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Character Build: The Gentleman Thief

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    April 16, 2019

    Sly Cooper is a master thief who steals from high profile targets and other thieves that stole family hierlooms from his family's vault and who has stolen the pages of the Thievius Racoonus because how they had his father imprisoned just before the eight year old Raccon was about to inherit his familly's secret success to the art of thievery. The coopers have three rules: 1. never get caught in the act, 2. never put pleasure before business and, most importantly, 3. never, ever steal from or kill innocent people. Think of him as a Robin Hood of sorts, only he is not stealing from the rich, only to give to the poor, he is, moreover, stealing from stealing from notorius  criminals or those who stole that which not belongs to them to both restore his family's name and giving back to his city

    The last of the Saldavi clan, Jelebor 

    I was born in blackmarsh, near the nothern part where there were few Argonians, those guys steal for all the wrong reasons. my

    family knows that thievery is serious business not a day job like most thieves seem to think. We have been thieves for generations.

    My great-great-great grandfather Slytunkhamen created the book by which all Saldavi clan learn the crafts of stealth and thievery.

    However, the book was stolen by The Silver Blood family with the help of Titus Mede II, the jarl of Windhelm, the Imperial legion

    leader and Maven Black briar of the thieves guild. 


    My parents handed the book entitled Ahziir Trajirazaeri down to me when I was just eight years old. The Silverbloods, along with the

    emperor,  Tullius, Ullfric and Maven stormed out house in blackmarsh, stole the book, tore out the pages and killed my parents. The

    last known location of the ten pages that they had ripped out was the land of the dead, known to Skyrim's inhabitants as the soul

    cairn. I began my journey to this soul cairn. I booked passage from the black marsh docks to Skyrim via a large barge that lay

    waiting there.


    Once I reached the snowy wasteland, I began my search for the keys that would open the soul cairn so I can enter, get the pages

    and put an end to the silver bloods and their puppets.

    Image result for Ahzirr Traajijazeri

    the Ahziir Trajijazaeri, which contains all thieving secrets of the Lilmothiit


    Name: Jelebor Saldavi

    Race: Lykaios (Limothiit)

    Standing Stone: The Tower

    Stats: 1:3:2

    Spells: none, I am not a mage

    Shouts: Aura Whisper, Whirlwind Sprint, Throw Voice, Become Ethereal, Ice Form

    Major Skills: Enchanting, Sneak, Pickpocket 

    Minor Skills: Lockpicking

    Image result for lilmothiit elder scrolls



    My ancestor L'aethune Saldavi, Hailing from Eleswyr


    I picked the blue dunmer outfit because it closely resembles the outfit that the lilmothiit wears, though I couldn't find a blue boret so I replaced it with a blue hood.

    Sly Cooper's cane design is derived from a Kopesh which was wielded by Ravius Tirenius Saldavi in Hammerfell back in 1E 110. The Kopesh was handed down to each limothiit when the previous one had died. Kophune obtaioed it from his father

    Image result for lilmothiit

    My ancestor, Ravius Tirenius Saldavi, creator of the Ahziir Trajijaeri and the khopesh

    Aurora - Standing Stones of Skyrim - this mods adds ineresting benefits and drawbacks to the thirteen verrtically-aligned stones

    Lykaios - I couldn't find a racoon race for Skyrim SE, so I went with the closest option and then tweaked the race to look more like the master thief we all know and love

    Egyptian Palace of Amarna SSE - This abandoned palace was once home to L'aethune Saldavi and she had the palace locked upon her death. The palace lay waiting for the next worthy Limothiit to reclaim it and revel in its splendor 

    Vaults of Skyrim - In these vaults lay weaponry, armor and various items that Titus Mede II and his gang have stolen from the Saldavi clan

    Fortress in Blackreach - the Saldavi clan was known to have a vault hidden somewhere in the deepest reaches of the city of Blackreach. It was so fortified that not even the greatest thief could penetrate it

    Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim - this mods reworks Skyrim’s perk tree into something more interesting

    Image result for hammerfell

    Enchanting - the limothiit requires this skill as he only wear clothes with hardly any armor rating

    Lockpicking - the thief must break a few lock before he can steal his family's valuables

    Pickpocket - the gentleman thief is quite skilled at lifting valuable items from unsuspecting high profile victims

    Sneak - the thief is pretty good at sneaking past his enemies to obtain stolen items of value

    Image result for limothiit elder scrolls

    My ancestor Po'thun, he hailed from Vvardenfell. he escaped slavery unlike many of his children, had he horse, frost, stolen by Maven Black-briar 

    Against thieves, forsworn and bandits, I use my trusty royal khopesh to incapacitate them as quickly as I can so I can resume my stealthy deeds to get my family's hierlooms back. This may prove tricky as they are most likely stronger than I am. This is where my skill at enchanting comes in handy.

    For dragons, I mostly ignore them and instead set my eyes on my objective. If they spot me however, I use my superior agility to outwit the dragons, if that fail, I equip my executioner's hook and go to town on their scaly hides. I need to ensure that I don't get set aflame in the process.

    against mages, I carefully sneak up to them while their back is turned and pickpocket them, My family only kills people when there is no other option, we use it as a last resort when all of our options are spent or we see no other way, but, I willl not turn down murder if anyone gets in my way. Against dragonpriests, I use my ancient khopesh as a shield, so as to protect myself from the elements that they often attack with. I then attack them mercilessly as they each are wearing a mask that was stolen from the Saldavi Clan. when they are dead, I lift the mask from their undead corpse and bring it to its rightful place to display along with the other artifacts of the Saldavi Clan.

    Related image

    my ancestor Phing Mao Lin, she hailed from Akavir and led the war against the dragons, she had a priceless ruby stolen by the false emperor, Titus Mede II 

    After leaving Helgen, I shall proceed directly to the village of Riverwood to start the Main Quest so I can obtain my shouts used to enchance my art of moving unseen and lifting items of value from unsuspecting pockets of the filthy rich so I can restore my family's name as well as a book the was stolen from me. Affter that is done, I will join the Thieves Guild so I have a base of operations as well as a family that, if the need arises, shall help me. When I am prepared, I go to the soul cairn to retreive the pages on the Ahzirr Trajijazaeri by undertaking Dawnguard.

    These are the poeple that have wronged me, or, need to be reminded that they are not above the law:

    Image result for maven black briar

    Maven-Black Briar - This woman is so rich that her head is made of gold and her heart is made of coal and as such, she steals, or rather, has the thieves guild and dark brotherhood do her dirty work. Filthy coward! I would just like to slit her throat! Of course, I am a thief and do not count myself among the citizens of ill repute that frequents those guilds as I am more sophisticated and choose my targets by the level of crime they have commited of by the value of the items they stole. She did, however, steal a horse named frost that belonged to my Vvaredenfellian ancestor, P'othun.

    Image result for ulfric stormcloak

    Ulfric Stormcloak - He and general Tullis have been warring for decades, each one wanting to one up the other. With their factions fighting, they could easily steal my family book, the Ahziir Trajijazaeri and divide the pages in the soul cairn. He not only helped steal the book, but he also stol the family Kopesh and various armors and weapons of the Soldavi clean.

    Image result for titus mede II

    Titus Mede II - God! I cannot stand this guys. He is responsible for all the crime on Skyrim, I should teach this guy a lesson by sneaking onto his ship, past the guards and stealing something that he holds dear. That should teach him that he should stop controlling people for his own benefit. He stole a priceless Ruby that belonged to my Hammerfellian ancestor.



    Image result for silver blood family skyrim

    The Silver Bloods - this family stole countless items from the Lilmothiit. They think they are so rich they can steal anythinng they please, even robbing innocent passers by of their valuables? I hate snobbish people that strut around with their noses turned up like they own the whole county, but, these guys didn't just take the cake, they took the whole bakery along with it! Time for me to steal these invaluable items back - for the glory of the Lilmothiit.

     Image result for Kvenel the tongue

    Knevel The Tongue - this long forgotten student of the voice was shunned by the greybeards because he took their teachings in the wrong direction. He used their gifts and his dragon soul to pursue a life of crime and to practice necromancy. He had an easy life until he made a fatal mistake. He killed Elisif's son. Elisif responded, sending the guards to where his home base was in black briar manor, they bruttaly killed him and sealed him away in Volunrund. He died as he lived. some years later, I come to Volunruund to kill him because sources told me he held the first key to the soul cairn.

    Image result for the gaulder brothers

    The Gaulderson Brothers - I will have to fight through hordes of their undead servant to kill them one by one until I get the seecond, third and fourth key to the soul cairn. When I am done with that, I catch wind that the three brothers had survived and fled to reachwater rock, east of Markarth. Once tthere, I will end all three brothers' unlives once again.

    Image result for the pale lady skyrim

    The Pale Lady - She will no doubt test my thieving skill. However, I will not be able to get the fiifth key to the cairn unless I kill this seemily unkillable foe. killing her is made more difficult with the frost magic she wields.

    Image result for the red eagle skyrim

    The Red Eagle - this ancient draugr leader ruled over most of the nordic ruins and is a mighty foe. I must swallow my pride and enter the nordic ruin, accessible only after entering and exiting a cave and kill the draugr so, I can obtain the sixth key to the soul cairn

    Image result for dragon priests skyrim

    Dragon Priests - these undead servants of dragons may prove challenging with their elemental attack and powerful masks, but, I am a master thief and a thieves knows if there is no alternative he must fight. I am no different, as when I approach the sarcophagi, they burst open unveiling a deadly dragon priest. These powerful undead hold the seventh, eight, ninth, tenth, eleventh, twelfth and thirteenth and fourteenth and final key to the soul cairn. When I fell all these foes, I can finally enter the soul cairn and search for the pages of my family's book. As an added bonus I obtain Rioichi's ornate golden mask that he used while doing thievery.


    Details of each mask, along with the original owner said priest stole from:

    Related imageKrosis belonged to my Akaviri ancestor Phing Mao Lin. Being a skilled archer she needed to boost in archery and alchemy

    Related image Morokei belonged to my Cyrodillian Ancestor Lester Saldavi. He saw himself as a budding mage.

    Related image Rahgot belonged to my Vvardell Ancestor Po'thune Saldavi. He needed to added stamina as he was a warrior that did alot of power attacks.

    Related image Nahkriin belonged to my High Rock ancestor Hemnah Saldavi. He was a well practiced mage.

    Image result for hevnoraak transparent skyrim Hevnoraak belonged to my Blackmarsh ancestor Khalor Saldavi. He was raised in the harsh swampy land of Blackmarsh, but did not have the resistance as he was a khajiit.

    Image result for otar transparent skyrim Otar belonged to my Gammerfellian ancestor Ravius Tirenius Saldavi. Hammerfell has many poison, fire and frost enemies so she had to be prepared.

    Image result for Vokun transparent skyrim Vokun belonged to my Yokudan ancestor P'king'th Saldavi. He was the best mage in Yokuda, so he needed a mage that boasted the same.

    Related image Volsung belonged to my Atmoran ancestor Etnoram Saldavi, he was a most accomplish thief and benifited greatly from this mask  

    Main Quest - I only undertake this quest to obtain access to shouts, stealthy ones like Aura Whisper, Throw Voice and, if I need to discreeting kill anyone, then I use Marked For Death. I am not going to be slaughtering dragons, well, maybe for the nine words that are required for my shouts

    Impatience of a Saint - The pages of the ahziir trajijaeri lay scattered all across the land of the dead, where my ancestor lay in eternal slumber

    Thieves Guild - This guild is my bread and butter. What I do depends on this guild and as such, the build, and I, have no purpose without this guild

    Dawnguard - I must find the pages of the ahziir trajijaeri and use them to steal more coveted items of the cooper clan, if I need to kill deviants in the process than so be it

    Image result for lilmothiit elder scrolls transparent

    My cousin, Liester, he was a sailor in the northern province of Cyrodiil

    Constructive Criticism is Appreciated

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    April 17, 2019

    While equite nice, I think you should Skyrimize it a bit more, like remove or alter the reference to Eygpt for onw

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    April 17, 2019

    I fixed the build, added pictures of the Lilmothii and replaced Egypt with Hammerfell

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    April 18, 2019

    Hasir said:

    I fixed the build, added pictures of the Lilmothii and replaced Egypt with Hammerfell

    Well, you could also use somewhere in Elsywer, but better

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    April 18, 2019

    I think hammerfell is more Egyptian. In my opinion, Elsweyr is more Arabian/Persian

  • April 18, 2019

    Hmm, tough to comment on this one because I'm not familiar with the source material. I think for me the main thing is just that the backstory feels a little unrealistic to me. You've got a lot of characters involved in a revenge story that just don't really feel like they'd stoop to stealing, so I just personally feel a disonnect there. I don't know, could just be me but I really struggle with the idea of imposing 'build headcanon' against the characters and events of the game, so this may just be a personal dislike rather than a flaw in the build.

    I do like the self-made quests (If they are self made and not from a mod). Either way the idea of going against all the Undead you've mentioned and the descriptions there were a really nice addition to the build. The headers are nice as well, add a splash of colour and flavour to the build without taking up too much room. 

    Interesting build overall, always like seeing Thieves in builds, especially when they go into detail regarding their heists. 

    EDIT: Also sorry I haven't been commenting on any of your stuff lately Hasir, it's a bit hard to justify but I've just been a bit burnt out with reading builds lately and I tend to go on these small breaks where I struggle to read builds. Not a great reason really, but if there's any that you'd like me to comment on in particular then feel free to drop links :)