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Character Build: The Wolf Unchained

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    August 17, 2018


    If being a werewolf is really a curse, you've got to treat it honorably. If werewolves are going to carry on, there has to be an incredibly powerful force. There is the business of the craving, the hunger for the kill. It has to be deeply pleasurable and more than an appetite for meat. There has to be a sensual dimension to it - Glen Duncan    

    Name: Rakel

    Race: Nord female

    Stats: 2:3:1

    Armor: wolf armor, if you have the dragonborn dlc, go for nordic carved armor

    Apparel: Ring of Hircine (for unlimited transformations)

    Equipment Targe of the Bloodied, Spellbreaker

    Weapons: Skyforge Steel Sword, Lunar Steel Sword

    Standing Stone: The Lord

    Spells: Conjure Familar, Ebony Flesh, Oak Flesh, Iron Flesh, Detect Life, Ice Spike, Frost Rune, Frost Cloak, Flaming Familiar, Close Wounds

    Shouts: Marked For Death, Whirlwind Sprint, Dragonrend, Aspect Of The Dragon, Fear, Slow Time

    Major Skills: One Handed, Heavy Armor, Smithing

    Minor Skills: Archery, Restoration

         Rakel was a normal Nord living in Solstheim because she valued solitude over the hustle and bustle of city life. She also had a dark secret that only her parents and packmates knew about...she was a werewolf. Werewolves and other strange creatures are shunned on mainland Skyrim so she and her family set up camp under a huge rock outcrop that was north of Raven Rock called Frostmoon Crag. 

         One night while Rakel and her brothers were on a hunt, werebears snuck into their camp and trashed it. On their way back from the hunt, they found their camp utterly destroyed. Rakel, Majni and Akar were joined by their parents just as they were about to meet the werebears in combat. The frostmoon pack transformed into great beasts and lunged for the attackers.

       They bit and tore at each other, both parties came away severely injured in the fight. Their parents however were gravely injured with deep gashes clearly visible on their fur, which was matted with thick, red blood. Before they died, her parents made Majni and his sister Rakel alpha and beta of Frostmoon pack.

        Rakel vowed then that she would wipe every werebear out of existence, as an afterthought, she added that she would hunt down and kill any lycantropes who aided the werebears in their attack. Only then will the pack be safe, until then, they will forever have a hatred for those flea ridden creatures.

         Werebears will not be the only threats Rakel and her brothers of the Frostmoon Pack will face. Their lord Hircine also told them about a ragtag group of werewolf hunters who seek to wipe out werewolf just to skin them and make their pelts into jackets that they can sell for bundles of cash.




     Block Rakel is efficient not only with weapons but also with shields. In her werewolf form, she uses her thick wolfish hide as a shield, making arrow and weapon alike smash to bits upon contact with her

     Heavy Armor The lycan's fur is her armor and she knows how to use it. This prowess with heavy armor is also carried over to her human form

     One Handed The werewolf's claws can turn into very formidable weapons, when her wolf form gets the increase damage perk, she can deal extra damage to her foes becoming like a beast who is starved of blood

     Restoration The nord needs powerful healing spells because her wolfy hide is unprotected. When you obtain the ring of the hunt, this skill will carry over into your beast form

     Smithing The nord has a real knack for smithing, her mother taught her all she needed to know. She can also upgrade her werewolf hide as well to make weapons and arrows harder to penetrate it    

    For giants, transform into your werewolf form and shred them to pieces. As for dragons and other spellcasters like mages, use your bow and pick them off from a distance or you can stand your ground and fight them head on with your sword and spellbreaker. For bandits, highwaymen or other warrior types, use your Lunar Steel Sword, make sure you use it at night otherwise, you will not get the damage bonus that it grants. During the day when you are fighting warrior classes use your skyforge steel sword and the targe of the blooded for bleeding damage when bashing. Also, if the previous tactic with the dragon does not work, you can always rip them apart with blinding speed with Dragonrend, Marked For Death and finally either you skyforge steel sword or the lunar steel sword. 

    You are on a revenge mission for werebears killing your parents, even though you did the best you could. When you get out of Helgen, go straight for whiterun for only one reason, which is to join the companions. The ragtag group of fighters will lead you on your way to obtaining the sacred gift of lycanthropy. They are the ones who will train you to better control, and come to peace with, the beast within. After you complete the silver hand quests, undertake quests for the companions to better learn how to control the beast within you.

    Hircine's Blessing the god of the hunt grants you the ability to form your hide into a substance as hard as spikes and as cold as a blizzard Dragon Aspect + Frost Cloak

    Wrath of the Wolf the wolf thrills in the glory of the hunt Fear + Slow Time + Deadly Bash + Lunar Steel Sword

    The Bloodmoon Rises the nord unleashes her wolf form on unsuspecting victims Ring of Hircine + Totem of Terror + Gorging werewolf perk

    Apex Predator the werewolf is the alpha and the omega and wants lesser predators to know their place Totem of the Hunt + Aspect of the Dragon + Savage Feeding

    Companions Undertake this quest to obtain the gift of the beast blood and join with people who can teach you to control your bloodlust

    The Frostmoon Hunters You are tasked with defending your home from werewolf hunters, also obtain the ring of the hunt, a ring that enables you to regenerate health while in wolf form.

    Ill Met By Moonlight Save your brother from werewolf hunters and obtain a ring that enables unlimited transformation

    The Only Cure In order to protect yourself against magic, you must obtain your mother's shield

    Companions: Farkas

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    Constructive Criticism Is Appreciated

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    August 20, 2018

    Nice to see a feral wolf build. 

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    August 22, 2018

    You had me at "sensual dimension" :D Nicely presented, images and font are sick!

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    August 23, 2018
    Thanks Paws. The first image is from An American Werewolf In London and the rest are from google images. I tried to find the coolest and scariest images of wereowlves. This build is based off a story I am writing called Call of The Wolf, you should check it out.
  • August 27, 2018

    Hey Blind, just thought I'd pop in and leave some thoughts. To be honest I was sorta hooked on the premise of the build, loved the idea of a Werewolf who's essentially got two goals, kill some Werebears, kill the Silver Hand. Boom done, a nice simple build with a cool premise and a cool character. But uh, I gotta be honest, I think a lot of your builds tend to get a bit out of control and end up doing so much when they'd work better if you focused them and just did smaller characters. Here, I just feel like the build would've been awesome if it was a bit more focused on fighting the Silver Hand and Werebears, maybe doing the Companions (since that makes a bit of sense) but having the Dark Brotherhood, Dawnguard, Dragonborn, MQ, just floods a character with quests that don't fit that well.

    I dunno...I mean the build is fun, I like the direction you took and the Backstory was great, it's just a matter of personal preference really. I think your builds woul work insanely well if they were focused, they'd go from being good builds to being really great, interesting builds you know? Just think on a bit, don't want to leave you feeling like the build isn't good, because it is, I just think I see more potential in them.

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    August 27, 2018
    To be honest, dragonborn2021, I don’t see a werewolf doing the dragonborn, MQ, dark brotherhood or dawnguard since they do not focus on killing werebears or the silver hand. I need to find quests that focus on the silverhand and werebears. I also need to make my old builds so that they fit the character better.