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Character Build: The Wolf Moon Maniac

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    November 16, 2018

    Hymn to Arianrhod

    Arianrhod of the Silver Wheel
    By all the names men give thee -
    We, thy hidden children, humbly kneel
    Thy truth to hear, thy countenance to see.
    Here in the circle cast upon the Earth
    Yet open to the stars - unseen, yet real -
    Within our hearts give understanding birth,
    Our wounds of loss and loneliness to heal.
    Isis unveiled and Isis veiled, thou art;
    The Earth below our feet, the Moon on high.
    In thee these two shall never be apart -
    The magick of the Earth and Sky.

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    Arianrhod, the Welsh goddess of the "Silver Wheel", the full moon and the stars 


    Arianrhod was born on the 19th day of morningstar in the year one hundred seventy eight of the fourth era during in the temple of the two moons, which was a small temple on Massar. A few days after Arianrhod was born, her parents grew deathly ill due to an overdose of the moon sugar or 'crystallized moonlight'. Seeing no alterrnative, her mother brought her down to tamriel to live with a pack of wolves who she knew would raise her. The wolves had no idea how to raise a khajiit cub but they did their best and looked after it as if it was their own cub. The two alpha wolves taught her to not only fight for what she believes in but also how to survive in the wild.

    The wolves would teach her how get her food, how to find the perfect shelter and how to protect herself from enemies. The wolves taught her how to forage for food like berries, various sources of meat and various edible plants. They would also teach her how to fight by staging mock battles pitting her against one of her brothers.

    When the wolves thought the time was right, they inducted Arianrhod into the pack. One night during one of their training sessions, without provocation, her wolf brother bit Arianrhod on her hand.

    She screamed as pain shot through her hand. Her screams of pain caused her brain to work overtime to try and quell the tides of pain threatening to overwhelm it. It was already too late as the light left her eyes and she passed out. After four hours, she came to and with the wolf moon shining down she transformed.

    The pain was so intense that she was forced onto her hands and knees; her hands and arms elongated and began to become larger and more muscular. Her legs bent upwards and became more muscular and her heels bent at a right angle and her feet grew and became larger. Her tail become larger and more wolf-like. Arianrhod’s face screwed up with pain as her eyes changed size and color and her mouth turned into a wolf snout. Lastly, fur covered her entire body.

    Arianrhod had to get used to her new werewolf body, but, luckily she did not have to because five minutes later, the transformation was ended. She started to whimper. Her whimpers turned to cries of pain as she transformed back into her human form. Arianrhod had a taste of the adrenaline rush that all wolves felt, the taste for blood and the need to feed.

    That night, she found her wolf brethren howling at the two moons. Arianrhod felt the strongest urge to howl as well. The howling was a lament to her parents who had succumbed to their illness and passed out of the world. The time had come for Arianrhod to leave her wolf family. She sorrowfully waved goodbye as she had learned everything they had to teach her. She wanted to see what the future would bring. She had to make her parents proud, who even know are looking down on her from the stars that shone overhead.

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    The wolves during a training session

    Race: Khajiit werewolf

    Stats: 3:4:0

    Standing Stones: Shadow (Lord with Aetherium Crown, which in this build is known as the Moonstone Circlet)

    Weapons: Lunar Steel Sword, Auriel's Bow, Dawnbreaker

    Armor: Full set of elven armor

    Spells: Frost Cloak, Ice Spike, Healing, Equilibrium, Magelight, Frost Rune, Vampire's Bane, Stendarr's Aura

    Shouts: Frost Breath, Marked For Death, Slow Time, Bend Will, Become Ethereal, Clear Skies, Drain Vitality

    Major Skills: Archery, Sneak

    Minor Skills: One Handed, Light Armor, Destruction

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    Archery - The lunatic is skilled with archery and can wield it well

    Destruction - While the moon can be a helping hand, it can also be its own punishment

    Light Armor - The goddess can use the moonlight to protect herself from harm

    One Handed - She is skilled at using weapons that wield both fire and light

    Sneak - She can move as silently as a moonbeam

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    When Arianrhod comes up against archers or magic users, she uses her Blood Moon ability along with stealth to drain their healers without being seen. Against dragons and giant, she uses either her Full Moon ability or her Harvest Moon abilty to make short work of her enemy. When Arianrhod is up against unsurmountable odds and she is near death, she uses her New Moon ability to heal quickly and rejoin the fight. Against frost trolls or creatures that can regain health quickly, she unleashes her true form with her Raving Lunatic ability. She can use archery to gain the upper hand against enemy archers and magic users. Sneak is another useful thing she has in her repertoir as she can sneak behind enemies and dispatch them. With perks in sneak, she can move silent and unnoticed. If any enemies resist any of her abilities, she transforms into her powerful wolf form and maul the crap out of them.

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    When Arianrhod exits Helgen she immediately goes to Winterhold to undertake the College of Winterhold questline because her earth magic is a bit rusty after being in the moon for one thousand years. She then goes to Whiterun to join The Companions in order to gain the power of the wolf from her new pack. After that, she goes and completes Ill Met By Moonlight to obtain a ring that will allow her to control the wolf within. She then goes to the statue of Meridia to take on The Break of Dawn. In order to further regain her waning power, she must complete The Only Cure and Dawnguard. She also must regain favor with the nature spirits with Kyne's Sacred Trial along with The Blessing Of Nature.

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    Image result for full moon Full Moon The Khajiit draws her power from the moon, she is at her most powerful when the moon is full Lunar Iron Sword + Frost Breath + Conjure Familiar

    Related image Blood Moon Her inner wolf grants her the strength she needs to annihilate her enemies Dual cast Frost cloak + Ring of Hircine + Beastial Strength 5/5 

    Related image New Moon The goddess is at her weakest in this moonphase, she must rely on powerful healing magic to regain her strength Fast Healing + Potion of Magicka Restore + Equilibrium

    Related image Harvest Moon The goddess uses pure moonlight to burn the undead, who she deems are unfit to worship the moon Ring of Hircine + Stendarr's Aura

    Image result for raving lunatic RRaving Lunatic Arianrhod goes nuts with bloodlust, becoming an unstoppable killing machine by channeling her rage into her wolf form Ring of The Hunt + Beastform + Totem of the Moon

    The Companions - Arianrhod must learn how to control her wolf form and finds a new wolfpack that accepts moonborns like herself.

    Ill Met by Moonlight - The goddess of the moon must gain the favor of the god of the hunt so he can bestow her with a ring made from pure silver crafted from the moon itself

    The Only Cure - This shield is crafted from dwarven materials and can negate magical attacks

    Kyne's Sacred Trials - Arainrhod has learned of a stray moonbeam that land near Froki's cabin in the form of a rare amulet

    Nature's Blessing - Being a being of nature, her duty is to ensure it stays in perfect balance

    The Break of Dawn - the moon goddess must obtain this sword of light to fight those who would use her moonlight to their own benefit

    Dawnguard - Arianrhod frowns upon vampires, creatures who would use her precious moon beams for their own benefit 

    College of Winterhold - Arianrhod must learn powerful enchanting skill and destruction magic so she can protect herself in the moonlight and also deal damage with her moonbeams

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