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Character Build: The Vampire-Corvinus Hybrid

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    January 15, 2019

    Since another member did a death dealer build on this site, Which I'm guessing he took from the first four Underworld movies, I wanted to do a build that focused on Selene after her awakening from the in between place. After being to the sacred world, vampires gain some new powers as well as some boosting to their existing powers.          

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    After my awakening at Var Dohr, a chantry of Auriel situated to the far north of Skyrim, I had an increased level of awareness about the world around me and while my powers were increased, I have also gained some new ones. I also found that I could move faster and fight more efficiently. Also with this new prowess came new dangers. Upon my awakening, Ronthil told me that the dragons were fiercer, the draugr were deadlier and the dragon priests and various enemies had increased elemental resistances than when I faced them before my awakening.

    My speed and awareness were not the only things heightened by the awakening, My five senses also got an uptuning. So, if a bandit shot an arrow from a mile away, I can hear it. I can also see in the dark and heal at a greater extent than she could before. 

    It is not to say my awakening was not without hardship. My heart stopped twice during the process. I am now so much more than I was. No more am I a lower vampire. I am now counted among the most powerful vampires in Skyrim, The Volkihar. 

    The whole Volkihar clan has undertaken 'Valissa', the in-between place. They can transform into bat-like creatures and have new powers and abilities because of that ritual. We can overpower mortals, lycantropes and lesser vampire quite easily. I, however, have three different enemies I must focus my energies on. I must turn my anger towards werewolves who killed my sister and parents, the silver hand, who killed my brother who was turned into a werewolf while fighting one of those flea-bitten mongrels and lesser vampires because they are an utter nuissance.

    When I was in Valissa, I was granted my powers through communing with the daedric prince of knowledge, Hermaeus Mora. But, in extchange for that increased prowess, both physical and mental, he requires sacrifices of mortals who betray him.

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    Phenderix Magic World - Adds new spells, weapons and followers to the world of Skyrim

    Aurora: Standing Stones of Skyrim - overhauls skyrim's standing stones with ones with interesting abilities

    Vampire Knight: Vampire Armor - adds vampire weapons and armor

    SET Civil War Underworld - another essential mod for this build, it makes stormcloaks werewolves and imperials vampires

    Gift of Heormius - Essential house mod for the awakened vampire who wishes to remain in touch with 'Valissa.' Apocrypha style house mod located on Solstheim, near the wind stone

    Ancient Refuge Snow Elf House - this mod adds a home much like the inner sanctum of Var Dor

    Lair of the Crimson Scar - if you want to remain a lesser vampire then downlload this mod, puts a home inspired by deepscorn lair just inside the sewer grate close to Whiterun stables (optional)

    Time - Master - slows down time so the player character can land multiple attacks before the enemy knows what is happening

    Divine - Resurrection -- brings any dead npc back to life

    Erase Target - Erases targeted NPC from the game world

    Erase Target (75 ft) - erases targets up to 75 feet from the game world

    Summon - Skeletal Dragon - enables player character to summon a skeletal dragon from Labyrinthian

    The Atronach - Corrupted Arcana: Spells are stronger, can't regenerate Magicka except by ending combat. - Blood Price: Transfers half of current Health to Magicka.

    The Shadow - Blur: Faster movement in combat. Shadow Step: Teleport behind a target.

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    Race: Nord

    Standing Stone: steed (atronach with aetherium crown)

    Weapons: Silver Sword, Silver Bow, Silver Crossbow

    Armor: vampire knight armor 

    Spells: Time - Master, Divine - Sun Ray, Divine - Resurrect, Enhance - Speed, Erase Target, Erase Target (75 ft), Summon - Skeletal Dragon, Frost Cloak, Drain - Health, Equilbrium

    Shouts: Dismay, Frost Breath, Whirlwind Sprint, Slow Time, Dragonrend, Drain Vitality

    Major Skills: Smithing, One Handed, Heavy Armor

    Minor Skills: Enchanting, Archery

    Unperked Skill: Alteration

    Alteration - After my awakening, I found that my awareness of the world has increased

    Destruction - I gained an increased understanding of the elements from the sacred world

    Enchanting - My time in the sacred world taught me how to use my magic to enchant armor and weapons

    Heavy Armor - The sacred world strengthed my amazing armorer skills

    One Handed - My sword fighting has been greatly increased after my awakening

    Smithing - The energies of the sacred world showed me how to improve weapons and armor way beyond mortal comprehension

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    Against giants, trolls and frost giants, I use time - master and my enhance speed spell to cut down the giant, troll or frost giant before they can react.

    Against magic enemies like dragons, their priests and mages, I use spellbeaker combined with dragonrend if it is a dragon, if not, I use my sillver crossbow to make short work of them.

    Against werewolves and the silverhand, I use my silver bow and arrows or my silver sword and spellbreaker to end their onslaught before it begins. 

    Against lesser vampires, I resort to my drain health spell and then when they are weakened, I unsheath my silver sword and cut their head off. 

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    After I exited the knight chantry after my awakening, I get caught by the Imperial Gaurds. Some bullcrap about 'being in league with some guy trying to assassinate some high king,' I have no idea as it all seems very strange. Maybe Viktor planned thiis ambush long ago? After I make a narrow escape, I head north to a town called Winterhold so I can learn about my new powers. After I complete my trials there, I head to the heartland of Skyrim so I can learn to make use of my new weapon skills and kill those silverhand idiots who killed my brother. Sadly, the vampire-lycan war still rages on even after my awakening as a clairvoyant; so I must rejoin the Imperials to help them in wiping out the lycans...again! I was able to take one item from my time in the sacred realm which will boost my physical and mental abilites further still, the black star of azura.

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    Epistolary Acumen - Dragonborn Frost: Your Frost Breath Shout encases foes in ice.

    Filament and Filligree - Secret of Arcana - spells cost no magicka for thirty secoonds

    The Sallow Regent - Seeker of Sorcery: grants the reader 10% reduction in cost of all spells, 10% improved enchanting.

    Winds Of Change - Scholar's Insight: Reading skill books provides 2 level increases for the skill.

    Untold Legends - Bardic Knowledge: A spectral drum that plays for 300 seconds replenishing stamina recovery.

    Volkihar Vampire Clan - I must prove to the volkihar that I am worthy of becoming one of the elders of the Volkihar Clan

    The Companions - If I am to become an elder, I have to prove myself worthy not only through my deeds, but, also with my sword

    fighting skills

    The College of Winterhold - I must learn all I can about my new spells and abilities

    The Imperial Legion - I will join the vampire as they try to wipe out the lycans

    The Black Star - The sacred world left me with a very powerful artifact that I can use to enchant my weapons and armor with

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    Constructive Criticism Is Appreciated

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    January 19, 2019

    Interesting, by the way SET Civil War Underworld... sounds a badass mod, didn't knew about it...

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    January 20, 2019

    It's a fun mod, adds tons of werewolf and vampire killing weapons. There is a potion that turn you into a werewolf temporarily and one that turns you into a vampire permanently. What platform do you have SSE for? I got SSE for PS4 last month and there are so many fun mods out there for SSE PS4. Also try out vampire knights.