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Character Build: The Reaver (Additional Gameplay and Tips)

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    August 5, 2018


    Stay Hydrated – This one is rather more important than you may first think. Especially when you consider effects like Potence, Blood Cauldron and Fortitude. Potence will give you a 30% damage boost while you are fully fed, that’s an insane boost and should be enough reason for you to want maintain satiation. But if it’s not; the Fortitude passive is only available while you are fully sated and will instantly heal your attributes should you take fatal damage lowering your thirst instead (Note this will briefly stop combat and put you in the recovery animation). If you’d rather keep the battle tempo raging, Blood Cauldron (also only available when fully sated) is an activatable power that can be used to heal all attributes when at low health but will cost one level of thirst.

    A Note on Unleash the Beast – Though this is an alluringly powerful ability, it must be used tactically and wisely. If you charge into a battle that looks to be lengthy and activate it straight off the gun in most instances you will kill yourself. Wassail is unforgiving. This is why under enchantments I have made Health, Stamina and their regeneration counterparts a priority on the gear set. Be aware of enemy positions and numbers as well as their health and your own. And take heed if you use this ability too much without feeding, you will weaken yourself. Wassail takes 10 points of each attribute with each use until you feed again. It will be especially crippling at lower levels there was a point where I was running around with 60 points of each attribute. This can be offset by the health and stamina enchantments previously mentioned and “Blood Healing” via The Consume ability.

    Shout! – Seriously I can’t emphasize this more, you can shout your heart out with this build thanks to Ordinator and Thunderchild. Perks like Force Redoubled (50% chance to not activate a cooldown on your shouts), Merciless Storm (instantly reset, shout cooldown once a day) and passives from Thunderchild such as Storm Crown (cancel active shout cooldown when entering combat) and Thundering Echoes (First shout in combat is free) all combine to make one hell of Thu’um show case. Putting that together with perks such as Th’um of War and Windborne, you can keep the pain train rolling indefinitely.

    To Easy? Try only Using “Blood Healing” – So you can play on Master, or Legendary even and are finding it a cakewalk? Tweak the settings on Wild Cat. Turn on injuries make Stamina cost more per swing and use no healing potions. Yup you heard me use no healing potions. This will force you rely on the Blood Healing techniques in the talents section (Consume and Blood Tide). If you can come out of this unscathed you can call yourself a true Reaver. Father Kolgrim would be proud to count you among his disciples.

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  • August 5, 2018
    Cool. If I ever get back to my Xbox and end up playing a vampire character, I’m loading Sacrosanct and using this build as a guide. :)