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Character Build: The Great White Wolf

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    December 27, 2018

    This build is a direct tie-in with my story "The Call of The Wolf" and focused on the main character who is the reincarnation of the great white wolf destined to fight Shadowfang, a shadowy figure who aims to twist the hunting grounds in his evil image. He also is a spirit of nature and as such, he is sworn to protect both Kynareth's and Hircine’s gift to man and mer.

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    Back before Tamriel was even formed, Hircine made a realm known as the hunting grounds. For years, it thrived as a place of tranquility. One day, however, all that changed when a shadow was cast over the realm. Upon making contact with the lush green grass, the shadow formed itself into a wolf with yellow eyes. His name was Bloodfang. Having no protector, the hunting grounds  quickly fell at the paws of bloodfang. But, when all hope seemed lost, a light twinkled in the realm, it grew brighter and brighter until the light formed into a benevolent white wolf, his man was made of white fur, his body was made of the same white fur. His eyes, however shone with the beauty of the heavens and the bluest oceans.

    The wolf''s name was Kiba and it was his duty to eliminate Bloodfang from this plane of existence. Standing a foot apart, the wolves eyed each other up before making any moves. The white wolf ran at Bloodfang, slashing and biting every inch of the black wolf. The wolf became an intangible black mist and easily dodged the attacks. Determined not to be outdone, Kiba howled a mighty howl that flowed from within. A holy aura surrounded the wolf and he redoubled his efforts to best Bloodfang. The black wolf tried to block the attack, but he found himself slipping away from the mortal plane. The explosion that followed knocked Kiba back into a nearby wall. 

    Kiba's bright blue eyes dimed, but before he could be at peace, a small white dove that had somehow got into the hunting grounds fluttered close to Kiba and sat near him. "Kiba, my husband Hircine has another task for you besides the protection of the hunting grounds. It leaned in closer, and told the white wolf that his greater role in life is to be the protector of nature, A noriad.

    The wolf lowered his ears and cocked his head sideways as if to ask what a noriad was because he had not heard of it. The dove explained a noriad was a powerful druid that was able to call on the power of nirn itself to smite their enemies. With that said the dove flew off and the wolf drifted away.

    Centuries later, a baby argonian was born in Blackmarsh, blissfully unaware of what he was to become. His destiny as the great white wolf reincarnate is as of yet unknown to him.

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    Race: Argonian

    Name: Hasir

    Standing Stones: The Lord

    Weapons: Wolf Sword, Xileel Bow Silver Elven Dagger (optional)

    Armor: Hunting Grounds Outfit

    Spells: Ice Spike, Blizzard, Conjure Ice Wolf, Primal Wolf, Primal Frost

    Shouts: Frost Breath, Aura Whisper, Drain Vitality, Become Ethereal, Bend Will, Dragon Aspect

    Major Skills: Archery, One Handed, Light Armor

    Minor Skills: Smithing, Destruction

    Powers: Beast Form

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    Hunterborn - this mod simulates Kiba’s yearning to be one with nature and an essential mod to roleplay the guardian of the hunting grounds and nature

    Moonlight Tales: Werewolf and Werebear Overhaul - Adds an extensive skin and perk system to Skyrim’s werewolf

    Immersive Weapons - adds weapons found in most RPGs into the world of Skyrim

    Aurora: Standing Stones of Skyrim - replaces skyrim's standing stones with ones with interesting abilities

    Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim - this mod promotes various playstyles by adding various new perks to Skyrim’s perk trees.

    Hunting Grounds Outfit - Adds cool clothing and armor for werewolf characters from Hircine’s realm

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    Archery - the argonian is skilled in the use of bows ever since his days as a guerilla fighter in Blackmarsh

    Destruction -  The wolf has an innate sense of magic

    Light Armor -  Hircine gifted the wolf with a tougher hide than most 

    One Handed -  The great white wolf's claws are tougher and sharper than most wolves

    Smithing - Being an alpha of Hircine's pack, the wolf knows how to smith the toughest hides 

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    Against dragons, Hasir uses dragonrend to knock them out of the sky and then he uses his wolf sword along with spellbreaker to beat some sense into the dragon while at the same time blocking its breath attack with his shield. Against giants, Hasir uses marked for death and then pelts the giant with arrows fired from his An-Xileel bow. With any luck, the giant will go down without much of a fight. Against mages and dragonpriests, he uses spellbreaker to create a hole in the magic users' defenses. He will then go in and attack with his wolf sword enchanted with absorb health and magicka.Against mundane enemies like the bandit, forsworn and hired thugs, Hasir transforms into his 'great white wolf' form and completely annihilates then without much thought as to how much damage he is does or even how much he himself is taking.

    He takes The lord standing stone from Aurora so as to bolster his health so he would not be an easy target for enemies to one shot. Hunterborn enables him to become one with nature.  Moonlight Tales enables him to become a white werewolf with blue eyes. the Hunting Grounds Outfit mod enables Hasir to wear the pelt of his master, the wolf lord Hircine.

    I play this build on Master difficulty. At early levels, Hasir will be only wearing clothes as his armor has not be acquired yet. Use spells such as conjure ice wolf and any ice spells you find in your travels as these will allow you to strike back at your enemies. Conjure Ice Wolf is a good spells because it conjures an avatar of kiba to protect Hasir.

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    After getting out of Helgen, Hasir goes to Whiterun to undertake The Companions to accept his role as the reincarnation of the spirit of the white wolf. After this, Hasir undertakes the Main Quest, Dawnguard and Dragonborn questlines to start to undermine Bloodfang's desire to rule the Hunting Ground. He then undertakes both parts of the Man Who Cried Wolf questline in order to stop Bloodfang's followers from resurrecting the wolf queen. When he is ready and has the proper equipment, Hasir goes after Bloodfang to end him once and for all. Bloodfang is waiting for him at the last vigil cleverly disguised as The Ebony Warrior.

    Silent Anger by on @deviantART

    Main Quest - Hasir must kill another of Bloodfang's creations hell bent on helping his master rule the hunting grounds

    The Companions - The argonian feels drawn to this guild for some reason, could it be Kiba's spirit is ready for a new vessel?

    The Man Who Cried Wolf (both parts) - One of Bloodfang's creations threatens to enslave Skyrim and the hunting grounds, Hasir must stop it at all costs

    Dawnguard - With Alduin defeated, Bloodfang turns to Harkon to help him rule the hunting grounds, Kiba must not see this come to pass

    Dragonborn - Hasir must stop Miraak from enslaving all wolves on Solstheim

    The Ebony Warrior - Kiba and Bloodfang have their long awaited rematch at the last vigil, only one wolf may win.

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