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Character Build: The Divine Beast

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    December 3, 2018

    Since I made a Midna build on this site, I wouldn't feel right not to put a build of her loyal steed and close friend (lover?) on this site as well. That's right, I am of course talking about the lupine form of the adventurer elf as seen in the Legend of Zelda game Twilight Princess. His backstory and the triforce lends itself really well to both character building and Skyrim gameplay.

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    After defeating Ganondorf in the realm of twilight, midna summoned a portal that was supposed to send Link home, However, just as midna cast her spell to open a portal, It turned red and emitted a blast of light which knocked midna to the ground, she get up and found that link disappeared along with the portal. “Link!” she screamed, tears streaking down her cheeks. Midna began sobbing loudly. Midna’s proud, happy demeanor dimished and was replaced by a worried look. She dared not think the worst.

    Lnik hurtled through time and space towards an unknown destination. He could not see anything because the portal was filled with red glitch particles. Squinting, he could see a bend in the portal up ahead. He shot on for what seemed, to him, like an eternity because the red and black swirls inside the portal kept on going on and the swirls seemed endless.

    The portal however did end. and the wood elf found himself on top of a snowy mountain, in a place called The Last Vigil. The elf, still disoriented from the portal, got up a little unsteadily. Just when he was about to leave he heard a voice, "If you ever want to go hme again you must defeat me in combat, I have sealed away the golden triangle you so covet. The peices are being gaurded by the most powerful creatures in the land which are located in the realms of the dead, the fires of the forge, the land of ice and the last piece is guarded by the most powerful dragon priest buried in earth."

    As an afterthought, he cast a spell, bloting out the sun, turning the people of skyrim into murderous criminals and equally murderous dragons. Then he turned the elf into a horrible, werewolf-like creature. The voice told the elf of Valenwood he must defeat the dragons to obtain relics of great power and that he must defeat the ‘minibosses’’ of Skyrim, the keepers and the reaper in the realm of the dead, the dragon in the dwemer underworld, the tree creatures in Solstheim and the frost giant in the ice castle in order to obtain a very special gem that can restore his human form so he can start the second part of his quest.

    The voice also said that the world is full of many dangerous dungeons that the elf must traverse to obtain 'boss keys' to enter the four boss lairs that he has spread throughout the land. The disembodied voice also stated that if he can do this, find the keys, save Skyrim and defeat both the 'minibosses' and the 'bosses', he will have the opportunity to defeat the toughest 'boss' in Skyrim. Link was about to ask who it was when the voice fashioned itself a body.

    The Ebony Warrior materialized out of the mist. "I will be your final challenge, hero. Now go, fulfill your destiny. I shall be waiting for you here, all the while monitoring your progress and giving you hints should you need them. 

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    Race: Wood Elf

    Standing Stone: Lord (Lover with aetherium crown)

    Stats: 2:3:1

    Weapons: Dawnbreaker, Master Sword (stalhrim sword enchanted with paralyze and absorb health), Hylian Shield (elven shield enchanted with resist magic and fortify block), Hero’s Bow (stalhrim bow enchanted with chaos damage and absorb magicka) , Auriel’s Bow, light arrows (sunhallowed arrows), stalhrim arrows

    Armor: Helmet of the Zora (stalhrim light helmet enchanted with water breathing and fortify archery), Gloves of the Zora (stalhrim light gauntlets enchanted with fortify magic and fortify light armor) Cuirass of the Zora (stalhrim light cuirass enchanted with fortify health and fortify magicka regen) Boots of the Zora (stalhrim light boots enchanted with resist magic and muffle)

    Powers: Beast Form, Mora's Boon, Seeker of Might, Companion's Insight, Secret of Protection

    Spells: Stendarr's Aura, Vampire's Bane, Firestorm, Poison Rune, Healing Hands, Guardian Circle

    Shouts: None. He is not dragonborn

    Major Skills: Enchanting, Smithing, Light Armor

    Minor Skills: One Handed, Restoration

    Unperked Skills: Archery

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    The light spirits, from whom link obtains light weapons and spells from

    Archery - The gods passed down their bow skills to the divine beast

    Enchanting - The hero can enchant weapons and armor using the gods' power

    Light Armor - Serving in the hyrule military, the hero knows how to properly protect himself

    One Handed - The descendant of the gods is quite proficient with swords

    Smithing -  The Hyrulean army taught him how to smith strong, durable armaments

    Restoration - The golden triangle bestowed upon the hero of time the ability to heal himself

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    Link first opens the battle by hitting the enemy with a weakness to fire potion and then he lets loose with his dawnbreaker weapon. He uses this tactic against weaker enemies like forsworn, bandits, pesky lizards, cats and the always annoying Thalmor. For giants and huge enemies, he usleashed his ''blue-eyed beast' form to cut the huge enemies down to size. For magic wielding enemies,, he wields his hylian shield as it deflect a certain percentage of magic and then he hits them with his master sword and Din's breath all while utilizing Nayru's healing spells.

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    Link starts out his adventure in the city of Helgen. He then goes to whiterun on the first step of removing his curse which is admitting he has a problem and getting it under control with the companions questline. He then undertakes the College Of Winterhold questline in order to learn spells from the seven sages. He then joins The Imperial Legion because a sword wields no power unless the wielder has courage. Link then starts his journey to reform the triforce through the Dragonborn, The Main Quest and dragonpriest quests. Link must gain the light spirts’ favor through destroying the undead scourge with their light bow and spells when he undertakes the Dawnguard quest. When all of the triforce pieces are found, Link brings them to Brunjaard Sanctuary in order to reform the triforce and obtain the Mask of the Golden Goddesses.

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    Main Quest - the elf must defeat the great black dragon in order to obtain the first fragment of the triforce

    Companions - Link undertakes this quest in his attempt to break the curse placed upon him by the Ebony Warrior

    College of Winterhold - Link gains powerful spells from the sages in order to combat the darkness that threatens to envelope Tamriel

    The Imperial Legion - The cursed hero is chosen by the gods to lead the tamrielic army to victory against forces of darkness

    Dawnguard - the light spirits of tamriel gave link not just a sword of light but also light spells that he can utilize against his enemies. He also obtains a bow of light to further damage his enemies.

    Unearthed - the ebony warrior put a triforce fragment in Ahzidal’s mask that allows him to wield the power of Din

    Dragonborn - one of the five fragments of the golden triangle is guarded by Miraak. The fragment in his mask reanimated the long dead nord and grants him powerful shout reduction via his robes, gloves and boots. He also wields the power of Farore

    Dragonpriest Quests - the Ebony Warrior put fragments of the triforce in all eight masks of the undead priests of Skyrim, reanimating them and bestowing upon them with deadly powers

    The Final Descent - Link helps a guy find out what happened to his grandfather and in doing so stumbles upon a shock-resistant dragonpriest which was reanimated by a triforce piece in his mask

    The Sallow Regent - the hero must eliminate the dragonpriest that wields the power of Nayru to obtain his mask, which houses a fragment of the triforce

    The Ebony Warrior - a true test of the elf’s skills. He must use all his spells and the rebuilt triforce to overwhelm the deadliest foe link has ever faced

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    Constructive Criticismm Is Appreciated

  • December 3, 2018

    The voice told the elf of Valenwood he must defeat the dragons to obtain relics of great power and that he must defeat the  'minibosses' of Skyrim in order to obtain a very special gem that can restore his human form so he can start the second part of his quest.


    Sounds fun. I hope the elf finds his way home again. :D

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    December 3, 2018

    thanks Mook. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is my favorite game out of the LOZ series. have you played this or any Legend of Zelda games?

  • December 3, 2018

    No, I've only got PC though watched my family play the early ones.  They do seem like great games.

    I like builds that have defined quest stages that build into a real story.

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    December 3, 2018

    thank you