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Character Build: The Twilit Warlock

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    December 4, 2018

    This build is stemming from my love of the warlock class in most mmorpgs and of course Twilight Princess. Midna's powers fit the warlock ideal and translate rather equally well into the world of Skyrim.


    Midna was relaxing in her twilight palace after a busy day telling the children of twilight about her adventures in the light world. She got up from her throne and headed down the long hallway to go outside to enjoy the twilight when she passed a very peculiar portal near the entrance of the throne room. "Hello?" She asked no one in particular, her voice echoing in the empty chamber.

    When no one answered, she realized she was alone, just her and this black and light blue portal, which looked exactly like the ones that she summoned to teleport the 'fur ball' around in the light world. Besides the portal was one of Zant's helmets. the helmet acted like a proximity detector and activated when the twilight princess was near. The portal became a black hole of sorts.

    Midna wondered why the helmet sat there in the first place, "I thought Zant was destroyed, unless part of him survived and is residing inside this object." Just then a particularly strong gust of wind caught Midna by surprise and she was sucked into the portal despite her best efforts to fight against it. Meanwhile, in the palace, a blue shimmering light eminated from the helmet and a phantom version of Zant appeared.

    The phantom put the helmet on and he solidified, becoming whole once again. "Now, where was I? He asked, smiling wickedly. She traveled through time and space. To Midna, it felt like forever. While she was in this state, she was unaware that Zant survived and has summoned shadow beasts to shatter the mirror of twilight.

    Midna hit the ground so hard she fell unconscious. After a few minutes she awoke. "My head, Wh-where am I? I feel funny”. She looked at her hands, the blue glow was fading from the runes. Her powers were fading. She could no longer feel the presence of twilight which blanketed her palace back in Hyrule. "The longer I stay away from the twilight, the weaker my powers become, I must find a way back." She thought. Her only hope is to find the Soul Cairn. That is the only place she can regain the power of twilight and also gain some neat new armor and if she is lucky, she could even find pieces to help her to rebuild the broken mirror of twilight so she can return home. 

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    Race: Dunmer

    Stats: 3:2:1

    Standing Stone: The Mage

    Weapons: Shard of Twilight (Twili Sword (enchanted with Absorb Magicka and Absorb Health), Staff of the Twilit Warlock (unencanted destruction staff enchanted with Absorb Health and Fire Damage)

    Armor: Robes of the twilit warlock (black robes enchanted with health regen and fortify illusion, Gloves of the Twilight Walorck (black gloves enchanted with fortify destruction and regeneration magicka)

    Powers: Vampire Lord, Ancestor’s Wrath, Secret of Mana, Mora’s Boon

    Spells: Curse of Decay, Dark Sun, Mind Control, Shadowform, Curse of Decay, Curse of Fragility, Curse of Exaustion, Life Tap, Consuming Shadows, Crushing Darkness, Creeping Terror, Shadowbolt, Summon Kyrkrym

    Shouts: Fire Breath, Summon Durnehviir, Become Ethereal, Dragonrend, Disarm, Whirlwind Sprint, Marked For Death, Slow Time

    Major Skills: Alteration, Illusion

    Minor Skills: Enchanting, One Handed, Destruction

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    Shadow Spell Package - This mod adds "shadow" themed destruction/illusion spells and perks to Skyrim. These spells are based around drains, damage-over-time (damage per second) and debuff effects.

    Phenderix Magic World - Magic Evolved - adds spells and followers to the world of Skyrim

    Relics of Hyrule - adds items and dungeons from LOZ made with Skyrim's default models and textures

    Apocalypse - Spells of Skyrim - adds various new spells to each school of magic

    Aurora - Standing Stones of Skyrim - All of Skyrim's standing stones are reworked in interesting ways

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    Archery - The twili knows how to summon a bow made out of pure twilight

    Enchanting - The queen of shadows can use twilight to protect herself from both the sword and the spell

    Heavy Armor - She can form the particles of twilight into protective apparel

    Illusion - Midna is quite adept at using shadow magic

    One Handed - The queen of darkness can form sharp weapons out of twilight

    Smithing - The ruler of shadows can meld the twilight into durable weapons and armor 

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    For giants and dragons,the twilight princess uses her 'mistress of darkness' form to either fight them with the claw or the spell. Against bandits, forsworn, thalmor, cats, lizards and other inferior beings, she uses mayhem to sow chaos among her enemies, then chops them to peices with her ebony longsword, shard of twilight. Against mages, dragonpriests, necromancers and other magic wielders, she uses her ebony waraxe, Zant's Bane, to dissimate the magical enemies before they even realize what is going on. 

    With the Mage stone (Aurora) chosen, the dark elf's spells that she casts will be stronger, whcih will make them more effective against giants, dragons and...well, pretty much any enemy that gets in her way, The Mage Stone also empowers one of the five magick= schools, that will be chosen at random. She uses this randomization to her advantage when she battles enemies.

    The Shadow Spell Package, Phenderix Magic and Apocalypse spellpacks can turn almost any battle into a check in the win column for the skilled player who utilizes these spells and summoned creatures wisely, woe is the adventurer who misuses these wonderful tools. 

    Midna uncovers long lost artifacts of the twili with Rellics of Hyrule to help her find out who she is. 

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    When Midna exits Helgen, she goes to the College of Winterhold to gain her twilight magic, such as the ward spell and her offensive illusion spells. After that, she goes to whiterun to join The Companions to learn how to fight with her twilight weapons. After she is done with that, she goes to undertake The Main Quest in order to rid the world of the giant twilit dragons that Zant has sent to destroy her. Also she finds the first mirror piece after defeating this twilit dragon. Zant has also summoned beings of pure twilight as well besides dragons. They take the form of vampires that she must destroy in the Volkihar Vampire Clan questline. There is one pesky twilit dragon that guards one of the pieces of the mirror of twilight that she must destroy in the entrance to the realm of twilight. During the Dragonborn questline, she will find a dragonpriest guarding the third piece of the mirror and the last piece is being guarded by the frost giant known as Karstaag.

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    The Main Quest - Zant, displeased with Midna's betrayal and sudden disappearance, sends dragons to destroy her, Midna must stop them. She obtains a mirror shard by destroying the main dragon

    The Companions - Midna must become proficient with her weapons before she can face Zant in the final battle

    The College of Winterhold - Midna regains her twilight magic and can enchant her armor and weapons with twili magic as well, but, she must hurry as her physical form is waning fast

    Volkihar Vampire Clan - The dark elf must obtain forbidden magic in order to defeat Zant. She must also obtain a mirror shard if she is ever to and return home

    Dragonborn - Midna must search for the last two mirror shards on the snowy island. She obtains the third and fourth shards by defeating the frost giant and the false king of Twilight

    Relics of Hyrule - This unmarked quest to find ancient Twili artifacts can help Midna discover Zant's true purpose

    The Ebony Warrior - Midna faces off against the person who betrayed her and stole her royal title

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