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Character Build: Bloodthorn Deathmage

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    July 30, 2018

    Crun Zugra grew up in Orsinium, situated within the Wrothgarian mountains of High Rock. He was a strange child, even when he was born, his parents labeled him as the odd orc. Crun's parents tried to get him to partake in activities with kids his own age. Crun was sitting on his straw bed when his dad came into his son's room

         "Crun, your mother and I have been talking and we are wondering, why you aren't playing with other orc children?" He asked.

    Crun, facing the whitewashed wall, answered him.

       "Dad, I feel like I don't connect with the other orcs because they don't understand me." Crun shrugged, "they just don't understand my way of thinking, calling me names like the odd one and a freak" Crun repositioned himself on his bed so that he was facing his dad who had a disgusted look on his face. 

         "What I mean by that is whenever I walk near the mountain of sorrow, I feel more alive than I ever do when interacting with living people." His dad answered this unwelcoming thought with a gagging noise.

          "Son, can't you at least try to frolic with other children instead of visiting that horrible mountain?"

    Crun said he can't see himself with living people. He said he would rather make friends with the dead than try to make small talk with living folk. He yelled at his father for not understanding his situation. His father told him he understood. Crun said that he did not understand. In a rage, Crun got up, knocked his father to the floor and made a dash for his bedroom door, ran down the stairs and out in the streets of Orsinium. Crun’s dad tried to make him come back, but Crun kept running, fueled by rage. A hooded man was walking down the street. Crun didn't see where he was going because he was too blinded by rage. Crun bumped into the man, sending him sprawling to the cobblestone. Crun apologized to the man. The man got up, dusted off his coat and introduced himself to the Orc.

         ""I am Angof the Gravesinger, I heard you and your parents don't see eye to eye about your...skills." 

    Crun was about to ask how this mysterious figure knew about him when Angof answered it for him.

         " I have been observing you from afar, all that anger comes in handy in my line of work. I can help you down a path that will change your life forever if that is what you wish. Decide carefully as you cannot back out if you accept this invitation."

    Crun considered the man's offer for a second. The man sensed uneasiness in the orc, Angof told him that he could always choose to stay with misunderstanding parents. He smiled a wide, conspiratorial smile when the orc said he would be glad to have Angof as a master to further train his unorthodox skill. Angof lead the orc through the Orsinium streets filled with amber light to an old graveyard in the region of Glenumbra. When they reached the graveyard, they passed rows of gravestones until they came to a large mausoleum. Angol knocked three times on the door. The door creaked open. Angof and his protege entered the tomb. The door closed behind them and they were left in a dimly lit burial chamber along the wall were stone sarcophagi belonging to the cult's undead minions

    Angof walked past the room with the orc closely following. They walked for what seems like hours, or maybe days, until they came to the main burial chamber. Angof turned to the orc "Welcome to Cathe Bedraud, headquarters of the Bloodthorn cult. You are hereby welcomed into our order as a death mage. What that means is you will be assisting the spread of bloodthorn vines, death and growing our armies. He walked over to a corner where a vine was sticking out as if it forgot which way it was meant to crawl

    "This, said Agof, gesturing to the plant, is bloodthorn, this little beauty allows us to spread our maledictions to multitudes of people and creatures on tamriel. Will you undertake this task and help us place Tamriel under the rule of Molag Bal?"

    Race: Orc 

    Sex: Male

    Apparel: vampire royal armor, Vokun

    Stats: 3/2/1

    Weapons: Bloodthorn Bow, Mace of Molag Bal

    Shouts: Frost Breath Marked For Death, Summon Durnehviie, Soul Tear, Slow Time

    Spells: Summon Arvak, Conjure Wrathman, Conjure Mistman, Conjure Shadow Atronach Summon Arvak, Rage, Soul Cloak, Corpse Explosion,, Close Wounds, Drain Soul, Shadowbolt

    Powers: Mora's Agony, Berseker Rage, Bardic Drum

    Abilites: SSeeker of Might, Companion's insighI

    Standing Stones: The Ritual (Lord Stone with Aetherium Crown)

    Major Skills: Conjuration, Restoration, Light Armor

    Minor Skills: Smithing, Archery

    Unperked Skills: Destruction 


    Image result for cath beraud eso

    Undeath Remastered - a unique mod that lets you undertake a huge quest to become a master of necromancy, a lich

    Coldharbour - A unique weapon, spell and weapon mod that fits a warlock/deathmage

    Shadow Spellpack - adds spells that fits a shadowy character

    Aurora - Standing Stones of Skyrim - reworks skyrim’s stones to fit multiple playstyles

    Apocalypse - Magic of Skyrim - adds a lot of spells to Skyrim

    Hashire - adds a costumizable horse companion to Skyrim, you can customize the hide, armor and saddlle

    Cath Bedraud, lair of the bloodthorn Cult

    Conjuration The deathmage's bread and butter, he calls otherworldly creatures to act as tanks, shields or spellcasters

    Restoration Argof taught Crun how to summon bloodthorn vines to envelope and heal himself

    Light Armor the blood thorns form a protective outer coating for the deathmage

    Smithing Argof showed Crun how to smith his armor and weapons so he can be more effective in combat

    Archery This acts as a conduit for his power

    Angof the gravesinger, leader of the bloodthorn cult

    The bloodthorn cult overwhelms their opponents, that is how they achieve victory. Whne fighting dragons or giants, use the Deathmage's Fury ability to bring the fight closer to even. Use that ability to enter Beserker Rage mode and decimate them with Mace of Molag Bal. Against the more common breed of  enemy like bandits, highwaymen and hired thugs, use either Scourge of Coldharbour to disappear into the void while pelting his enemies with the bloodthorn bow and Use the frost atronach to pommel your enemy.. When the deathmage is fighting lesser mages, either blast them with flames, sparks or use Final Judgement to kill them, forcefully rip their souls from thier bodies and make them your slaves. Use Bloodthorn Healing whenever you feel that the fight has turned against you. When the mage is fighting dragonpriest, he use Bloodthorn Vines to slow the priest down all while stealing their stamina and freezing them to death. 

    A deathmage tries to steer clear of landing here

    Cliffs of Failure

    After Crun left Orsinium to pursue his destiny, he went under Argof's tutelage. Argof showed him all his father was blocking him from. Crun journeyed to Skyrim to start to gather minions for Argof or if enemies stood in his way, he would destroy them. He followed Argof's instructions to go to the college of winterhold to start learning the essential spells of a deathmage. The road to learning the spells would be hard, he would have to sacrifice alot, even his sanity. Crun must focus on the end goal above all else. The end goal is to grant Molag Bal safe passage into Tamriel.

    Molag bal, getting ready to walk tamriel anew

     Bloodthorn Healing the orc replenishes magicka while saping his own life force Equilibrium + Close Wounds

    Deathmage's Fury the deathmage enters a blood fury that deals incredible damage Berserker Rage + Mace of Molag Bal

     Bloodthorn Vines Crun can make vines appear out of nowhere that sap his enemies' health Mora's Agony + Frost Breath

     Scourge of Coldharbour the orc shifts his enemies' perseptions and he summons and his strongest atronach to decimate the enemy Slow Time + Bloodthorn Bow +Forst Atronach

     Final Judgement He summons bloodthorns to agonizingly torture his enemies to death before he resurrects them as his slaves Frenzy + Marked For Death + The Ritual Stone

    Main Quest - The deathmage must eliminate Alduin before Molag Bal can enter Mundus

    The Man Who Cried Wolf - The orc prepares to eliminate Angof's sworn enemy

    The Wolf Quest Awakened - The deathmage must kill Potema before she enters Skyrim and wrecks all that the bloodthorn have worked an eternity to acheive

    The Black Star - Crun requires this gem to trap souls to bolster the bloodthorn cult's ranks

    College of Winterhold - The orismer must learn many necromantic spells in order to appease Angof's desires

    Laid To Rest - Crun destroys this vampire because she seeks utter control over Mundus’s undead

    Blood On The Ice - Argof requires a new domain for his loyal servants, if Crun is lucky, he just might land this domain as a home

    Undeath Remastered - Angof requires his most devout followers to abandon their mortal souls and become undead liches by undergoing a ritual known as transendence  

    A Scroll for Anska - Crun must destroy the pesky dragonpriest Vokun to obtain a mask that would increase his power immensely

    Forbidden Legends - Crun must aquire the galdaur amulet to bolster his magic, health, and stamina because his light armor leaves him vulnerable

    Lost To The Ages - Argof Instructed Crun to get the most powerful necromantic artifact on tamriel, the aetherium crown. It has the power to retain the last standing stone the deathmage has visited

    House of Horrors - the Orc obtains the mace of Molag Bal in order to further solidify his return to Mundus

    Companions: undead and atronachs

    Constructive Criticism Is Appreciated

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    July 31, 2018

    Hey William just gonna jump in and say I like the concept you got going here. And will list a few things that i've noticed that you could explain/fix up.

    At a glance, you got a few spelling and gramatical error's in your Backstory. Run through Word and you should be able picke them up easy enough.

    You mention the main goal of the Bloodthorns is to bring Molag Bal back. I'd add House of Horror's as one of your Reccomended Quest's as it seems like as a member of the Bloodthorns Crun should want to pay patronage to Molag Bal. I'd also consider swapping out Volendrung for The Mace of Molag Bal, but thats your call... Maybe use them both in different scenarios, you can still cast with the Mace equiped so that could be an option?

    You also metion using Wards. Without any perks in Restoration your going chew through your mana reserves really fast, making the use of Wards quite negligable. If your using the healing spells as well or the poison rune it might be worth putting a feww perks into the restoration tree to make the spells more effective. Expanding on the gameplay area could do a bit to help out a reader, you don't talk much about the use of a bow, except that it has a health enchantment. When do you use it? Against dragons? Or enemies who are far away? Do you let your thralls/Atronachs charge in while you sit back and use it? As the only weapon skill you have do you use more than melee weapons?

    And one other little thing I noticed was the Dragon Priest in the quest Evil in Waiting is Hevnoraak not Rhagot. Rhagot is from the Siege on the Dragon Cult quest and his mask has a hefty Stamina enchantment on it.

    Other than those things nothing else sticks out really. You got good presentation and pictures. I'd just go into a bit more detail on the things I metioned above.


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    July 31, 2018

    Agreed with Furrion on most of the points.
    Nice presentation, but whilst each person has a certain way of presenting a build, I usually scrap the backstory in favor of mechanics.

    So basically, from what I can see, this is a simple leather wearing illusionist/necromancer build.
    Nothing wrong with that, but the question is how and why?

    Also, with any build, there should be some synergy. 
    Some lack of Synergy I can point out from the get-go:

    • Close wounds but no point in restoration?
    • Usage of enchantments but no synergy with the enchanting tree which will level up every time you re-charge the bow with soul gems?
    • If destruction is an unperked skill, what spells are used and in which situations?
      • Note: Personally, I think you're better off with restoration and perking it till adept for poison rune

    Might wanna consider the inputs above and mine on this build... other than that, it's a good build.



  • July 31, 2018

    -Hey sport, why don't you stop playing your Nintendos and visiting the spooky cemetery and go play with the other kids?


    -Yes I am.


    As everyone is saying, the backstory really should be flavour text for the actual build. Moreover, as my own critique to the playstyle proper, it would add to the challenge and build if you scrapped both Illusion and Archery in favour of Pickpocket, as Brotherhood Cocktail easily replaces both while meaning your first victim is already next to you, read to be raised and become a nice meaty wall that prevents the other fools from escaping. Just an idea though, other than that it's... not honestly very interesting.

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    July 31, 2018
    Tirrene, my backstory is a fine set up for my build. Because this build is supposed to be about a teenage orc that is full of angst and anger, leaving home to hone his skills under Agof the Undying. What do you mean by brotherhood cocktail? When I think of a mage, I don’t think of a pickpocket.
  • July 31, 2018

    William said: Tirrene, my backstory is a fine set up for my build. Because this build is supposed to be about a teenage orc that is full of angst and anger, leaving home to hone his skills under Agof the Undying. What do you mean by brotherhood cocktail? When I think of a mage, I don’t think of a pickpocket.

    Actually Illusion can synergize rather well with Pickpocket. My Freelancer did this combo, with some very humorous effects, but she was more playful. I could also justify it well for a serious illusionist and deliverer of poisons. Dunno if it fits well with your particular Orc though. 

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    July 31, 2018
    The Long-Chapper, that is why I replaced illusion with restoration. I feel the restoration would be more beneficial to the deathmage in the long run and the necromage perk will come in handy.
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    February 22, 2019

    Hasir said: Tirrene, my backstory is a fine set up for my build. Because this build is supposed to be about a teenage orc that is full of angst and anger, leaving home to hone his skills under Agof the Undying. What do you mean by brotherhood cocktail? When I think of a mage, I don’t think of a pickpocket.
    Well, some mages might be more sneaky. But think about this, you pickpocket a weakness to magicka poison or whatevever, it affects them, so you do more damage

  • February 22, 2019

    Hasir said: Tirrene, my backstory is a fine set up for my build. Because this build is supposed to be about a teenage orc that is full of angst and anger, leaving home to hone his skills under Agof the Undying. What do you mean by brotherhood cocktail? When I think of a mage, I don’t think of a pickpocket.

    Yeah, reading this from THE FUTURE! I don't really see why pickpocket would be *better*; maybe I was going for the efficiency angle, which isn't really why we are all here.