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Getting quests in Fallout 76

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    July 19, 2018

    We know that there will not be NPC questgivers in Fallout 76 - because, well, there won't be any NPCs at all...

    And yet we know from what Pete Hines said at E3, there will 'be tons of quests'.

    How do you think we will have quests? From what we know or can reasonably surmise so far:

    1. A main quest that comes from the Overseer of Vault 76

    2. Quests from holotapes that we find (similar to Butchers Bill in Fallout 4?)

    3. Quests from notes that we find in the world (as in Earl Stirling Case Notes in Fallout 4?)

    4. Quests that are given by robots (such as Cambridge Polymer Labs?)

    5. Quests from terminal entries (the best I can think of is Underground Undercover, but its not difficult to imagine how you could get quests from the text entry of terminals in the world)


    Then we can speculate on others...

    6. Radio Stations - not specifically mentioned so far with regard to quests, but we DO know that there will be radio stations. Most people are assuming it will be looped music. But perhaps not! We have been told 'every NPC you meet (emphasis mine) will be a real human player'. But what if there are NPCs that you cannot meet? What if there are radio DJs that are in a different part of the world, outside West Virginia, whose voice can be picked up via the radio on your PipBoy? It's not inconceivable that those guys could hand out quests

    7. Overseers - we know that the Overseer of Vault 76 gives us a quest. What if there are other Vaults in the region and those Overseers contact us through our PipBoy and give us quests? We wouldnt meet them, because their vault is sealed - but they could maybe contact us...

    8 The Scorched - we know there is a faction called the Scorched, irradiated proto-ghouls - in effect the Raiders in this game. Remember the mantra: Every human you meet is another player. But The Scorched are NOT humans. Perhaps there are quests from The Scorched - perhaps to wipe out spinter groups of other Scorched or to clear away monsters from an overrun Scorched camp?

    9. Other Players - I've been trying to think about how we could have a system whereby we give quests to other players. Clearly those wouldn't have much of storyline to them - very simple 'radiant' fetch quests perhaps? Or collection resources for base building or crafting?

    10. Bethesda are lying to us and there ARE other NPCs. Yes I know - but it's not impossible that we are being 'played' and there are some other NPCs...


    Can you think of any others? And are any of my 'speculation' ideas serious options?


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    July 19, 2018

    I recall something about terminals and holotapes giving Quests