists while keeping his enemies frozen solid Sweeping Wind + Monk claws + Ice Form + Rushing Tide

    Praying Mantis - Tai uses his night eye to seek out enemies and then he strikes with his poisoned claws Monk claws (enchanted with poison) + nighteye + hissing dragon (poison)

    Mischevious Monkey - The real dragonborn uses his wits to outsmart his opponents Wall of frost + Wardancer + Hissing Dragon

    Calm Crane Tai waits for when the enemy is at his most vulnerable and then strikes Iron Fists + Breaking Waves + Tempting Fate + mass paralysis

    The Black Star - The dragonborn uses this as a means to empower his fists and pants with the souls of his ancestors who vow to assist him in his endeavors.

    College of Winterhold - Tai must drink from this fountain of knowledge in order to attain the spells he requires to best Miraak

    Companions - Tai must hone his skills with fist and sword before he can battle Miraak

    Discerning the Transmundane - Tai Lung must attain this book as it has the knowledge of Akavir transcribed within. It may also help him in his quest.

    Dragonborn - Tai Lung trained hard, learned all the shouts and is spell-savvy. Now he must venture to Solsthiem and eliminate the one Kai trained to be the dragonborn instead of him.

    The Imperial Legion - This guild is an extension of the Imperial Dragon guild on Akavir. Tai Lung joins this as a two fold pledge,  one side is to honor his homeland and the other is to wipe out all non-believers in the way of the Akaviri.

    Main Quest - Tai requires dragonsouls if he is to challenge Miraak for the title of real dragonborn, he could care less about the dragons. He cares more for power and what he does to attain it.

    The Whispering Door - Tai Lung must undergo a trial of mind, body and soul to obtain this weapon that contains one thousand Akaviri souls trapped by a great evil.

    Follower - Inigo

    Constructive Criticism Is Appreciated

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    September 5, 2019

    It's been awhile since I last thought about Kung Fu Panda and I honestly wasn't expecting something posted here to be what changed that.

    So first thing, it looks like the Gameplay section is incomplete. You have a sentence that starts to mention how Tai would face the "Imposter" Dragonborn in combat but it just cuts off half way. 

    Secondly and this really has very little to do with your build so you can ignore it if you want, every time I see the name of the build I'm reminded of one of my Skyrim builds who at least in name only would be the opposite of this build; The False Dragonborn.