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Character Build: The Shadow of Creation

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    July 30, 2019

    This character build is my attempt to bring the cunning mind of the sun god Solaris, Mephiles the Dark, into the world of Skyrim. Mephiles is really cool. I feel his powers would translate well into Skyrim.

    "Drown in darkness!"—Mephiles 

    A ship from Blackmarsh came to to Skyrim under unknown circumstances, the ship was nearly destroyed in a heavy storm the night before. On this ship were three lizard-like creatures, one mom, one dad and one baby When the ship was mere inches from the mainland. a mysterious streak of lightning split the sky. The pilot of the ship tried to direct the ship out of the lightning's path but the ship struck a rock and started to sink. In a last ditch effort, the mother prayed to Molag Bal to cease the storm, her prayer went unanswered.

    The daedra lord did, however, spawn a unique staff of untold power onto the ship. Molag Bal told the mother to give the child the sceptor. She asked the daedra if this was some trick. The daedra replied, "Now my dear, what would give you that impression?" The mother said it is in the daedra job description to play tricks. The staff fell to the ground and bursted open, a purple shadowy substancce erupted from the staff and absorbed Miles' mom's shadow, knowing time was short for her, the shadow shifted to be the child's shadow instead. The mother them prayed to Bal to save the child. As the water was building inside the ship, the daedra created a bridge of light from the ship to a nearby rock.

    The mother took off her knapsack, put the sceptor inside of it and sat the baby to the rock. He began to cry, but his mother and father both said it would be okay. The last thing the child saw was his parents getting swallowed by the sea. 

    Years later, the child, now grown found a house in Solitude to call his own. He was sitting in his room when he heard a voice come out of nowhere.

    "Hey kid, down here, your parents were taken before their time by the lord of destruction. I can reverse the seemingly irreversable damage he's done. Do you want to see your parents alive again? I can help." It said

    Miles looked all over for the source of the voice, then he looked at his feet. His shadow seemed to be growing. Miles screamed, a black and white argonian rose up out of his shadow, but this one was black and white.

    "W-who are you?" Miles shrieked, going for the door.

    "Relax kid, I am not the enemy here, didn't you say you wanted to see your parents again?"

    Miles nodded.

    Mephiles spoke even though he had no visible mouth, "Very well, To do this task, I require your form.

    Miles' forehead creased, "I beg your pardon?"

    "Look," said Mephiles, clearly fed up with this, "Just let me take over your body and all will become clear in time."

    Miles said the words Mephiles wanted to hear.

    "Perfect!" He started laughing maniacally.

    The argonian dissolved into a dark purple shadow and entered Miles' nostrils and took control of his brain and nervous system, Mephiles had tricked him. Miles tried to fight back, but the purple smoke flooded his entire body. The smoke also dulled his senses, with a blood-curdling scream, the smoke completed its task. Where Miles stood minutes before now stood a black and white lizard with bright green eyes. "Well, about time I got free of that gaudy and quite cramped staff." said the thing inhabiting Miles' body. "Now that I have this new body, I can have fun once again. It said, a smirk began to form on it's face.


    The sceptor of darkness

    Name: Mephiles the Dark

    Race: Argonian

    Standing Stone: The Shadow 

    Apparel: Vaermina's Robes (enchanted with fortify and regen health)

    Weapons: None

    Spells: Crushing Darkness, Consuming Shadows, Shadow Bolt, Drain Soul, Shadowrend, Shadow Form, Conjure Darkness, Ebonyflesh, Dragonflesh 

    Shouts: Drain Viitality, Dragonrend, Aura Whiisper, Bend Will, Dragon Aspect (Use this to simulate Mephiles crystaline skin), soul tear, marked for death

    Major Skills: Enchanting, Alteration, Illusion

    Minor Skills: Conjuration, One Handed

    Non Perked Skill: Destruction

    Mephiles' true form

    Alteration - Mephiles can use shadows to shield himself from enemy fire

     Conjuration - The dark one is quite adept at conjuring things out of thin air, especially deadly shadows

    Destruction - the shadow can make shadows erupt from his hands to deal damage to all living things

    Enchanting - The master of shadows can enchant his robe and weapons with dark matter to heelp boost his attack power or bolster his defense 

     Illusion - The master of darkness and shadow is a skilled munipulator of living things to get what he wants

    Shadow Spell Package - This mod adds "shadow" themed destruction/illusion spells and perks to Skyrim. These spells are based around drains, damage-over-time (damage per second) and debuff effects.

    Aurora - Standing Stones of Skyrim - All of Skyrim's standing stones are reworked in interesting ways

    Inigo - adds a unique and truly impressive companion to Skyrim with over 5,000 unique lines of dialogue. He sings songs and comments on many quests and makes a great counselor.

    Against mere humans (forsworn bandits and highwaymen), he uses either his marked for death shout to weaken them and then he uses his shadowrend spell to trap their measly souls and also this can kill them as well. Mephiles could care less for humanity, and as a psychopathic massichist, he would rather see them suffer than to attempt to be victorius.

    Against pathetic magic casters (mages), he uses drain soul to absorb the souls from their feable and useless fleshy prisons and then he ends their retched existence by casting crushing darkness and leave the shadows to drain every last drop of life from them.

    Against flying rats, he uses dragonrend to knock them out of the sky and then he uses a mix of shadowrend and Stalneisti to ensure their demise is quick and painless (even though he wants to cause as much pain as possible).

    Against bosses that think they are mighty like Miraak, Kaarstag and the ebony warrior, he uses shadowrend to disable them, slowly sapping their life and then he finishes them off with Stalneisti.

    Against Durnehviir, he uses dragonrend to knock him out of the sky and then he rushes in with his crushing darkness spell and stalneisti and, alernating between the two, eliminates the greatest threat to his existence.

    I recommend playing this on master difficulty.

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    After Mephiles leaves Helgen, he goes to winterhold to begin the College of Winterhold quest to learn how to get a hold of his powers in a way that his new body does not get overwhelmed, After this, he goes to Riverhold to start the Main Quest in order to teach the world eater a lesson or two about being being intimidating. As he exits Riverhold, he teleports to the shrine of Azura to obtain the vessel of darkness, The Black Star. He then goes to Falkreath to join his fellow shadows in The Dark Brotherhood in order to help him carry out his mission to make every single human kneel before him. Mephiles then rides to Windhelm on either of his trusty steeds of darkness, Shadowmere or Arvak to travel to Solstheim to show that pathetic dragonborn Miraak that he does not control the faabric of the universe. After the dragonborn is defeated, Mephiles goes to Castle Dawnguard not to join them, but to use them to join the Volkihar vampires. 

    Main Quest - Mephiles will show Alduin that he is not the shadow of creation, that honor of destruction belongs to the black and white argonian

    Dragonborn - Mephiles must show Miraak that he does not control the fabric of the universe

    Dawnguard - Mephiles only requires this quest to obtain his other dark steed, he could care less about the vampires and Dawnguard, but if he were to choose, he'd go with the vampires as their goals are somewhat similar to his own.

    Dark Brotherhood - this quest is perfect for Mephiles to grow as a villain.

    The Black Star  - The dark one requires this gem to bolster his armor and weapons

     Companions - Inigo

    Constructive Criticism Is Appreciated.