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Character Build: The Witch Arrow Part 2

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    June 2, 2019

    Way of the Witch Arrow:

    Light and dark.

    Fire and ice.

    Life and death.

    In all things there is an antithesis.

    To heal, one must understand what ails.

    To take a life, one must first understand what gives it.

    Thus is the way of the Witch Arrow.

    Balance in all things.

    Fore without balance there is imbalance.

    And imbalance, whether for good or ill, serves the few, whereas balnce serves the many.   

    Bitter Mercy - Welling Blood + Lion's Arrow + Torpor (Poison)

    Striking her enemies with blood magic and poisoned arrows, Ivriel will often fell weaker foes with one loose of her bow.


    The Thorn Within - Wingstrike + Alkahest + Bottomless Cup

    Lashing out with her bow, Ivriel gains a damage boost against her target and also bypassess much of their armor with her corrosive poison.


    Death Blooms Eternal - Decompose + Wild Companions

    Ivriel infects a target with powerful toxins that transfers the targets life force to herself and her tamed companions.


    Tooth and Claw - Paralysis (Rune,spell or Serpents kiss (poison) + Summons and Wild Companions

    Inducing her foe with paralysis, The victim is helpless to stop Ivriel's creatures tearing into them.


     The Wild Hunt - Fear Poison + Wild companions and Summons

     Ivriel laces her arrows with a concoction which sets foes fleeing. Her beast's then run the target down


    Tears of the Fallen - Poison Runes +Paralysis (Rune, Spell or Poison) + Necroplague

    Carefully setting the field with poison runes, Ivriel saps the life force away from her enemies, while skirting them with her bow. All who fall are then infected with a contagious poison.


    Nature's Bulwark - Ocato's Recital (Flesh Spell, Tree Rings, Healing Blossom)+Welloc's Dormant Arcana+Mage Armor

    Channeling the earth around her, Ivriel uses Nirn itself to form a protective layer around her body. Increasing vitality, regeneration, and defence.


    Nirn's Due -  Healers Tincture (Potion) + Poison Runes + Miraak's Staff + Blood Boil

    Ivriel casts several poison runes infront of advancing foes, and then calls upon the roots of nirn to hold them while she unleashes a devastating display of blood magic.


    This build can be played in a number of ways deppending on the situation that arises. Ivriel can switch from an agressive close quarters bow basher, 

    a supportive back ranks healer and buffer, or a devastating trap setter with the use of her runes, poisons, and necroplague. The main thing to be aware of here is unless you are trying to set up a trap, you gotta keep moving and skirting the enemies with your poisoned arrows. Ivriel is no sneak so there is no hidding from your foes. Your facing them head on with a pack of hungry familars and wild animals at your side.

    On Alchemy:

    • Potions: Certain perks in Alchemy make it extremely beneficial and easy for Ivriel to remain under the effects of her potions. Sorceress's Draught and Ranger's Heart are two potions imparticular that can last a very long time when paired with the Lab Skeever perk. It is also worth noting that whenever combat starts it is worthwhile to make to sure Ivriel is under the effect of a potion so she is getting the full benefiets from the Stimulants, Crimson Haze, Maenad, Witchmaster and Chymical wedding perks.
    • Poisons: There are many useful poisons, at Ivriel's disposal. From the paralytic and the flesh devouring to stamina and magic halting concoctions. With perks like bottomless cup and alkhest Ivriel can rend through the armor and apply an extreme amount stacking poison damage,which can be especially effective when used with the Torpor and Serpents Kiss poisons. Additonally she has access to the uncoventional Lifestream poison, which she can use to heal any of her tamed animals when paired with Companions Insight from the Black Book: Winds of Change.
    • The Bound Bow and Poison Application: Now switching between poisons on the fly can usually be a problem with the bottomless cup perk. But with the bound bow you can sheath the spell and it will remove any active poisons from it alowing Ivriel to apply new poison the the next time summons the bow.

    Magical effects and Perks:

    • Welloc's Dormant Arcana: It is adviseable to link this perk to a flesh spell. When selecting this perk in the Alteration tree, the buffs you will want to choose are, 10% boost to physical damage, 10% magnitude increase in Restoration spells and lastly 50 armor.
    • Companions Insight: This ability removes the chance to harm allied followers (aka Wild Companions) when paired with the life Stream poison it is a very effective way to heal her animals without swapping out her bow.
    • Sinderion's Serendipity: This is a very useful effect to get as an alchemist and can be obtained by completing a return to your roots. The effect gives Ivriel a 25% chance to make an extra potion or poison whilst brewing.
    • Sacred Gaurdian: This is a very effective skill when paired with the Illusion perks Commanding Presence and Crown of the False King. It is very useful at buffing and keeping Ivriels wild companions alive, particuarly when they have the Gift of Kynareth perk. 


    • Iniating Combat: When entering combat Nature's Bulwark will always acitvate on Ivriel. Her tamed companions will be buffed and protected by Sacred Gaurdian, Commanding presence, Crown of the False King and Kynes Gift. But what of her summonable creatures you ask? Well let me tell you what happens there friend. They are only buffed by the Summon Resist perk and this is where the Power of the Master Spell comes in. It will allow Ivriel to cast any self targeting spell on nearby conjured allies, enter Tree Rings and Flesh Spells. Now that her summons are armoured up and have a signifficant boost to health, she can go on the offence.
    • Melee Enemies: Warrior NPC's should only ever get close if you let them, for example if you are using the Thorn Within Ability or Nirn's Due ability. Ivriel's wild companions will often do a good job at keeping the heat off her allowing her to pepper melee foes with poison arrows and set up poisosnous traps for them to stumble into.
    • Magic User's and Dragons: Mages should be dealt with as fast as possible. Firstly take a Witch's ward or Dragon's Spite potion and then paralyze them with either a spell or poison. This will expose the mage to the Tooth and Claw Ability. While her animals are busy with the mage, Ivriel can follow up with Mage Bane or Warlock's Ire poisons if the mage is still alive after the paralysis wears they will be forced into melee combat. When it comes to dragons, be sure to take a Dragons Spite potion and make plenty of use of the become ethereal shout. Use a genorous amount of Mage Bane and Warlock's Ire poisons to prevent them from using thier dragon breath. When they have landed switch to Torpor poisons to finish them off.
    • Archers: Archers are not very hard to deal with. Often Ivriel's animals will run them down, but if they don't the best thing to do to avoid thier attacks is to keep moving and skirting battlefield. A few well placed arrows should be enough to put them down.

    What can I say it's good to have finally finshed this build, it has taken me nearly a full year and it has been side lined on and off more times than I care to count. I would like to thank all of you who have helped me along the way, whether that be proof reading, editing, providing me with some nifty ideas or simply taking the time to give it quick looking over. Ivriel would not have gotten here without your help, and I am in your debt for all the time you guys took to help me - Thank You a thousand times.

    I'd also like to state that any art depicted in this work is not my own and all credit should be given to thier respected authors. Lastly thank you the reader, I hope you have blast playing The Witch Arrow - Furrion

    If you are interested in more of my builds you can find them by following links.



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    June 2, 2019
    Love the detail and all the care that went into this. All the hard work you put in really makes this build shine. The artwork you chose is exceptional and really brings her to life. I love the start and story you've given her too. Nice choice of skills and I like how you walk through how to handle each type of enemy. Really well thought out and all around exceptional work. :)
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    June 4, 2019

    Edana said: Love the detail and all the care that went into this. All the hard work you put in really makes this build shine. The artwork you chose is exceptional and really brings her to life. I love the start and story you've given her too. Nice choice of skills and I like how you walk through how to handle each type of enemy. Really well thought out and all around exceptional work. :)

    Wow thanks Edana! Glad you enjoyed the read. It's probably my favorite part of the building process. Well that and finding suitable, I spent hours and hours scrolling through pinterest and google images trying to find the perfect art for the charcter. She really has a lot of tricks up her sleeve when it comes to handling enemies, lots of fun ways to take them down and out :)

    I'm so very happy the build is being so well recieved between here and discord.  it's made my day week even. After all the hard work and time I put into this one, it's just really great to know it was all worth it!