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Ultimate Character Creation: The Knight

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  • November 11, 2018


    This is the fourth installment in my Ultimate Character Creation Guide. So far we’ve explored the BarbarianNecromancer, the Cleric and the Paladin. Today, we will be looking at the class of the Knight. Distinct from warriors, and different still from their Paladin brothers, the Knight will be shown to be a unique class all its own. I hope you enjoy!



    Class Description:

    Let me start by saying Elder Scrolls (specifically Oblivion) described Knights as using Illusion magick. I find this to be mostly for the utility of the courage effects rather than Knights actually being adept spell-casters. Some healing magick is warranted but, otherwise, the Illusion tree is being omitted. Taking heavy inspiration from medieval history, I do not see Knights as very mystical. Even in various fantasy lore they are pretty grounded. A roleplay and lore-friendly substitute much more suited to the Knight is the Rallying Standard perk. (Check Mods for details.)

    The word “knight” roughly translates to “one who serves”. Let this be the epitome of the class and everything it stands for as knights serve lords, jarls, courts or sacred orders. They operate under the strictest observance of the law. Knights are dignified warriors who are bestowed their honorary title after receiving “Knighthood” from a monarch, jarl or feudal lord.

    Like the fabled legends suggest, knights are protectors of their court and they serve as a shining example of chivalry and decency. Decked out in the finest chainmail or plate armor, they fight for various causes, lords, and courts. Some are knighted in a holy order, devoted to their faith. Regardless what master they serve, the throughline of the class is simple: They must uphold the law and they must ennoble themselves to others, proving their virtue and courage.


    The Source of the Knight’s Power:

    There’s an important distinction to be made when considering the Knight class from the Paladin class. On paper, these characters can seem quite similar - they wield sword and blunt, are armored in plate and mail, and are often devoted to faith and country above all else. The difference, however, is not a trivial one. Paladins derive their power from their Sacred Oath; they have no recognition from the court. Meanwhile, Knights derive their power from their Knighthood. It is the process of their stately recognition that they hang their hats. It is an indication of the honor and virtue they have proven themselves to have. More than merely saying it or promising it, they have proven their loyalty and been recognized for it.

    The formal process of becoming a knight is often an arduous one. They may spend long years in squire to other knights, learning how to maintain their horse, temper their armor and forge their steel. When a champion of the court has proven themself honorable in the course of battle or questing, they are bestowed the great honor of Knighthood for their service. From here forward they cease to be a squire and will go on to occupy a low-level of nobility, dignified by the title of “Sir” or “Dame” before being addressed by their peers. It is a great honor and often serves as the highest merit in a Knight’s life, but it is only where their journey begins.



    Creating the Knight:


    When creating the Knight it is important to discover the backstory of your character first. What banner does your character fight under? Are they a hospitaller, devoted to medicine and healing the sick? Perhaps they’re driven by their faith and drive out evil and its wretchedness. Or maybe your Knight is loyal to one specific monarch or jarl, serving that court above all others. Discover the events that led to your character being Knighted. Did they spend many years as a squire? What did they learn during this time about how to conduct themself? What challenges have they had in their life and who have they been close to? Answering all these questions and more will aid you in mining a fleshed out character and backstory.

    Knightly Skills

    Consider your Knight’s skillset. All Knights live by a code of honor, decency and chivalry, but they also develop certain skills in pursuing these goals. Look at the Knightly Skills below and determine what your Knight will focus on. These will help to determine your Knightly Path and the talents you will work to train and develop in your playthrough.

    The Knightly Skills are as follows (Choose 6):

    Charisma (Speech)

    Dexterity (One-Handed)

    Faith (Restoration)

    Integrity (Smithing)

    Marksmanship (Archery)

    Medicine (Alchemy)

    Mobility (Light Armor / Mail)

    Resilience (Blocking)

    Strength (Heavy Armor / Plate)

    Vigor (Two-Handed)

    Wisdom (Enchanting)

    Knightly Path

    Now that you’ve determined your 6 Knightly Skills, it’s important to consider what Knightly Path you will take. Some skills lend themselves to any playstyle, while others do not. All Knights are different and possess a variety of skills. Each Knightly Path has two prerequisites, of which having at least one will include you. If you do not possess either of them then you do not have the necessary skills to play that Knight. In that case, you may want to reconsider your Knightly Skills before moving forward.


    Now it is time to choose your Knightly Path:


    (Must Have Dexterity or Mobility)

    The Knight-Banneret is an independent who fights for personal riches or glory under their own banner. These Knights are often nobles or landowners who need pay no fealty to a Jarl or lord. They are vanguards, moving away from the old precedents and setting a new example of Knightly service. Knight-Bannerets can fight for mutual benefit with a lord, if they wish, but their services are traded or sold. Their martial Dexterity or Mobility won’t be offered free of charge.


    Standing Stone: Warrior

    Knight-Bannerets are skilled warriors known for their martial prowess. The Warrior Stone from Andromeda allows your character to boost his power attacks or ranged attacks and learn warrior skills 10% faster. Once a day you can invoke the Warrior with Star of the West, experiencing faster Health and Stamina regeneration in battle.

    Roleplaying the Knight-Banneret

    As a Knight-Banneret, you will fight under your own banner and in your own good name. Your actions affect your reputation which you will take seriously. Conduct yourself with chivalrous behavior at all times - respect towards the opposite sex and those less fortunate. If you commit a crime, turn yourself in. Maintaining your independence from the crown is important to you, but you offer your services to various Jarls for bounties and rewards to supplement your income. You will seek out quests that will embolden your stately reputation and spread your name throughout Tamriel. Riches and glory are rewards you won’t shy away from.

    Bonus: +5 to One-Handed or Light Armor



    (Must have Integrity or Strength)

    A cavalry Knight who fights primarily on horseback. Knight-Dragoons assault enemy camps and defend their monarch’s glory on the frontlines with their chosen steed. These Knights get their pick from the finest horses in all the court. Strength is their prowess and their Integrity is reflected in the great care they have for their animal companions. Knight-Dragoons are nearly impossible to beat on their steed. They must be unhorsed for a fair fight.


    Standing Stone: Steed

    Knight-Dragoons utilize the Steed stone, for obvious reasons. This will greatly increase your carry weight as well as a faster steed out of combat. Paired with the Better Horses perk, this will make your steed faster in ALL situations. Very useful for an all-around roleplay friendly experience.

    Roleplaying the Knight-Dragoon

    As a Knight-Dragoon you will fight on horseback as often as possible. The Better Horses mod will aid in your playthrough, making your animal companion essential. If you unhorse they are trained to flee combat rather than getting in your way. However, if you are outside you should be fighting from your steed in nearly all situations. The high ground is your advantage and your steed’s speed will allow you dictate how battle engagements will play out. You are most dangerous on horseback, buy one as soon as you are able.

    Bonus: +5 to Smithing or Heavy Armor



    (Must have Charisma or Wisdom)

    Knight-Elders are noble, lawful champions who have demonstrated their worth over the years. They have proven their loyalty in good times and bad, and have been shown to be trusted advisors and strategists. With experience brings characteristics like Charisma or Wisdom. These battlefield savants are knowledgeable beyond their years, yet they still won’t hesitate to take up arms to protect their lord, Jarl or countrymen.


    Standing Stone: The Lover

    Knight-Elders are experienced with mystical and enchanted items. The Lover stone provides them with a random enchanted item periodically which they can use to learn enchantments or use in battle. You can also cheat death, with a cooldown period, in battle. The Lover’s Kiss ability allows your charm someone that you can call at will.

    Roleplaying the Knight-Elder

    As a Knight-Elder your reputation precedes you as loyalty is your guide. You may have come from another country or Hold aiming to provide your services in Skyrim during the Civil War. Regardless what side you choose or what Jarl(s) you pledge yourself to, be loyal to their wishes. You conduct yourself honorably, not questioning your orders as it would not be gentlemanly or ladylike. As with all knights, conduct yourself lawfully in all situations. You may find times when your values are in conflict. When in doubt, abide by your Jarl’s mission and the law second. Be wise and strategic in your approaches, rather than running into battles recklessly.

    Bonus: +5 Speech or Enchanting



    (Must have Marksmanship or Resilience)

    A wandering Knight in search of adventure or an opportunity to test their chivalric values. Knight-Errants are always looking for a chance to prove their Marksmanship or Resilience in battle. Slaying dragons to win a hand in marriage, or fighting giants to prove their valor. They exemplify all the stateliness associated with noble Knights but may be on a mission of redemption after committing a serious wrong. These Knights aim to win favor in the eyes of a lover or master.


    Standing Stone: Tower

    Knight-Errants are questors, and the Andromeda Tower Stone allows them to quest for the Royal Treasury. They can open some locked chests more easily and the once a day Dungeon ability lets your Knight elude targets for 25 seconds.

    Roleplaying the Knight-Errant

    As a Knight-Errant you are a ronin; a wanderer in search of an opportunity to prove yourself. Some Knight-Errants are aimless after a failed mission or their master has died. Perhaps you were sworn to protect Helgen and now its ash. You will need to find ways to redeem yourself and prove to be the virtuous champion you know you can be. You may aim to win the love of another. It does not matter what your path to redemption is, you view all quests and bounties as a trial to prove yourself to those that matter to you. Be a shining example of virtue and righteousness. You will be eager to fight and exude a youthful exuberance.

    Bonus: +5 Archery or Blocking



    (Must have Faith or Medicine)

    Knight-Hospitallers are protectors of pilgrims and those who are sick or deathly ill. They are talented healers through the power of Faith or Medicine. They uphold the sanctity of civilization through their mission of mercy and compassion. They aid others in their quests and pilgrimages. Knight-Hospitallers fight in the good name of the weak. They are righteous and stand up for those that cannot stand up for themselves.


    Standing Stone: Lord

    What else for the Hospitaller but the Lord Stone. Essentially this perk harms your stamina regeneration, but lets you power attack at will, not needing stamina in your bank to do so, for a slightly lesser effect. This can lend itself well to a smiting playstyle, using power attack perks to swipe enemies back and deal heavy damage.

    Roleplaying the Knight-Hospitaller

    As a Knight-Hospitaller you are a soft-spoken healer of the sick and practitioner of medicine. You may choose Faith-based magick or alchemical medicine (healing potions) as you’re preferred craft. Aid the divines in their quests and those who serve them. Your mission is aiding those less fortunate or less able. You will see yourself as a divine instrument, carrying out important quests that help others in difficult or troubling situations. Give of yourself in all situations and don’t back down from honorable quests that will aid others. You don’t aim for profit or personal glory, you are altruistic by nature and very humble.

    Bonus: +5 Restoration or Alchemy




    Andromeda - The Andromeda Stone mod allows for the more nuanced Standing Stone abilities discussed above. Each Knight will opt for a different standing stone that fits their roleplay and playstyle. Reading their Standing Stone section for more information.

    Better Horses - A mod for your horse companion. For many Knights their steed is their greatest ally and friend. This will make your steed faster overall and they will flee in combat when you unhorse, allowing you to fight unrestricted. It also makes your steed essential so they don't go off and die somewhere on you.

    Crusader Knights Medieval Armors - This armor pack is a large mod file but provides a variety of lightmail and heavy plate armor options that fit the medieval theme of this guide. Templar, Hospitaller and Teutonic gear is all available as well as many other historic orders. This mod also adds a few Knight Headquarters in Skyrim, so there are many potential Knight followers to use.

    Ordinator - The perk overhaul will aid in your playthrough in many ways, chief among them is the Rallying Standard perk through the Heavy Armor tree. Without needing illusion magick, this ability allows a Knight to place a banner once a day that boons his followers with courageous affects. Moving up the tree will allow you to use it more frequently.



    Thanks to JLazarusEB from Deviantart for the stellar Knight artwork!


  • November 12, 2018
    I thought this was great stuff. I’m actually planning on using some concepts from this for my next play through. I noticed however that there was a little more content for the paladin build, and I was wondering if you would consider expanding a little more in way of gameplay mechanics and role play for this one. Thanks again for the great work.
  • November 12, 2018

    Decumus Scotti said: I thought this was great stuff. I’m actually planning on using some concepts from this for my next play through. I noticed however that there was a little more content for the paladin build, and I was wondering if you would consider expanding a little more in way of gameplay mechanics and role play for this one. Thanks again for the great work.


    Hey thanks! I would like to know how it turns out. Knights are great fun to play. I only wish Skyrim had more knight-friendly items. More steel maces, or matching weapons for the plate armor set. Being on console I don't get access to all the great armor mods, unfortunately. I really hope with ES6 they bring back the class system again.