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Character Build : The Apostle of Revenge [Ordinator]

  • January 22, 2019



    Hello everyone, i'm a casual contributor to this awesome website who only posted so far two builds (The Knight of Stendarr and The Avatar of Shor). I'm currently working on a humble new contribution : The Apostle of Revenge.

    For the writing i took inspiration from Elric of Melnibone, Malus Darkblade and Berserk. I made lore researches as usual to make this story belieavable, it might not be perfect but i hope you will like it.

    The backstory is long, so sit down, have a drink and enjoy. Some parts of the narration could be disturbing and violent, so i have added a PEGI 18 warning.


    I present you, Caliban :




    Part I : "Shame"

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                It was a dark night. Rain poured and continuously beated at the thatched roofs as the storm gave the cemetery of the village a sinister appearance. The denizens of Falkreath were in turmoil following a series of kidnappings. Over the past week, several young women had disappeared without a trace.
    At first, searches were launched and the guards were put to work. At the second disappearance, the inhabitants organized guard tours. Nothing worked, four young women had already disappeared and anxiety had given way to fear and paranoia. It Even the young Jarl Siddgeir was getting restless.

    Siddgeir sat in the main hall, facing general discontent. The tone was belligerent and the rain of investives and threats against the Jarl made the guards extremely nervous. His men held the guard of their swords while casting worried glances at their captain. If the first blood was shed, they would be swept away by a larger crowd consumed by fear.

    "Were they virgins?"

    The absurdity of such question suddenly imposed silence. Everyone turned to find the origin of the voice, cold and sharp like steel.
    The one who spoke was an Altmer with Cyrodiilic accent; his presence surprised as much as his appearance. What immediately struck the eyes of the men was the sick pallor of his skin. Behind the strands of his black hair, he held a gaze of singular intensity. His face had slashes of a knife blade and his short beard gave him a grim look. He was tall, even for an Altmer. Under his dark and worn armor one could deduce a wiry body. A large greatsword was slung on his back. Wear and tear on the guard suggested that it had been used in many battles. The elf had a sinister aspect and despite the distrust he immediately aroused, his gaze remained implacable and dominating.

    Jarl Siddgeir took this opportunity to divert the crowd's attention:
    "And what does that have to do with our case, elf? Our women are not as light as those of your engendering," said the young Jarl as he regained his composure, visibly relieved of this short diversion. His guards laughed nervously.
    "I'm from Cyrodiil, jarl. The elf paused before resuming. In our country, men do not lose their wives like we lose sheep. The young jarl's face deformed with a childish anger that had nothing to do with the honour for which the men of the north are willing to die. A man stepped forward threateningly and addressed the Jarl without taking his eyes off the elf:
    "One word from you and I'll cut this piece of filth, from the belly to the throat... My Jarl". The man was colossal and his armor was different from the other guards. It was Helvard, housecarl of Siddgeir. He had drawn the sword, but his gaze betrayed doubt when he crossed paths with the warrior's. The elf sketched a carnivorous smile and his eyes shone with a murderous gleam like a salivating wolf in front of the recklessness of a prey. The elf drew his sword within the blink of an eye.

     For a second, time seemed to stand still and Nenya, the stewart, thought it appropriate to intervene:
    "I'm sure our Jarl's statement was in no way insulting to the... "Cyrodilians", but I would be grateful if you would watch your words in the future. The answer to your question is yes. The majority were girls who had barely flowered and who were not known for their lack of virtue. What does this have to do with what concerns us here? Answer the question."

    The counsellor's words were diplomatic but of a natural authority, that of people who are used being obeyed. The elf slowly moved forward, splitting the crowd and headed for the throne. His feline gait was full of confidence but each gesture was measured and he seemed to be able to jump at any moment. Behind the elegance of its silhouette, one could guess a much less refined bestiality. His supernatural blue gaze landed on the Jarl and he stared at him while addressing the counsellor.
    "Vampire" he says in a whisper, with the certainty that scholars have in front of novices. The fear brought by his cursed creatures born of the rape was such that everyone shuddered with terror and disgust.”. The elf continued his monologue. “A vampire, probably an old one, who for some unknown reason needs to regenerate after a trauma. He is also certainly trying to create a pure-blooded vampire by subjecting these young women to the ritual of Molag Bal. The god of rape prefers virgins."

    "What do you know about it? Who are you?! " demanded the jarl.
    "My name is Caliban and as far as my certainties are concerned, they are my business. What you need to know, however, is that if this vampire succeeds in his business, then it will no longer only be the young girls who disappear in your little hold."

    "What do you intend to do?” said the Jarl nervously. “What do you want in exchange for the lives of these young women?"
    The elf turned away and headed for the exit "I will go to the tavern and in the next hour, to his lair", he stopped for a moment and looked over his shoulder towards the jarl before concluding, "The only thing that interests me is to send this abomination ad patres. I don't care about your girls." The dryness of the subject left the audience speechless and everyone immediately understood that this man's life was not guided by honour, glory or even wealth. It wasn't just an ordinary sellsword either. His heart was absolutely dark and only guided by hatred, an absurd, obessive hatred, close to madness.

    The enigmatic warrior was installed at the back of the main room of the tavern, his greatsword placed against the wall. His presence made the few regulars nervous, at times some looked furtively in his direction but immediately turned their eyes away when they met the elf's. The tavernkeeper approached him cautiously and asked him if he wanted a drink, but the Altmer refused. The nord returned to his counter shivering; He could have sworn that a dark aura lingered around the elf which seemingly swallowed the shine of the candles nearby. The storm broke out and a lightning flash illuminated the warrior's pale face for a moment. An old man discreetly entered the tavern and stopped for a moment when he saw the elf. Carefully he approached the warrior who invited him to sit down.

    "My name is Dengeir and I would like to talk about an important matter but you must guarantee absolute secrecy," said the old man. The elf nodded his head and the old man continued : "You may have seen the open grave in our graveyard. Most of the townsfolk think it's the work of a corpse thief. The truth is less pleasant. It is...was, the grave of Vighar, my own ancestor, dead for centuries now. He is also a vampire. My family is entrusted with keeping him buried, but recently someone stole the wardstone, and Vighar escaped. I fear he might be involved in this tragedy. Vighar must be destroyed. If this gets out, my family will suffer great shame, I think he might have fled to Bloodlet Throne. It is ancient fort my family built centuries ago." Faced with the elf's silence and lack of reaction, the old man added:
    "You said you knew where the vampire's lair was, how?"
    "I didn't know," replied the elf, "and you just told me where to go.”. Faced with the old man's amazement, the elf smiled with a fierce look, that of the call of blood before adding:
    "The fact that the kidnappings take place in the same place and in such a short period of time can only mean two things. First, this vampire knows the place and must have lived there, secondly his landmark is necessarily nearby because if he had simply wanted to feed himself he would have left the bodies there and resumed his journey. By claiming to know his benchmark, it is easy to arouse the fear or remorse of the person who would hold such information too. In your case, old man, it is shame that makes you react in a hurry, after having remained silent for several days," he says with contempt.

    Caliban stood up, which made the old man startle as he lowered his head as he listened to the warrior. The elf stared at the sheath of his sword in his back, tightened a strap of his armor, the old man inspired disgust in him and spat on the ground, "Don't be afraid, old man, I don't care as much about honor as the life of these women. Revenge is the only virtue in this world.”.


    Part II : "Say my name"

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                   The endless sky was on fire, scarred with unreal blue and red colours that only a painter consumed by madness could have achieved. Everywhere lay a landscape without life, dead, muddy, scattered with fields of burnt ruins. Despair and misery had cohesively reshaped the world in their image, there was only suffering. At regular intervals, large pits and mass graves had been dug with bare hands by the dead and inhuman cries, distorted by agony and horror, evoking the most atrocious tortures, emerged. A freezing storm was harassing the few dead trees, deformed under the onslaught of the winds. In the middle of this infernal picture, a skinny figure stood defiantly, his greatsword ready to strike the five reptilian creatures that were approaching.

    Their appearance was terrifying: a muscular and demolished body twice the size of a man. Their skin was covered with scales and their arms of incredible power could easily have ripped off a horse's limbs while their sharp teeth could easily overcome an armor of the best steel. The yellow eyes of these demonic reptiles greedily coveted the warm and invigorating blood of the lone warrior.

    Further on, on a mound of corpses and excrement, a huge horned creature sat on a throne of bones and chains. Reptilian terror was all that separated man from the master of the place. Caliban was disoriented and an icy wind pierced his flesh as he tried to calmly analyze the situation. The elf spat on the ground and whispered for himself: "Come closer, you bastards..."

    Too fast for the human eye, he rushed at his enemies. Surprised by the elf's nimbleness, his first opponent could not react in time. Caliban had just slipped into his custody. The pale skinned warrior planted his feet in the muddy ground while bringing his second hand back to the guard of his sword. Back to his opponent, the elf pivoted by drawing a large bow with his weapon, giving his greatsword an acceleration and terrifying power that opened the reptile in two and a cold-blooded geyser erupted. Without waiting, he rushed to his second opponent, he knew that the surprise effect would only last a moment. Caliban pierced through another monstrosity with a brutal blow in its stomach, splashing the reptilian blood elf's face as he passed. The warrior hollered with ecstasy and hatred, it wasn't knightly war cries, here only the massacre counted. A powerful arm fell on him and he had just enough time to grab a second hand on his blade to counter the titanic force that landed on him. Caliban was thrown several meters away and the three despicable creatures seized him.

    One of the reptiles crushed his back with his feet, pushing his claws deep into the ground, immobilizing the elf and breaking three ribs. A second creature grabbed his sword arm before tearing it out of a blood fountain. Caliban screamed in pain as the creature threw his dead arm into a pile of excrement. He had to gather his last strength to avoid fainting. His vision was blurred, he was losing a lot of blood, he felt the end coming, but immediately insults came out of his mouth. The last reptile grabbed his head and pulled it back violently. Powerless and dying, his gaze contemplated the throne of chains that the creature had just left before walking towards him.
    The demon was gigantic so that the reptiles seemed to be fragile children by comparison. Every step made the ground tremble and Caliban groaned under every impact as he felt his bones cracking. The demon stopped a few meters before talking:

    "Say my name, mortal." His voice was powerful, haunting and dominating. Each word sounded to Caliban's ear as an irresistible and terrifying injunction that no mortal could resist.
    "Mo...Molag Bal" replied Caliban. He was on the verge of death, but his hatred had never been as intense as it is today.
    "Yes..." replied the Prince hauntingly for long seconds. The Coldharbour master smiled, showing for the first time long rows of sharp teeth. With a snap of his scratched fingers, the Prince of Domination and Rape revealed an altar on which lay a young elf submissive to powerful chains that were eaten away by rust. Her limbs were stretched at the four corners of the altar, she struggled and howled, tears ran down her cheeks as she had just soiled the white linen in which she was dressed under the influence of the ignoble terror.

    Caliban's heart stopped when he recognized his sister.

    He screamed like a madman, his vocal cords distorted and his voice had become bestial, unearthly and full of savagery. Drool came out of his mouth and his rage had nothing to do with reason or simple revenge, consuming him. He tried to lean on his one arm, a murderous glow ignited his eyes. He wanted to slaughter the Prince with his bare hands, tear off his corrupted skin and tear off his smoking entrails, devour them and release all his fury by enjoying the ecstasy that pure and unfettered murderous madness provides. A terrible pain brought him back to reality when the reptile that had stuck its claws in his back made a horrible twist by ploughing his flesh. Caliban vomited and spat a black bile on the floor.

    Molag Bal turned around the altar to face the young elf. The Prince's immense body seemed to shrink and decrease, until it reached the height of a man without abandoning his demonic appearance. With a vigorous gesture he grabbed the young elf's thighs and lured her violently towards him. He looked at Caliban and spoke:

    "You're pathetic. Did you really think you could escape my empire? You who bear the mark of my seed... What an irony, no? Your father offered you in patûre with the black ritual in the hope that you would survive and then enjoy the blood of a purebred vampire. He was so cowardly, so afraid to suffer the ritual himself, but he never looked away while I plowed your pride and stained your virginity. Do you remember... Mortal? The roles are reversed today, so don't lose a bit of it."

    Molag Bal defiled the young elf and her screams broke more and more Caliban. Shame, hatred, helplessness, rage, pain, jealousy, murder, pleasure, all feelings compressed the broken warrior and tormented him in an emotional cyclone. He felt like a dead leaf, tortured and swept away by the storm.

    Caliban jumped up, he was in a clearing. His face was pale as death was sweating and a taste of bile remained in his throat while his sword hand found the handle of his weapon. The touch of his greatsword reassured him for a moment but the elf took a few seconds to pull himself together.

    "Did you liked this one? A woman's voice sneered into his head.

    "I hope you had a good time..." Caliban replied as he wiped his face. Once again he had been visited by Vaermina, the goddess of nightmares and torture.

    "Perhaps you would have preferred that I had invited you to Quagmire?" she said in a lascivious tone. Look at you, I'm disappointed. You mortals are so lacking in ambition... You said you wanted revenge on Molag Bal, but you're just a common vampire hunter. Your little expeditions can't even get his attention. Yet I had been entertained when you dared to enter my temple, cutting yourself a path with a sword among my servants to steal my remedy against vampirism."

    Caliban smiles bitterly for himself before answering:

    "Don't be afraid," he said, as a lover would reassure his loved one, Skyrim is two days' walk away and as soon as I locate the temple of Bal I will piss on his altar, he will no longer be able to ignore me for much longer..."


    Part III : The Chronicle of Caliban


    4th 129 

    Caliban is born in the Imperial City. Both his parents are Altmer. His father is an important member of the East Empire Company.

    4th 141-151

    Caliban starts his education under imperial scholars and armsmen.

    4th 152

    Caliban's sister Eliana is bornt. His mother dies giving birth.

    4th 155-162

    After 4 years in the Imperial Naval Academy, Caliban is sent on his first mission to secure the Company trading routes. For 7 years he fights pirates in the Abecean Sea.

    4th 175

    Caliban discovers the truth about his father whom is a vampire, member of the Cyrodiil Vampyrum Order.  Too afraid to submit himself to the Ritual of Molag Bal, Caliban’s father tricks and betrays his son. He offers Caliban to the Ritual. It is a success, Caliban is raped by Molag Bal and survives to the test. Caliban’s father take the blood of his son and ascend to the purest form of vampirism. The trauma of the ritual leaves Caliban full of shame and hatred, he kills his father in a bloodthirsty rage. Caliban tries to seek help from his sister who is horrified by the true nature of his brother and he has to flee the Imperial City.

    4th 175-190

    Caliban loses himself in his new condition, being fascinated by his new powers while hating himself and Molag Bal equally.  He swears vengeance to the Prince while hoping for a cure and an end of his curse.

    4th 191

    In Highrock he learns from a dying Vigilant of Stendarr only Vaermina’s worshippers could have such cure. Caliban thanks the man before drinking his blood.

    4th 193

    Caliban locates a temple of Vaermina in Black Marsh. He enters the secret temple and kill the cultists before stealing the cure of vampirism. The cure has side effects : Caliban keeps a skin pale as death but also his former physical strength and agility. Visited by Vaermina in his sleep, the goddess questions his motives. Amused by his foolish revenge, she decides to keep an eye on him while punishing the elf for his theft : from now on, Caliban will have nightmares every nights.

    4th 193-201

    Caliban travels Tamriel as a vampire hunter, he wants to defy the Daedric Prince, provoke him and confront him






    Revenge is the main motive of this character which means Caliban is first a self-centered person who put his self-interest above anything. Being an altmer, he has self confidence in his superiority but is not arrogant. He does not need to say he is above most people, he simply is. He will keep his word if it serves his interests. He may attack an unarmed foe if he feels it necessary. He will not kill, but may harm an innocent. He may use torture to extract information, but never for pleasure. Caliban may help those in need and he prefers to work alone, as he values his freedom. He may betray a comrade, or friend, but only in the most dire of situations. Such character does not respect the concepts of honor, because he believe such concept limit freedom to advance his primary goal.

    Religion and Authority

    He may shift allegiances at a moment's notice, or remain with a leader for years, it depends if such allegiances are serve his purpose. Caliban use to feels that there is no plan at all for the universe. Things just happen. He tend to believe in luck and chance, rather than fate or destiny. He doesn't care what happens to others, yet will not necessarily go out of their way to harm others. 

    Good and evil are complimentary balance arms. Neither are preferred, nor must either prevail, for ultimate chaos would then suffer. Caliban has no judgment toward people who worships Daedras or Aedras. Whether the individuals chooses to do good or evil is of no concern. After all, life itself is law and order, so death is a desirable end. 


     He does not respond well to higher authority, is distrustful of organizations, and will disregard the law in pursuing his self-interest. For such reasons he wont be interesting in joining the Thieves Guild nor the Dark Brotherhood. Companions value honor above everything else, and Caliban does not need glory, he is in need of Revenge. The College of Winterhold is another matter since he uses Restoration and Alteration magic, Caliban will glady join such faction in order to improve his magic skills. The Civil War is not his business aswell, dying for a greater cause ? Someone else's dream ? No thanks. The Dawnguard in another hand is an organization which will immediatly attract Caliban not because "the world must be saved" nor in the name of Stendarr. It is simply a way to kill more vampires, more children of Molag Bal.


    Meridia is at the center of this build and a deal will be made between the Goddess of Living Energies and Caliban. They have a common goal : Meridia wants to fight undeath by any mean and Caliban could not refuse such powerful ally. They both see each other as a tool and Caliban does not see himself as the "Champion of Meridia" since he already has bad experience with two daedric princes (Molag Bal and Vaermina). Meridia will grant him Dawnbreaker but also the power of False Light we will explain later in the gameplay section. So we could say the entire build will be influenced by this "alliance".


     Several quests fit such playthrough mostly ones involving vampires or necromancers such as Potema QuestlineLaid to RestAncestral WorshipAnsilvundDark AncestorKill the Vampire. There is also of course the Dawnguard Quest will be an important part of the playthrough. I strongly advise some very well designed quests mods like Beyond Reach and Vigilant. Both will go very well, the first one involves Namira, and you can roleplay Vaermina ask you to go there and succeed in this task in exchange of the end of your nightmares as a reward. The second one should be done at the end of the playthrough since it is the final break point in your fight against Molag Bal.

    The quest The Break of Dawn shall be done as soon as possible since it is the most important piece of the build. 




    Essential mods :


    Mandatory mod of this build regarding perks.

    Wintersun, Faiths of Skyrim

    Mandatory mod for this build, when Caliban will make a deal with Meridia he will benefit from her favors. Here you will find a taste : 

    • Shrine blessing - Amplify Restoration: Restoration spells are 10% more effective.
    • Worshipper - Purification: Attacks, spells, scrolls, shouts and enchantments are X% better against undead (based on favor with Meridia).
    • Devotee - Supreme Light: Activate an undead opponent in combat to deal X damage (based on favor with Meridia) and half to nearby undead. Costs 15% favor.


    Suggested mods :

    Sand of Time Sleeping Encounters 

    It is the best way to simulate the nightmares Caliban has every nights, just set everything to high % chance

    Ineed - Food Water and Sleep 

    Important part of immersion in general but also force you to sleep... and fight for your life !

    Honed Metal

    Since the build has no perk invested in Smithing or Enchanting. Let NPC's do the dirty work for you... At a cost.



    This is the best starting greatsword i could advise. Elegant, fast bastard sword, silver enchantment. This is your best bet before getting your two handed Dawnbreaker.




    Will greatly enhance Restoration Spells for the Gameplay section.


    Ultimate Combat

    Zim's Immersive Artifacts

    This mod allows you to have a two-handed Dawnbreaker but also a fantastic retexture of this weapon.

    Daedric Dawnbreaker

    Let this mod overwrite Zim's mod, the bonus are better and this mod will enhance the light of the weapon so no need any torch nor candlelight spell !

    Resplendent Armor

    Consider this you end game armor, gifted from Meridia, best looking armor ever to me.




    The level 40 build has 52 perks. I personnaly use Ordinator with an optional file which gives 1 perk each time one of your skill reaches 50, 75 and 100. Here we will level 5 skills which means 10 perks when all of thoses will hit 75 (expert level) but you might have two skills at 100. I use to give myself 1 perk at level one i usually put in "Heavy Armor Mastery 1/2". You are free to keep 1 perk per level setting (i always did until today), you will only need to be level 53.





     Ordinator has a very interesting Two-Handed perk tree, introducing attacks with side effects, debuffs and positional moves regarding power attacks. One important thing about Greatsword perks is you will have a lot of defensive tools while having good damage. For instance Clashes of Heroes make any attack with a greatsword to debuff enemy damage for 3 seconds. The first rank is 15% damage debuff and i decided not to spend two more perks to reach 25% damage debuff simply because the first rank is descent enough and the goal is to unlock the rest of the tree. Interesting combos can be made by mixing regular and power attacks in order to enhance your DPS. For instance i took Maul 2/2 which will give a 50% boost damage to your regular attacks for 5 seconds. Each time you land a power attack, Maul is activated. Talking about power attacks, Ferocious Strenght will increase their damage by 15% plus 0.1% per point of Stamina and will be your main passive damage buff that can be combined to any positional power attack or even when opening the fight with Trample (Can perform a two-handed sprinting power attack that deals up to 50% more damage and critical damage to a target above half Health. The higher its remaining Health percentage, the more damage and critical damage is dealt).

    Positional power attacks depend on the situation you are facing but overhaul all of them are very useful. For instance, Subjugate is a sideway power attack that hit all targets in front of you, while debuff their attack speed by 50% for 10 seconds. Humiliate makes your standing power attacks to fatigue a target, draining 150 points of Magicka and Stamina and halting regeneration for 5 seconds, which is a mage killer and has a nice synergy with Battle Weary (heavy armor perk we will discuss later). Overthrow is another situational underrated perk which has great potential (Bashing with a greatsword to interrupt an attack before it hits allows you to follow up with a power attack within 2 seconds to deliver a critical strike that deals three times critical damage and disarms them). This perk allows you to take the initiative when you fight a single powerful boss wielding a gigantic Ebony Battleaxe by disarming your opponent, it also deals insane amount of damage. If you bash the target and interrupting him, you can benefit from thoses effect while using Humiliate within 2 seconds.   Last but not least, Breach the Wall. Maybe the most powerful perk of the entire Two Handed tree (Forwards power attacks with a greatsword that would leave the target above 60% Health deal enough additional damage to make up the difference). Yes, you just read that. It means whatever the amount of HP your opponent has, this attack will damage him for 40%, even if he has 1 million HP.

    Massacre is the little "crazy" random buff which is a life saver or simply the unexpected great news : in combat, swinging a two-handed weapon has 10% chance to increase attack speed by 175% for 3 seconds. Believe me the speed buff is amazing and 3 seconds is enough to land 12 hits to your target. I advise not take Enter the Arena since it makes things overpowered but it is up to you. So all in all, Greatswords are good damage and very good for defense and survivability, i choose to enhance this survivability even more by taking Bear Hide (You take half damage from enemy attacks while power attacking with a two-handed weapon) since you are vulnerable as a two handed, especially when you try to land a power attack.  

    The Heavy Armor Tree is good, but there is no need to take many perks to get a solid defense. Ordinator focus on situational buffs and synergies. For instance, Battle Weary (Tired enemies have a harder time defeating your armor. You take up to 20% less attack damage from enemies with half or less Stamina, if wearing all Heavy Armor. The lower their Stamina, the less damage you take) is great to debuff damage received by 20% especially when you Humiliate your opponent and even more with Clashes of Heroes. Most enemies will get their stamina depleted after one Humiliate (-20% damage received thanks to Battle Weary and since you just "hit" them, if they attack you within 3 seconds they will suffer another -15% damage from Clashes of Heroes for a total of -35% damage debuff). Defiance will also help you to deal with enemies surrounding you (Whenever an enemy attacks you, you gain 15 points of armor rating for 10 seconds. This effect stacks). Born to Fight is important so you stay quick on your feet and Never Kneel will help you for blows you could not block or dodge (take 30% less attack damage from power attacks). Keep in mind Never Kneel will stacks with Bear Hide. Yes, you just read this too.  

    Blocking is essential for any melee build. Two features will allow to greatly improve your defense. First, Timed Block perk/mechanic allows your to get a 30% damage reduction (which stacks with the 20% damage reduction from Block Mastery 2/2 but also synergies well with the passive debuffs we saw earlier in the Two-Handed tree) but also stagger your opponent, so if you are cought off guard you have enough time to land a Breach the Wall. Your counter attack will be even more devastating thanks to Poke the Dragon (After a successful Timed Block within 8 feet, you may retaliate with increased strength, increasing your attack damage and critical strike damage against the attacker by 25% for 5 seconds) if you prefer using Humiliate+Maul combo instead. Quick Reflexes is a life saver. Sometimes, even with every debuffs applied and a Timed Block, the enemy is simply too strong and it is better to dodge power attacks. This perks basically allows this (Time slows down if you are blocking during an enemy's power attack). Block Runner will finally help you to stay quick on your feets even while blocking). As you see, 6 perks are enough for a good balance in defense/counter attack playstyle. 

    Restoration is a big daddy of this build. But first let's have a look on how Meridia favors from Wintersun will greatly improve your powers. First, the shrine buff itself gives you a 10% amplify bonus to all your restoration spells (at 100 restoration, Pilgrim will double the value, giving you a 20% amplify Restoration buff). That means 10% more healing like Sailor's Respose effect, but also 10% more DPS from spells which dmg undeads or to your False Light spells, 10% boost to turn undead etc... Second, there is a blessing which is passive and its value depends on your "favor" with Meridia : Attacks, spells, scrolls, shouts and enchantments are X% better against undead (based on favor with Meridia). Yes, attacks, spells (!), enchantments (!!) are X% better against undead (all undead, which includes vampires of course) and it is a PASSIVE EFFECT. The maximum value you could get is 40%. But how to gain favor from Meridia ? Simple : "Slay the undead. Never summon the undead or become one of them. High Elves and those skilled in Restoration are most deserving of my favor." Lucky Caliban is a High Elf chasing vampires using Restoration (!).

    Now back to the topic. I invested 20 perks in Restoration for a reason and it is not because i consider it a valid school of magic, but because it is the most dangerous school of magic. Take survivability, Warrior's Flame is amazing (In combat, the Warrior's Flame periodically touches a random target within 100 feet (including you). Friendly targets are blessed, restoring 20 points of Magicka and Stamina for 5 seconds. Hostile targets are cursed, draining the same amount instead) but it also heals you with Sacred Flame while it debuffs enemies or even destroy undeads with Ashes to Ashes (Your Warrior's Flame carries the essence of death. Hostile undead cursed by Warrior's Flame take 30 points of damage per second). If depleting enemies magicka and stamina (Hello Battle Weary) is not enough, Warrior's Flame make things ugly with Battle Cleric (When Warrior's Flame blesses or curses a target, it also increases or reduces armor by 200 points and magic resistance by 25% for its duration). The short duration (5 seconds) isn't enough ? Eternal Flame will do the job making your Warrior's Flame stand for 10 seconds ! If the support of Meridia isn't enough then Hallowed Burial 2/2 will add another 30% passive damage boost to your attacks/spells to undead and vampires. Edgewalker is good because it works on you (healing) or on undead enemies when using spells like "Sun Fire" (Restoration spells are up to 30% more powerful if the recipient is below half Health. The bonus increases as Health decreases) both of you can be the "recipient". Note that Edgewalker also work when using False Light to damage the "livings".

    Talking about False Light, it is an important part of the build. You are not a paladin of Stendarr who would refuse to pervert healing spells using False Light. Any mean could serve the end : While in combat, you may cast targeted healing spells and effects on enemies to inflict damage equal to 75% of the heal amount. Several perks will enhance your False Light damage, like Lightwielder (Increases False Light damage by 10%) or In Thy Name (Increases False Light damage by 15% when you are affected by a shrine blessing). At the beginning, "Healing" spell will help but False Light skyrockets with "Heal Other" : instant damage spell with a very, very, very long range. Remember you can also damage undead with False Light if for some reason you are using "Heal Undead" over Dawnguard Sun damage spells. Master spell "Infinite Light" from Apocalypse mod (healing huge kamehamea laser beam) coupled with False Light will destroy living things and "Meridia's Wrath" spell from the very same mod will tear undeads apart.

    Even a two-hander will benefit from healing. The fact you have to switch means full power to Dual Casting and taking Respite will fill your stamina bar instantly. Sacred Flame will heal you for 200hp over 10 seconds and even the Flame is random, Wheel of Life (In combat, gradually accumulates ambient lifeforce from the environment and releases it in periodic bursts, healing you 100 points every 30 seconds. Becoming affected by a different healing spell or effect restarts the cycle from the beginning) coupled with Enduring Heal (Wheel of Life heals 25% more and each new cycle is 5 seconds faster than the last) will make a nice passive healing Cycle. Note that Wheel of Life cycle will restart if you heal yourself with "Close Wounds" for instance, but will not restart from the beginning if you receive healing with Sacred Flame. All in all, in situations you cannot switch, when overwhelmed by ennemies and have to fight for your life you can count on this to keep you alive with potions knowing Sacred Flame and Wheel of Life are not "incompatible". 

    Alteration will provide some utility spells and more defense like flesh spells. Sure you wear heavy armor so you cannot benefit from Mage Armor perk but that doesnt mean you shall refuse a free 100 AR flesh armor for you dont have a shield remember. The goal here is to get better survivability this is why i choose Alter Self : Resistance (choose Shock and Fire) and Alter Self : Attribute (you are free to choose +50 magicka, stamina or health imo). Wild Shrines will allow you to get a +15% amplify Restoration spells (you can add to the +20% from Shrine of Meridia with 100 Restoration boosted by Pilgrim, but also another 20% with Spirit Tutors and 200 base magicka = 55% amplify Restoration spells and effects). Finally the Welloc's Dormant perk will give you more survivability in combat. I advise taking 10% more weapoon damage, 10% amplify restoration (now you got 65% amplify restoration spells and effects and save a lot of enchantment slots on your gear) and 10% Magic Resistance.



    Special Thanks 

    I would like to thank my friend Marbey who was a great help to me regarding lore discussions aswell as his deep knowledge of the gameplay mechanics of Ordinator but more important, who corrected my backstory in good english. I also thank HappyB3 who helped me regarding lore research. Finally Dragonborn1721 for his kindness and patience here on Tamrielvault, thank you for your help !




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    January 22, 2019

    Incredibly well written and presented! I love the style you went with for the edges of the pictures.

    The only thing I'd suggest is to try wrapping some of the text around the images like the under the Meridia, Suggested mods, and Gameplay section to see if it will flow better. I generally tend to dislike the large white spaces that come from smaller images that don't take up the majority of the page. The text around some of those areas seems to be short so that may be why you decided not to do it. If so, I apologize for bringing it up. If not then try it out and see if you like it.

  • January 23, 2019

    Thank you for your advice ! Unfortunatly, i just dont know how to put text around images :/ simple as that

  • January 23, 2019

    So this is the build's final form huh? Fascinating Gameplay section in the end Praxedes, I think it was the only section that I hadn't seen in the Workshop and it's fascinating. Really in depth, and while I do kind of worry that it might be a bit too in-depth, it's an awesome example of breaking down the build and doesn't feel too long considering the rest of the build. 

    Definitely a great build mate, hope to see more from you :D

  • January 23, 2019

    Thank you mate. I usually consider people who does not know ordinator could find this perk overhaul overwhelming. This is why i try to explain how it is all about synergies between Perk Trees, but yes, it might sound too detailed.

    The other problem i got is i m not comfortable with the text editing. For instance i wish i could put an image on the right and its text on the left, or vice versa or even surrounding an image with its text but i dont know how :/

    If i know how i would gladly do it :)