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Character Build: The Dementor

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    November 25, 2018

    "Dementors are among the foulest creatures that walk this earth. They infest the darkest, filthiest places, they glory in decay and despair, they drain peace, hope, and happiness out of the air around them... Get too near a Dementor and every good feeling, every happy memory will be sucked out of you. If it can, the Dementor will feed on you long enough to reduce you to something like itself...soulless and evil. You will be left with nothing but the worst experiences of your life."—Remus Lupin's description of Dementors

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    How I came to be in this one really knows, including me, one minute I was guarding Azkaban Prison, the next thing I know I wake up in a place that is foreign to me. I cannot see anything. I can't even see my pale hands in front of my face. Why can't I see anything you may ask? I am blind to everything because I merely sniff out souls with positive emotions and feed on emotions and souls, so there really is no need for me to have eyes.

    In truth, I had eyes once, but a prisoner in Azkaban prison brutally attacked me, gouging out my eyes. There is an abundance of emotion in this land of snow and ice. Fear, saddness, joy and despair run rampant in this land. Also, there is an abundance of emotions even in the nordic afterlife as well asthe spirits in The Soul Cairn, even though they are dead, I can sense their emotions. Emotions also thrive on the snowy isle of Solstheim, where a mad dragonpriest controls the actions of mortals.

    My duty is to seek out humans filled with emotions, either happiness or otherwise and feast on them until they are naught but a soulless husk, doomed to walk Tamriel without any sense of self, almost as if they would never be happy again. This is a horrible life I know, but, I know no other way to achieve happiness.

    My brethren are probably wondering where I have gone, but, who am I kidding, they have no soul, much like me, which means they will have no drive to make them search for me.

    If I could change paths, I would, but, alas I cannot because my skills will be useless elsewhere. Fate has dealt a cruel hand to me. How can I achieve happiness if I go around sucking it out of poor souls that did nothing wrong? Now that I am in Skyrim I can hopefully change that. How can I be truly happy? I mean, I have no soul, so unfortunately, I have to take other people souls to replace my own soul through a process to heart wrenching to talk about.

    I would wish to die, but, sadly, I cannot be harmed by spell, potion or sword. I guess I have to wander aimlessly sucking people's souls until I am but a shadow of my former self. Hopefully, my story has a happy end. If it doesn't, well, all I can hope for then is for someone to end the neverending torture.

    I am not good nor am I evil, I am just a wandering soul forever searching in vain for his purpose.

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    Name: Dun (pronounced dune)

    Race: Altmer Vampire Lord

    Stand Stone: Lord -> Ritual -> Steed

    Stats: 2:3:1

    Apparel: Execution Hood, Grey Vampire Armor vampire gloves, vampire boots. At level 20 obtain Nightingale armor, the gauldur amulet, Relic of Azkaban (silver ring enchanted with resist magic)

    Weapons: Harkon's Sword, Chillrend, Miraak's Sword

    Spells: Absorb Health, Frost Cloak, Frost Rune, Healing, Frenzy Rune, Telekinesis, Wall of Frost

    Shouts: Soul Tear, Marked For Death, Frost Breath, Drain Vitality, Become Ethereal, Whirlwind Sprint

    Powers: Vampire Lord, Seeker of Shadows (The Sallow Regent), Dragonborn Frost (Epistolary Acumen), Mora's Boon (The Hidden Twilight) 

    Major Skills: One Handed, Light Armor

    Minor Skills: Destruction, Sneak, Smithing

    Unperked Skill: Enchantment

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    Destruction - Whatever Dun touches or breathes on turns to ice and that target is consumed by an empty feeling inisde

    Light Armor - The dementor needs to remain agile if he is to dodge unfriendly attacks

    One Handed - The Dementor prefers to fight from the shadows, but if he has to, he wields powerful soul draining weapons

    Sneak - the soulless husk prefers to stay hidden and pick of its prey from the shadows

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    You are lost without sense of purpose. What destiny lay before you? The only certainty is that you you feed off of mortal's positive emotions as you are naught but an empty husk, incapable of distinguishing beteween your targets if there is more than one. You only know two things. Those things are to feed off of either mortal souls, alive or dormant (sleeping.) 

    Dun employs his frost cloak and/or frost rune against common thug, bandits, caravaners, argonians and forsworn. Mortals cannot see Dun's approach and will likely put it down to a cold breeze that suddenly plunged them into despair and hopelessness. He also can whirlwind sprint after he attacks to remain unseen. Whirlwind sprint simulates a dementor's ability to glide over a surface fast. 

    The dementor utilizes frost wall and drain vitality against magic caster like mages, necromancers, dragonpriests and dragons. These are the only beings that can see Dun when he attacks them so the demetor attempts to wipe them out by first laying down a frost wall and then attacking with drain vitality. If it is a dragon he is facing, he scraps frostwall and substites it for either Harkon's sword or Chillrend.

    For giants, dun removes his cloak to show he ugly, skeletal visage, he then sucks the giant's soul from his body, this can be done by casting either soul trap or corprus curse on the giant and then clawing away at him with Dun's powerful poison talons.

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    This is the only thing that can help me find peace, the spectral stag  

    When I get out of Helgen, I undertake the Main Quest in order to prevent Alduin from using souls for his own selfish desires. After that, I tackle The College Of Winterhold to gain spells that I can use against my enemies and if I am lucky I can learn a handy soul trap spell also.

    After I am done with that, I must gain my hood and armor, I accomplish this by completing the Theive's Guild for my armor and with Friends Like These I undertake this quest for my hood to hide my hideous face. I must then undertake the Volkihar Vampire Clan so I can feast on the souls of vampires and I will also gain a way to hide my unsightly visage from mortals. I will also gain untold power, which I reluctantly accepted.

    After joining the vampries, I travel to Solstheim to end yet another fool who uses the souls he absorbs for his own selfish desires. I accomplish this by undertaking the quest Dragonborn. Due to my lower armor rating, I must obtain a powerful vitality boosting amulet. The Forbidden Legends will hopefully brighten my spirits so I can acheive some measure of happiness and view the world in a much brighter light.

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    Image result for dementors approach Soul Chill As the dementor floats over the ground or touches objects or people, they become frozen Frost Cloak + Paralyze + Chillrend

    Image result for despair Never Be Cheerful Again those affected, but not targeted by, the soulless creature feel an icy chill and a feeling of despair Frost Rune + Miraak's Sword + Dismay

    Image result for dementor's kiss Dementor's Kiss This is the dementor's ultimate weapon - to suck the souls out of people so they are left with their worst experiences Absorb health (in human form) + Drain Vitality + Slow Time

    Main Quest - I must stop Alduin from gaining souls for his own use because souls should not be used for own's one benefit

    Volkihar Vampire Clan - The volkihar are full of positive emotions that I can feed upon, even though I do not mean to harm anyone

    Dragonborn - Miraak's soul is rife with degradation and despair, I have to absorb his soul and the souls of the dragons he has killed because souls should be free and not used to gain power. I will also need the sword of his as well.

    The College of Winterhold - This is where I gain my powers to carry out my unfortunate line of work

    Thieves Guild - I do these quests in order to obtain my mid to late game armor. I only do what is asked of me even though these mortals do not deserve to be stolen from as they did nothing wrong

    With Friends Like These - I require a hood to completely hide my ugly face

    Forbidden Legend - As the armor I wear offers little protection, I need alternate means of boosting my health 

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